What does a chest compression feedback device monitor? (Q&A)

My experience as a pilot I will tell you that pilots get some classroom training in medical emergencies. Flight attendants receive CPR training, but they are not certified in it. This reduces the company’s liability because they are not EMTs or paramedics. This is different from the type of hands-on training they would need to be able to administer. 

Two women doing CPR utilizing a chest compression feedback device - What does a CFD monitor?

In the event of a medical emergency during a flight, the airline staff must help the passenger gather as much information as possible, ask if a medical professional is on board, and then notify the pilot. The pilot will then decide whether to divert or not to divert the flight.

With my getting older and some additional interest in the topic, I have learned about the topic and decided to create a place (this page) to combine and document my findings. Kind of like I did with the 800+ questions to ask on a road trip article.

Here they are.

What does a chest compression feedback device monitor? 

A chest compression feedback device monitors the chest compression depth, recoil, hand position, and compression rate of the individual performing CPR as well as both visual and audible feedback on those points. 

The components of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

When it comes to administering CPR, there are four main components that help to increase the chances of successfully reversing cardiac arrest as quickly as possible as well as activating the body’s own emergency response system as soon as possible.

Performing chest compressions early in CPR is the first step. Rapid defibrillation is the second component. An effective advanced life support system is the third component. Post-cardiac arrest care is the fourth.

What Is A Chest Compression Feedback Device?

A CPR feedback device is useful for monitoring and learning the quality of the chest compression and resuscitory work being done and providing the rescuer with key information regarding the basic parameters of the manual chest compressions being carried out, such as compression rate and depth, and the amount of retraction of the chest in full compression.

Chest acceleration compression depth signals are used to track the depth and speed of the CPR session. 

Additionally, rescuers can use this device to give corrective instructions for the rate, level, depth, and recoil of the chest and cardiopulmonary resuscitations during the episode. In addition, this device provides important and basic information on a person’s chest compression fractions.

For example, it indicates how long the provider spent performing chest compressions. 

The feedback device provides feedback in real-time of multiple points: depth of compression, compression rate, and rate of recoil of a patient’s chest to the person(s) providing the CPR. 

This device is typically called a CPR feedback device. 

These types of devices may not be necessary for infants or children to receive CPR.

An unresponsive victim undergoing BLS should have their pulse checked. What are the steps or parts of this check?

If the victim is awake and conscious, remember to check for a pulse and signs they are conscious after performing this process four times – 30 compressions and two breaths. Until help arrives, continue with the same cadence of 30 compressions and then 2 breaths, checking their pulse after every four times through this cycle.

What are mechanical chest compressions?

Mechanical chest compressions are just that. They are external chest compressions given by a machine instead of a human

There are several devices currently available on the market, but devices can be broadly classified into two groups, such as devices with a load-distributing band or pistons, based on the mechanism used to deliver the compression.

What is the ratio of compressions to breaths if you are performing CPR on a child?

For an adult victim, CPR should be performed with 30 compressions for every 2 breaths. For children and infants, CPR should be performed with 15 compressions for every 2 breaths. Infants should be performed with two thumbs.

What are the five 5 components of chest compression or CPR?

Five components of chest compression or CPR:  

1 – Compression rate of the chest

2 – Rebound of the chest

3 – Compression ratio of the chest

4 – Proper ventilation

5 – Deepness of chest compression

What are the steps for compression-only CPR?

1 – Take the heel of your hand should rest on the person’s chest in the middle.

2 –  Press down with the other hand at between 100-120 compressions per minute. (depressing 5-6cm or 2-2.5 inches from top to bottom)

3 – Deliver 2 breaths to the person every 30 compressions.

Costs of different CPR feedback devices and costs

There are many different price points for CPR feedback devices, costing from $25-$300 on the low end to $4000 on the high end.

There are several tools available, ranging from pretty inexpensive to quite expensive. The cheapest are devices that provide information about compression rates. An audible alarm will be activated if the  2+ inch compression depth is not reached slightly more expensive model.

A full charge takes up to 1.5 hours for these devices. Their battery life is limited to 3 to 4 hours. 

CPR mannequins are included within this as prices get higher. As you move up the price range, you get information on the rate at which you compress and release the product, ventilation volume, number of compressions, ventilations, cycles you have done, and suggestions about how to improve.

These devices are usually sold as part of a kit or pack that includes, or has as options to buy, a wide variety of CPR mannequins for a relatively low cost. In addition, as you learn CPR, be able to choose whether to purchase adult mannequins, child mannequins, or infant mannequins.

Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you can also opt for the more expensive models, which come with realistic anatomic landmarks, so students can practice in the exact same way they would perform chest compressions and CPR on a real person or victim. Additionally, they can feel pulses in the mannequin as well. 

Another drawback to be aware of with the higher end devices is the significant amount of maintenance required to keep them functioning well. These devices include tablet apps that provide real-time summative feedback to an instructor, as well. 

They also take more time to get set up and ready.

What are the 3 C’s of CPR?

3 C’s to Save a Life

  • Check to see if they’re responsive – Ask them, “Are you OK?”
  • Call 9-1-1 – Point your finger at one person and tell them, “I need you to call  9-1-1!” or make the call yourself if no one else is there. (call and put your phone on speaker and start CPR
  • Compress – Start chest compressions (100 per minute).

What is the correct chest compression rate for adults?

For adults, use 100 to 120 compressions a minute.

To start CPR on an adult, the heel of your hand should rest on the person’s chest in the middle. Press down with the other hand at a steady rate of 100-120 compressions a minute. (depressing 5-6cm or 2-2.5 inches from top to bottom) Deliver 2 breaths to the person every 30 compressions.

What is the compression rate for child CPR?

For children, use 100 to 120 compressions a minute.

To start CPR on a child, the heel of your hand should rest on the child’s chest in the middle. Press down with the other hand at a steady rate of 100-120 compressions a minute. (depressing 5-6cm or 2-2.5 inches from top to bottom) Deliver 2 breaths to the child every 30 compressions.

So, What does a chest compression feedback device monitor?

Chest compression feedback devices are extremely helpful and in addition to providing both visual and audible feedback to the individual performing CPR, chest compression feedback devices monitor chest compression depth, recoil, hand position, and compression rate.

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Resistance Band Exercises For People Over 50 (Free Printable PDF)

Exercise, health, and fitness is all different when you are over 50. I know. I’m over 50! Strength workouts are crucial to maintaining muscle mass as you age. We should prioritize them in our exercise routines as we get older.

Enjoy these resistance band exercises for people over 50. It’s more than just a table or chart printout that you can download and print. It’s a fully illustrated guide with pictures and explanations of each and every exercise. They are easy resistance band exercises in a pdf you can use when you are traveling or on the road.

weights and resistance bands on a wood table - Free Printable Resistance Band Exercises for people over 50 years old Chart PDF

Download it below and keep it with you as a digital copy, or print it out and use it as a hard copy as you workout.

If you need some new resistance bands, grab these.
– Simple 5-band set: WSAKOUE Pull Up Assistance Bands
– 5-Band set with handles and braces: All V Bands For Men and Women

Either way, enjoy it, and good luck on your fitness journey.

Printable Resistance Band Exercises For People Over 50

These will also work if you are looking for resistance band exercises for beginners pdf. Just modify them as you need for your age and fitness level. It is the perfect bands workout chart pdf.

Would resistance bands be good for those over 50?

You may not want to hit the weight room to train if you’re over 50, especially if you’re suffering from back pain or achy joints. While resistance bands don’t put additional strain on your joints, they can still provide you with a great workout and strengthen your muscles.

Seniors can benefit from resistance bands because they are compact, lightweight, and don’t cost much. All parts of the body can be exercised using resistance bands. Depending on the resistance band, some have handles and some don’t.

If you want to increase the intensity of your workouts without adding stress, this is a great alternative to dumbbells.

What are the best resistance band for seniors?

The best type of resistance bands are the WSAKOUE Pull Up Assistance Bands, and Resistance Bands Set for Men & Women. Their durability and resistance level make them the most versatile as well as the most durable and easy to use.

The next best are the YESMIDE Allvodes 5pcs resistance bands below.

Related: FitnessGram Pacer Test (w/Lyrics, Video & Audio)

Do resistance bands actually work?

Elastic resistance bands produce strength gains similar to dumbbells and weight machines, which make them beneficial for both the average person and athletes alike. Training with resistance bands can even strengthen your stabilizer muscles more than weight lifting if you use them correctly.

How long does it take to start to see results using resistance bands when you’re older than 50?

It depends on how often you are using them and how intense your workouts are. You will see some results within two to four weeks if you are new to resistance training, such as increased muscle tone, decreased body fat, and increased strength.

To increase the results you see and decrease the time it takes to see them, use them more intensely, more frequently or both.

What resistance band should I start with?

I always start by testing the thinnest band to see how it works for me and with the specific exercise. Especially if I haven’t exercised for a while. You need to gradually move up to the next harder ones in subsequent workouts. This will give you a good feel of the bands and prevent injury.

How do I tone my muscles after 50?

There are a number of moves you can do to work large groups of muscles while engaging your joints, like the ones in the PDF above. People above the age of 50 can benefit the most from them, as they are particularly useful for them. If you are getting results, but not enough, lengthen the time you workout for or increase the difficulty of the bands you are using.

How many times a week should a 50-year-old workout?

A healthy individual should conduct at least 150 minutes of moderate cardio activity each week if they are in good health. Spreading out the work over a period of at least 3 days, for a minimum of 10 minutes each, is the best way to achieve the best results.

Exercise is one of the most efficient ways to promote a healthy weight, maintain energy levels, and even prevent some of the symptoms associated with aging. In addition to being good for your body, exercise can be good for the brain and your emotional state as well.

If you want a fascinating read on the psychological benefits of working out, read Spark. It is a really great read!

You can stay active even after the age of 50, whether you are looking to maintain your current weight or to feel more energized and healthy in general. There are numerous ways to stay active once you reach this age.

Can a 50-year-old woman still build muscle?

It is 100% possible to regain or to build muscle mass at age 50 or older. To build muscle mass, there should be a major focus on nutrition and diet. Ensuring that you’re consuming the proper amount of protein is critical to muscle development.

A person’s muscle mass starts to decrease as they age, and this is true for both men and women. The average person sees their muscle mass decline by 3% to 5% per decade after that. It is unfortunate that as your muscles decrease, you also become more prone to breaking bones if you fall as a result of your diminished muscle mass. 

You can hedge your bets again those risks if you will engage regularly (at least 5 days a week is ideal) in some form of exercise. Cardio is ok as well as more traditional weight training movements with either weights or resistance bands.

Some resistance band tips and tricks if you are over 50 for your next training session:

  • First of all, it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor before you start an exercise program, especially if you are returning from injury, or surgery, or have a chronic health condition.
  • Ensure that you warm up properly before you begin your workout. It will make a big difference in your ability to push your body and your recovery.
  • Take it easy at first and gradually increase the intensity. If you immediately begin to pump out tons of repetitions under heavy resistance, you are putting yourself at an increased risk of developing overuse injuries that can plague you for a very long time.
  • Be sure to keep an eye on your joints!
  • Make sure they are properly aligned the whole time. Especially if you are experiencing any tightness or discomfort in your joints.
  • Good form goes a long way!
  • It is important to control the band carefully through every movement
  • While performing each of your movements, it is critical to remember to breathe.
  • If you plan to use anchor points, be sure they are sturdy. Most workouts will require them at some point, things like a door jam or tree or your home or gym or a handrail on your stairs.
  • When in doubt, go for higher reps.
  • Dominate each and every band in your collection.

Can a 55-year-old woman tone her body?

Yes, women over the age of 50 are able to tone their bodies and find that regular exercise and healthy eating habits enhance their appearance and make them feel their best. This in turn helps them feel happier and healthier. The best way to tone your body is to choose a method of exercise that you enjoy doing. Then see if it fits your goals, depending on what your ideal body looks like.

Nutrition and exercise are extremely important factors in the form and function of a 55-year-old woman’s body.

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Left Luggage & Baggage Storage – London Euston Station (Info and FAQ)

What is Left Luggage and Baggage Storage in Euston? 

Left Luggage is a place you can leave your belongings or baggage at one of their secure, manned storage facilities located at airports and railway stations across the globe. There is one in Euston in London.

logo _ Left Luggage and Baggage Storage

If you are traveling by train, air, or Eurostar, and they are weighing you down or holding you back, just drop them off and pick them up later.

Where is this Euston location? 

As you walk up the ramp to platforms 16 and 18, you will find the entrance at the top of the ramp.

Hours of Operation: 

Seven days a week: 7:00 – 23:00
December 24th: 07:00 – 20:00
December 25th & 26th: CLOSED

Contact Them: 

[email protected]


+44 (0)20 3468 4670 

My wife and I used them a couple years ago and it was a smooth experience. It was nice to store our bags and then take the tube to National Museum and have lunch with a family member and then come back and pick them up and grab our bags and fly on to Spain.

This is a fantastic service and is built really well to help travelers and commuters with their short-term storage needs in the London Euston area.

With more than half of their locations in England, additional ones are located in Spain, Canada, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, and Saudi Arabia.

Here is a link to the Euston location on Google Maps

How do they work?

Whether you’re ready to pick up or have your luggage sent to you worldwide, you can entrust us with your luggage, bags, and baggage for a few hours, days, or weeks, as long as you are ready to collect them or have them forwarded.

What do they cost and are they worth it?

A quote can be obtained by visiting their homepage here for an idea of the cost. Prices start at £5. Discounts are available for larger quantities of bags. The cost is dependent upon the number of bags and the duration of storage.

Some of the great reasons to use them

  • Facility manned by a person 
  • CCTV monitoring is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  
  • Screening of all items for security 
  • Enjoy knowing your items are secure and safe
  • If you wish to pay when you show up at the location
  • Online pre-booking is also available
  • Easily accessible near airports and rail stations
  • Providing secure storage for the long-term and the short term
  • Open from early in the morning until late in the evening

They offer competitive pricing, easy-access locations, and convenient transport hubs, so commuters and travelers can store belongings at their facilities.

If you need extra luggage storage while on holiday or traveling through the UK or on a business trip, they can help. They offer left luggage and baggage storage facilities that you can use for as long as you like.

How long can I store my luggage in Euston?

Our Euston luggage storage locations can provide you with the opportunity to store your baggage for a few hours, days, or months if for some reason you need to.

They also have other services available

  • Baggage Shop
  • Delivery via Courier
  • Wrapping your Bags
  • Concierge & Tourist Services
  • The Shipping of Baggage
  • Weighing Baggage
  • Discounts are available for groups

Click here to learn more about each of these services

If one person drops off bags can someone else pick them up?

That’s not possible. The person who drops off the bags must be the one who picks them up and they must have the receipt they where given when they dropped off the items that were stored.

Items cannot be collected except under those conditions.

What happens if I lose my receipt or ticket?

Lost tickets are subject to a £15.00 fee to cover their admin costs (time and processing). Both identification and details about baggage must be provided to our satisfaction; both, to the fullest extent possible. An indemnification form must be signed, and they will want copies of your documentation.

Do I pay online or in person?

For customers who prefer making a reservation in advance, online booking is available. Payment can be made in-store when you collect your bags if you prefer.

Where can I store my luggage in Euston?

Left Luggage offers affordable and convenient luggage storage at Euston Station, Platform (Track) 16-18, Euston Road, London

If my bags become damaged while they are in storage?

Their baggage storage racks are the only place where your luggage will be kept, so this is really unlikely to happen. 

As soon as their staff notices that a piece of baggage is damaged, there is a chance they won’t accept the luggage for storage, depending on the severity of the damage. 

As soon as the bags are received, they are noted if they are damaged.

If the bag is damaged or unsuitable, or if it is unsafe or overweight or for some other reason isn’t suitable, they will specifically exclude their liability for such bags. 

If the weight of the baggage stored exceeds the EU safety recommendation of 32kg or 66lbs, there will be no liability on their part and they may even refuse to store them. It’s good to know your bags are being stored with other bags in good condition and that aren’t holding unsafe items.

Does the facility have lockers and x-ray-scanners for the bags?

A security screening is performed on all items received at all units. Your luggage may also be subject to mandatory hand searches although the personnel I spoke with said that they have never had to do that.

You can be denied storage of your luggage as a result of your failure to comply with the stringent security requirements.

Do I need to lock my bag?

There is no need to worry about locking your bags, but if you want to, I love the locks below. Your stored items are kept in a secure area that’s monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day and is well protected by all sorts of security protocol as well.

Here are some additional benefits of using the Left Luggage Service

    Online booking & payment saves you time
    For speedy service, fast-track service lanes are available with priority lane access
    They offer long-term and short-term storage, as well as group discounts for larger groups
    In the case of business / commercial storage, this can be arranged in advance only.
    Located in a convenient location near major rail stations and airports, the hotels are easy to access.
    From early in the morning to late at night, they have left luggage locations available
    The Left Luggage facility is open seven days a week and is manned by their staff
    The CCTV system is operational 24 hours a day (365 days a year) and the items are fully screened for security

Other Options to store your bags while traveling or sightseeing


This is a great name because they are indeed what they claim to be. As a Danish company, they cover Copenhagen, London, and New York as well as the rest of Europe. 

There is a one-time handling fee of $2 plus $1 per hour per bag, which may make them cheaper than the other companies if you only need the service for a short time, as their website states.


Ok, they call the person you will be storing your bags with your “Angel”. You’ll need to book your angel spot online, pay a fee, and wait for confirmation with your Angel’s location information. 

They use Angel drop points, which are similar to those used by other companies, such as hotels and shops. You’ll go through the same procedure of booking your angel spot, paying the fee, and waiting for your confirmation. 

If you need to change your itinerary or cancel – the fee is not refunded. If your bags are dropped off or picked up differently, please communicate directly with the Angel.


On their website, the company states that they have offices in 250 cities and 20 countries across Europe, North America, and Australia. 

Their website has a list, but you can also book storage using their app for Android or iOS. It also has a map with potential drop-off sites so that you can see how far the sites are from one another for better planning purposes.

KnockKnock.city (US Based)

This company has the same concept as the previous one, but they have a lot of interesting twists to it. In addition to New York, they also operate in San Francisco and Boston. 

How much do they charge? 

The amount of time you need to keep your luggage is determined by the amount of time you need to leave it. 

There are two options: either hourly storage at $2 per hour, or all-day storage at $12 per day. Both plans include insurance for up to $500 per bag, which is included in the price.

Vertoe.com (US Based)

Additionally, Boston, New York, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles are among the US cities with their storage facilities. If you wish to make a reservation, you can do so on their website.


A luggage storage network was created by a group of travelers who asked the same question as I did in 2015. That’s how Stasher,  was born. They also have a convenient app.

Is there a Left Luggage at Euston station?

There is a Left Luggage at Euston station. I hope I have answered all you questions about it here. It’s there as you walk up the ramp to platforms 16 and 18, you will find the entrance at the top of the ramp. And, if anyone asks you, “Is there luggage storage at London Euston?” I hope you will say yes and send them a link to this article.

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Is There a Good Reason To Do the Paqui One-Chip Challenge?

Who can resist a good challenge? Whether or not spicy food is your thing, you may have heard about people who are big on challenges to eat spicy food and then do their best to act like it doesn’t bother them. The Paqui Chips brand has come up with a challenge for those who like to show off by consuming the spiciest things imaginable. Media personalities like Joel Embiid and U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have fueled the fire (pun intended) by participating, but you should be careful about jumping into this challenge feet first.   

a box of Paqui chips - Is There a Good Reason To Do the Paqui One-Chip Challenge?

“No guts, no glory” is a daring motto to live by, but maybe it’s not the best idea to take it to the extreme!

What Is the Paqui One-Chip Challenge?

Paqui has created and branded this “One-chip Challenge” to involve eating one single chip made with “the hottest peppers on the planet” (aka the Carolina Reaper Pepper and the Scorpion Pepper). Paqui’s website ups the ante by claiming an additional twist: that the chip will “turn your tongue blue.”

You’re challenged to eat the single chip, then see how long you can hold out before eating or drinking something else to take the edge off of the flavor intensity.

The One-Chip Challenge will encourage you to wait at least a full hour before trying to put out the fire in your mouth by washing the chip down with something, though you’ll find plenty of videos on TikTok showing people who fall short and out of desperation grab for the nearest relief.

Paqui is so confident in the difficulty of their challenge, that they cleverly suggest you “build up your tolerance” by eating other varieties of their spicy chips first. But the Challenge is not without its perils.

How Much Does the One Chip Challenge Cost?

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

The 2022 Paqui One Chip Challenge will set you back different amounts depending on how many of the fiery, individually-packaged chips in the little “coffins” you want. You can find them on Paqui’s website, Amazon.com, and at participating retailers, if you don’t want to wait, or if you want to save yourself some money on shipping.

Why You May or May Not Want to Compete In the One-Chip Challenge

You may love taking someone up on a good dare as much as the next person, but beware. The Paqui One-Chip Challenge has resulted in adverse reactions by some participants, even sending some to the ER. Many school districts have sent out warning to make sure parents are aware of the Challenge’s dangers.

“What could go wrong?” I’ve asked myself. Many participants have reported reactions to the hot peppered chips that can last up to a full 24 hours after consumption. Complications include nausea, acute stomach pains, vomiting, and even difficulty breathing. These types of reactions, if not bad enough, can possibly lead to even more serious health risks.  

Real People with Real Reactions to the One Chip Challenge

These people are dying! That would be me.

Who Is the Paqui Spice Council?

Meet the Paqui Spice Council. The Paqui chips brand has introduced their internal group that has been experimenting and making recommendations for years behind closed doors.

They’ve tested, tasted, and created several well-known Paqui chip varieties, and the One-Chip Challenge is this group’s beloved brainchild.

Paqui’s Spice Council comprises several Paqui employees, coming from departments like sales, marketing, and R&D, along with several other spice loyalists. This council works with spice vendors to come up with the most interesting and flavorful combinations of seasonings and heat to come up with the spicy chips that so many people love. 

But is That Chip Really That Spicy?

In the next video, there is a guy who handles it pretty darn well. I wouldn’t do that well for sure.

In the video above is Bryan from GenerationalAquatics.com. He handles it so well!

How Can You Prepare For the One-Chip Challenge?

Prepare, you say? Don’t be deceived by the innocent, fruity smell of the One-Chip Challenge chip. The spice will come on you fast! Here are some prep recommendations from the Paqui Spice Council for you to keep in mind, should you decide to accept this challenge:

1. Condition Your Taste Buds: Work your way up the spice hierarchy, as it were, by trying other spicy chip varieties to help yourself get used to the extreme heat in question. The Council recommends starting with Paqui’s Mucho Nacho Cheese flavor, then working your way up to the Haunted Ghost Pepper flavor. If you’re already a spice connoisseur, you might be OK just starting out with Paqui’s Haunted Ghost Pepper chips. 

2. No Carbonated Drinks Beforehand! Don’t consume carbonated beverages before you undertake the challenge, and don’t eat the chip at night before going to bed. Also, don’t eat the chip before going to work, and NEVER on an empty stomach. 

3. Have Remedies Onhand. Start out by ingesting a healthy spoonful of olive oil before eating the chip. The most effective washdown remedies that the Spice Council swears by include high-fat products like chocolate, ice cream, and coconut milk. If all else fails to bring relief after undergoing the challenge, see if you can doze off for a nap. 

How Many Scoville Units Are Paqui Ghost Pepper Chips?

Paqui chips do not have official Scoville ratings, but their Ghost Peppers are ranked at around 1 million Scovilles. 

The One-Chip Challenge Chip is made with two of the hottest known peppers, the Carolina Reaper Pepper (~1.7 million Scoville Units) and the Scorpion Pepper (~1.2 million Scoville Units).

What Happens When You Eat the One-Chip Challenge?

If you do decide to take the Paqui One-Chip Challenge, hopefully, you come out relatively unscathed. Be prepared for extreme flavor heat, however. EXTREME. Many people have experienced nausea, severe stomach pains, difficulty breathing, and even vomiting. After-effects can last up to 24 hours, too. There have been several reports of people having to go to the ER after taking the challenge. Don’t take it lightly or casually.

Have There Been Any Deaths From the One-Chip Challenge?

The Challenge has been known to cause health complications in some participants that have resulted in death or at least near death, including among Paqui employees. 

On a related note, there is a relatively recent online documented case of a young man from Batam (Weky Chandra, 27 years old) who ate the reported “hottest chili in the world,” and who later died. The event was videoed and the 2 minute 50 second video was circulated around the internet.  

Can the Paqui One-Chip Challenge Harm You?

Consuming extremely hot peppers is not a light matter. Many One-Chip Challenge participants have experienced severe reactions resulting in nausea, acute stomach pain, vomiting, and difficulty breathing. After effects can last as long as 24 hours, too. There have been several reports of people having to go to the ER after taking the challenge. Proceed with caution.

How Long Do the Effects of the One Chip Challenge Last?

The after effects of consuming the One-Chip Challenge chip have been reported to last anywhere from hours to up to a full 24 hours after consumption. Paqui Spice Council members have been known to take a full week to recover fully after taste testing for spicy new products. Extreme reactions to the challenge have caused vomiting, nausea, difficulty breathing, and severe stomach pain.

How Do You Recover From the One Chip Challenge?

First rule: Take it Easy! Paqui One-Chip Challenge after effects can last up to 24 hours afterward. Paqui Spice Council members can take a full week to recover fully after spice testing. Extreme reactions to the challenge have caused vomiting, nausea, difficulty breathing, and severe stomach pain, so be careful!

Consumption of high fat products such as ice cream, whole milk, chocolate, and coconut milk are effective at taking the edge off of the flavor burn. If nothing like that works for you, lie down for a nap! 

Does the Paqui One Chip Challenge Really Turn Your Tongue Blue?

There does exist documented evidence of One-Chip Challenge participants’ tongues turning a shade of blue.

Will The One Chip Challenge Cause Stomach Pain?

Most people who attempt the challenge experience stomach pain. However, this can be temporary. The degree of pain depends on an individual’s medical conditions, genetics, what they consumed before the challenge, what they ate before they took the challenge, etc.

Some people can eat spicy chips with little effect, while others become incapacitated. You may feel a great deal of discomfort when your stomach digests the spicy chip due to the capsaicin.

However, the oils will not damage you long-term. For most people, it will pass with time.

How long is the stomach pain from the One Chip Challenge?

It’s normal to experience severe abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and difficulty breathing. If those symptoms last longer than 24 hours it’s possible they are suffering from more severe health complications. At that point, it is good to speak to a qualified medical professional.

So, Is There a Good Reason to Do the Paqui One-Chip Challenge?

Proceed with caution, should you decide to take this challenge, as the consumption of extremely hot peppers is never a casual matter. Remember that several One-Chip Challenge participants ended up experiencing severe reactions to the peppers in the chip, resulting in extreme nausea, acute stomach pain, vomiting, and difficulty breathing. After effects can last as long as 24 hours, too.

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Letras de The Fitnessgram Pacer Test (con video y audio)

Antecedentes de la prueba Fitnessgram Pacer

En 1982, se introdujo la prueba Fitnessgram Pacer para medir el estado físico, la resistencia y el rendimiento de los estudiantes. 

El objetivo de la prueba es mantener un ritmo específico y constante el mayor tiempo posible.

La prueba de marcapasos de Fitnessgram

A medida que los participantes corren de un lado a otro en un espacio de 20 metros, su ritmo aumenta con cada minuto que pasa.

No existe una forma mejor y más divertida de medir la capacidad aeróbica de los estudiantes que esta prueba, que es accesible, simple de administrar y fácil de calificar.

Las letras de la prueba Fitnessgram Pacer se publican a continuación para usted. Échales un vistazo.

Método de prueba Fitnessgram Pacer – SOP

1 – El campo debe estar marcado con conos y cinta adhesiva en ambos lados de un área de 20 metros, ya sea por dentro o por fuera; Asegúrese de que los carriles estén divididos uniformemente.

2 – Asegúrese de que todos los estudiantes sepan cómo tomar la prueba explicando las instrucciones.

3 – Haga que los estudiantes formen parejas. Los socios llevarán la puntuación entre sí.

4 – Reúna al primer grupo en la línea de INICIO con sus compañeros a un lado en algún lugar seguro con un lápiz y papel para realizar un seguimiento o puntuar a su compañero.

5 – Reproduzca el clip de audio en la parte superior del artículo. Tan pronto como se pronuncia la palabra “comenzar”, comienza la prueba y los estudiantes corren el recorrido de 20 metros. Está bien que los estudiantes caminen siempre y cuando lleguen a la meta dentro del límite de tiempo.

6 – Se indica a los estudiantes que recorran el recorrido desde la línea de salida hasta la línea de meta, una distancia de 20 metros, antes de escuchar el pitido. 

7 – Los estudiantes deben darse la vuelta cuando escuchen el sonido y correr hacia el otro lado del curso. Un estudiante que llega a la fila antes de escuchar el pitido debe esperar hasta que escuche el pitido antes de poder pasar al otro lado.  

8 – Después de cada minuto, tres pitidos consecutivos indican un cambio de ritmo. Los estudiantes deben correr hacia el otro extremo cuando escuchen el triple pitido, independientemente de si están en la fila o no, para quedarse con sus compañeros.

9 – Continuarán funcionando hasta que hayan completado toda la prueba o no hayan llegado a la línea deseada antes de escuchar el pitido. Es un fallo cuando los estudiantes no están en la línea de salida o en la línea de meta en el momento del pitido. Cuando los estudiantes han fallado dos veces, su prueba está completa.

10 – Por último, recuerda agradecer y felicitar a tus alumnos por su colaboración y participación. Después de que hayan terminado la prueba, dígales que continúen caminando y estirándose adecuadamente en el área de enfriamiento.

Cuando termina la prueba Pacer

Después de que un estudiante haya fallado dos pitidos, su prueba ha terminado. Tampoco es necesario que sean pitidos perdidos de forma consecutiva. Se considera que los estudiantes que permanecen en el mismo lado del curso de prueba durante toda la duración de los dos pitidos también completaron la prueba.

Prueba de Pacer de Enseñanza: Puntos a Cubrir

  • Es importante recalcar que la prueba Pacer no es una carrera.
  • No importa si hay un solo pitido o tres pitidos, los estudiantes deben darse la vuelta cuando escuchen un pitido.
  • Debe asegurarse de comprender la diferencia entre un solo pitido y un triple pitido.
  • Se debe recordar a los estudiantes que si llegan a la línea antes del pitido, deben esperar.
  • Luego, infórmeles que si no llegan a la línea para cuando suene el segundo pitido, deberán ir al área de enfriamiento.
  • Para que los estudiantes se familiaricen con los sonidos de la prueba Pacer, puede ser beneficioso reproducir el audio completo una vez antes de que participen en la prueba.

The Fitnessgram Pacer Test Letras en Español

La prueba de Pacer de Fitnessgram – Introducción de audio – “La prueba FitnessGram Pacer es una prueba de capacidad aeróbica de varias etapas que se vuelve cada vez más difícil a medida que avanza. La prueba Pacer de 20 metros comenzará en 30 segundos. Alinearse al principio. La velocidad de carrera comienza lentamente pero aumenta cada minuto después de escuchar esta señal. [bip] Debe completarse una sola vuelta cada vez que escuche este sonido. [ding] Recuerda correr en línea recta y correr el mayor tiempo posible. La segunda vez que no complete una vuelta antes del sonido, su prueba habrá terminado. La prueba comenzará con la palabra “comenzar”. En su marca, prepárese, comience.

Letras de The Fitnessgram Pacer Test.

Nivel 1









Final del nivel uno

Nivel 2










Final del nivel dos

Nivel 3

Apostadores altos


Apostadores altos


Apostadores altos




Veinte uno

Apostadores altos


Apostadores altos


Final del nivel tres

Nivel 4

Apostadores altos





Apostadores altos



Apostadores altos


Apostadores altos

Treinta y uno

Treinta y dos

Final del nivel cuatro

Nivel 5

Treinta y tres

Treinta y cuatro

Treinta y cinco

Treinta y seis

Treinta y siete

Treinta y ocho

Treinta y nueve


Cuarenta y uno

Final del nivel cinco

Nivel 6

Cuarenta y dos

Cuarenta y tres

Cuarenta y cuatro

Cuarenta y cinco

Cuarenta y seis

Cuarenta y siete

Cuarenta y ocho

Cuarenta y nueve


Cincuenta y uno

Final del nivel seis

Nivel 7

Cincuenta y dos

Cincuenta y tres

Cincuenta y cuatro

Cincuenta y cinco

Cincuenta y seis

Cincuenta y siete

Cincuenta y ocho

Cincuenta y nueve


Sesenta y uno

Final del nivel siete

Nivel 8

Sesenta y dos

Sesenta y tres

Sesenta y cuatro

Sesenta y cinco

Sesenta y seis

Sesenta y siete

Sesenta y ocho

Sesenta y nueve


Setenta y uno

Setenta y dos

Final del nivel ocho

Nivel 9

Setenta y tres

Setenta y cuatro

Setenta y cinco

Setenta y seis

Setenta y siete

Setenta y ocho

Setenta y nueve


Ochenta y uno

Ochenta y dos

Ochenta y tres

Final del nivel nueve

Nivel 10

Ochenta y cuatro

Ochenta y cinco

Ochenta y seis

Ochenta y siete

Ochenta y ocho

Ochenta y nueve


Noventa y uno

Noventa y dos

Noventa y tres

Noventa y cuatro

Final del nivel diez

Nivel 11

Noventa y cinco

Noventa y seis

Noventa y siete

Noventa y ocho

Noventa y nueve


Ciento uno

Ciento dos

Ciento tres

Ciento cuatro

Ciento cinco

Ciento seis

Final del nivel once

Nivel 12

Ciento siete

Ciento ocho

Ciento nueve

Ciento diez

Ciento once

Ciento doce

Ciento trece

Ciento catorce

Ciento quince

Ciento dieciséis


Ciento dieciocho

Final del nivel doce

Nivel 13

Ciento diecinueve

Ciento veinte

Ciento veintiuno

Ciento veintidós

Ciento veintitrés

Ciento veinticuatro

Ciento veinticinco

Ciento Veintiseis

Ciento veintisiete

Ciento veintiocho

Ciento veintinueve

Ciento treinta

Ciento treinta y uno

Final del nivel trece

Nivel 14

Ciento treinta y dos

Ciento treinta y tres

Ciento treinta y cuatro

Ciento treinta y cinco

Ciento treinta y seis

Ciento treinta y siete

Ciento treinta y ocho

Ciento treinta y nueve

Ciento cuarenta

Ciento cuarenta y uno

Ciento cuarenta y dos

Ciento cuarenta y tres

Ciento cuarenta y cuatro

Final del nivel catorce

Nivel 15

Ciento cuarenta y cinco

Ciento cuarenta y seis

Ciento cuarenta y siete

Ciento cuarenta y ocho

Ciento cuarenta y nueve

Ciento cincuenta

Ciento cincuenta y uno

Ciento cincuenta y dos

Ciento cincuenta y tres

Ciento cincuenta y cuatro

Ciento cincuenta y cinco

Ciento cincuenta y seis

Ciento cincuenta y siete

Final del nivel quince

Nivel 16

Ciento cincuenta y ocho

Ciento cincuenta y nueve

Ciento sesenta

Ciento sesenta y uno

Ciento sesenta y dos

Ciento sesenta y tres

Ciento sesenta y cuatro

Ciento sesenta y cinco

Ciento sesenta y seis

Ciento sesenta y siete

Ciento sesenta y ocho

Ciento sesenta y nueve

Ciento setenta

Ciento setenta y uno

Final del nivel dieciséis

Nivel 17

Ciento setenta y dos

Ciento setenta y tres

Ciento setenta y cuatro

Ciento setenta y cinco

Ciento setenta y seis

Ciento setenta y siete

Ciento setenta y ocho

Ciento setenta y nueve

Ciento ochenta

Ciento ochenta y uno

Ciento ochenta y dos

Ciento ochenta y tres

Ciento ochenta y cuatro

Ciento ochenta y cinco

Final del nivel diecisiete

Nivel 18

Ciento ochenta y seis

Ciento ochenta y siete

Ciento ochenta y ocho

Ciento ochenta y nueve

Ciento noventa

Ciento noventa y uno

Ciento noventa y dos

Ciento noventa y tres

Ciento noventa y cuatro

Ciento noventa y cinco

Ciento noventa y seis

Ciento noventa y siete

Ciento noventa y ocho

Ciento noventa y nueve


Final del nivel dieciocho

Nivel 19

Doscientos uno

Doscientos dos

Doscientos tres

Doscientos cuatro

Doscientos cinco

Doscientos seis

Doscientos siete

Doscientos ocho

Doscientos nueve

Doscientos diez

Doscientos once

Doscientos doce

Doscientos trece

Doscientos catorce

Doscientos quince

Final del nivel diecinueve

Nivel 20

Doscientos dieciséis

Doscientos diecisiete

Doscientos dieciocho

Doscientos diecinueve

Doscientos veinte

Doscientos veintiuno

Doscientos veintidós

Nivel 21

Doscientos treinta y dos

Doscientos treinta y tres

Doscientos treinta y cuatro

Doscientos treinta y cinco

Doscientos treinta y seis

Doscientos treinta y nueve

Doscientos cuarenta

Doscientos cuarenta y uno

Doscientos cuarenta y dos

Doscientos cuarenta y tres

Doscientos cuarenta y cuatro

Doscientos cuarenta y cinco

Doscientos cuarenta y seis

Doscientos cuarenta y siete

Final del nivel veintiuno

Esto concluye la prueba”

Letras de The Fitnessgram Pacer Test

Preguntas Frecuentes Sobre la Prueba Fitnessgram Pacer Test 

¿Qué es la prueba Pacer de FitnessGram?

FitnessGram Pacer Test es una prueba de ejercicio de varias etapas que se vuelve cada vez más difícil a medida que avanza. Los ejercicios comienzan con la línea de salida. El alumno comienza la prueba corriendo despacio antes de aumentar progresivamente su velocidad hasta alcanzar su puntuación máxima de vuelta.

¿Qué es la prueba de marcapasos de 20 metros?

La prueba Pacer de 20 metros tiene como objetivo correr durante un período de tiempo específico mientras se mantiene un ritmo prescrito. A lo largo de un espacio de 20 metros, los estudiantes trotan o corren de un lado a otro a una velocidad que aumenta cada minuto. Se otorgan puntos por cada 20 metros recorridos. Comenzando fácil, se vuelve más y más difícil.

¿Cuántas rondas hay en la prueba FitnessGram Pacer?

La prueba FitnessGram Pacer puede durar hasta 21 rondas.

¿Cuáles son las 5 pruebas del FitnessGram?

Las 5 pruebas de FitnessGram evalúan la composición corporal, la resistencia muscular, la capacidad aeróbica, la fuerza muscular, la flexibilidad y la resistencia muscular como parte de su batería de pruebas de condición física.

¿Cuánto tiempo se tarda en terminar la prueba Pacer?

Para terminar la prueba, los estudiantes deben seguir el ritmo de los pitidos hasta que no puedan hacerlo. Hay un total de 21 niveles en el juego, y completarlos tomaría alrededor de 21 minutos. Los puntajes de los participantes están determinados por la cantidad de ida y vuelta que pudieron completar antes de que no pudieran completar dos rondas con su tiempo predeterminado.

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wapday image - mobile games, mp3s, videos, downloads

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How Many Scoville Heat Units Are Takis?
What Animal Has Two Feet But Can’t Walk? (Jokes and Facts)
Is Your Refrigerator Running? (Joke – w/ comebacks)
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Flaming Hot Cheetos – What’s Their Scoville Rating?
Full Body Resistance Band Workout PDF (w/ pictures)
15 Minute Resistance Band Workout PDF (w/ pictures)
Resistance Band Exercise Chart PDF (w/ pictures)