Massage guns have been gaining popularity in the last few years. They provide great relief for your muscles on the go. If you’ve bought one recently to soothe that muscle that never seems to loosen up, you might be wondering: can I bring a massage gun on a plane?

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Yes, the TSA allows passengers to bring a massage gun on a plane.

If you’re looking for a massage gun for travel, check out three of the best on the market below. These massage guns are budget-friendly, versatile, and portable, which makes them great for traveling.

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Best Massage Guns for Travel

These are our personal favorite massage guns. If you want to grab one and go, here are our top three. Keep reading for more information on them.

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Legiral Massage Gun for Athletes

The Legiral Massage Gun for Athletes is easy to use and versatile. It comes with six different massage gun heads, meaning you can reach almost any sore spot you have! The LED controls are easily readable. It only takes a push of the button to adjust the power of your massage gun and get the relief you want.

This massage gun is lightweight, cordless, and rechargeable so you can use it while traveling with ease.

Buy your own Legiral Massage Gun for Athletes at the Amazon link below.

Sonic LifePro Massage Gun

The Sonic LifePro Massage Gun is a powerful deep tissue massager that is great for athletes. It features five different speeds and eight massage gun heads so you can be sure to find muscle relief.

This massage gun features an exceptionally quiet motor; not only that, but it has up to a six-hour battery life. For those active athletes, you won’t have to worry about keeping this massage gun charged up all the time.

Check out the Sonic LifePro Massage Gun below on Amazon.

FlyBy Massage Gun

The FlyBy Massage Gun is a quiet and versatile massage gun that works for anyone. It offers muscle relief during warm up, cooling down, if you’re just relaxing, or if you need deep tissue treatment.

The brushless motor runs at 40 decibels so you can use this massage gun almost anywhere without disturbing others. It’s incredibly lightweight at just 1.8 pounds, which makes it one of the best options for travel on this list.

The FlyBy massage gun comes with six different massage gun heads so you can treat muscles from your IT band to your glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

Take a look at the FlyBy Massage Gun on Amazon at the button below.

Massage Gun Buyer’s Guide

If you’re unsure about what type of massage gun is right for you, we’ll go over a few things to consider. Here are 10 questions to ask yourself before you pull the trigger on your next massage gun.

How often will you use your massage gun?

Will you be using your massage gun once or twice a week, or are you someone that needs relief every day. Or perhaps you’ll even use it multiple times a day. The more you need to use your massage gun, the more important its portability and battery life are.

You don’t want to have to charge your massage gun after every use. You also want it to be easy to use and move so you can find that instant relief quickly.

How much power do you need?

Are you massaging sensitive muscles, or do you need a massage gun with quite a bit of power to provide relief? Massage guns vary in terms of their power output, so it’s important to find one that has enough power for you. 

Massage Gun Stall Force

If you know that you’ll need an incredibly powerful massage gun, you might want to double-check the stall force. Stall force describes the amount of pressure (usually in pounds) that you can apply to your muscles before the motor of the massage gun stalls.

Typically you’ll be applying a max of around 10 pounds of pressure, and the stall force of most massage guns is more than double or triple that amount. But if you’re going to be doing a lot of powerful massaging, it’s worth looking up the number.

You don’t want a gun that stalls before it gets the job done. Make sure to check out our top picks above for a reliable massage gun. It takes quite a bit to stop them. We know you’ll be happy with them. 

If you get a gun and it stalls out too quickly, return it and get one you will be happy with from the beginning. Don’t try to make one work that you aren’t happy with. Check our reviewed models to get one that won’t stall too soon.

Multiple Speeds

Massage guns also have several different speeds, probably the least important of the three “power” options we have listed here. 

Most massage guns have 3 or 4 speeds which is perfectly adequate for 99% or users

One of my massagers is variable speed and I like being able to dial it in for whatever I am feeling. But my 3-speed thumper works just fine as well. It’s my favorite massager. I haven’t ever used it and wished for more speed options.

Massage Gun Amplitude

Lastly, when determining the amount of power that’s right for you, you’ll want to consider amplitude. The amplitude is the range of motion of the head or how far in and out it travels.

The larger the number, the farther the head travels. It will “hit” you harder if the amplitude is larger. 

If you are the type that likes your massages deep, find a gun that has a larger amplitude and you will be happier with your purchase. Check our suggested models for the best one for you.

Consider if you are an athlete (powerlifting, bodybuilding, crossfit) and/or have deep muscles to work cramps out of. Then, you will for sure want to prioritize that amplitude a little more. 

But, if you are aspiring to get into shape or are just trying to work stress out of your body, you might not need the most powerful massage gun money can buy.

The typical amplitude of massage guns is between 10mm and 20mm, 10mm being a light massage, and 20mm being an intense massage.

What design do you like?

You can find massage guns in all different types of colors on the market today. Every massage gun has a slightly unique handle and grip, but the high-end massage guns are all built for easy use and maneuverability. They’re designed so you can get the muscle relief you need quickly.

Do you need a massage gun that is easily portable?

Some massage guns are heavier than others, so you’ll want to keep this in mind when doing your shopping. If you’re using your massage gun every day or multiple times a day, consider a lightweight gun that’s easy to operate.

Or, if you’re doing a lot of traveling, you’ll love a lightweight massage gun. You might even consider carrying your massage gun on a plane to get some relief on the go. The TSA won’t confiscate your massage gun.

How long is the warranty?

A long warranty is a great bonus to have with your massage gun. It’s especially important if you’ll use your massage gun often, and it may endure some wear and tear early on. That way, if anything breaks you can get a replacement without having to pay a pretty penny. Check the product details or call the manufacturer to learn more about the warranty of your massage gun.

What is your budget?

On the low end, you can find massage guns between $30 and $50. Any lower than that and you probably won’t get the quality you need. On the high end, you can find professional massage guns above $300. A reliable mid-range massage gun costs between $100 and $150. A massage gun in this range will satisfy most customers and last for years.

Are you bothered by noise?

Depending on the amount of power you’re looking for in your massage gun, you might want to pay attention to the decibel rating of the gun. Quiet massage guns tend to be around 30-40 dB. Cheaper massage guns may be built with cheaper motors, which means they’ll be louder. So be mindful of that when doing your shopping.

What part of the body will you massage?

Will you massage small muscle groups that are hard to get to? Are you mainly trying to get relief for your quads, glutes, and back? Or, are you looking for a massage gun that does a little of everything?

If you want to massage a lot of different muscle groups, consider a massage gun with a lot of different heads or attachments. Each head is designed for a specific muscle group like your IT band, shoulder, quad, or hamstring.

That wraps up our massage gun buyer’s guide! Hopefully, these tips were helpful for you as you look for a  massage gun that provides you with great relief!

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