Best Cheap Digital Camera Under $50 – Buying a cheap digital camera for photography on a budget is no easy task. There are so many great options to consider and although the cheaper cameras may not have all the bells and whistles that the high-end cameras do, there are some fantastic options to consider!

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Maybe you are looking to move away from taking photos on your cell phone and start using a digital camera without breaking the bank. Perhaps you are a beginner photographer and in the early stages, it doesn’t make sense to purchase an expensive camera right off the bat.

Whatever your situation, there are many options available for you to purchase a budget digital camera.  In this post, I will show you those options and give my reviews of each camera all priced under $50.

Quick Comparison of the Best Cheap Digital Camera Under $50

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More details on a few of those cameras and personal reviews of several others.

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Aberg Best 21 Mega Pixels HD Digital Camera

The Aberg Best is a great little digital camera. Perfect for students, kids or adults, many people like to use this camera outdoors. Whether it’s a sporting event, camping or hiking, you will get some great photos and video in HD that you will love.

Although most smartphones, tablets, and cameras now have the ability to record video and take great HD photos, sometimes there is just no substitute for using an actual camera. The Aberg Best HD Digital Camera allows you to create high-quality HD movies, travel documentaries, and music videos easily.

Features and specs:

  • Includes the newest software updates. 
  • Perfect for digital still images, web cam, playback, and video and voice recording
  • 2.7″ TFT LCD display
  • 550mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery can support camera works for more than 60 minutes.
  • 21 MP resolution for capturing HD 720P resolution.
  • External memory maximum 64G SD card. (not included)
  • Anti-shake, face-detect, continue-shot, self-timer, with 8X Digital Zoom
  • PhoTags Express Software for photo editing, printing, and sharing with e-mails
  • Lightweight: only 0.66Lb
  • Dimensions: 3.74 x 2.4 x 0.94 in

Even though this camera has many great features, there are two main cons about this camera. First, I did not like the user manual at all. The information provided was very poor. But that’s not really a huge concern, as it’s a pretty simple camera to operate.

Next, I found the camera to feel a bit uncomfortable to hold. But that might just be me, I guess for the cheap price, I shouldn’t complain.

You can read customer reviews and see the current price on Amazon here. 

Lyyes 2.7″ Mini Digital Camera HD

If you are looking for a great camera for a gift, check out the Lyyes Mini digital camera. It has many features including 720P HD resolution. This also makes a great camera for kids or beginner photographers.

If you are on vacation or traveling outdoors, use this for still images or recording your best shots. It’s simple to set up and use and the compact design makes it easy to take with you everywhere. For a budget camera, I find this one to be very durable. It will stand up to everyday use and can handle being lugged around with you.

Features and specs:

  • LCD display: HD 2.7″ TFT LCD
  • 18MP shows you high definition videos or images.
  • Video resolution: 1280 x 720 HD
  • External memory: SD card (up to 32G)
  • Digital zoom: 8 x digital zoom
  • Battery: Li-ion Battery
  • Face detection and smile capture
  • USB 2.0
  • Weight: 7.7Oz
  • Dimensions: 4.3 x 3.6 x 2.8 inches (including package)

There really isn’t much I don’t like about this camera, but similar to the Aberg Best, I found it uncomfortable to hold. Again, this is not really a game changer for a cheap budget camera that works great.

You can read customer reviews and see the current price on Amazon here. 

Vivitar VXX14 20.1 MP Selfie Cam Digital Camera

The Vivitar digital camera is a perfect example of a budget camera that gets great reviews. It’s a good starter camera that everyone from kids to seniors will love. It’s simple to use design is great for first-time digital camera users. You will be impressed by the image quality.

You can take amazing selfies with the 180-degree screen rotation allowing you to see the shot before you snap the picture. Take the perfect selfie every time!

Use this camera indoors or outdoors. The compact design will allow you to store it in a backpack or camera bag. Take to school or on vacation. It is a basic camera with great features that deliver quality and price. Currently available in black or red.

Features and specs:

  • 1.8-inch tilting LCD display
  • 20.0 MP shows you high definition images.
  • 720p HD movies
  • SDHC storage up to 32GB
  • Uses AAA batteries
  • 180-degree screen rotation.
  • 4x digital zoom
  • Weight: 8oz
  • Dimensions: 8.9 x 7.1 x 1.75 in

I know with my other selections above, I mentioned they were not as comfortable as I would like. However, I found the Vivitar to be very comfortable. I believe you will too.

One thing I did not like was the small display. 1.8″ is too small for me. But if you can look past that aspect, you will be very happy with the other features of this camera.

You can read customer reviews and see the current price on Amazon here. 

Some Other Incredible Cheap Pro Level Digital Cameras 

Other AMAZING cameras for the money! For a long time, I used cheaper cameras and then I got a used Canon 70D and it changed everything. I love it. It was more than I would have liked to have spent at the time, but it made my pictures come to life. Have a look at a few of these and see what you think.





A Buying Guide for Cheaper Digital Cameras (Under 50 Dollars)

It is important to consider your needs before shopping for a cheap digital camera under $50. A cheap camera doesn’t always equal a good value, but there are a lot of cheap cameras that are really great cameras you would be happy with. 

Tech is great these days and becoming cheaper every day! But keep in mind why you are looking for a camera. 

There is a huge difference between the quality of images provided by cameras under $100 and those that cost even just $100 more. A number of the latest smartphones are capable of taking better photos. 

Nevertheless, for kids and anyone who just wants a cheap camera to knock around, image quality should be perfectly fine. According to our tests, Canon and Sony cameras produced the best results.

The rear displays of many cheap cameras are not touchscreens, which means you have to use the physical buttons to access the camera’s features. Smartphone users used to large touchscreens will find it to be a minor inconvenience. 

The camera should be waterproof and capable of handling drops from rocks or other hard surfaces if you plan to use it on outdoor adventures.

I wrote an article on the best waterproof cameras under $200. It’s worth reading.

What kind of image quality can I expect from a cheap digital camera?

A digital camera’s first priority is its image quality. In order to achieve a high level of image quality, you cannot compromise on this. The camera sensor should be at least 15 megapixels.

The quality of images is better when sensors are bigger. There will be more detail and sharpness in the images. For clear, sharp, and noise-free images, a camera sensor of 21MP or more is ideal.

How does build quality factor in?

It is important to pay attention to the quality of the build or even the materials used in the camera. Choose a camera that can handle environmental conditions and is more reliable. There is no point in buying a camera that works for a few days and then has issues.

You’ll have fewer chances of damaging the camera if the build quality is good, so you’ll definitely last longer. Depending on how you use it, you might not be able to get more than a month or two out of a poor-quality camera.

Does size and portability matter when selecting cheap digital cameras?

The size and weight of an object determine its portability. It is much easier to carry a small, compact camera in a pocket or bag. My personal recommendation is to keep a pocket camera you can carry anywhere while traveling, even if it is your phone. 

I heard someone once say, the best camera is the one that’s with you. If you have a great camera, but it’s not convenient to bring with you, there for you don’t, that’s not the best camera for you. 

For me, having a compact camera that I can easily take with me is so very helpful. My camera can be pulled out of the bag, used, and placed back again with no discomfort, allowing me to capture all the breathtaking moments of life rather easily.

Smaller cameras are ideal for capturing all the little moments with friends and family.

Is battery life a factor when purchasing one?

Battery life is another important factor to consider when choosing a digital camera. Your battery doesn’t need to be charged after a few pictures, does it? 

You need to be able to shoot hundreds or thousands of pictures before having to recharge or replace your batteries.

Most cameras, if you are buying them brand new, will be fine. Just be careful of this when buying a cheaper digital camera.

Technical Specifications of Digital Cameras

There are some basic specifications you should know about digital cameras.

What are imagesensors?

In the most basic terms, an image sensor is simply a sensor or device that uses light (or photons) as a source of electricity, sent by the camera to the computer, where it can process the information and create an image as a result.

There are Two Types of Image Sensors

CCD Image Sensors

Photons are also converted into electrons using Charge Coupled Devices or CCD sensors, but the difference between them and CMOS chips is the fact that CCD chips are analog instead of digital, whereas CMOS chips are digital.

CMOS Image Sensors

CMOS stands for Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. In order for one to work correctly, it must be able to convert the light photons into electrons that can be utilized for digital processing.

Having some manual controls to tweak your pics

In the beginning, it can seem overwhelming to learn about ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, and the relationship between the three, but it’s worth your time to learn more about them. It just takes some experience with them. 

Here is my favorite video from a fantastic channel on YouTube about them.

It will not take too long for you to begin to see how professional photographers capture those special details in their photos once you learn how to use the manual controls on your camera.

Taking a photo that stands out from the rest is the magic of manual controls. Although the auto mode is sufficient at times to quickly capture a moment, It can be very fulfilling to grab just the right feeling from dialing in the controls to craft just the right feeling of other moments. For you to become a master of photography, you should be able to master at the very least the basics of manual controls, such as the shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and aperture.

Lenses are kind of a big deal with entry-level cameras

There are a number of tools and accessories that can be attached to a camera to bring the camera’s light to a specific focus point and create your photo. The lens is one of the biggest factors in taking great shots!

Lenses of this kind come in a lot of different types; there are prime lenses, zoom lenses, telephoto lenses, wide-angle lenses, etc.

In Summary

You really can’t go wrong with either of the digital cameras we reviewed. The ones that are all under $50 are all close in features, specs, and price. Of course, if you are looking for more features and the overall quality of a better camera, you will have to spend more. Try the others we reviewed, or if you don’t want to pay that much just yet, I recently wrote an article showing the best compact cameras you can buy under $400. If you have a larger budget, you can check those out.


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