Can you bring pepper spray on a plane? If so, can you take it in your checked baggage or carry-on luggage? This is a question that many people have when they are traveling.

A keychain with pepper spray on it - Can you bring pepper spray on a plane?

The answer depends on the airline and how much pepper spray you want to bring. In this article, we will go over ways to travel with pepper spray, as well as some airlines that allow it for either carry-on or checked bags.

One four-ounce container of mace or pepper spray can be brought onto a plane in checked baggage, according to the TSA. But, it has to have a safety lock that prevents spilling. Pepper spray containing more than 2% tear gas is not allowed in checked baggage or carry-ons.

Check with your airline’s website before you bring pepper spray on a plane. The restrictions may vary depending on the airline.

Can you fly with pepper spray in your carry-on?

No, you cannot carry pepper spray on a plane. It’s best to leave your pepper spray home. You might be thinking: what if I am carrying the pepper spray for self-defense? That’s fine, but the TSA can’t take your word for it. Pepper spray can be used as a weapon too.

A high-profile organization like the TSA can’t take any risks when it comes to bringing potential weapons on planes.

Four ounces of pepper spray can be brought in your checked baggage, but it must contain 2% tear gas or less. Many travelers don’t know that they can’t carry pepper spray on board, and they have to leave it behind.

When the TSA confiscates pepper spray, travelers have a few options.

1) Give the pepper spray to the TSA agents.

2) Return the pepper spray to your car.

3) Give it to someone who is not traveling.

4) Put it in your checked baggage.

Note: In some states, it’s illegal to carry pepper spray under certain conditions. Do some research beforehand to make sure that you are traveling to a state where it’s allowed.

If pepper spray is accidentally sprayed on a commercial plane, this can be dangerous for passengers and may lead to an emergency landing in some cases.

Pepper Spray Travel Size

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According to the TSA, you can pack one four ounce (118 ml) container of pepper spray in your checked baggage.

Can you take pepper spray abroad?

For international travel, one four ounce container of pepper spray is allowed in checked baggage. International travel follows the same TSA guidelines as travel within the USA. Pepper spray is not allowed in carry-on bags under any circumstances.

Is it illegal to carry pepper spray?

You can carry pepper spray in all 50 states and Washington D.C. But many states have restrictions, which include the following:

  • Age (must be at least 18 years old)
  • The concentration of pepper spray
  • Size of the container
  • Criminal history – convicted felons cannot carry pepper spray

Pepper spray laws vary by state, and there is a complete table of each of them at the bottom of this article.

What self-defense weapons can you bring on a plane?

Here is a list of the most common self-defense weapons and their TSA rules and regulations.

1) Bear spray – not allowed on the plane or in checked baggage. Most animal repellents have more than 2% concentration of tear gas, which the TSA prohibits in checked baggage and on the plane.

2) Blackjacks (self defense weapons) – not allowed on the plane, but allowed in checked baggage

3) Body armor – allowed on the plane and in checked baggage

4) Brass knuckles – cannot be carried on the plane, but can be brought in checked luggage

5) Pocket knife – not allowed on the plane, but allowed in carry-on luggage. Sharp objects are typically not allowed on the plane for the passengers’ safety.

6) Stun guns, tasers, and other shocking devices – are not allowed on the plane. You can bring them in checked baggage, but they must not have lithium batteries. Stun guns also must be secured so that they can’t be accidentally turned on en route to your destination.

7) Swiss army knife – not allowed on the plane, permitted in checked baggage

8) Tear gas – not allowed on the plane or in checked baggage

Can you bring pepper spray on a plane? Looking at the Major Airlines

Inside of a plane with people entering and loading their things in the overhead bin - Can you bring pepper spray on a plane?

In visiting each airline’s website, none of the major airlines allow pepper spray or other similar sprays on their planes.

Concerning checked baggage, none of the websites appear to mention TSA’s specific regulation which allows one four-ounce container in your checked luggage.

So, it might be best to call the airline beforehand to clarify. But here’s a quick summary of the pepper spray regulations for the major airlines.

Can you bring pepper spray on a plane on American Airlines?

American Airlines does not allow mace, tear gas, or pepper spray in checked bags or carry-on bags. One four-ounce container is allowed in checked baggage per TSA’s guidelines.

Can you bring pepper spray on a Southwest Airlines plane?

Southwest Airlines does not allow self-defense sprays of any kind on flights.

Can you bring pepper spray on a United plane?

United Airlines does not allow mace, pepper spray, or tear gas on a plane or in checked baggage. One four-ounce container is allowed in checked baggage per TSA’s guidelines.

Can you bring pepper spray on a Delta plane?

Mace, pepper spray, bear spray, or tear gas are not allowed on a Delta plane at any time. One four-ounce container is allowed in checked baggage per TSA’s guidelines.

Can you take pepper spray on an Alaska Airlines plane?

Alaska Airlines allows a single four-ounce container of pepper spray in your checked baggage, according to the TSA’s regulations. Like the other airlines, pepper spray, mace, or other self-defense sprays are never allowed on a plane.

Can you take pepper spray on a plane to Mexico?

Traveling with pepper spray depends on the airline’s regulations, not where you are traveling.

Generally, airlines do not allow pepper spray in carry-on luggage since it can be used as a weapon. But most airlines allow them in checked baggage.

Be sure to check the airline’s website to make sure you can travel with pepper spray.

Once you get to your destination, the question is: is it legal to carry pepper spray? In Mexico, carrying pepper spray is legal if you’re 18 and not a convicted felon.

In America, some states restrict the use of pepper spray depending on the container’s size, concentration, the person’s age, and criminal history.

Does mace explode on a plane?

Pepper spray, mace, and other self-defense sprays will not spontaneously explode under normal conditions.

If a fire starts in the airplane cabin, the extreme heat may cause the mace to explode. Mace could also explode if it is punctured with a large object. But the chances of mace exploding on a plane are incredibly low.

How to Travel with Pepper Spray

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Airlines across the board do not allow pepper spray in carry-on baggage. The TSA allows one four-ounce container in checked baggage, but not all airlines allow pepper spray in checked baggage.

Here are a few things you can do before traveling with pepper spray to make your experience smooth.

  • Double-check pepper spray requirements on your airline’s website.
  • Keep pepper spray out of your carry-on luggage or your pockets while going through airport security. The TSA will confiscate it or ask you to put it in your checked baggage.
  • Make sure that it’s legal to carry pepper spray where you are traveling. You don’t want to get to your destination and then realize that you aren’t allowed to carry your pepper spray. Convicted felons and people under 18 years of age are not allowed to carry pepper spray in several states.
  • Make sure that your pepper spray contains less than 2% of tear gas. This is the maximum amount of tear gas allowed in checked baggage according to the TSA.

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Pepper Spray Regulations and Laws for Each State

StateMust Be 18yrs oldIs it Legal?Size Limits?Misc. Notes
AlaskaYesYesYesNot allowed in schools
ArkansasYesYesYesIt is not permitted to fill a container that exceeds 150 cubic centimeters
CaliforniaYesYesYesIt is prohibited for people who are addicted to drugs of any kind.
There is a limit of 2.5 ounces per container.
FloridaYesYesYesThe container cannot exceed 2 ounces and cannot be possessed by felons who have been convicted of a crime.
HawaiiYesYesYesIn order to be mailed, the container must not weigh more than .5 ounces.
MaineYesYesYesThe use of pepper spray in criminal activity is prohibited.
MarylandYesYesYesbetween right before sunset and right before sunrise, minors should not use pepper spray.
MassachusettsYesYesYesShipment of human formula pepper spray is illegal. Pepper spray cannot be obtained by those prohibited from possessing pistols.
MichiganYesYesYesContains no ultraviolet dyes and must not contain more than 18% oleoresin caprolactam.
The oleoresin content of the capsicum cannot exceed 18%.
MinnesotaNoYesYesThose who cannot possess a pistol cannot possess pepper spray.
The age requirement is 16 years or older.
NevadaYesYesYesMinors are prohibited from possessing.
Containers must be 2 ounces or less.
New HampshireYesYesNo
New JerseyYesYesYesThere must be a pocket-size container and no more than 3/4 oz. of pepper spray can be released from the container.
It is illegal for felons to possess pepper spray.
New MexicoYesYesNo
New YorkYesYesYesThere is a limit of two pepper spray containers per transaction.
The possession of pepper spray is prohibited for felons and those who have been convicted of assault.
A human formula cannot be shipped.
Pocket-sized containers are required.
North CarolinaYesYesYesThere is a maximum weight limit of 5 ounces for containers.
North DakotaYesYesNo
Rhode IslandYesYesYes
South CarolinaYesYesNo
South DakotaYesYesNo
WashingtonNoYesYesIn order to participate, you must be at least 14 years old and have permission from your parents. At 18 years old you no longer need parental permission.
West VirginiaYesYesNo
WisconsinYesYesYesA pepper spray container must not exceed 2 ounces in weight.
There is no camouflaging or disguising pepper spray.
Oleoresin capsicum must not contain more than 10% of pepper spray.
Updated Pepper Spray Laws By State

That wraps up our article ‘Can you bring pepper spray on a plane?’ We hope you learned more about the rules and regulations when it comes to self-defense sprays and weapons.

So, are you ready to travel?

If not, check out more of our ‘Can I bring?’ articles below!

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