can light therapy glasses help jet lag?

Light therapy glasses are a futuristic looking style of glasses that are helpful in many ways. They are becoming more popular over time and are extremely effective. Some people use phototherapy (light therapy) to improve circadian mood disorders and sleep disorders. They are also used to improve insomnia, increase energy levels, and reduce the effects of jet lag.

So can light therapy glasses help jet lag? Yes, they sure can!

If you fly through multiple time zones on longer international flights, then you know how difficult dealing with jet lag can be. There are many products you can use to help combat jet lag, including No Jet Lag Homeopathic Remedy and Jet Lag Rapid-Reset.

In my article What Is The Best Way To Avoid Jet Lag, I mention a few other tips that can be very helpful in reducing the effects of jet lag.

In this post today, I will show you another great way that is very effective when dealing with jet lag. Light therapy glasses.


What Is Light Therapy?

Light therapy, also known as phototherapy, is basically using light to treat certain medical conditions. One of those conditions is when the circadian rhythm is misaligned to the natural patterns of light. This will affect your ability to sleep.

You may have heard of light therapy glasses being used for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is a treatable mood condition.


Are Light Therapy Glasses Safe?

Yes. For the most part, there are no issues with using light therapy glasses. There is a chance that you may experience some side effects which include headaches, insomnia, photophobia, fatigue, hypomania, irritability.


How Often Do I Use Light Therapy Glasses?

Generally, 20-30 minutes of use is often enough to receive the benefits depending on the type of glasses you are using. Some glasses like RE Timer recommend you use them for 60 min.

A great feature of these glasses is the ability to use either an app or scheduler to put in specifics about your travel to get a personalized calculation of when to use them.

For example, you might need to start wearing the glasses 3 days prior to your trip for a certain time. This will adjust your body clock for your destination. Then upon arrival, wear them again for 3 days for the same amount of time. They really are amazing and helpful for battling jet lag.


There are 3 brands of light therapy glasses that I recommend.

Each has its pros and cons which I will explain.

  1. Luminette 2 
  2. AYO
  3. RE Timer



Luminette 2

Features and Functionality

Luminette 2 is a type of light therapy glasses that are commonly used for improving not only depression but also Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) among other issues such as anxiety, jet lag, and insomnia.

These glasses are purposely made as an alternative for lightbox therapy. They are much flexible in the sense that they can be worn while you carry on with other duties such as working out or when doing yoga hence its convenience.

Luminette 2 is made in such a way that it produces a full spectrum light which has been proven to alleviate some of the symptoms of SAD since it stimulates daylight and can help to reset your circadian rhythm.

This full spectrum light also leaves the user feeling energized and awake thus encouraging normalized sleep and wake cycles. At about 17 ounces, 1.2 oz, the Luminette 2 is in lightweight thus making it more comfortable to wear.

Luminette 2 has a patented lighting system which provides ideal eyes exposure while keeping the vision free. Notably, the patented illumination system makes it possible to use the Luminette glasses without affecting your general vision or rather a comfort.

Another great feature about these light therapy glasses is the fact that they have a long autonomy in the sense that, it is rechargeable using a micro-USB cable and one charge can serve you for up to six sessions and the glasses are normally supplied with a USB plug charger.

Additionally, its equivalent to a 10,000 LUX LAMP, this is to say that; the light emitted by the Luminette 2 glasses is blue-enriched white light and it comes with three intensifies that is, 500, 1,000 and 1,500 Lux and studies have proven that the glasses are much more effective than a 1,000 LUX LAMP.

The Luminette 2 glasses come with a protective case, a lens cloth and you need not to worry about how to use them since they come with an instruction manual. Above all, Luminette 2 light therapy glasses are safe and certified and they have been used by more than 50,000 users worldwide since 2006 and according to the European Standard IEC they are certified as ‘zero-risk.’

Luminette 2 Pros

  • They are very convenient in the sense that, you can still use them as you do your morning routine be it getting ready for breakfast, watching television, working at your computer, undertaking light exercises name them all.
  • It has a strong power autonomy since it can go up to six sessions and one session lasts for about 20-45 mins depending on the light intensity you choose. Above all, it’s proven to be one of the best alternatives for light box therapy.

Luminette 2 Cons

  • It’s restrictive for usage only when you wake up. The boosting effect of the Luminette 2 effect is almost immediately and it takes you about 4-7 days before realizing the impact, therefore, it’s not an immediate solution for your SAD.
  • They also have an initial discomfort experience.

The Luminette 2 light therapy glasses are available on Amazon.


AYO Light Therapy Glasses

Features and Functionality

AYO is one of the world’s best-advanced light therapy glasses that are designed to improve the user’s sleep as well boost energy, jet lag and above all correct the user’s natural circadian rhythm using full spectrum light.
They are designed for effectiveness as well comfort since they have some specially crafted extensions that keep the frame elevated over your nose bridge and they do not distract your vision.
The glasses include blue LED lights that are normally positioned in such a way that it ensures the light illuminates into the eyes and ultimately on both retinas. Additionally, the AYO glasses are designed with smart programs which are adjustable for travel, energy and sleep options and are controlled using the goAYO applications which are available for both IOS and Android.
They all have a standardized dimension of 6.1*2.6*0.9 with a light weight of 1.2 oz. They are also designed for Jet LAG prevention since the glasses are able to compact light easier and more conveniently with the light therapy solution allowing you to adapt to new time zones of about 2-3 times faster thus making your air travel more comfortable, smooth as well enjoyable.
Another amazing feature about the AYO glasses is the fact that the go AYO application utilizes proprietary algorithms to calculate the appropriate time for you to use the glasses thus helping you with your sleep as well rejuvenating and boosting your energy.
Lastly, the AYO light therapy glasses are proven and certified to be safe for use to optimize your natural circadian rhythm. Similarly, AYO technology is based on the fact that it is tested and proven as a light therapy solution with over 10,000 successful cases and it’s also considered safe for the users’ eyes according to EU and it’s independently certified by TUV.

AYO Pros

  • Its batteries are reachable and with over 10,000 hours of estimated life span.
  • It’s effective when it comes to boosting your sleep, your energy, reduces Jet LAG symptoms.
  • It comes with an integrated power bank, a protective case, and a wireless charging system.
  • The goAYO application allows the user to record their daily activities on their phones or tablets.

    AYO Cons

    • One of the known disadvantages of AYO is the fact that it can be expensive.
    • Again, the impact of this light therapy normally varies from one person to another therefore, it’s not guaranteed that you will have the same experience as the other person.



    The AYO light therapy glasses are available on Amazon.


    Re-timer Light Therapy Glasses

    Features and Functionality

    These glasses are made specifically to rejuvenate your body clock, improve your sleep through reestablishing your sleep schedule as well as reduce the SAD syndrome.

    Additionally, these glasses are made for active and busy people who can’t find time to sit in a lightbox therapy. The Re-Timer light therapy glasses have superior green-blue illumination which has been chosen for both safety and efficacy baring in mind that the green-blue mind is very effective in influencing sleep.

    The Re-Timer illuminations are UV-free as they have been independently tested for eye safety by the international standards CEI and proven to be user-friendly. It’s actually amongst the world’s best-selling light therapy glasses as its available in more than 46 countries.

    It has an equivalent of about 500, 10,000 LUX LAMP and it emits illuminations at wavelengths between 450 and 550nm and the light intensity emitted is adjustable at one of the power buttons on the inside part of one folding earpiece.

    The frames are uniquely designed to prevent obstructing vision and thus you can wear the glasses and still carry on with other activities.

    Re-Timer Pros

    • They are completely portable and lightweight as it comes with a convenient and protective case as well as a user manual.

    They are not time restrictive since you can either use them in the morning or evening depending on how you want to influence your sleep.


    Re-Timer Cons 

    • The power autonomy is generally low since it can last for at most four hours.


    The Re-Timer light therapy glasses are available on Amazon.


    Regardless of which type of light therapy glasses you chose, they can really help with jet lag. Each has its pros and cons, and price differences. Many travelers have used these with great success and they are definitely worth trying if you are an avid traveler on international flights crossing many time zones. You might find these to be the answer you are looking for!


    Hopefully, you enjoyed this article and found it helpful.


    Thanks for reading!


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