British airways apologizes but still a long way to go. live reporting

British Airways: Apologies for Significant Inconvenience

August 28, 2023 – British Airways released an updated statement addressing the severe flight disruptions due to issues experienced by Nats air traffic control earlier today. They advise passengers on short-haul flights to:

  • Avoid traveling to the airport unless their flight is confirmed to be operating
  • Reschedule their flights free of charge, subject to availability, if planned for today or tomorrow
  • Wait for rebooking on other British Airways flights or alternative carriers if their flight has been canceled

Significant disruptions to air travel occurred across the UK today due to technical issues experienced by the National Air Traffic Services (NATS). The problems with NATS’s flight planning system led to widespread delays and cancellations, leaving thousands of passengers stranded. Though NATS reported resolving the technical fault this afternoon, residual delays are expected through the evening as airlines work to clear the backlog and stranded travelers.

The technical fault at NATS on Monday resulted in severe disruptions to air travel across the UK. With their automated flight planning system down, NATS had to manually handle flight plans, forcing traffic restrictions. This resulted in cancellations and delays for British Airways and other airlines. NATS reported fixing the issue by mid-afternoon, though delays continued as parked aircraft blocking gates cleared out and stranded travelers were rebooked. Airlines like British Airways canceled short-haul flights and warned passengers of significant schedule changes. Impacted passengers complained of poor communication and insufficient amenities while stuck at airports. NATS apologized for the inconvenience caused by the technical fault and stated they were working closely with airlines to manage affected flights. While no airport closures occurred, the NATS issue demonstrates the fragility of airline operations and the need for contingency planning to minimize passenger impact during system failures.

Compensation for Canceled Flights

Keep in mind that if your flight is canceled, you might be entitled to compensation. For more information, consult our comprehensive explainer.

Gradual Return to Normalcy

Although Nats announced the resolution of the problem with their air traffic planning system at 15:15 BST, disruptions will continue for the remainder of the day. Airlines and passengers will experience delays due to refueling and boarding, as well as the need to replace grounded crews that have exceeded their regulated hours.

Furthermore, the many parked aircraft occupying gate space at airports across the country must clear out to make room for delayed flights waiting to depart for the UK. The process of reorganizing these flights will take several hours.

Passenger Complaints of Poor Service

Kris, whose original flight from Palma, Mallorca on Saturday was delayed, is now looking at a rescheduled departure more than 24 hours later. He and hundreds of others have been stuck at Palma Airport since 7 pm the previous day with little information from Jet2. Kris has reported inadequate food and water vouchers and many struggling families, particularly those with young children.

Technical Issue Resolved, Delays Continue

Transport Secretary Mark Harper confirms that the technical issue affecting National Air Traffic Services (NATS) has been resolved. Still, airlines have warned passengers of delays due to the incident. Harper urges passengers to contact their airlines for specific flight information.

British Airways has canceled some short-haul flights and is making significant schedule changes due to the disruptions. They advise passengers on short-haul services not to travel to the airport without verifying their flight status.

The NATS issue with the planning system has been fixed. Flight plans can now be processed automatically rather than manually, which was causing the need for traffic flow restrictions. Passengers should stay updated through their airlines about how this situation may affect their flights.

Teenager Stranded at Alicante Airport

An 18-year-old woman from Londonderry and other passengers are stuck on an aircraft at Alicante Airport, waiting for further instructions. Passengers boarded the Jet2 flight at 11:40, but those on the plane have only been provided water thus far. They will need to purchase additional food or beverages.

Nats Apologizes for Inconvenience

Nats stated that the technical issue with their flight planning system has been resolved and that they are working closely with airlines and airports to manage affected flights as efficiently as possible. They emphasize safety for all flights in the UK and apologize for the disruption caused by the recent issue.

Other Issues

Resolving Recent Air Traffic Issues

You might wonder how air traffic problems have been dealt with recently. Various technological improvements, enhanced communication systems, and better staff training have contributed to solving these issues.

Fixing Air Traffic Control Problems at Gatwick

Gatwick Airport faced air traffic control problems which were addressed by implementing measures like updated software, improved radar systems, and increased collaboration between airlines, ground staff, and air traffic controllers.

Addressing Disruptions in UK Airports Today

To tackle disruptions at UK airports today, authorities have taken steps such as:

  • Implementing robust contingency plans
  • Offering support to affected passengers
  • Enhancing security measures
  • Collaborating with airlines and other stakeholders

Solving London Airspace Closure

London airspace closure was resolved by swiftly identifying the root cause of the issue, implementing the necessary technical fixes, rerouting flights, and coordinating with affected airlines to minimize inconvenience for passengers.

Latest UK Airport News: Air Traffic Issues Update

Keep yourself informed about the UK airport news by regularly checking for updates on issues related to air traffic control. Authorities are continuously working to ensure safe and efficient airspace management.

Current Airport Closures Due to Air Traffic Problems

As of now, there are no reported airport closures due to air traffic problems. However, it’s always a good idea to check your airport’s website or consult your airline to confirm the status of your flight and stay updated on any developments.

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