Dog on vacation in glasses airline approved pet carrier

In order to bring your furry friend with you on board the aircraft, you need to follow some basic rules and guidelines. In this post, we are going to show you some of the best airlines approved dog carriers for in-cabin use so you and your pet can have an enjoyable and safe trip.

We always use extensive research and consumer data when we write product reviews. All of these airlines approved dog carriers are highly rated and meet FAA guidelines.

However please remember that not all airlines are the same with regards to their individual carrier requirements. You always need to check with your airline to ensure you are following the rules.

Before we get into the items, let’s look at a few of the common questions you may ask and need answers to.

What size does the carrier have to be? How do I measure the pet carrier?

This is definitely something you need to know. As mentioned, all airline requirements can be different. There are many things to take into consideration including the size of your dog, type of material your carrier is made out of, does it have wheels, etc.

You can measure the pet carrier by using a basic tape measure to check the height, length, and width. Make sure to include the base and any wheels. Check with the airline to find out the under seat dimensions to ensure a proper fit.

According to Delta Airlines website, to transport your pet in cabin either soft- or hard-sided kennels must be leak-proof and ventilated on at least 2 sides. Kennels are not sold at Delta Ticket Counters but are available at most pet supply stores. Check the under seat dimensions of the aircraft to ensure the kennel dimensions do not exceed the dimensions listed for the applicable aircraft and cabin confirmed.

You can also read the kennel requirements here for Delta Airlines. As you can see the list is quite extensive. The Delta Pet Policy is worth checking out as well. I am using Delta as an example, as there are so many different airlines that may have other requirements and rules.

Will my pet carrier fit under my seat?

It’s important to know the space you have to work with, the dimensions of the space under the seat in front of you will be different depending on the aircraft you are on. You can call the airlines and inquire as to your aircraft. They will tell you how much room is under the seat in front of you.

Also, you will need to be sure that your pet’s size and weight is according to airline regulations. A general rule is pets up to 18″ long (tip of nose to base of tail) and weighing about 11-12 pounds should comply with airline policies, but these do vary with each airline. You have to check first.

What are some pet carrier requirements?

Your pet’s carrier must fit under the seat in front of you and must have the following features:

✅ Waterproof bottom – it’s a great idea to get some pet carrier pads. 

Proper ventilation –  2 or more sides of your carrier should have mesh ventilation.

Security  – You can get TSA approved zipper locks for your bag.

Must enclose your entire pet – Your pet’s head cannot stick out of the carrier.


How to tell if my pet carrier meets IATA and TSA requirements?

There are many requirements you will need to follow. To tell if your carrier is suitable, refer to the IATA container requirements for pets. It is an 11 page PDF document which will explain everything you need to know.


 Pet Carriers I Recommend


#1. Jet Sitter Luxury Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

Luxury Soft-Sided Pet Carrier with open sides and front flap

My #1 pick is the Jet Sitter Luxury Airline Pet Carrier. These were designed with your dog or cat’s comfort in mind. Both sides of this carrier expand and fold out giving your pet that extra space and comfort.


Features and Specifications

✅ The medium size conforms to United Airlines carry on size dimensions (18″ x 11″ x 11″). Check with your airline to confirm size requirements.

✅ TSA Compliant

✅ A luxury carrier that is collapsible and top loading

✅ Exterior: Durable 600D Polyester which is easy to clean

✅ Interior: 210D Polyester

✅ Floor: PVC material is leak proof

✅ Adjustable seat belt buckles

✅ Shoulder strap is padded and adjustable

You can get the Jet Sitter Luxury Airline Pet Carrier on Amazon here. 



#2. Mr. Peanut’s Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Airline Approved Pet CarrierThe new and improved Mr. Peanut’s Airline Approved Pet Carrier is another great choice. A luxury tote designed with high quality and durable materials to keep your pet calm, safe and secure. It also includes a comfortable fleece padded bed. This carrier is very durable and lightweight. It only weighs 2.7 lbs. 

Features and Specifications

✅ Airline approved pet carrier 19″ L x 10″ W x 13″ H

✅ Premium Brand Heavy Duty Zippers

✅ Open Air Large Mesh Windows on Top and All Sides

✅ Multiple Pockets for Storing Treats and Other Essentials

✅ Padded Shoulder Strap and Hand Carry Handle

✅ Removable Fleece Pet Bed

✅ Comfortable and Safe Seat Belt Buckling

✅ Washable Soft-sided Pet Carrier

✅ Lost & Found Tag Holder

✅ Lockable Clasps

You can get the Mr. Peanut’s Airline Approved Pet Carrier on Amazon here.




#3. Pawfect Pets Pet Travel Carrier

Airline Approved Pet CarrierThe newly upgraded design of the Pawfect pets pet travel carrier makes it another excellent choice. They have recently added a top-loading design and sturdier frame with more durable zipper quality. Also, the addition of zippered pockets is a nice touch.

It’s airline approved and includes two fleece patted mats to ensure your pet stays clean and comfortable throughout the trip. The reinforced polyester & claw defense mesh on top & four sides ensures your pet has ample ventilation and airflow which won’t tear.


Features and Specifications

✅ Carrier measures 17.5″L x 10″W x 11″H.

✅ Upgraded to no tear, extra reinforced and claw defense mesh 

✅ 3 sides that open – both sides and top

✅ stylish design

✅ Very durable and lightweight – only 2.6 lbs

You can get the Pawfect Pets Pet Travel Carrier on Amazon here.


Note: There have been a few upgrades to this carrier since the following video was made.




#4. WPS Wheeled Airline Approved Pet Carrier

This next pet carrier is a wheeled version that has many great features. The WPS wheeled airline approved pet carrier has been customized to ensure compliance with most airline in-cabin requirements. It is designed to fit in the space below most airline seats. It is very stylish and has a durable design that will last a long time.

This carrier will provide your pet with the best comfort, helping to eliminate stress for both you and your pet. I really like the separate zippered feeding opening to allow you to feed your pet easily.


Features and Specifications

✅ Dimensions: 23x15x11.8 inches – Pull bar extends to 35 inches.

✅ Weight: 7.8 lbs. Not as light as some other carriers. Might be too heavy for some people.

✅ Easy 4 step folding process

✅ Great structural design

✅ Includes a comfortable shoulder strap and leash strap

You can get the WPS Wheeled Airline Approved Pet Carrier on Amazon here.




#5. Pet Peppy Premium Airline Approved Expandable Pet Carrier

Last on our list is the Pet Peppy Pet Carrier. It’s a uniquely designed double-sided expandable pet travel carrier. Two of the walls zip open into a roomy extension, giving your pet room to turn around, sprawl out, and be comfortable.

It is designed to fit under the front cabin seat of major airline carriers, and once again make sure to check with your airline first. Made with a premium quality mesh and solid structure that will not collapse. It won’t kink up or bend when you carry your pet. Another great bonus is that it’s waterproof!


Features and Specifications

✅ 2 sided expandable folding bays

✅ Airline approved

✅ Dimensions 17.9 x 6 x 2 inches

✅ Lightweight only 10.4 ounces

✅ Open air top, breathable mesh windows on top and two sides

✅ Zippered pocket for storing treats, food, toys, and other pet essentials

✅ Padded shoulder strap and hand carry handle for ease and comfort

✅ Removable fleece bedding

✅ Convenient luggage strap




In Summary

Any of these 5 Airline approved dog and pet carriers will be a great choice. Some will have different features and prices but you really can’t go wrong with any of these choices. Like many other carry on items you can take on board, the pet carriers are very reasonably priced and well worth the cost. I am confident both you and your pet will have an enjoyable trip with your new pet carrier!

Hopefully, you found this helpful. 

Thanks for reading!



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