843 Funny, Insightful and Silly Road Trip Questions!

843 Funny, Insightful and Silly Road Trip Questions!

Car on a road trip with feet hanging out the window

I love a good road trip! My wife and kids and I love getting out on the open road whether we are only going an hour away or traveling for several days. And we have some good conversations in the car. Especially now that our kids are teenagers and always seem to be coming and going places when we are back at home.

We wanted a list of questions we could come back to time and time again, and we kept having to find different websites for new questions. So I went and grabbed some of my favorites and thought of a bunch more and made this huge list of questions so we could just bookmark it on our phones and come back to it time after time. 

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Some of these are deep and others are funny and absurd and some of them are fantastic road trip conversation starters. I hope you enjoy them as much as our family has. Sometimes my wife and I break them out on date night and go through them as a couple.

Try them out during:

  • First dates
  • Family gatherings
  • Getting to know someone
  • Around the campfire, while camping
  • On a flight, bus or other public transportation
  • Game night
  • Messaging on a dating site or dating app
  • Texting your friends or a romantic interest
  • A holiday party
  • A coworker
  • Work parties
  • Dinner with your family or friends

You get the idea. Let’s get on with it.

The best road trip, date night, family, best friends questions

Within 5 minutes, how would you prove to someone that you are human and not an AI?

Among all the luxury items, which one is totally worth its price?

Can you tell me something you really hate paying for?

What do you appreciate?

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Will you tell me a favorite memory of a birthday or Christmas you’ve had?

During your childhood, did you have any embarrassing moments?

Your best meal of all time?

If you could have any car for a road trip across the United States and Canada, what would you choose?

If you could make your house any shape you wanted, and you still need to be able to live in it, what shape would it be?

Would you rather go skydiving or bungee jumping?

Who is the most famous person you have met?

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Where would you like your next trip to be?

What is the worst “buy one, get one free” deal ever?

Will you describe a tasty dish you aren’t able to eat easily?

Which three people have had the most impact on your life?

What famous actor or actress can’t play another character because they have played their best-known role too well?

Where are some of your favorite places in the United States of America?

If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

If you could say one sentence to your younger self, what would it be?

Where would you build your dream home, and what would it look like?

What is the scariest movie you would let your 10-year-old child see?

Are you worried about anything right now?

Do you remember any stories you’ve heard that have always disturbed you?

Are there any products or services that are much more expensive than they need to be?

What plans do you have for your next weekend break?

Is there any animal that, if it could speak, would be terrifying?

Have you ever missed any important appointments or deadlines?

In your opinion, should pineapple be put on pizza?

Where would you like a home to be if someone left you a cottage in the countryside?

When going on a date, what rules are most important to you?

Have you ever witnessed an animal doing something smart?

How many bones do you think are in the human hand?

Is there any movie universe you’d want to live your life in?

Is there any technology that you find creepy?

How would you like your life to look if you were forced to start all over again?

Which game have you ever been most addicted to?

Do you have a problem you’re trying to solve at the moment?

Do you prefer warm weather or cold?

What is the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

If you could own a professional sports team which would it be?

Do you have a road trip playlist for long car rides? What kinds of songs are on it?

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If you had to let someone else create the best road trip playlist for you to listen to on a five-hour car ride, who would you trust to create it?

Would you describe the mission and name of a new activist group you would start?

Do people gather in groups and create labels for each other because they learn to or genetic predisposition? Could this be overcome? How?

Is there something most people do not worry about that they really should?

Are you enjoying using this list of car trip questions?

Before you die, where are the five places you absolutely want to visit?

If you were to be on the local news, what is the most likely reason you would be there?

When was the last time you used Pinterest? What kinds of things have you pinned?

A long time ago it was not uncommon for people’s lives to be similar to their grandparents’ and grandchildren’s. Why do you think it is different these days?

Are you optimistic that AI will eventually lead to computers being more intelligent than humans?

Tell me about a time a fictional work taught you something?

What would you do with 1,000 acres of land that didn’t cost you anything, including taxes, but couldn’t sell?

Where do you normally get your news from?

Can you share any tips or tricks you have picked up from your job?

Is there anything that takes a lot of time but is totally worth it?

If you had to make the perfect burger or sandwich, what would it contain?

When was the last time you visited a beautiful beach?

If you dance, how often do you do it?

Is there a movie worthy heist you would pull if you knew you would get away with it?

Suppose you had the choice of one luxury item you could not sell, which one would you choose?

In a themed hotel, what kind of theme would you choose and what types of rooms would you build?

No matter how ridiculous it sounds, if you could choose one nickname and have people call you by it with complete seriousness, what would it be?

Could you imagine your life if you had to disappear and start over from scratch?

Do you think there’s anything that’s going unnoticed in society because not many people know about it or don’t realize it exists?

How would you describe the area/city/state you live in?

Do you have a favorite story about crazy coworkers?

Despite rarely being taught, what life skills are most valuable?

What are the appropriate times for censorship?

When it comes to couples, do you believe the best ones are more similar or more different? Is “opposites attract” a good foundation for a relationship, or not?

Have you ever heard of Route 66? What do you know about it?

Name some things we should never do every day but occasionally do?

In your opinion, what is the strangest or silliest problem you have currently?

What dance moves would you perform if you were threatened with death unless you impressed them with your moves?

If you could change anything about your company what would it be?

Will you finish the next sentence? “People who have their lives all mapped out…”

Which profession doesn’t get enough respect or credit?

What would you say to your fifteen-year-old self for twenty minutes?

If you could make any animal the size of a horse, what animal would be the coolest?

You ever hit golf balls at a driving range before? Did you enjoy it?

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, what are three things you would grab from your house and take with you? 

Can you tell me your funniest car story?

In society, why is art important?

Is there a trend you’re tired of?

Have you ever been on a deep-sea dive?

Do you feel like you appreciate really great food?

How would you like to spend your retirement?

What would you want to be remembered for if you died today?

What are your criteria for judging someone?

In what game have you experienced the most rage?

Is there something you’ve never done that’s extremely common?

Is there a name that you would never choose for your child?

Which country has the strangest culture?

What color would you choose to survive if all colors had been lost except for one?

On a regular basis, what do you do that gives you the most anxiety?

Suppose you had to participate in gladiatorial combat and could only use weapons that aren’t traditional weapons. What weapon would you use?

How did you become a better person after going through a challenging time in your life?

What is something that everyone, everywhere, should be able to agree upon?

Which song did you sing along to last?

Do you prefer early mornings?

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Which of your favorite foods may seem strange to others?

Have you ever bought anything ridiculous?

If you had to play a televised sport, what sport would you choose to play?

Is there anything that needs modernizing?

What was the last thing you Googled?

Will you tell me about you some best friends you had in your childhood?

How do you like to spend a typical day?

Imagine you could transport an army tank anywhere in history and assign it a mission. Where would you put it?

What system of your body would you control if you had the ability to control one aspect typically controlled by autoregulation?

Which animal would be rudest if it could talk?

Have you ever made a big mistake at work?

Who is the one person you have to make an effort to be nice to?

If you had to pick, would you rather live an exciting life or a boring one?

What is a typical experience for many people, but one you’ve never experienced?

Can you remember the last time something weird happened and everyone acted like it was no big deal, and you weren’t sure if you were crazy or everyone else was?

How does being an adult differ from what you expected it would be as a child?

How often do you use outdated slang?

What spell would you learn first if magic were real?

What advice would you give your parents before they were born if you could go back in time?

Do you know anyone who is particularly creative?

What jobs would animals be well-suited for if all animals gained human-like intelligence and were able to speak?

If you could be the first person to do something, what would that be?

What powers would you have if you were a chicken superhero?

Can you think of anything everyone in your circle of friends agrees on?

Is there a hairstyle that you have had that you regret?

What was the first talent you realized you had?

What are some jobs you would eliminate with robots if you could?

Which jobs don’t exist right now but you would like to exist in the future?

What was the best vacation you ever had?

Have you ever stayed up until dawn? When was the last time you did?

How did you achieve your most recent goal?

Who would you want to narrate your life’s documentary?

Have you ever urinated in a strange place?

If you were planning a huge project, and you had some help, how would you plan it? 

When and where did you last eat your favorite cake?

If you had a favorite boyband, which would it be?

Which athlete do you admire most?

If you won a free car and had to drive it every day, would you rather have a Jeep, a Subaru, or a Ferrari which would it be? How come?

Is human nature good or bad? Why do you feel that way?

What’s currently legal will most likely not be in 25 years?

Do we perceive reality, or are our perceptions just constructs of our minds?

Is reality objective or do we make up our own reality?

What was a life-changing event that took a serious toll on you?

Have you ever borrowed something and not returned it?

How long has it been since you yelled at someone?

What’s the craziest video you’ve seen lately?

If hell played a loop of songs what would they be?

In a society that’s healthy, how important is morality?

Which moral values are most essential for people to possess?

Is there anything that schools should teach that they don’t?

Are there any apps you cannot believe haven’t been created yet?

What would you do if you knew you were going to die in a week?

How weird was the strangest thing you’ve found lying on the ground?

Can you share one insider tip only you have?

In your opinion, what is humanity not focusing on enough?

The fictional character you would hate to meet in real life, but is amazing in their book, show, or movie?

What is the best backhanded compliment you have heard or can think of right now?

Is there a celebrity you consider to be the most humble?

With an unlimited amount of resources, how could you attract the worst of humanity into one stadium simultaneously so you could destroy them?

How do you enjoy spending time outside?

Which has been the largest vehicle you have owned?

Are there any games you enjoy playing?

Which concert do you consider to be the best you’ve seen and why was it so good?

What was the worst or best prank you ever played?

Which are humans better at, creating or destroying?

Which international food is your favorite?

Which of your teachers was your favorite?

Does anything happen today that, 100 years ago, would have been incredibly horrifying?

What three questions would you ask to what historical figure?

What is your preferred writing instrument? Are you a pen or pencil person? Why?

Which catchy jingle or advertising campaign is still on you remember/recite today?

What would you like to dream about if you could control your dreams?

How do you prevent yourself from becoming the person you want to be?

Do you have any favorite documentaries?

How would you make someone behave if you had the power to possess their bodies?

Does going out to dance sound like a fun date night to you? What kind of dancing?

Are there any topics you could spend hours discussing?

Do you think cereal could be considered a soup? How come?

Would you open the envelope containing the date and time of your death if it were given to you?

If you could snap your fingers and be anywhere in the entire world, where would you go right now?

Is there something that’s less relevant now than it was once?

If you could have a two-hour video of any period in history, which two hours would you pick?

Cybernetic enhancements: what parts of your body would you have?

If you could make people scared of fun and interesting things with your superpower, what would they be scared of?

When was the last time you were speechless because something so unbelievable or unexpected happened?

What are your favorite public spaces? 

How can we keep our minds and bodies young?

Do you like deep thinking questions?

Who or what do you consider an honorable person? Is it important to you?

Where is one place you have traveled to that you would like to go back to?

Did you ever find something you wished you hadn’t discovered while snooping?

What are the values you hold dearest?

When’s the last time you used a paper map? Have you ever used one?

Who are your favorite people to hang out with?

Is there anything you could purchase that might make a cashier uncomfortable?

Is there an animal you find the most annoying?

Which well-known individual helps the world the most?

How would you describe your taste in art?

Who have you met and talked with that was most interesting to you?

When people look back 40 years from now, what will they be nostalgic for?

The thing you own that makes you the most frustrated?

What invention would you erase from history if you could go back in time and uninvent it?

What would be the most unsettling sentence your dog or cat would ever say if they spoke one sentence and then stopped speaking?

What is your opinion of how much you rely on your phone? Would you say it is a necessity?

Has anyone ever had a strange name that you met? What is the strangest?

What interesting stories have you been told by the oldest person you ever met?

Would you mind telling me about the most interesting fact you know?

Would you ever buy a convertible? What kind?

Which argument would you win if you could go back and win it again?

In a perfect world, what would you dream about?

What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about money or practicality?

What is the coldest temperature you’ve ever experienced?

What is the worst campout you have ever been on?

Among the recent trends, which is your favorite?

When was the last time you had a bad shopping experience?

What if you completely understood that everything around you was a simulation? Would that change the way you act?

Describe something that has become popular right now, but will be embarrassing in ten years?

Was there a child’s movie scene that left you completely traumatized?

What invention has greatly improved the world, but doesn’t get much love?

Is there a technology around the corner you’re excited to try?

Do you have any talent for drawing?

Is there an unwritten rule at your workplace?

Do you have a movie or television series whose saddest scene you would like to describe?

When was the last time you ever saw someone getting upset over something kind of ridiculous or frivolous? 

What is your favorite app?

When you were growing up, what was something your teachers and parents told you would be very important, but in reality, it hasn’t been?

Why are people drawn to ridiculous conspiracy theories?

If you found the same thing periodically in different places around your house, what would be the most unnerving to find?

How would you describe your perfect breakfast?

How would your perfect planet look if you could design it?

Would social media platforms be more or less popular if people had to post the bad as well as the good things that happened to them?

What are your sources of news?

What is your favorite brand?

Is there something that makes you roll your eyes at every mention of it?

What would you like your body to do when sleeping if you could accomplish simple tasks?

If you could bring any fantasy creature to life, what would it be?

How are you coping with the challenges you face now?

Which species would you kill off if you could snap your fingers and make it extinct?

How can you tell if someone is trustworthy?

How would you spend your time if you weren’t working because you were rich?

When passing a stranger, what would be the creepiest thing to say?

Are you good at fixing things? What types of things?

Describe what your tomb would look like if you were the king of an ancient civilization?

Where was the most comfortable bed you’ve ever been in?

Have you ever owned a pair of shoes that you particularly loved?

If you found out you could never be hurt, what would be the first few things you’d do?

If you were to die today, how would you like it to be?

Have you seen a cool slow-motion video recently?

Have you ever dreamed of trying a strange potato chip flavor you can’t find? What was it?

How would you use the power to know exactly how someone would die, but not alter their fate?

What are the common traits of all your friends?

If you could live in a cartoon world for a week, where would you live?

Do you know any interesting yet useless bit of trivia?

Which videogame would you choose to reside in if you could be an NPC?

Would you consider yourself a techie? Why?

In the event that you could discover the internet history of any person, which would it be?

Is it possible that humans will ever live harmoniously together?

Is there a word that you find fun to say?

Can you tell me about something that everyone does that looks stupid?

Do you have a favorite horrible movie?

Which memory would you like to erase if you could?

Where would you like to live if you could make a living wage anywhere?

On your bucket list is there a dream vacation?

Previously trashy items are now considered stylish?

Have you ever had a particularly memorable vacation?

Would you agree to dance on live television without music for two minutes for $4,000?

What is the first thing people ask you when they learn what you do or where you’re from?

What story do you think your children will ask you to tell them when they’re old?

In the event that you were able to create a medicine that could cure one thing, what’s the one thing you would cure?

What’s something you believed for way too long as a child? (movies, family, songs, grammar, school, business)

Which of your friends reminds you of a character in one of your favorite TV shows or movies?

What strange thing have you seen in someone else’s home?

During the night, when you are in bed and you hear a loud noise, what should you do?

What do you care about that most people don’t?

If you could hop in a time machine where would you travel to?

Would you rather own a new fancy car or an old classic?

Would you rather take on a road trip?

If you were designing your dream house, what would the overall aesthetic be?

Do you remember the first national park you ever went to?

What is the first thing you would do if you were given a million dollars tax-free?

What’s the best thing about road trips? What is the worst thing?

What is your least favorite company?

Which speaking accent sounds the most pleasant to you?

Do you have any funny pickup lines? What’s the best one?

What vehicle would you choose to drive for the night if you could drive anyone for free?

What language would you like to speak if you could be fluent in another one instantly?

When watching a TV show or a movie, what do you find most stressful?

Is there a comedy skit that you have found hilarious?

How do you treat hiccups?

Have you ever heard a really funny name used in real life?

Does the thought of being stranded on a desert island stress you out or excite you?

If your sheets had to be made of deli meat(s), which meat would you pick?

In which area do you perceive yourself as being significantly more skilled than you are?

Is there any question that makes you feel defensive, no matter how innocent it is asked of you?

Are you a theater-goer or a TV-watcher, and why?

What are your favorite sources for home decor ideas? Where do you then buy them?

Which non-horror film is the scariest to you?

Do you have a favorite TV show?

What was your first car like and where did you get it?

How would you describe the best thing you might reasonably expect to find under a bridge?

Do you have a favorite sport to either play or to watch or both?

As long as you had the ability and skill to do so, what would be your favorite sport to play professionally?

Which famous world monument would you choose to see on an all-expenses-paid trip?

Pick a fairytale. What would be different about it if it took place today, including the effects of technology, politics, and social issues?

How many pillows do you sleep with at night? How many are on your bed during the day?

Imagine a situation in which you could communicate to animals but you were unable to understand them. What would you then do with that power?

What true story has inspired you the most?

Is there a possibility of aliens actually existing?

Which of your friends is the most competitive?

What animal or plant would you want to carry your name if you had it renamed in your honor?

Which sense would you choose to lose if you had to?

Is there an animal that would be much cooler if it had scales?

Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle? Ever owned one?

Can you tell me a riddle?

What kind of party would you throw if money wasn’t an issue?

Which movies would you put on your top 10 or 20 list?

Have you ever wanted to go to Australia? Ever been there?

What is a thing that people think makes them look cool, but doesn’t?

What would you choose as your eternal haunt if you could only choose one?

Recently, have you binge-watched any good shows?

Can you tell me what sport is the most boring, and what would you do to make it interesting?

Do you have a favorite place to walk?

Is there a movie, picture, or video that you can watch over and over again and never get tired of?

What was your, or someone you know’s, best method of getting out of a speeding ticket?

Have you ever eaten something horrible because you were being polite?

What’s the movie you enjoy watching most over the holidays?

What is your favorite season, Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?

Do you have any weird food combinations you’ve tried?

Was there a time when something started poorly for you but ended up being great?

Which animal is your favorite?

Is there any product out there that is overrated?

Can you tell me about a time when your tried something you believed would be easy, only to find it difficult?

Do you have any interesting strangers you have met?

During your commute to work, what are you usually doing?

How would you use a small amount of modeling clay if whatever you made was real until you desired it back to clay again?

What name would you submit if the government held a contest to name a new volcano?

Would you be willing to extend your life by 100 years, if you would continue to age?

How much planning and preparation do you do?

In your opinion, will your grandchildren have a better or worse life than yours?

As a superhero/villain, what powers would you choose and how would you name yourself?

Do you have a favorite drink?

Would you ever consider living in Europe for the rest of your life? Why or why not? 

Is there someone you feel like you know even though you have never met them?

What is something a lot of people hope will happen but you don’t think ever will?

What would you teach someone who wanted to be your apprentice?

What is an incredibly cheap item or service you would not think twice about paying more money for?

Which method of transportation would you choose if you could use any, no matter how silly or impractical, to get around town?

If you had the money would you start a space tourism business?

Are there any functions that you wish a smartphone could perform that they don’t currently?

In the United States, if each state was represented by a different food, what would the food of your home state be? Or your home country? (if you are from another country.)

What was your favorite mode of transportation you ever had?

Can you tell me about an assumption you made and how it went horribly wrong?

Have you ever tried something you thought would be amazing only to be disappointed?

What have been your happiest and loneliest moments in the last ten years?

If you were wrongly placed in an insane asylum how would you convince them you shouldn’t be there?

Can you imagine turning into an intelligent person if it meant that you were generally unhappy?

How would you use a superpower to make any food you touched double in size?

What’s your favorite podcast or YouTube channel right now?

What would your pseudonym be if you worked in the entertainment industry?

Do you have any odd or bizarre traditions in your country? (Ones that Other countries don’t get)

If you had a giraffe that you needed to hide, where would you hide it?

What two countries would you choose if you could harmoniously unite them?

What would you be interested in doing if cartoon physics suddenly replaced real physics?

What would hide-and-seek be like if it were an Olympic sport?

How many hours have you spent playing your favorite game?

Imagine your ideal life. What would it look like?

How would you finish this phrase, “When I was a kid, we…”

Every day two new things magically appear in your backyard. They are random, but all start with the same letter. Which letter would you choose?

In your opinion, what food deserves more recognition?

Which is the best sporting event you’ve ever witnessed?

When separated, what two things are horrible, but when combined they’re fantastic?

What movie can you recall the most quotes from?

What’s the scariest creature or character from either a horror movie book?

What if you were permanently surrounded by one aroma (in addition to your natural smell) that followed you everywhere and everyone could smell; what scent would you pick?

Does money bring happiness?

In the event that you had to pack one carry-on suitcase for a move to another country, what would you take in your bag?

Is there a hobby you would really enjoy taking up?

Do you have a favorite restaurant?

What food would you be if you were turned into a food?

Would you hop in a spaceship right now and explore outer space without any training?

Have you ever trusted a brand or company but then you had a negative experience with them?

What superpower would you like to have?

How would you prove that you were from the future if you were transported 1,000 years back in time, naked, and didn’t have anything with you?

When you’re eating out for breakfast what is your favorite thing to order?

How would you design a crest or symbol to look that represented you?

Is there a sound that you find annoying?

How would you rate your work-life balance?

What could be done to make carousels at the fair more exciting?

How is the human race most likely to be exterminated? What can be done to prevent it?

Suppose you suddenly acquired world-class hacking knowledge and capabilities… What would you do first?

If you could introduce one rule to your favorite sport, what would it be?

Have you ever experienced any interesting or annoying neighbors? Tell me a story about them.

If you could be born in any period, what would it be?

Have you ever experienced something weird while working at your job?

Would it be worth it, hearing people’s thoughts, if you couldn’t turn it off?

If you could pick anyone in the world, who would you choose to be your friend?

Would you miss any particular sound the most if you became deaf?

What do you like and dislike about your car?

Have you ever met someone who was especially manipulative?

If a purple heart is awarded for bravery, what could other color hearts mean?

What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

What artists have really touched your soul?

How would you live your life if you left everything behind and followed your dreams?

When you want to get pumped, what music do you listen to?

Who has the worst fan base? (celebrity, band, politician)

Which slang do you regret seeing go out of style?

If you can’t make it, fake it! What’s your best example of doing that?

Would you ever like to climb Mount Everest?

Compared to most people, what is one thing you are better at and one thing you are worse at?

What are your favorite and least favorite brands?

How many times would you be willing to be punched in the face if someone offered you $20k each time?

What has been your most embarrassing fashion choice?

Have you ever been skinny-dipping? What was the experience like?

Which company would you choose to be CEO over if you could choose any company?

Suppose you were forced to perform a dance that had never been performed before or face death. What would you dance?

Do you use movie quotes on a regular basis?

Which animal would be the cutest if it were smaller than a dog?

Right now, what is your most creative insult?

If you were to start your own business, what would it be?

What would you be like as a peasant if you were born in medieval times?

Do you know any funny jokes you can tell me right now?

Will you tell me a story of a picture that you took that you are most proud of?

In what way do you contribute to a better world?

When was the last time you got a bad haircut?

If you could speak any language, what would it be?

Which of your physical feats is most impressive to you?

Has anyone ever done something shady to you?

When was the last time you ate something too spicy?

Do you think of yourself as ambitious? Why?

After a long day, what’s the best way for you to relax?

Will you tell me about a time where you had to escalate very quickly to try to get a problem solved?

Is humanity going to continue to become more technologically advanced or will we eventually fall back to how we used to live thousands of years ago?

Is there a fashion trend that needs to be brought back?

What’s the right way to load the toilet paper on the holder, over or under?

Is there any movie that would benefit from being adapted into a musical?

Suppose you had unlimited LEGOs. What would you build?

Do you prefer the day or the night?

Could you imagine what it would be like to write with a pen that contained magical ink? What would you have it do when it would write?

Which one of your skills did you take the longest to master?

Which is the hardest or worst job you’ve ever had?

Is there any movie that you can watch over and over and never gets old?

What would you do if you could actually have or get extra lives?

What crazy things would you do if you were the dictator of a small country?

Who is your most talented friend?

Would you prefer a live-in butler or maid if you were able to afford them?

What vehicle would you transform into if you were a transformer?

What’s your relationship with your neighbors like?

Do you have any experience repairing things?

Which types of food are you good at cooking or like to cook?

Would you rather have a dog or a cat? Tell me why.

Do you get seasick? Assuming you don’t, what would you name and how would you design your dream boat?

If you were a product developer for a major fast-food chain, what would you create?

Which approach is better about learning or explaining human nature: psychology, philosophy, or biology?

If you were able to create a crazy health trend, what would it be?

Your most memorable concert experience?

Growing up, what type of pets did you have?

What animal(s) would you want to follow if you were the next pied piper?

What has been the most depressing meal you’ve eaten?

What would the world be like if everyone was incapable of lying?

What are your thoughts on clowns?

Can you tell me a story of one of your worst procrastination moments?

Do you have a favorite month?

What is something our society or news/media is blowing out of proportion?

Have you ever farted in the most inappropriate or embarrassing place?

If you could choose another time to be born, when would you be born?

Have you ever eaten anything odd?

The favorite car you have ever owned is?

How would it feel to see all the organs working through translucent skin and muscles on all humans?

When was the last time you felt really excited?

You can remove one inanimate object from existence, what would it be?

What do you love most about road trips?

What do I need to know before going on a road trip with you?

If you had to start a secret society, what would it be?

Suppose you had to create something as an artist and submit it to a gallery. What would you create?

What types of movies do you like to watch? Why?

Which would you choose, become four times bigger or twenty-five times smaller? How come?

When it comes to food, what do you crave most often?

Are there any life goals that you are most passionate about? Are you making any progress toward achieving them?

Which of the following would you like to see grow on trees?

Is there anything from today that you think will last over the years?

We humans, are a successful species because of what aspects of our nature?

In what ways do emotions benefit humankind?

If the government made something illegal that is currently legal, what would it be?

What two completely normal things, if you do them back to back, become kinda weird?

The last time you lied, what was it?

Can you describe the craziest ride you’ve ever experienced at an amusement park?

How can today’s media be improved?

What is the best name you’ve ever heard for a Wi-Fi network?

Where did you grow up? What did you like/dislike about it?

Who is someone that seems to not have a filter between their brain and mouth?

Are there any memories that feel real to you but maybe false?

Which animal is opposite a koala?

What was your last facepalm moment?

We cry when we are exposed to tear gas, and we giggle when we are exposed to laughing gas… What other kinds of gases do you wish existed?

When were you totally out of your element or comfort zone last?

How do you like to watch the Olympics?

Have you ever seen a dark movie?

Do you have a favorite sandwich?

Have you ever read a book that left a lasting impression on you?

Which fictional character holds a special place in your heart?

What would peanut butter be called if it was not peanut butter?

What period of history most interests you?

What show or event would you like to attend if you could get a ticket to it?

In the event that you received a Ph.D., but didn’t gain any more knowledge than you do now, what academic degree would you choose?

What movie scene always gives you goosebumps?

Is there anything peculiar about modern life that we just accept as normal but is kind of weird?

Have you ever gone into a “rabbit hole” that was so deep it seemed impossible to climb out?

Which type of small museum would you create if you had five million dollars to open one?

Which way would you choose to die if you were on death row?

Is there anything that happens on a regular basis that is kind of a miracle?

Where would you want to be born again if you could choose any country, any race, and any gender?

What would your perfect house look like?

What would your perfect neighborhood look like?

Who or what do you recommend to people asking for music recommendations?

When I say the word ”classy,” what comes to your head?

Which charity or charitable cause would you give $10,000 to today?

Who is the most intelligent person you know?

Will you describe how you got one of your scars?

What would you do or where would you go if your employer gave you a gift vacation for three days? 

two weeks?

When was the last time you saw someone severely overreact?

Do you have a favorite game?

What book or movie character would make the worst roommate?

Do you find it better to be completely transparent with people or hold a little bit back to protect them?

How would cheat codes work in life, if it was a video game?

What are you most excited about this year?

Can you describe the perfect city?

What was the best thing that happened to you recently?

What if every piece of wall in your house was covered in giant TVs but you could decide the channels you wanted to watch? What would you turn on each one?

Would you consider yourself good at photography?

If you could talk to one non-living person for five minutes, who would you talk to you and why?

Do you have any predictions about the near future?

Are there any smells that you really enjoy that other people might think are a little odd?

Do you have a favorite online activity to waste time?

Do you have a favorite app on your phone that you like to use to waste time?

Have you ever been geocaching before? What was it like?

If given the chance, would you fly in a zeppelin?

If you were to design the world’s most amazing obstacle course, what would be in it?

Is it possible for humankind to work together to accomplish a goal?

What kind of goal would it be? 

Why are we not doing that?

Are you ever afraid you’re going to live a boring life?

Is an animal able to feel emotion? 

Is it the same as feeling emotions in humans? 

What makes them behave as they do?

What is your dream job?

The most annoying thing you have to pay for?

What does the internet look like in one sentence?

Is there someone in your life who uses technology the worst?

What would you do to a room in your house if you could decorate it any way you liked?

Which superpowers would have some downsides?

Do you like to do any physical activities?

Until you found out you were wrong, what were you completely certain of? 

How did you come to learn you were wrong about it?

Do you remember the last time you slept longer than nine hours?

The money from your very first job, how did you spend it?

Have you ever met someone in a strange way?

Would your friends say you are an animated person?

What would people do with androids if they existed?

If you could make something you do strange socially acceptable, what would you do?

What would your identity and name be if you were a WWE wrestler?

Are there any things that make you feel old when you think about them?

Can you predict a big event that most people won’t be expecting soon?

Are you aware of anything you do routinely that’s kind of weird?

If you could save a million lives by giving up your own today, would you?

Do you think these are fun road trip questions?

When you were a kid, what was the most embarrassing story?

Who would you choose as a ghost if you had to be haunted by a ghost for the rest of your life?

What time of day are you the most productive? Could you, over time, adjust to a new schedule and get used to it?

Do you love to eat great food?

What would be a funny thing people could say after someone sneezes, instead of “Bless you?”

Is there a building you’ve seen or been in that is particularly interesting?

When it comes to consuming a good cup of coffee, where is the best place?

In your daily life, what red flags should you watch out for?

Would it be a good thing if everyone spoke everything they thought?

How has irony manifested itself in your life?

What role should the government play in making moral laws?

If you were able to choose how you would die, how would you like to go? What is one way you wouldn’t want to go?

Are you content with how you are now or would you rather be extremely witty and outgoing or intelligent and quiet?

Have you ever had a weird crush?

What type of government would you live under, if you could choose any?

Where do you see your life going?

What effect do you think names have on people’s lives?

When have you laughed the most at something inappropriate?

If you had the power to make school more fun while still being effective at helping students learn, what would you do differently?

Do you have a problem that might be completely unique to you?

Describe the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

Could you please suggest a tagline for each month in the calendar year?

Will you suggest some click-bait titles for some popular movies?

No matter how long passes, what’s something that will always be fashionable?

What kind of charity would you start if you were able?

Would you prefer to cease to exist when you die or roam the earth forever, never being able to interact with anyone?

If zeppelins had become the predominant form of air travel, how would the world be different today?

Which reality TV show would you like to see on TV if it was guaranteed to air?

Is there anything you are most thankful for today?

During your day-to-day life, what takes up most of your time?

Which member of your family has the best sense of humor?

What three stats would like to show up if a HUD displayed those stats of every person you looked at?

Do you have a dream amusement park, one you would create if you could create any park and it would be successful?

Do you know of any creative ways people have used emojis?

What is the most unusual place you’ve been?

If you were driving your dream car right now, what would it be?

If you could insert only one word in any historical document, what would it be and where would it be placed?

Which food combination is your favorite?

What fashion trends would you wear if you were a fashion icon? 

Have you overheard a crazy conversation?

Something that sounds right but is wrong?

How would you feel if you had the option of feeling zero pain forever?

Is human survival dependent on emotions? How come?

Do you have a good luck charm?

In what ways do you strive to improve yourself?

Without any preparation, what topic could you present for 15 minutes?

What is your comfort level when speaking to large groups? How about small ones?

What would you call any three animals if you could rename them?

Do you have any recommendations for how to achieve the best naps?

What is something you are horribly bad at?

Would you like to learn a particular skill or talent?

How many jokes do you know by heart?

What would not change if you won the lottery?

Which inanimate objects that play loud music while being used are the most annoying?

Is there any website or app you wish existed, but it doesn’t?

Would you like to be permanently invisible?

Which is the stupidest thing you’ve persuaded someone of?

Are there any gross foods that you just can’t stop eating?

If every person’s thoughts were displayed above their heads, would you want to live in that world?

When people used to be buried with items that they needed in the afterlife, what would you like to be buried with so you could use it after death?

Can you think of an outdoor activity you haven’t tried yet but would like to?

If any animal were changed to the size of a chihuahua, what would be the cutest?

Have you ever had an unusual guest at your home?

Which of your family members or friends has the best or worst luck?

At the moment, what’s your favorite thing in your life?

The last time you took a photo, what was it?

Do you remember any good long-term inside jokes you’ve been a part of?

In your opinion, what mythical creature would have the most positive effect on the world if it existed?

Is there a film that you never get tired of watching?

How would you use your tail if you were to get one? What type of tail would you like?

You would like to be able to do something the opposite sex does, but it’s either not anatomically possible or it’s socially frowned upon?

Which of your friends or family members is living life to the fullest?

If you knew you could not ever return to earth, would you join a colony on another planet?

What is your favorite household chore?

If there were a zombie apocalypse, how would you prepare and survive?

If you could merge two games together and make a new one, what games would you choose and what would be the result?

You can change the sounds your body makes (like sneezing, burping, yawning or farting). What new sound effects would you create for them? 

If you could snap your fingers and travel to any point in history? Where would you go?

Was there ever a time that you acted nonchalantly whilst inside you were freaking out?

Would you have any regrets about your life if you died today?

How do you really see yourself? Are you really who you seem to the rest of the world, or do you feel like you wear a “mask” to project a version of you to the rest of the world? Tell me more?

Is one life more valuable than another?

How old is your ideal age?

Which of the islands you’ve visited is your favorite?

What has been your longest trip?

Do you have a story about someone you used to admire, but they failed you and you lost faith in them?

Have you ever been on a really big adventure?

Was there something you ate so much of now you don’t like it?

Have you ever eavesdropped on a conversation that you wish you hadn’t?

If your friends and family were told you were arrested, what would their first guess be as to why you were?

What’s one thing you want me to know about you?

Which would you prefer: spending time with others or spending time alone?

Which animal would you choose if you could give any animal wings?

What is a favorite childhood memory?

What is the best way to hang toilet paper, over or under?

Are there foods that you enjoy that get ruined when wrapped in a tortilla?

Is there anything that always makes you feel good when you think about it?

 If you could make something illegal, what would it be?

If you actually lived in a virtual world you created, what would it be like?

What do you find most confusing about the opposite sex?

What is an example of a sexy name and a name that is not sexy?

Are there any aspects of becoming an adult that surprised you?

In order to receive 5 million dollars, would you press a button that killed 5 people that you didn’t know somewhere in the world? Would it matter if the button killed only one person? What if the people were people you knew?

What one secret or mystery would you like to find out the truth behind?

Do you have any weird food you really enjoy? What about any specific combinations of food?

Have you ever been to a haunted house? How did you know it was haunted?

Which animal on this planet is the most ridiculous?

Do you have any customers or coworkers with funny nicknames?

Do you have a favorite restaurant or store that is unique?

Which part of your body would you most like to be able to detach and reattach?

Is there a movie that has scared you the most or that you found the most unsettling?

What false memory would you implant in the minds of everyone if you could?

Is there a best-case scenario for the world’s development in the next 30 years? How can we get there?

What’s on the menu at an epic feast in your honor?

What travel advice would you give to a parent?

What theme park would you like to go to today if the weather was perfect and the price wasn’t an issue?

If you had to pick, beach or mountains?

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

What actor would play you in a movie about your life?

How much would you be willing to sacrifice to know your future?

Is there any advice you’ve ever received that you wish you had never heard?

In your opinion, what laws would change if you could make one thing illegal and one thing legal?

Can we colonize other planets? Would this be beneficial to humanity?

What was the worst fast food item you’ve eaten?

What would be the most annoying animal if animals could talk?

Without the constraints of money or skills, what kind of TV series or movie would you create?

Have you ever witnessed someone doing something courageous?

Would you like to know more about a certain sport?

What kind of restaurant would you want to own?

If humans laid eggs instead of giving birth, how would the world change?

Which three meals would you choose if every day all your breakfasts were the same and all your lunches and dinners were too?

Are people only responsible for helping themselves or should they help others?

What is your favorite and least favorite aspect of your country or state?

What positions would you want your hands to be frozen in if they were both stuck in those positions for the rest of your life?

If you could abolish any law, what would it be? If you could create any law, what would it be?

What has been your most creative moment?

In what movie has a great character been squandered because the actor they cast didn’t fit the role?

What changes would occur if all citizens, regardless of age, were allowed to vote?

Which holiday would you create if you had the chance, and what traditions would you include in it?

What is one of your silliest talents?

Did you ever do something funny while you were daydreaming?

What is the best trip you’ve ever been on?

What’s a word you always misspell? 

What’s one you always mispronounce?

Should people earn their happiness or is it a right?

What country do you think you would be happiest living in? Why?

If you could start a secret society, what would it be and what would it do?

What’sSomething you have done that you would go back and change if you could?  Free free

What do you hope will be the next big technological breakthrough?

Is there a plant or animal that you would like to rename?

From your parents, did you inherit any weird quirks?

What is the meaning of human life?

Do you have a mythical creature that you wish actually existed?

Do you have a favorite napping spot?

What non-edible thing would you make edible for humans if you could?

Will you tell me about the clumsiest thing you ever did?

What will you be like/act like when you are older?

What is one thing you’ve always wanted to do but fear you won’t be able to do before you die?

Have you ever witnessed an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon?

What is a silly fact you know?

Can human nature be molded by culture or is it constant? How much can culture or society affect human nature?

Do you have a favorite snack?

What is the worst name you’ve heard for a business or company?

Is there a social stigma that society needs to get over?

Is there anything you buy a lot more than most people?

Despite vast differences in culture, is it possible to live peacefully together? In what way?

Is there any sport you find the most boring or exciting to watch?

What makes a great party?

Where would you visit in the world if you could travel anywhere?

In your opinion, what would be the worst food to blend and drink through a straw?

If you could commit a crime and not be convicted of it, what would it be?

Which project or goal would you like to see every country in the world work on together?

In two words, how would you describe the human species as a whole?

What is the most exciting or intriguing material for a house floor?

If your five-year-old self suddenly inhabited your body today, what would they do?

What is your dumbest or most dangerous adventure?

When a car is replaced with new parts, does it cease to be the same car you bought? How come? 

Is there an English word that sounds the most disgusting?

If you were suddenly able to cure people of cancer with just a teaspoon of your tears, what would you do tomorrow?

What gets you up in the morning? What do you live for?

What’s the difference between cereal and soup? Are you sure?

If money and ethics weren’t an issue, what crazy scientific experiment would you run?

Will you tell me a story about you or someone you know being sneaky and failing in an epic way?

When you think of a great day, what does that look like?

Do you have any paper maps? What are they of?

Would there ever be a scientific discovery that would completely change the face of humanity?

Which emotion has the greatest benefits? How about the most destructive?

Are there any times you have regretted something you said immediately after saying it?

What misconceptions do people have about one of your hobbies?

Will you name some actors or actresses that play the same character in almost every one of their movies or shows?

Is there a line from a book or movie that you especially love?

Was there a movie that scared you the most?

What computer would you hack if you had the skills to?

How would you redesign your country’s flag if you were asked to?

If you suddenly had the chance to be on the top tier of a professional sport, what sport would you choose and why?

What is the difference between a hotdog and a sandwich?

Even after all these years, What’s an experience you had that still makes you cringe?

What does your rebellious side oppose?

If you ran your favorite smartphone company, what smartphone feature would you be excited to have them work on and implement in the next version of that phone?

Which aspects of yourself would you increase, and which would you decrease if you could level up one aspect while decreasing another by the same amount?

Have you ever known someone with a funny real name?

Is there a smell you don’t like that others in your life don’t seem to mind?

Can you tell me about the strangest smell you have ever experienced?

Is your job subject to any common misconceptions?

Which names would you come up with if you had the charge of renaming some things so that they would be more accurate?

If you could ask Someone from 100 years in the future what questions would you ask?

Can you describe the type of beverage you would sell, how you would differentiate it, and what would you call it?

What Netflix series did you most recently binge watch?

Was there one toy you hated as a child?

What would be the most difficult habit or vice for you to give up?

Which piece of technology do you still use regularly that’s outdated?

Which new word would you put into the dictionary, and what would it mean?

Have you ever had a funny or horrible experience with a dentist?

Is there anything you wish existed right now from a sci-fi book, show or movie?

Is it ever justified to take someone’s life? When is it justified? 

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

If the moon was made of cheese, how would we see space differently?

What cartoon character would be way more terrifying if they lived in the real world?

Which habit would you go back in time and convince yourself to start sooner than you did if you had the ability to time travel?

What is the most noble thing a person can devote their life to?

Do you have a favorite movie scene?

What parts would you add to or take away if you had the chance to redesign the human species?

Which machine do you have to deal with regularly that you find annoying?

Are governments responsible for protecting people from harming themselves?

Have you ever stayed in the most charming hotel or house during your vacation?

What is something that most people know very little about, but have very strong opinions about?

As you are about to undergo heart surgery, what would be the worst thing to hear?

Is there someone you would like to get back in touch with?

Is there anything that makes you uncomfortable on a regular basis?

What would you get tattooed over your entire body if you were legally required to have a full-body tattoo? Is there a practical joke you’ve played on someone or one you’ve been the victim of that you thought was pretty funny? Is there one you can think of that went horribly wrong? 

Are you willing to be on the Army’s first-to-call list, to be the first human to interact with aliens if they show up on Earth one day? 

Keeping a society functioning well depends on what factors? When a society is functioning well what does this mean to you?

Will you tell me a story of a time you told someone “I told you so.”?

Could countries settle their differences in a fun and interesting way instead of war? What are some examples of things they could try?

Have you ever attended a really great event?

Is it possible to kill a hippo with an infinite supply of hamsters?

Would you indulge in any weird eccentricities if you were obscenely wealthy?

If there were clones of you all over the world, how would you feel?

Do you have a favorite food?

If you could swap the sounds of two animals, which two would you choose?

When you were growing up, what was your favorite television show? Did you like others as well?

If you had to put together an outfit from clothes you own to get laughs, what would you choose?

Have you ever witnessed a kid doing something hilarious?

Are there any foods you have never tasted but would really like to?

Would you rather live with your spirit animal forever or have to play your favorite sport every day for the rest of your life?

What updates or patches does the universe need if it is just a simulation?

Is it okay to buy and sell organs, like kidneys?

Do you have any “old person’s” habits?

Could you tell me which animal you think is the most majestic?

Which pop culture elements will you always associate with your childhood?

How did you celebrate the holidays growing up?

Do you have any tips that help you to get to sleep when you aren’t able to do so easily?

What’s something that is about to get a whole lot better?

What is the single best purchase you have ever made?

What would you do with the extra money if tomorrow you made an extra $100,000 a year?

Can you think of an unethical experiment that would be the most beneficial to society?

What act or attraction would you be if you had to join the circus?

What three words describe your last romantic relationship?

Is there anything the average movie theater could do to make the experience better for their patrons?

Do you have anything that you recently realized you didn’t realize earlier that you are embarrassed about?

In the event that you were approached by someone and asked, “Hey, do that one thing again!”, what would they be referring to?

Imagine having your own intergalactic spaceship about the size of a house. What would you do with it?

Where’s the most extraordinary place you’ve been?

Did you have a favorite teacher growing up?

In the event that you discovered irrefutable evidence that God does not exist, what would you do? And what if there was all of a sudden bulletproof evidence God does exist?

Which show would you choose to bring back from among all the canceled TV shows?

If you could eat any animal that you haven’t already eaten, which would you choose?

What would your lifestyle look like if you didn’t have to worry about money? Which country would you choose to live in? What would you do?

If you could swap places with a TV show character for a week, who would it be?

Will you name one embarrassing thing that you’ve done in the past that you would do again right now to get out of having to answer any more of these deep road trip questions?

When food has expired but still smells and looks good, are you willing to eat it? 

Are there foods you won’t touch after they expire?

Are you interested in learning more about any particular culture?

What disaster would you choose if you had to suffer through a major natural disaster?

The best beach you’ve ever been to?

To die well, what does that mean?

Do you like random road trip questions?

What was your most interesting / craziest teacher?

Which of the social media platforms do you use the most, and Which irritates you the most?

What’s one thing that became so popular that it was ruined?

What’s one common thing you do that you frequently need help with? 

Are there certain songs that when you hear them you feel a wave of emotion or feel nostalgic in some way?

If you could create and bring to life one new creature, what would it be?

Is there anything weird you have nostalgia for?

What is the grossest bug story that you have?

What are your geeky interests?

Have you ever received a weird text or email?

When was the first time you were hit on by someone of your same gender?

How many strangers would you need to save for you to sacrifice your own life? And what if they were friends? Your loved ones?

If you took all your hopes and dreams and stuffed them inside a box, what would that box look like?

Would you take a weekend job for 45k a year to chase birds away from fields?

Is becoming a Jedi still an option for you if you really could but it meant you were forced to give up everything and never have a romantic relationship?

What is the importance of press freedom to a healthy society?

Can you share a horror story from a job you’ve held?

Is there a small change that greatly improves the appearance of a person?

What is one modern trend that you really cannot get on board with? 

Have you ever been to the west coast of Africa? Would you like to someday? Why?

Would you want to know the truth behind every conspiracy if you could know it if knowing came with a condition… that if you told anyone anything about them, you would be instantly killed?

What is the most inappropriate movie you could make if you switched two movie characters?

In your lifetime, what has been the most historic event?

Which animal do you think you would be if you were reincarnated based on your personality?

What has been your most painful experience? (physical or emotional)

Do you know any useless facts?

If you could go back in time, what would you like to go learn more about?

What specific fashion trend makes you laugh every time you see it?

What element would you choose if you could control one – water, earth, air, or fire?

Is there anything you’re secretly good at?

Among the current trends, which do you think will last the longest?

Which song has the dumbest lyrics?

Which song has lyrics that you’ve never been able to quite figure out but you sing them as though you’re 100% certain?

Who are a few people you call by nicknames?

Have you ever argued with someone about something stupid?

It’s now possible for citizens to govern themselves directly with the advent of the internet, big data, and crowd-sourcing. Would it be better for the masses to direct their own governance or would it be better left to professional politicians?

Suppose 9/11 had not occurred? What would be different?

Have you ever broken anything expensive?

Could you slowly drive a roommate insane with notes alone if you deliberately left them around the house? What kind of notes would you leave, and where would you leave them?

Describe some of the rules that would be contained in a modern-day book of commandments.

Where would you take tourists to see what it’s really like where you live if you were hired to show them? 

At the moment, what do you find most inspiring around the world? Where do you find the most tragedy?

What would you want in your zoo enclosure if aliens took over and placed humans in zoos?

How can countries resolve disputes besides war and diplomacy?

Have you ever uploaded anything to Tumblr? What was it?

In what ways have you been able to succeed due to your strengths?

If you have any faults, how have they hindered your success?

Where do you feel unwelcome?

English has many funny words, but which one is the funniest?

Who would you like to swap bodies with for 24 hours?

Which casino game is your favorite?

Which of your possessions is the oldest?

Have you ever seen someone resign or be fired in an epic way?

What’s your favorite wedding memory?

You have to type one text message and, which is no more than 160 characters, and is sent to everybody’s phone in the whole world in their native language. What is the message you would send?

Use these fun questions for traveling to get to know fellow travelers on your next road trip!

As you can see, these are questions anyone can answer. 

Everyone can answer them and enjoy learning about each other or just have a good time. 

Whether you’ve just met or are family, these questions will not only entertain you but facilitate your getting to know each other much better as well. It could become a new favorite family tradition, asking fun road trip questions around the dinner table. They are at least good conversation starters too.

TIP – If you want to make each question go even further, try answering each one with both a funny response and then a serious one. 

You will be surprised at how much fun you can have and how much you will better know your travel mates! 

26 Of The Most Popular Travel Destinations For Americans (and loads of things to do!)

Other cultures travel much more outside their own countries than Americans do, but that is changing. While just 4% of Americans owned a passport 30 years ago, as of 2020 it was over 44%.

Whether it’s a week in Australia, a cruise ship through the Caribbean, or a tour of France and Italy, Americans are getting out more now than ever before.

There are a few different reasons for this, not the least of which has been the extreme popularity of social media and its bringing visibility to remote locations around the globe.

If you are looking for some great ideas for your next trip, here are 30 of the most traveled to destinations by Americans.

You should check them out before your next trip! Either hit the table of contents below and find a place or two that interests you or skim through the whole guide. You might find a new place you hadn’t even thought of before.

I’ve also included links to other sites and videos that will help you find other places in those locations. I’m just trying to help you make the most of your next travel adventure!


Mexico is a great place to go for the world’s best beaches. If you want cheap drinks, there are plenty of places throughout the country to go. If you want a different experience, there are cultural centers around Mexico that you should check out.

There are more than 180 archaeological sites in Mexico that the public has access to. There are even more remote sites where the culture is less touristy than other places in the country as well, so you have lots of options that are either more touristy and easier to access or more remote and authentic.

It is easy to get around the more popular parts of the country and there are loads of airports and cruise options available as well.

Mexico is a beautiful country that gives people wonderful opportunities to explore. The culture is rich and the music and people even richer!

Mexico City is a place that you should visit if you want to see the bustling life of Mexico with impressive landmarks and a rich history.

If you’re looking for some adventure, then head to Cabo San Lucas, where you can sunbathe on the beach and relax at the many resorts.

If you’re looking to get away from it all, take a trip to Chichen Itza in Yucatan Peninsula. There are many pyramids and ceremonial buildings here which have had their innermost secrets revealed thanks to extensive archaeological work.

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Canada is a large country that is situated in North America. This country borders the United States, and parts of it also border Russia and the Pacific Ocean. Canada is made up of 10 provinces and three territories. The national languages of Canada include English and French. Canada is also right after Saudi Arabia in how much oil it produces.

Canada is a popular travel destination for many reasons! It has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, especially in the Canadian Rockies.

Canada is a very safe place to visit with very little crime and the people are so friendly. Canadians are known for being polite and nice! The country also has many museums, historical sites, national parks, and other cultural attractions.

Canada is a country that offers so much to do every season! Canada has plenty of beautiful summer festivals like the Calgary Stampede and Edmonton Folk Music Festival. Canadians also love spending time outdoors in their great summer weather.

And visitors love to escape the warm temperatures they experience back at home that time of year.

And in the winter, Canada offers some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world. There are many places to ski in Canada starting with Whistler, Banff, Mont Tremblant, Fernie and Lake Louise, to name a few!

Lastly, the Canadian Rockies are one of the most popular destinations to visit in Canada. The Rocky Mountains are a mountain range that is located closer to the west of Canada. The mountains are also on either side of British Columbia, but it is most well known for its peaks that can be seen from Alberta and is over 1,500 kilometers long. You will need a minimum of 2-3 days to really see the Rockies and experience all they have to offer.

Banff National Park in Alberta is another great destination to visit during your time in Canada. Banff National Park has one of the largest icefields in North America with many beautiful lakes. It also has a lot of wildlife including black bears, deer, wolves, elk, and caribou, and ground squirrels that can be seen all over the park.

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The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a popular travel destination for Americans because it combines European culture and is where many Americans can trace their ancestry. There are plenty of excellent restaurants and pubs, as well as other familiar amenities. The UK has great vacation destinations all over with some of its most popular being Wales, Scotland, Yorkshire, and Devon.

The UK or the United Kingdom includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

There are lots of music tours if you’re looking to catch your favorite band in concert or get an up-close and personal look at what was behind some of your favorite songs. The Beatles anyone?

If you’re looking for a more secluded destination, the UK has some great ones as well. The Isle of Lewis in Scotland is surrounded by water and offers stunning views.

If you enjoy sports, the UK also has several popular teams like Manchester United. It may be worth taking a trip to catch an important game with thousands of other fans!

Another place worth checking out in the UK is Wales which has plenty of attractions for visitors, as well as beautiful scenery.

Like always, it depends on what you’re looking for when you visit. One of the more famous destinations would be London. It’s full of culture and there are typically plenty of activities to do in Central London like going to the theater or visiting the national museum.

However, if you’re looking for more of an outdoor experience, I would recommend visiting Wales or Scotland. Both are absolutely stunning and offer some activities that the average traveler wouldn’t find in London.

I find that one of the more interesting regions is Wales. It has a lot of attractions and gorgeous scenery which make it perfect for the traveler with an adventurous spirit!

The UK is one of the most common travel destinations for Americans because it offers a variety of different vacation locations within its borders.

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Costa Rica

There are several reasons why Costa Rica is such a popular destination. For one, the country offers tons of outdoor adventure options like zip-lining and surfing. There’s also an active volcano with the opportunity to explore old lava tubes and walk on still-hot lava among other things.

The wildlife in Costa Rica, especially its variety of birds, is really incredible. The most famous species of bird is the Quetzal and there’s even an airport named after these beautiful creatures.

Another attraction to the country of Costa Rica is its beaches! Though they are not the most pristine, they offer a lot of fun activities like dolphin and whale-watching tours, surfing, and more.

Visitors can enjoy some amazing sunsets at Playa Grande or watch as huge waves crash onto the shore at Playa Hermosa.

Here are three additional popular places to visit in Costa Rica

La Fortuna – This city is home to one of Costa Rica’s most famous active volcanoes that also happens to be within the rainforest. There are lots of outdoor adventures like zip-lining and hiking available for tourists as well as natural hot springs that can be visited.

Puriscal – This town is popular for its sandy beaches that are perfect for surfing or relaxing along the shore. The town has a good amount of shopping options as well as other activities like horseback riding and bird-watching.

Monteverde – This is a mountainous area where there is plenty to do outdoors including hiking, wildlife tours, zip-line tours, and canopy tours. There are plenty of coffee plantations with hiking tours that offer a lesson on how the beans are harvested and prepared.

The weather is great there, outside of hurricane season, and there are tons of outdoor activities to choose from and lots of wildlife to observe. The sunsets are also really nice and the beaches are perfect for a walk with your significant other!

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The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a popular destination for tourism and American tourists because it does not have extreme seasons. The country also has beautiful beaches, delicious food, and crystal clear water.

Last year I went to The Bahamas. The islands have a tropical climate which is perfect for vacationing. I also got to go snorkeling with some dolphins, which were both exciting and fascinating to observe beneath the water. The food there is also really good, so I recommend going to find local restaurants away from your report a few times during your stay.

The Bahamas contains hundreds of islands and cays, the largest being New Providence where Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas, is located. Many of these islands are inhabited or have been rehabilitated for agriculture, mining and timber production as well as tourism development. Tourism dominates The Bahamas’ economy, generating more than 60% of the GDP.

If you are looking for a quick getaway, The Bahamas is your spot. It’s beautiful, safe, and the perfect place to relax.

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Japan has something for everyone, from sushi to tea ceremonies in ancient temples to hiking trails in the mountains.

The culture in Japan is based on consideration for others and politeness. They have a reputation for being very kind and generous to foreigners.

Japan has a lot of delicious food, from noodles to sushi to ice cream, and lots of restaurants serving food from all over the world. The traditional tea ceremony combines tea steeped in a lot of ceremony and ritual.

The architecture is modern and beautiful, with lots of high-rises but also some old houses along narrow streets in traditional neighborhoods. The government is thinking about building a really high-tech floating city.

If you visit in the springtime everywhere you go, there are pink or purple flowers! But Japan also has lots of other plants and trees as well, and parks with walking trails… a lot of walking trails.

Japan has a lot of attractive places to visit. Below are just three to get you started:

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, and it’s famous as a symbol of the country. From the top, you can see as far as Tokyo or into the Inland Sea!

Kyoto has been called “the most beautiful city in the world” and is known for its gardens, temples and shrines.

Tokyo is one of the world’s largest cities and is a fascinating place to explore – from traditional sights like Asakusa to modern attractions like Shinjuku, Roppongi Hills or even Odaiba!

It’s a big city that feels like several smaller cities all rolled into one – every neighborhood has its own character and stores selling food from that area. It can be overwhelming to visit for the first time if you aren’t used to big cities because there’s so much going on. It’s a fascinating place.

Tokyo Tower stands 333 meters tall and has an observation deck that you can visit if you want to get the best view of the city.

And speaking of views, why not travel by shinkansen (bullet train) between cities? It will give you great opportunities to take pictures of Japan’s beautiful countryside too.

Japan is home to some of the most famous sites in the world. You can visit the Lake Ashi area, which was featured in The World of Suzie Wong, enjoy sakura (cherry blossoms) in April and May at Yoshinoyama Park, see geishas (geisha) strolling through Gion district, or eat tatami ochazuke (porridge with tea poured over the top). Takayama is also well-known for its beef cattle.

Japan’s cuisine is also among the most sophisticated and varied on earth. You can have sushi rolls made from raw fish or tempura-coated vegetables. For a dessert, you could try mitarashi dango, which are little balls of rice flour served on skewers with a sweet soy sauce.

Many famous buildings are found in Japan, like Tokyo’s modern housing district of Odaiba or Hiroshima’s Hiroshima Peace Memorial. Osaka Castle is another famous place to visit; it was built in 1583!

Japan may be expensive but its attractions are worth your time and money, so plan now for an adventure abroad!

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Ireland has a lot to offer tourists and people who just want to visit. For one, Ireland is home to some of the best scenery you’ll ever see.

The west coast is also very scenic and features some of the wildest ocean landscapes in all of Europe.

There are also plenty of outdoor activities that can be done, which will allow you to take in the natural beauty of Ireland.

And, the people are fantastic! They’re quite friendly over there and will go out of their way to make sure you have a great time. They are very welcoming and friendly to visitors, which makes for an enjoyable experience.

One of the best places in Ireland to take in the scenery is from atop Mount Brandon. The mountain has been there for centuries and offers breathtaking views of the coastline from over seven hundred feet above sea level. One can also drive along the scenic Causeway Coastal Route that stretches across Northern Ireland connecting Belfast to Derry-Londonderry.

Another top attraction in Ireland is the Ring of Kerry, a loop along the Iveragh Peninsula which features beaches and coastal views as well as ring fortresses from long ago. The country also has excellent museums such as the National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology, dedicated to exploring Irish history through artifacts and displays featuring exhibits of massive bones, giant elk antlers, and an iron age bog-body known as the Cashel Man.

Belfast is a unique city in Northern Ireland. It has a rich history steeped in tradition and is home to many beautiful areas for visitors to enjoy. The west coast of the isle contains stunning views of County Antrim, while the east side is home to lovely lakes and parks. For anyone interested in science or art, the Ulster Museum has a myriad of exhibits for viewing, including an Egyptian mummy exhibit featuring Takabuti.

Takabuti was between twenty and thirty years old. During the time of the Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egypt, she was married and was living in Thebes. At the Ulster Museum in Belfast, you can see her mummified body.

Ireland is a beautiful country with a fascinating culture. There are many things to do and see, which make it a wonderful place for a vacation. Ireland has a lot of ancient castles, museums, and churches for visitors to explore. It’s possible to hike around the landscape or visit an old stone fortification overlooking the water. There are also beautiful lakes and wonderful pubs where people can enjoy traditional Irish food and drink.

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The Philippines

The Philippines is such a popular destination for many travelers because it has such a diverse range of attractions. It also provides easy access to both the beach and the mountains.

There are lots of reasons It is a great place to spend a little time there on your next vacation!

There are so many beautiful islands- from Palawan to Bohol to Boracay or Luzon. The Philippines also offers an incredible array of wildlife- did you know there are over 300 species of birds in the country? There are even many types of monkeys!

It’s so affordable. You can get really good deals on flights, accommodation, and food. The best thing about staying in the Philippines is that you don’t have to spend too much money!!

It’s very safe compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. You can enjoy your break without fear!

The country’s cuisine is known for its distinctive taste and flavor combinations as well as its rich history of adaptation from other cultures’ styles.

It has something for every kind of traveler regardless of your travel style! There is a great mixture of expensive international resorts and hotels, cheap local inns and restaurants that cater to backpackers on shoestring budgets or long-term travelers on a budget.

In The Philippines, I know that there are a lot of interesting places to visit. There is the Siquijor island which is popular for its black magic and witchcraft. Don’t worry though, because it’s also an island with nice beaches and other great attractions like scuba diving and snorkeling!

If you want to check out some white sand beaches, you should look at Palawan – it has a lot of great things to do too like kayaking, zip-lining and beach sports like water polo.

Cebu City is a popular tourist destination with its white sand beaches and unique culture.

Baguio City, which has pine trees and cool weather, was the summer capital of the country for almost 50 years.

Coron Palawan Island can be reached by boat from El Nido Palawan Province, where there are many marine parks to explore!

The last interesting place I want to tell you about is Bohol island – this one has large temples that might remind you of Angkor Wat in Cambodia!

The Philippines is an island nation in Southeast Asia. It is known for its wonderful beaches and magnificent biodiversity, which includes everything from the Bohol Pektus to the Bacuit Archipelago. Here are three reasons you should visit:

On Boracay Island, travelers can enjoy beautiful white sand beaches and a vibrant nightlife known for its laissez-faire attitude. The beaches are excellent, and you can find everything from world-class water sports to relaxing massages. You will not have a hard time finding great places to eat or hang out.

The Banaue Rice Terraces are the perfect place to visit if you love history.  These rice terraces were made by the ancestors of the indigenous people of Banaue, Ifugao in the Philippines, over a hundred years ago.  The terraces are still in use today. During World War II, locals used them to hide from the Japanese troops invading Banaue.

The Philippines is worth a spot on your bucket list for sure!

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The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country in northwestern Europe and is well connected to its neighbors such as Belgium, Germany, and France. The Netherlands has beautiful architecture that includes historic buildings like the Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank House.

So the Netherlands is a really interesting place where there are so many cool cities to visit. 3 of my favorite places to visit in The Netherlands are Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

Amsterdam is known for being one of the most popular cities in Europe these days because of its really interesting architecture and historic buildings. Rotterdam is one of the biggest ports in the world and it has its own unique culture that makes it different than other European cities. You can also find affordable accommodations in the city center near the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and views of the canal homes.

If you love art, then head over to Utrecht because they have some great museums that are filled with cultural artifacts.

It also has a well-developed infrastructure which is highly developed with good transportation networks and amenities such as hotels and restaurants available for your convenience.

Here are a few things to go and see and do on your trip to The Netherlands

1. Visit Amsterdam’s Museum Het Anne Frank Huis. The museum is located in the former house of Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who lived in Amsterdam during WWII. It contains modern media presentations, photos, quotes and movies.

2. Explore the National Maritime Museum (NMM) at Admiraliteitsplein 14-16 in Amsterdam. You’ll find exhibits about Dutch maritime history, including paintings, maps, old ships models and photographs

3. Take a boat trip with a company like European Waterways to get an up close look at how the Dutch live and the feel of both the cities and the country.

The Netherlands is widely known as a small country, but it has a lot to offer if you know where to look. Don’t miss out on seeing some of the most beautiful cities and sights that the Netherlands has to offer!

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Colombia is becoming a popular travel destination because tourists can enjoy nature in its purest form by getting close to nature. Colombia offers a vast amount of activities. For example, tourists can ride horses in Boyaca or go fishing in Guajira. There are also many national parks, wild rivers and waterfalls. Visitors also enjoy the beautiful colonial cities that are part of Colombia’s history.

The country has some of the most beautiful landscapes and rainforests in the world on the Pacific coast, mountain slopes interlaced with ravines and waterfalls on its Caribbean coast, and colonial cities on its northeast plains.

The United States Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs has advised US citizens against traveling to any areas on the Colombian border with Venezuela because of instability from armed groups. However, tourists continue to visit other parts of the country and enjoy their time there.

In Colombia, there are a lot of different things you can see and do!

If you love the outdoors you can go on hikes, visit waterfalls and rivers, go biking, rafting and even horseback riding.

Another popular place that is a must-see for tourists is called Tayrona National Park. This place is located in northern Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. It is surrounded by beaches and lush forests. If you decide to visit this park, there are a lot of different things you can do. One is going on a hike around the park and enjoy forests of cedar trees and rainforest vegetation.

If hiking isn’t your thing then you can still get an amazing view of the jungle from one of the many beaches in the area.

Some of the more popular beaches are Arrecifes, Alto Velo and Cabo San Juan.

They have white sand and clear water. In the surrounding area, there are also amazing mangroves to explore as well as a small cave that you can visit.

Some places to visit include

Bogota – The city of Bogota is one of Colombia’s best-known attractions that has to offer well-preserved colonial architecture, charming parks, lively nightlife, and much more.

Cartagena – Cartagena is another fantastic destination in Colombia that offers gorgeous beaches, historic landmarks, vibrant culture, exquisite cuisine, and world-class diving opportunities. It also boasts some spectacular colonial architecture with friendly locals eager to show you what they have to offer!

If you love history then Colombia is the perfect place to visit. In the city of Cartagena, tourists can visit forts and museums from times gone by. The Spanish used Cartagena as a fortress when they colonized South America.

Cartagena was also the main port in Colombia for exporting and importing goods to different parts of the world.

Cartagena has lots of forts that are still intact today. Six sites have been preserved by the Colombian government. The Castillo San Felipe de Barajas is one of the more popular ones to visit because it’s an amazing fortress with some incredible views.

Palomino Beach – Palomino Beach is located about two hours outside of the city of Cartagena and offers incredible views, an astounding number of birds, palm trees that sway in the wind, and sparkling water.

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Aruba is an island in the Caribbean sea, just off the coast of Venezuela. It’s a small island in the Caribbean. It has a population of just under 100,000 people.

It was previously a part of the Netherlands Antilles country.

Aruba’s natural beauty is unparalleled. There are over 250 miles of unspoiled beaches surrounded by palm trees and turquoise water.

The country also has lots of great restaurants, tours, and hotels to spend your nights at if you run out of things to do during the day.

The people are welcoming and it’s a great place for families with young children as well as romantic getaways for couples.

One thing that I really enjoy about Aruba is that they boast some of the world’s most incredible beaches. The beaches of Aruba are some of the whitest and most beautiful that you’ll find anywhere else on earth. There are more than 150 different beaches to choose from all over the island!

In terms of food, there’s no shortage to enjoy! You can take your pick between all sorts of tropical fruits, delicious seafood dishes, or even American eats like burgers and hot dogs if you’re feeling like something different! The restaurants are diverse and you’re sure to find something that will suit your tastes!

And there’s no shortage of entertainment either. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a little local culture, some more familiar American-style nightlife, or just want to relax on the beach – Aruba has it all!

Aruba is also known for its beautiful architecture. There are many historic buildings and homes that you can visit, great glimpses of what life was like centuries ago.

I’ve stayed at the Crane Beach condo in Aruba. It’s on the beach and has a view of the ocean. I also really liked staying at the Divi Aruba resort. It’s right down on the water with a great swimming pool. I appreciated being able to walk around barefoot all day long, too! The third-place I liked was called Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort by the sea. It’s on the West Coast of Aruba with a great stretch of white sand beaches. There’s also a small golf course, too.

There are more than 80 hotels in Aruba that offer unique accommodations and amenities. The island is known for its mild climate throughout the year, making it an ideal destination for travelers who want to escape harsh winter temperatures or find relief from summer heat without

Aruba’s capital city of Oranjestad is filled with modern amenities and historic attractions, making it an ideal destination for tourists who enjoy learning about the island’s natural beauty while also experiencing the modern comforts of home. Most major resorts are located close to the city, and most offer shuttles for transportation between hotels and attractions.

Palm Beach is Aruba’s most popular resort area due to its white sands and clear, calm waters. Many hotels in Palm Beach feature private beaches where guests can swim or sunbathe. Visitors can also enjoy the area’s nightlife, which centers around Palm Beach’s cafes and casinos.

Hopefully, you have a few ideas of things to look into as you think about a trip to Aruba.

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Switzerland also has many outdoor activities that will keep you busy during your visit. You can go hunting or fishing in places like Switzerland without any worry that it is against any laws.

Switzerland is home to 6 of Europe’s 7 natural lakes. There are 83 Swiss lakes in total. The Alps form the border with Italy to the south, France to the west and Germany to the northeast.

The country’s highest point is Dufourspitze at 4,634 meters (15,203 feet). Many other high mountains throughout Switzerland attract hikers and skiers as well.

The only landlocked country in Western Europe is also known for its banking system because it has not nationalized its banks. It has one of the world’s most powerful economies and one of the six original G8 members. It’s called a globalization powerhouse due to foreign direct investment and exports, generating $1.7 trillion of output.

Switzerland is a great place to visit and learn about its history. Rackhofen Castle ruins date back to the 14th century and there are many museums throughout the country, including Musee des Beaux-Arts at Art Association in Lausanne that has works from Monet, Pissarro and Renoir.

One of the most popular things to do in Switzerland is skiing. The Alps are the perfect place for skiing because the mountain peaks are at different elevations which means that there are different slopes for beginners, intermediates, professionals, and experts.

You can go hiking in Switzerland. Some amazing views await you during your hike. You can take a train or walk through an old mining town like Montreux. The rail station there is located right near the town which makes it convenient for hikers to stop off for lunch or dinner before their long hike back up the mountain.

Switzerland also has castles! One of the most famous ones is Chillon Castle. You might recognize it from Lord Byron’s poem “Prisoner of Chillon”. It is located on Lake Geneva and has been standing for over 1000 years! It’s a great place to visit if you want to get a taste of Switzerland’s rich history.

Some really great places in Switzerland that I think you should visit include:

Zurich – This city offers a wide selection of cultural and historical attractions. You will be able to explore past and present cultures, enjoy delicious cuisine, discover incredible art, or attend an opera. It’s the perfect place for an all-around cultural experience.

Zermatt – This small village is a haven for hikers and mountain climbers. You can enjoy unparalleled views of the Matterhorn, weather permitting! I love Zermatt’s picturesque atmosphere.

Lucerne – This beautiful city provides endless opportunities to explore culture and history. The wooden clock tower offers panoramic views of the city–incredible during sunrise or sunset.

Geneva – If seeing the city from the water is your thing then this is the place for you. Experience incredible views of Geneva’s famous Jet d’Eau while cruising along Lake Geneva.

Bern – Bern has won itself a reputation as being one of Europe’s most picturesque towns. Whether you are interested in architecture, shopping or just exploring the town on foot, Bern will not disappoint!

Hopefully, this has given you lots of ideas on what you can do when planning your next trip to Switzerland.

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Israel is a very popular travel destination for people of all faiths. It would be wise to learn about the culture beforehand, but it is an incredibly welcoming place.

Israel is known for being an innovative country that combines modern life with traditional values that are still prevalent in many parts of the world.

Israel’s diverse landscapes have something for everyone no matter what they are looking for. There are mountains, deserts, beaches, and forests.

Israel is a very interesting place for many reasons. First and foremost, it’s the birthplace of Judaism. It’s also bordered by Jordan and Syria which adds to the excitement of your visit there. You can go to Jerusalem, Masada or Tel Aviv depending on what you want from your trip.

The idea of going in person to learn more about Jerusalem – the city of gold where many people believe that Jesus walked – is on so many people’s bucket lists.

It’s also one of the oldest cities in the world and has a lot of history behind it. You’ll find tons of biblical sites to visit, especially around the Western Wall.

We all know Masada for killing off all their married men to prevent them from being defeated by the Romans. It’s also an ancient city that was built by King Herod around 30 BC. Check it out if you’re interested in ancient architecture or military conflicts.

You can’t go to Israel without visiting Tel Aviv, although this is one of the youngest cities in the world – founded in 1909! That doesn’t mean it’s not exciting or interesting – there are tons of great beaches to enjoy and you’ll find a lot of young people out and about.

Hiking in the Mediterranean Hills is something that I would recommend to anyone who goes to Israel.

There are so many hikes around, all you have to do is look it up on the internet or talk to somebody about your interests. One of my favorite hikes is in Sharon National Park where you can see the Sharon Coastal Plain while walking on a trail.

Another favorite hike of mine is in Mitzpe Ramon where you can see deserts, mountains, and the Dead Sea while walking on an easy trail.

Jerusalem has a lot to offer any tourist. Not only is it one of the holiest cities in the world, but it also contains amazing art all over the place! My favorite place to go for art is the Israel Museum which has an enormous collection of Biblical Art and artifacts.

Another great activity is taking a guided tour around Yemin Moshe, which was built by a wealthy Arab-Jew who lived in Jerusalem.

One thing that I’ve always wanted to do is take a tour of the Dead Sea and float in it. The Dead Sea is also really salty and apparently, there are actual health benefits to floating in salty water for a long time.

Another thing I wanted to do while visiting Israel was hiking, but I ended up going on a car ride instead. I got this feeling that the landscapes were lush and full of life because it wasn’t too hot or cold when I went.

And of course, you should visit the Western Wall, which is an ancient wall in Jerusalem.

The Western Wall, also known as the “Wailing Wall”, is one of the most sacred sites for the Jewish people in the world. It forms the western support wall to the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem. It is visited and recited by tens of thousands every year to worship and pray there.

There are so many reasons to visit Isreal. I have just covered a few of them.

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Dominican Republic

It’s easy to see why the Dominican Republic is a popular travel destination for Americans. Below are a few of my favorite things about the DR.

1. The weather is perfect all year long – in the dead of winter daytime temperatures hover around 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius), which means you can have a nice beach vacation any time of the year.

2. There are more than 2,000 miles of stunning coastline to explore, including world-class resorts and luxury homes just minutes from the ocean.

3. You’ll experience delicious cuisine at every turn – restaurants in Santo Domingo offer popular dishes like mofongo, fried plantains, and heaping piles of seafood paella while peppering menus with Spanish imports like morcilla (blood sausage), and bacalao (salt cod).

The Dominican Republic has a rich cultural heritage, going back to the pre-Columbian era with its history as a European colony.

The Dominican Republic has been visited by pirates, conquistadors, New World explorers, traders from Europe and Asia, and naval expeditions from Europe during its long colonial period.

The culture in this country is very artistic because of the rich history of the Caribbean.

The best time of year to visit the DR is during their dry season, which typically lasts from December through April, or June through November. This is perfect if you are looking for sunny days with less rain!

Some of the country’s best hotels in the Dominican Republic are located right on one of its many beaches! The all-inclusives offer a great escape from the rush and bustle of American life. You will have your own personal staff that will take care of everything while you relax by their pool or enjoy a drink at the bar!

If you’re looking for a unique destination, the Dominican Republic may be the perfect place for you. It’s very safe and hospitable.

It’s nice as well because it feels smaller and more exclusive and you can go to those places without feeling like there are going to be tons of people. The Dominican Republic gets fewer tourists than other places in the Caribbean – it’s really nice because, depending on where you spend your time, you can feel like you have this beautiful destination to yourself.

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Peru is a popular destination for many travelers because its rich history spans over 2000 years. From the unusual Nazca Lines which are more than 1000km long, to the ancient adobe city of Chan Chan on the coastline, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience here.

The country offers a plethora of cultural experiences that you can partake in with locals. Many travel companies offer activities that include trekking up the iconic Inca Trail, which was once used exclusively by the Quechua people, as well as visiting some of Peru’s breathtaking archaeological sites.

Of course, Peru is also host to one of the most beautiful rainforests in the world-the Amazon rainforest-which houses 20% of all of the known animal and plant species in the world! With 15% of its land covered by forests, you’re going to feel like you’re on a different planet as you soak up the vibrant colors of Peru.

The country is incredibly diverse and offers plenty for travelers to see and do such as visiting wildlife sanctuaries’ mountain biking through the Sacred Valley and exploring the historical capital of Lima.

In The Sacred Valley of Peru, you can experience everything from lush green fields to forests to snow-capped mountains. The valley is located in the state of Cusco, which is in the southern part of Peru. This region has been inhabited for centuries by people who have left their own cultural marks on the landscape.

You can visit Machu Picchu or take a hot air balloon ride over the area. The city of Cusco is another place to explore with its colonial architecture. Tourist destinations here include Santo Domingo and Coricancha, Museo de Arte Precolombino (museum), Sacsayhuaman Fortress, and much more!

Peru is also known for its delicious cuisine. Peru has a large variety of dishes, including ceviche (raw fish marinated in lemon juice) and aguaymanto (sweet potato). The Sacred Valley is also the place to go get some good shopping deals. You can find lots of hand-crafted items like alpaca scarves or silver jewelry, as well as souvenirs from Machu Picchu.

Peru is a great place to explore! It has beautiful green landscapes, ancient ruins, and tasty cuisine. If you are looking for an interesting destination to travel to any time soon, be sure to include this region on your list!

14 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Cusco

Visit these 5 national parks of Peru

17 Best Places to Visit in Peru


Thailand is home to beautiful temples and has many beaches that people can visit and enjoy their time on vacation there. There are also elephant camps if you’re interested in seeing them up close and personal! Top things to do: Khao Lak View Point, Big Buddha, Wat Phra Yai (Grand Palace), Tiger Zoo & Crocodile Farm, and Chanthaburi.

Thailand is a popular destination for tourism and relaxation because of its beautiful beaches and stunning landscape.

Thailand offers a variety of tourist attractions, such as Buddha Temples and elephant sanctuaries which make it a very interesting destination to visit.

Thailand offers many different cultures to explore, such as the Thai culture which is heavily influenced by Buddhism, Hinduism, Muslims, Chinese beliefs, Thai traditional medicine, Thai food, Thai music…all of which are fascinating!

Many people travel to Thailand because of its unique geographic situation. Thailand is bordered by the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, making it an excellent place for beach lovers as well as divers! Other natural attractions include waterfalls, mountains…and let’s not forget the unique wildlife, which makes Thailand a great place for animal lovers too.

The Thai people are also very friendly and helpful, making your experience even more enjoyable!

Many countries have a strong American presence because of tourism but Thailand is better known as a destination for Americans than other Southeast Asian destinations such as Vietnam or Cambodia, which is why it is considered by some to be the gateway to Southeast Asia.

The United States has many connections with Thailand because of its economic and political ties, making it an easy country to travel to for Americans since it’s so close!

English is spoken almost everywhere in Thailand, making communication easy on your trip.

If you like shopping, Thailand will not disappoint! There are many malls and markets to explore when you visit Thailand, with brand-name items such as Nike or Adidas typically being much cheaper than in the US or Europe.

Thailand is also known for its diverse culture and history which makes it a fascinating place to visit.

Thailand is a diverse country with many different attractions and you could spend weeks exploring it without getting bored!

I recommend three weeks as the minimum amount of time to spend in Thailand – more if you want to explore all the islands such as Phuket or Koh Samui. Plus you will need the time to get over your jet lag and then have time to enjoy your vacation.

If you are looking for a tropical paradise make sure you get out to Phuket, Thailand and/or the Phi Phi islands.

With white-sand beaches and warm waters that will make you forget all of your troubles, this is the perfect place for those who love exploring and discovering new cultures without any worries.

If you’re the type of person who loves to dive and explore new worlds beneath the sea, then it would be a shame not to check out these islands as well!

Did you know Thailand has over 3000 Buddhist temples?

It is also the only country in Southeast Asia that never experienced European colonization.

14 Top-Rated Places to Visit in Thailand

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The climate in Greece is perfect for a getaway vacation, with sunny days and generally more comfortable weather than other Mediterranean destinations.

Additionally, the country has plenty of activities to do on the beach or exploring the sights. The country’s rich history also makes it a more interesting place to visit.

The people in Greece are friendly and often quite welcoming to tourists. The food is delicious, and there are plenty of historic sites, museums, and good restaurants to explore as well!

Here are a few places you need to put on your list to visit.

Acropolis of Athens – The Acropolis is one of the most popular attractions in Greece and has been a major destination since classical times.  It was once populated by thousands of people who used it as a defensive structure or for religious purposes, and today it’s visited by millions of tourists every year.

Mykonos – The beautiful island of Mykonos is a popular vacation destination that’s enjoyed by people all over the world.  A small island with just 4 miles of coast, it’s known for its white-washed homes and cobblestoned streets.

Meteora – Meteora in Greece is a popular travel destination for those looking for a bit of natural beauty.  Located in Thessaly, this densely forested area is known for its stunning landscapes and topography.

Santorini – Also located in the Greek island chain is Santorini, which has been called one of the most romantic destinations in Greece.  People come to see the ancient ruins, enjoy the lively nightlife, and take in the views.

Skiathos – For a bit of a different vacation, Skiathos Island has some excellent skiing opportunities for those who want to try something new.  Combined with amazing food and beaches, this is a popular choice for those visiting Greece.

Crete – Also a part of the Greek islands, Crete is a must for tourists looking to enjoy beaches and history together.  Many travelers flock here during the spring months to visit the ancient Minoan city of Knossos or one of the other major archaeological sites in Greece.

Gibraltar – The tip of Spain, Gibraltar is a great place to spend some time.  Despite being in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, it’s one of the warmest regions around because it sits on top of the African Plate.

Oia – Travelers love to visit Oia on Santorini Island.  This picturesque town is known as the prettiest village in Greece and has some amazing views of the island below as well as the Aegean Sea.

Corfu Town – If you’re looking for a more metropolitan destination, Corfu Town is a perfect choice.  People travel here to explore the various attractions, including the Palace of St Michael and St George as well as numerous beaches like Banana Beach.

Delphi – Located in Central Greece, Delphi is an ancient city that people still flock to today.  It’s known for its beautiful views, archaeological sites, and amazing Greek mythology.

Peloponnese – Also known as the Morea, Peloponnese is a peninsula in Southern Greece that’s rich with history and natural beauty.  This destination is great for those who want to explore historic areas or enjoy their time on the beach.

Olympia – For a bit of history with your vacation, Olympia is a great place to visit.  Known as the birthplace of the Olympic Games, this ancient city has some impressive ruins that are well worth checking out.

Ikaria Island – One of the best ways to experience Greece is on Ikaria Island.  A place where people go to relax and find peace, Ikaria has a lot of natural beauty and is the perfect vacation stop for everyone.

Lindos – Lindos in Greece is one of the most popular places to visit when you want to enjoy beaches, history, and culture.  It’s known for its beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery, and archaeological sites.

Rhodes – Rhodes Island is a great place to enjoy history, beaches, and more when you want a bit of a mix between natural beauty and urban life.  With its ancient castles from the Middle Ages as well as nice hotels for those who prefer to have all their needs met before they head out on their vacation, Rhodes Island is one of the best places to go in the Mediterranean Sea.

Delos – One of the most popular islands in Greece is Delos, which offers pristine beaches and clear waters that are great for swimming or fishing.  It’s also known for its amazing Greek mythology.

Greece is one of the most popular countries to visit for tourists all over the world. That’s one of the reasons I love it!

Greece is a great place to have an adventure because it has some really cool national parks. There are some amazing hikes that ten fill your day with beautiful scenery. Plus, you can’t forget about how great it is to relax on the white sands of one of its beaches!

Secondly, Greece also has some awesome historic sites that are worth checking out. Ancient ruins are scattered all over the country and there’s always something new to learn about after each trip. You’ll never get bored with what you’ll see!

Last but definitely not least, Greece is also a great place to visit if you love food. It has some of the best Mediterranean dishes that will make anyone fall in love with this country – and they’re all very affordable on a budget!

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Australia is a popular travel destination because it has some great scenery to see. You can see amazing sights like Uluru, which is an iconic site that’s both natural and historical at the same time. Anyone who visits Australia will get to experience plenty of culture, including their famous Sydney Opera House. And there are lots of places throughout the country for surfing!

A brother lived in Australia for 4 months. Sydney is beautiful. You should go see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Melbourne is also beautiful, but Canberra has some amazing museums. You should go to Uluru to see Ayers Rock, which is a monolith that looks like it’s coming out of the ground, and Alice Springs to see the MacDonnell Ranges.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a large coral reef system that runs parallel to the coast of Queensland, Australia. It stretches over 2,800 kilometers and is one of the world’s systems.

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House was completed in 1973, and it has become one of the most significant landmarks in Sydney Harbour. It was commissioned by Jorn Utzon, a Danish architect who designed this magnificent building for the World Expo 88 in Brisbane, Australia.

The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is an attractive tourist destination with beautiful beaches lined up along 24 kilometers of coastline from Broadbeach to Surfers Paradise. It also features theme parks such as Wet’n’Wild Water World, MovieWorld Australia, Seaworld and many more.


Tasmania is the smallest state of Australia, but it has lots to offer. Tasmania’s World Heritage Wilderness is full of sheer cliffs, white sandy beaches, and lush forests. Adventure activities like kayaking, mountain biking, scuba diving, rock climbing, trekking and camping are very popular as well as relaxing at a luxury spa and enjoying world-class fine dining.

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Brazil is one of the most popular travel destinations for Americans and other tourists from all over the world. It has a variety of beautiful beaches and activities that people can enjoy. Many celebrities, as well as ex-pats, go to Brazil to enjoy the beautiful sights, rich culture and relatively inexpensive cost of living.

I’ve met people from all over the world who come to enjoy Brazilian culture as well as diverse landscapes.

There are many different dishes popular in Brazil, including those with fried cheese (pão de queijo) and carnival-like desserts like brigadeiros and cocada banana.

The majority of people living in Brazil speak Portuguese, but it is also home to many different styles of music and dance, such as forró and samba.

Brazil is a great place to visit. There are many popular cities that people can enjoy, including Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. It also has beautiful natural sights such as the Amazon River and Iguazu Falls. With diversity in language and culture, food and music, it makes for a fantastic vacation spot.

13 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Brazil

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Italy is a popular destination due to its mix of Mediterranean and Alpine climates. The mix ensures there is plenty of sunshine, blue skies, and the opportunity for outdoor activities all year round. It’s also famous for its history, with many historic sites to visit. Continuing with the diversity theme it is home to both mountain ranges and great food making it perfect for those who enjoy hiking or camping out.

The people are very friendly and there is much to do.

There are so many reasons so many are attracted to Italy as a vacation location and even a retirement spot.

1) Italy’s Mediterranean climate offers sunshine, blue skies, and the opportunity for outdoor activities all year round

2) There is plenty of history around

3) There is great hiking

4) The people are friendly

5) It has mountains AND beaches!

6) It has both Alpine and Mediterranean climates.

7) It has great food

8) Local residents are mostly friendly and it feels safe

9) The wine is some of the best in the world

10)Italy is home to many ancient treasures such as the Coliseum, Pompeii’s ancient ruins, Venice, and Florence.

Interesting Places to Visit in Italy


Venice is a city that’s famous for being one of the most romantic cities in the world. It’s also possible to find some of the most expensive hotels in Italy in this city, so if you’re looking for romance or luxury it might be worth considering visiting!


If you have an interest in Roman history, then Rome is likely one of your top destinations. Travelers are often interested in sites like Palatine Hill and Colosseum where there are still structures that date back over 2000 years. There are also many beautiful Catholic churches in Rome, making it a great place to learn more about Catholicism and how it developed throughout the years.


Naples is an important city in Italy because of its role as the birthplace of pizza. While there are some innovative pizzerias in Rome, it’s worth checking out if you’re interested in this fast food Italian staple! This goes double for travelers who want to try out foods like arancini and sfogliatelle.

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This article is about popular travel destinations for American travelers, but if you were curious, here are the 5 most visited countries in the world

France — 89+ Million Visitors

Spain — 82+ Million Visitors

United States — 79+ Million Visitors

China — 62+ Million Visitors

Italy — 62+ Million Visitors



France has always been a popular destination for tourists and deserves its number two ranking as the world’s most visited country.

Here are 24 reasons that France is such a popular destination:

1) France provides a mix of urban sophistication, high fashion, and old-world charm.

2) There is beautiful scenery all over the country, including mountains, rivers, beaches, valleys, and forests.

3) France offers international cuisine with more Michelin Guide restaurants than any other country in the world.

4) The country has many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Palace of Versailles and the Loire Valley.

5) France is home to some of the most well-known works in art history, including the Mona Lisa.

6) There are picturesque villages with quaint half-timber houses everywhere throughout France.

7) Much of the country’s architecture has not changed since the Middle Ages, including Romanesque churches that date back to 1100 A.D.

8) France has some of the best wine in the world.

9) The country has more than 2000 museums – so there is always something new to see.

10) France still has some of its original 18th and 19th century buildings, especially in Paris and Lyon.

11) The French Riviera is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.

12) Parisian food markets offer a wide selection of meats and produce, as well as cheeses and baked goods.

13) Paris has an international café scene that is unparalleled with cafes all throughout the city that serve hot and cold drinks and pastries.

14) The Avenue des Champs-Élysées is one of the most famous streets in the world and it is lined with luxury stores.

15) The Eiffel Tower has become a symbol of Paris and France in general and is visited by roughly 7 million people every year.

16) Many castles dating back to medieval times still stand, including the Castle of Chenonceau, which was built by King Henry II of France in the 16th century.

17) The French Riviera region has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, including Pampelonne Beach (Saint Tropez), Agay Beach (Cannes), and Nice Plage (Nice).

18) France offers many historical sites that date back to medieval times, including the Castle of Carcassonne, a fortress that was built in the 13th century.

19) There are beautiful cities throughout France like Lyon and Avignon with narrow streets lined with half-timber houses (half wooden, half stone).

20) The Châteaux de Versailles is one of the most ornate palaces in all of Europe and it is a short train ride from Paris.

21) Many people go to France every year just for the food, including frog legs, escargot, duck confit, and cheese.

22) There are many festivals throughout the country where people dress up in medieval clothes and celebrate with feasts, parades, and fireworks.

23) The French Riviera offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe with pristine water that is clear enough to see the bottom 12-20 feet deep.

21 Best Places to Visit in France

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10 of the best national and regional parks in France


Germany is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations and for good reason. The country offers a myriad of natural and manmade wonders, from the Rhine to the Alps, and it is home to some of the world’s most popular cities: Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg. Tourism numbers in Germany have increased 16% over the previous year! Here are 23 “reasons” why it should be your next destination.

1 – Berlin is one of the cheapest travel destinations in all of Europe!

2 – German food often features rye bread or sourdough bread such as “Pumpernickel” which comes from the region of Westphalia.

3 – The German language has no word for “chewing gum”

4 – Germany is a popular travel destination for people who want a little bit of history, but also a modern experience with museums, culture and the arts.

5 – The German government supports tourism with reduced ticket prices to museums and events.

6 – You can cycle almost anywhere in Germany!

7 – Germany has one of Europe’s most famous castles, the “Neuschwanstein castle”.

8 – Germany is home to one of Europe’s most innovative economies. As a result, there are more than 1,000 companies in Germany that do business with the United States.

9 – German cuisine has evolved over time and many traditional dishes have become modern classics such as “Sauerbraten” which is essentially a marinated pot roast.

10 – Germany has over 1,500 castles! Have you ever wanted to sleep in one? You can do that in Germany!

11 – The German language is difficult to learn, but it makes you appear more intelligent if you have the mental fortitude to tackle it!

12 – Germany has fantastic Christmas markets during winter.

13 – The “Düsseldorf Altbier” is a top beer destination and it won’t cost you much to take a tour!

14 – There are over 1,300 vineyards in Germany alone with over 600 grape varieties. The Riesling white wine is a good place to start.

16 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Germany

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Spain is a popular travel destination for many people who want to experience the culture, food and drink. It’s also easy to get around in Spain because most people speak English. Spend some time in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza or A Caruna and you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable vacation.

Also, it’s a culturally diverse country, making it an ideal place to visit for its rich history. Spain is the perfect destination for someone looking for their next world adventure. With beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine and plenty of nightlife options, this country has quite a bit to offer!

The Spanish people are also considered to be one of the friendliest people in Europe if not the world. They’re always welcoming with open arms!

Spain is perfect for any type of traveler looking for a new experience. It’s an incredibly popular travel destination so there are plenty of options to fit your needs, whether you’re the type to stay in already-established cities or someone who likes exploring off the beaten path.

If you end up in Barcelona check out Cerveceria Catalana for some of the best tapas ever!

Spain is a popular travel destination because of all the reasons mentioned above. If you haven’t already, it’s time to plan your next adventure!

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India has a rich history and culture as well as a large number of interesting places to go. It also has diverse scenery, cuisine and people which makes it easy to find something new to experience every day. Here are a bunch of reasons why India is such a popular travel destination:

1) It’s home to the Taj Mahal and other stunning Mughal monuments

2) With 27 heritage sites, it’s one of the first members of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites

3) There are over 4,500 places of worship during the Muslim festival Eid al-Adha

4) For those who want to relax, the Himalayas offer an endless amount of enjoyable outdoor activities

5) Each region in India has a different culture and cuisine for visitors to experience

6) The cities have rich histories going back thousands of years and have been at the forefront of trade and empires since then

7) It is home to many diverse languages that can be heard throughout the country

8) In addition to countless historical sites, it offers cities brimming with culture and nightlife

9) It has a rich tradition of music and dance that can easily be found during any trip to India

10) The Far East region is a popular spot for those who want to soak up some sun on the beach

11) Each region has a wide range of different experiences that can only be found there

12) India is home to one of the most popular events in recent history, the Commonwealth Games. Every four years, the Commonwealth Games are held. Organized by Commonwealth nations, this multisport event brings together athletes. The event was first held in 1930, and, with the exception of 1942 and 1946, has taken place every four years since then.

13) Despite its large population, its stunning landscapes are full of wildlife and natural beauty

14) The Indian Ocean off the coast of the country is one of the most popular locations for those who want to go scuba diving

15) It has a diverse range of climates and landscapes

16) There are over 200 separate and unique ethnic groups found in its borders

17) There are SO MANY magnificent festivals and celebrations that take place throughout the year in different regions for visitors to experience. Click here to see a massive list of 150 of them with info on each of them.

India is an incredible country with a rich culture and religious diversity. I’ve been to India twice on two separate trips, both times were very different but equally amazing!

My two favorite reasons to travel to India

The food is incredible. I am not kidding when I say that this was one of my favorite things about India. There are indeed some foods that I would recommend you do not eat, but for the most part, if you enjoy Indian cuisine then you will be in heaven here.

There are so many cultures in such a small space that it means you get to know so many great people know more about their way of life.

15 Best Places to Visit in India

18 Epic Adventurous Things to do in India

Top 10 National Parks of India

And there you have it. Americans do travel and when they do, these are the most popular destinations for them.

Did you find what you were looking for?! I hope so.

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How To Avoid Jet Lag Flying To Europe – (All You Need to Know!)

How To Avoid Jet Lag Flying To Europe – (All You Need to Know!)

people waling in the evening sun in a European market

Jet lag is a drag! It can be anything from a mild nuisance to a fairly uncomfortable and painful experience that reduces the time you can enjoy yourself on your European vacation!

My wife’s father lives in Spain. She grew up in England. Needless to say, we fly to Europe a lot.

What I am about to share with you are all super helpful in avoiding a painful jet lag experience whether you are flying across multiple time zones to France or Spain or anywhere in Europe.

I can tell you from experience they work, and work well. They have been proven by the medical community and fellow travelers as well to help your body adjust as quickly as possible to your destination time zone. Use the ones that you think will work best for you. Make sure you read to the end. I have included tips all the way through.

But let’s jump right in and help you avoid jet lag when flying to Europe!

Be intentional before your trip to avoid or minimize jet lag and its effects

The best way to avoid jet lag is to make a plan ahead of time utilizing the tools below and make sure to implement that plan before your trip begins to help transition your body’s circadian rhythms as quickly as possible.

Most people will find selecting a few of the following tips to be much more than adequate in helping them reduce and minimize the effects or avoid jet lag altogether.

Before Your Flight

Carefully select your arrival time

Book your tickets so that you arrive at your destination in the evening.

Traveling can be very tiring, but if you force yourself to stay awake as much as possible, when you arrive in the evening you will be tired enough to go to sleep at your new local time.

I have found this extremely helpful when flying to Europe or anywhere for that matter. It will give you a good jumpstart to your new vacation schedule.

I have also not followed this advice and arrived during the day and then tried to stay awake until bedtime and I was exhausted and tired and miserable.

My wife actually got some fun shots of me on the tube in London asleep with my mouth open shoulder to shoulder with fellow riders.

I have much preferred the trips where I have flown into town in the evenings and then after a quick meal, I’ve been able to go to sleep.

Start shifting your schedule and internal clock before your go

Ideally, you will do this about a week before you leave, but at least do it for a couple of days before you go.

Adjust a couple of your clocks, phone, or watch to your destination’s local time. Then make sure that you look at it/them at least a couple of times a day, reminding yourself what time of day it will be in your new location at that time.

Additionally, adjust the time you retire to bed and the time you wake up by as much as you are comfortable with, in greater increments each day leading up to your trip.

Even if you are not ready to fall asleep, put on some calm soothing music take a long hot shower or bath and sit quietly in your bed without electronics and read a book, think, meditate or ponder on the vacation you have coming up o quiet your body and mind.

Even if your body isn’t tired enough to fall asleep early, if you start to get it into a new rhythm before your trip it will make it easier to adjust when you get there.

Also, waking earlier in the day (closer to your destination’s timezone) will help your body feel more tired in the evening as well. This will make it easier to start going to bed earlier.

If you start changing your clocks and your bed and waking times before your trip there will be less of a difference to adjust to at your vacation destinations.

Apps are another way to start adjusting your schedule.

There will be a range of mobile apps released today to aid travelers in reducing their jet lag.

Enter your airline details in either Timeshifter or Entrain ((links)) for a calendar of when to sleep and get up as well as other suggestions about when to avoid stimulants or when to get sunlight, morning light, an early night’s sleep or take sleeping aids. They’re pretty slick.

Shifting your schedule like this will help a lot more than you may imagine.

Other ways to assist in shifting your internal clock

Also as you get your body used to what will be your new schedule, you may want to look into specific things that will either help you sleep (when you are going to bed earlier) or help you wake up.

Melatonin or Sleep Aids

Melatonin is a naturally occurring chemical in your body that contributes to the maintenance of the nervous system as well as your body’s internal sleep rhythms. Melatonin has been shown to reduce jetlag in studies as well.

One distinct advantage melatonin has over sleeping pills is in addition to helping you sleep, it helps regulate your body’s natural circadian rhythm.

Other sleeping medications do help you get some sleep but they are harsher on your body. They may help you sleep but aren’t able to help change your body’s circadian rhythm or internal clock.

Take care. Using any sleep aid including sleeping pills can increase the risk of falling asleep or of injuries due to drowsiness.

It would be good to discuss the advantages and risks of your situation or your use of melatonin and other sleep medicines with your doctor prior to your trip.

I find it useful from time to time to use melatonin from time to time to nudge my body’s internal clock.

For melatonin, there is no recommended daily allowance. For sleep-related problems, some experts recommend taking melatonin supplements in dosages ranging from 0.5 to 5 milligrams. Drowsiness during the day may be experienced at higher doses.

There is research available that shows these nine foods have beneficial effects on either melatonin or your body’s ability to sleep:

Warm milk


Goji berries


Toast – one of my favorites



Cherries – actually have melatonin in them

A good whole grain oatmeal (not instant)

Use light

Additionally, you can use light stimulation or bright light exposure to assist your body and waking up early. This can be done either naturally with the morning or evening light (which is ideal) or in artificial ways.

Natural light

As soon as the sun rises in the morning sit in a sunny window or go for a walk and get as much of your bare skin in the sun as possible as your body will react to it and wake up. It is especially helpful to reduce jet lag symptoms get your face in the sun.

Artificial light

If you are up before the sun or if it is a time of year that the sun rises later, artificial lights can assist. Try turning on all of the lights in your home in the room or two surrounding you so you can get as much bright light as possible. Or you can get light therapy glasses or a light that is typically used for seasonal affective disorder.


Another trick is to exercise right when you wake up to get the body going. As you get your respiratory circulatory and other systems in your body going it will wake up and assist in shifting your internal clock for the better.

Shift the baby’s schedule too

No, the kids don’t need to be doing exercise with you, but if you have little ones, help them start adjusting their wake and bedtimes. You can make a bit of a game of it, or go have a little adventure like going to McDonald’s drive-through for ice cream at 4 in the morning. You’ll create some fun memories doing it as well.

One note with children, don’t start them a week out. Just do this one or two days before your trip.

And if you have little babies make sure to adjust their nap times in advance as well.

What foods prevent jet lag?

There are a number of simple things you can adjust in your diet as well that will help you adjust your body clock to a new timezone quickly and easily whether it is before or during your trip.

Try to avoid fatty proteins since they will drain your energy and make you drowsy. Stick to leaner meats like fish or chicken. One of the most substantial things you can do to counter jet lag is hydrate yourself, so foods like cucumbers, celery, strawberries and watermelon are great for their water content.

Eat less salty or heavy foods, or foods you know weigh you down or make you feel rundown before traveling. Keep hydrated with more fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating light foods and not rich foods are the best to beat jet lag.

Eating smaller meals before you go and bringing snacks for the plane ride can help keep your stomach feeling good. Complex carbs and other low glycemic index foods are preferred.

Doses of caffeine can be helpful to stay awake and adjust to your new schedule but it also messes with your body’s internal rhythms. It also depletes your body’s hydration levels. Use it sparingly.

Drinking alcohol is used by some as a sleep aid because it makes you feel drowsy but this also negatively impacts your sleep quality. I would suggest you avoid alcohol as much as possible.

Jet lag is also complicated by side effects caused by alcohol, including fatigue, headaches, nausea, and other conditions.

Drink herbal tea

Herbal teas can be wonderful for you, however, instead of drinking other hot teas or coffee. You could drink a mint tea in the morning to wake up or a drinking chamomile tea in the evening to help relax and slow your body down as it gets closer to your bedtime.

Plan some extra days if possible

If you have the ability, to make up for the days that jet lag takes from you at the beginning and the end of your vacation, plan a couple of extra days into your itinerary so you don’t overbook yourself or get stressed and grumpy.

Confession – I find it hard not to be grumpy when I’m tired. Jet lag can be a real buzzkill around our home. Planning a rest day at the beginning of the vacation and an extra day to re-enter is really helpful for me and my family.

So, before you go

I think the best things to do before your flight are to

1 – change a few clocks in your daily routine so that you can start to get used to what time it will be when you land.

2 – start to adjust your sleep schedule and

3 – make sure your flights are booked so that you land towards the evening.

Everything else is supplementary to those three things.

During Your Flight

Use the flight to rest and reset.

When the pilot announces the European time, reset your mind along with your wristwatch.

As soon as you step on that plane start going by your new timezone’s time. you can go into your settings on your phone and manually change the time to your final destinations time. Don’t exacerbate jet lag by reminding yourself of what time it is back home. Be in Europe.

If you can, stay awake till you land. If it is just too long, allow yourself to close your eyes for a bit. You’ll be capable of functioning the day you land if you get a few hours of sleep during the transatlantic trip. But do try your best to stay awake as much as possible till you land.

This is so you will have the best chance of going to sleep in the evening when you arrive.

Keep using whatever tools you have decided to use to stay awake on the flight. Could be sheer willpower (that’s my tool of choice) or a light aid (they work wonders) or a stimulant of some kind (my least favorite)

One common homeopathic remedy is the no-jet-lag.

Always consult your doctor before trying any remedies as some herbs may interact with prescription medication.

The name of the game is to stay awake as much as you can till you get there!

And stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. It helps lubricate dry eyes and many of the other internal systems of your body while it’s dealing with all the changes of altitude, pressure, time changes, lack of sleep and mild stress etc.

After Your Flight

You’ve landed, Now what?

If you do nothing else, not one of the other suggestions I have given to you, stay awake at least until the late afternoon or evening of your first day.

This is why I suggested you plan your tickets so your land at that time. It makes it much much easier to do this.


Get as much sunlight as possible when you land. The sun is your friend and will help keep you awake. Not only that but direct sunlight during the day reduces the production of melatonin in your body, helping you stay awake.


You should also be very attentive in keeping hydrated for several days. The best way to stay asleep is to rest up until the night.


You may feel tired, worn out, achy or have a bit of a sick stomach after being on the plane for so long, but if you’ll take the time to go for a walk, rent a bike and pedal around or do some other form of exercise your body will thank you. You will sleep better and recoup from the time change much faster as well.

Day Two

Ok, so you’ve decided what time you wanna wake up on your vacation prior to leaving and now you just need to make yourself wake up at that time the very next day.

By doing this, in combination with some of the other things we’ve talked about here, you will feel much better by day three.

And you’ve made it! For the first couple of nights a couple of mornings, it will seem a little hard but if you stick to it you’ll barely even notice the jet lag after a couple days, and if you do, take confidence knowing it would have been much worse and lasted a lot longer if you hadn’t taken care to implement these tips as you have.

Why Does Jet Lag…?

If you haven’t ever felt jet lag before, the symptoms of jet lag include feeling tired, irritable, inability to sleep, trouble concentrating and sometimes an upset stomach. Some people experience headaches and nausea, too.

It’s a physiological condition that makes you feel tired and out of sync with the world around you.

Jet lag occurs when you travel across multiple time zones. This may happen on a long haul flight to a European country or anywhere really.

The farther you travel the worse you feel

The symptoms of jet lag can last from one day to several depending on how many timezones you cross. The bigger the time difference, the larger the impact on your body.

The farther you travel the more intense the feelings are. It depends also on how you prepare and how diligent you are in shifting to your daily schedule once you get to your destination.

If you consciously stay dedicated to waking and sleeping with your new timezone you will get over it faster. If you don’t and just sleep when you want and wake when you feel like it, it will be harder on your body and take you longer to adjust.

It might seem like a pain to prepare beforehand and really stick to your new schedule, but you will be grate full you did.

Can Jet Lag have long-term effects?

Worse yet, researchers have discovered that for some individuals, constant jet lag induces long-term brain modifications that result in memory and learning difficulties for at least up to a month after returning home.

Typically, jet lag is usually a short-term problem which disappears once the body’s natural clock and circadian rhythm have adjusted to the local time.


Dehydration can lead to symptoms that resemble jet lag. If passengers don’t drink enough water during a flight, they might get dizzy and parched. Even if you feel slightly dehydrated, make sure you get on it quickly and drink water.

In addition to following the suggestions here, if you feel that you have unique circumstances that warrant a trip to your doctor, please make an appointment with them and discuss your concerns.


How do you get rid of jet lag fast?

  1. Adjust your schedule to the new time zone as soon as possible.
  2. Stop comparing to your old time zone.
  3. Sleep and wake at your new local time
  4. Use natural light first and other lights as needed
  5. Drink lots of water
  6. Try melatonin and sleep aids as needed
  7. Try caffeinated beverages as needed

What is the best time to fly to avoid jet lag?

The best time to fly to avoid jet lag is in the late afternoon or evening. It’s best to arrive and have enough time to get comfortable where you will be staying and then go to bed near 10 pm in your new local time zone.

Doing this and then making yourself wake up at a reasonable time on your first day will help you get over jet lag much more quickly!

Make sure your sleeping environment is as comfortable as possible. Have a look around and see whether anything may wake you up during your sleep and do your best to eliminate them.

How long does it take for jet lag to go away?

It takes different amounts of time for jet lag to go away. The biggest factor being how many time zones you have crossed and how quick you are to adapt to your new local one.

Many travelers to a new location experience an improvement in their symptoms within the first few days after arrival. For some individuals, it might take up to one week before they feel like themselves again, especially if they have a long flight.

A US Passport Help Guide (With Tips and Examples)

A US Passport Help Guide (With Tips and Examples)

A passport laid open on a table showing all the stamps in it with a camera on the table and some airplane tickets

The purpose of this article is to discuss getting a U.S. passport and respond to some of the questions you have asked about getting them and taking care of them.

If you’re traveling abroad in the next few months and need a passport quickly, then you may wish to consider some expedited methods of acquiring one.

When do I need a passport?

You must have a passport if you’re traveling to other countries. For the most part, it doesn’t matter what your nationality is-so long as you are going to another country. Don’t forget your passport!

And if you don’t think you will need it, bring it anyway as plans may change and if you don’t have it with you, you might regret your inability to go. That happened to me once.

And if you need to there are passport expediting options that can speed up the process of getting your passport too.

What are the different ways to get a U.S. passport?

There are many, but here’s some of the most popular:

Apply From Home: This is probably one of the easiest ways to get your passport because you don’t have to leave home at all! However, it does take time for processing and you must schedule an appointment.

Travel to An Application Center: This is another popular way to get your passport because it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort and you can do it at your convenience. In fact, more than 450 sites are located throughout the country where you can travel and apply for your passport, including local post offices, public libraries and other government centers.

Mail Your Forms: If you’d rather not leave home or make a trip to an application center, then consider mailing in your forms-it doesn’t take too long to process. However, because it does take time to arrive, this isn’t the best option when traveling abroad is a must within the next few days.

Visit a Post Office: Although it’s usually not recommended for those who need their passports quickly (unless things are dire), you can apply at your local post office or pick up a form there if you need one in a hurry. If you opt for this method, then you must be sure to bring the necessary documentation to complete the application process!

Visit a Passport Agency: This is one of the more popular methods for obtaining a passport quickly as it can often produce results within days. In fact, some agencies are open seven days a week for this very reason. The downside is that you must appear in person and there’s usually an appointment-plenty of people are turning to these services when they can’t wait any longer!

Remember, don’t just go with the first passport expediting service you find because some may not be reputable or they may not provide the results promised.

Here are some application options for you: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/how-apply.html

Steps to getting a U.S. passport

Once you’ve obtained your forms, the next step is to fill them out: You must include accurate information because if anything isn’t correct, then your document will need to be returned and this can take quite some time!

The steps you will need to take depend on the way you are applying. I applied for mine at a local post office. It was easy and the staff were very helpful both times I did it. I did it once for myself and then my wife and I went and got our kids’ ones as well.

In addition, once you arrive at the application center, you may be required to provide even more information so the best place to start is by reading through the form carefully to understand what is expected of you.

Once you have all your information collected and filled out, it’s time to apply: You’ll need an appointment because many agencies are extremely busy but if there’s a little time between your trip and the application process, then it may not be necessary.

The next step is taking your documents to the passport agency for processing-and usually you’ll need to take two photos with you as well. Once everything has been submitted and processed, you can expect to receive a notice in the mail within approximately 1 week.

When you receive your passport, you’ll want to make sure it isn’t damaged or that none of the information has been altered in any way. If anything looks suspicious, then don’t use it it may be best to contact the issuing agency and have a new one issued without delay.

That isn’t likely to happen at all, but just so you know.

Now, when getting your passport expedited is an absolute necessity, it’s always recommended to trust the process to a professional!

Providers of passport expediting services have many benefits, including:

• Fast processing times-often taking less than 24 hours for your documents to be ready

• Convenient scheduling options because most appointments can be scheduled online or over the phone. In addition, if you need your document fast and there’s no time for an appointment, then you may be able to take advantage of same-day or even next-day services.

• Friendly staff members who are trained to help answer any questions that might arise during your application process.

So how can you get a passport quickly if you don’t have time for one of the expedited services?

If you’re in a rush and your time is limited, then consider:

• Contacting the agency directly: Each state has its own set of agencies that issue passports. These are usually located at a local post office or within federal government buildings. You can reach them through the telephone or by visiting their website for more information regarding how to get a passport fast!

• Visiting an agency in person: Although this isn’t the most convenient option, it can work if you need to get your document one day prior to departure. Of course, not everyone has time to spend making an appointment and waiting for hours so if that’s the case, then you can try using one of the other methods.

• Calling the National Passport Information Center: Although this isn’t a service that provides passport expediting, they can provide you with information regarding all agencies in your state so it may be worth a shot. In fact, many people use this service to locate an agency near them and then go from there.

Applicants must decide for themselves which method of passport expediting they’ll use-and although making an appointment can delay the process, it may be worth it especially if you can’t take time off from work. Contacting the agency directly may not be as convenient but is often faster and always free so keep this option in mind when you’re in a rush!

Do passports expire?

They do.

Then when is the last day you can use your passport?

Passports have a specific expiration date-and unlike many forms of identification, the U.S. government does require renewal every 10 years (if you are/were at least 16 years old when you got it) although there are some exceptions.

Passports generally must be renewed every 10 years for people 16 and older. For children under the age of 16, passports will expire after 5 years or when the child reaches 18-whichever comes first.

This means that you can use your passport as long as it’s valid. In terms of when you should renew, it’s best to do so 3 – 6 months before it expires.

This will give you time for your new one to come so you aren’t stressed or panicked about having a valid one for your next trip.

TIP: Review the expiration date of your passport and the travel requirements of the country or countries you will be traveling to because certain countries have different entry requirements. Some require that your passport not expire up to 6 months after your entry to their country.

What will happen if your passport has expired and you’re not aware of it?

Traveling outside the U.S. with an expired passport is a serious offense and could result in you being detained for questioning by border patrol agents as well as facing fines or even jail time so if it’s been more than five years since your last renewal, then consider renewing immediately!

If you’re planning on traveling within the next few months, then you’ll want to make sure that your passport is valid. If not, consider taking care of it as soon as possible.

Where can a person with a US passport travel?

Almost anywhere! With a US passport, you can travel to most places around the world. There are a few exceptions to this, and you should consult your embassy before departure if you have any concerns.

Related: What’s the “passport issuing country” if you’re in a foreign country?

Do I need a passport if I don’t travel?

Maybe. There are a few reasons why you might need a passport:

• If you’re a dual citizen and traveling to another country that requires proof of citizenship, then it’s best to carry one with you.

• In order to apply for entrance into some countries or visit US embassies and consulates, a valid passport is required.

• If you’re a citizen of the U.S., then you need to carry one while traveling outside of the territory.

Do all US citizens need a passport?

No. Not everyone is required to carry a passport while traveling outside the country, especially if they’re not visiting any countries that require proof of citizenship or have any business inside a U.S. embassy or consulate.

If you don’t fall under these categories, then it’s best to consider carrying one with you to avoid being detained at the border.

What can you do to make your passport last?

As long as it’s kept safe in a clean environment, then you shouldn’t have any problems with your passport lasting for up to 10 years after it is issued. In order to extend the life of your document, consider:

• Not getting water or other liquids on the pages.

• Keeping it in a dry, cool place so that the ink doesn’t fade or smear.

• Keeping important documents and other valuables out of sight to avoid damage or tampering (if you don’t have a locking passport pouch).

• Staying organized-always keep your passport with you even when traveling domestically or when you’re not going to be traveling abroad.

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Should you renew or replace a passport that has been damaged?

If your passport has been damaged, then it’s best to replace it. Some people are under the common misconception that if they apply for a new passport, then the one issued prior will still have value. This is not the case and you’re better off renewing it if there’s any trouble with your old one or doubt in your mind.

As long as you’ve kept a copy of everything that was in your previous document (or have a digital image of everything) then you should be able to apply pretty quickly and easily.

How much does it cost to renew a US passport?

There are a couple of different fees associated with “getting your passport”. The price for each document has changed a little over time as the government works on updating them or changing the way they are issued. Currently, depending on what you need, the pricing is as follows:

Passport Book – $110

Passport Card – $30

Passport Book & Card – $140

What is a Passport Book?

A US passport is a travel document issued by the United States government, mostly for use by its citizens. This is typically what you think of when you hear the word “passport”. It’s a small booklet that contains your identification photo(s), personal information and more. Your unique identification number is printed inside as well as on the outside of the front cover.

What is a Passport Card?

A passport card may be used in lieu of a passport book if traveling between mainland United States and Canada or Mexico. The “card” refers to its size which measures 2 3/4 inches wide by 4 3/4 inches long. This is smaller than a traditional passport book because of the limitations of space on the cards.

To apply for one, you’ll need to visit an acceptance facility that can be found here: https://iafdb.travel.state.gov/.

You can apply for the card even if you already have or have had a passport book. This is because they are considered separate documents. You can also apply for either at the same time as your passport, so long as it’s in conjunction with your renewal.

Here are some additional tips and guidance about where and when and what to get https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/how-apply/where-to-apply.html

What are a Passport Book and Card combo?

A combination of your wanting both a passport book and a passport card. You might want this in case you’re going to a country that accepts both documents and will let you in with either of them (Canada, for example). Or perhaps you just want to have the added protection of having your information in two different formats.

What is a passport?

A passport is a document that certifies your identity, issued by the government of your country. It usually contains information such as your name and date of birth, but it may also include other personal data as well. 

In Conclusion

There you have it. Your most frequently asked questions about passports answered. At least those are the ones I get the most here.

Now it’s up to you to go get yours and make some travel plans! There are so many wonderful places to get out and see!

Get your passport, ask your boss for some time off of work and get out there!

Pet Regulations and Contact Info for the Most Popular Airlines in the US and the World

Pet Regulations and Contact Info for the Most Popular Airlines in the US and the World

Check the regulations below to make sure the airline you would like to fly on will allow your pet to come with you, and how they will or won’t let you. Two quick questions and then dig in!

The importance of making a reservation to bring your dog, cat or other pet on any airline:

It is important to make a reservation for your pet as soon as you know the dates you want to travel. There are a number of reasons for this.

1- Each flight has a limited number of pets they will be allowed to carry. You don’t want the plane to have already filled their pet slots and not allow your dog to fly with you.

2- Also, it can be cheaper to reserve a pet online than it is at the ticket counter.

3- You want to make sure your pet falls within the airline’s regulations of pet that they will allow you to fly with.

How do I make a reservation to fly with my pet?

Making reservations with the airline for your pet to fly with you is easy.  All you have to do is find your airline below and go to their website and double-check their policies and then call them and make your reservation.

Make sure to review how much it will cost, when exactly you can fly, what regulations are currently in effect for carriers and other miscellaneous items.

Also Read: Best Airline Approved Dog Carriers For In Cabin

Some of the most popular airlines in the US and North America

southwest airlines logo

Southwest Airlines 

Here is Southwest’s pet page.

Small pets are welcome to travel with Southwest Airlines. Pets are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until their capacity is reached. There are a maximum of six pet carriers allowed on any given flight, so make your reservations as soon as you know when and where you are traveling.

If you want to reserve a spot for your dog, you can contact their customer service at 1-800-435-9792

Unaccompanied minors may not travel alone with a pet(s).

Delta Airlines logo

Delta Air Lines 

Visit the pet page of Delta’s site here

In addition to pets traveling in the cabin, Delta Airlines welcomes them in the cargo area as well. Reservations for your pet are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Generally, on each flight, Delta allows no more than two pets in first class, two in business class, and four in the main cabin. 

If you wish to reserve your puppy a seat on a Delta flight, call them here 800-221-1212.

American Airlines Logo

American Airlines

You can see American’s pet page here.

Dogs or other pets can be taken as cabin pets on American Airlines or shipped in their cargo area. American Airlines allows 7 kennels on flights. 

If you plan on traveling with your pet, you should contact the Customer Service Team at 800-433-7300 as soon as you confirm your travel plans to guarantee your pup a spot. American Airlines can restrict pets flying if the weather conditions are above 85 degrees Fahrenheit and below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

United Airlines Logo

United Airlines 

Here is United’s pet page.

One of the largest American airlines is United Airlines. Guests are welcome to bring their pets on board as well as check them in as luggage. The United Airlines Customer Service Team advises you to contact them as soon as you confirm your travel plans since they only accept two dogs in the cabin on some flights. 

For travelers with pets or pets traveling alone, they accept reservations between 30 days and 5 days before your flight. Additional acceptance conditions must be met before a reservation is confirmed. Ask them about those and make reservations over the phone at 1-800-864-8331.

SkyWest logo

SkyWest Airlines

Check out SkyWest’s pet page here.

Based in St. George, Utah, SkyWest Airlines is a North American airline. Depending on the requirements of their partner airlines, you can carry pets in the cabin or as checked luggage. SkyWest also asks that you follow certain requirements in addition to those set forth by the SkyWest airline partner you are flying with. 

During the entire boarding process and the duration of your flight, your pet must remain in its carrier underneath the seat in front of you. Seats may not be purchased for your pet. 

JetBlue logo

JetBlue Airways

Visit the JetBlue pet page here.

JetBlue is one of the cheaper airlines in the United States. There are some flights on which small pets are welcomed in the cabin. Booking your pet’s ticket as early as possible is imperative because JetBlue only allows four pets per flight. If you desire to travel with your pet, you can call 1-800-JETBLUE and find out how to make a reservation. 

You can book your ticket over the phone after confirming that pet transportation is available on the flights you are considering. Customers are only allowed to bring one pet, with exceptions being made on a case-by-case basis.

Air Canada logo

Air Canada

Here is Air Canada’s pet page on their website.

The largest airline in Canada is Air Canada. Most of their flights allow pet travel in the cabin and cargo area. The Customer Service Team at 888-247-2262 advises customers to book their pet’s reservation as soon as possible after confirming their travel plans. They allow up to four companion animals in the cabin. 

You should tell them how big and how heavy your pet carrier is, as well as the breed and weight of your pet. Additionally, they advise you to check in to your flight 30 minutes earlier than you normally would to make sure you have ample time to get your pet all squared away in time for your flight.

Alaska Airlines logo

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines’ pet page is right here.

Seattle is the home base of Alaska Airlines, an American airline. There are a number of flights that welcome pets in their cabins and in the cargo hold. For First Class cabins and main cabins on any given flight, Alaska Air can accommodate 1 pet each, and 5 each in the main cabin, so please contact them to make arrangements as soon as you know your flight plans. 

The Customer Service Team’s number is 800-252-7522. Reservation agents need to be told if you intend to fly with a pet, so they can confirm they have availability and make sure you don’t have any surprises when you get there the day of your flight.

Hawaiian Airlines Logo

Hawaiian Airlines

Their website’s pet page is right here.

There is no other airline in Hawaii bigger than Hawaiian Airlines. Many of their flights allow pets to travel in the cabin and cargo hold. They may restrict the transportation of your pet in cargo during extreme temperatures. 

Animals are limited to a few per flight on Hawaiian Airlines. As soon as possible after confirming your travel plans, you should reserve a ticket for yourself and your pet. To book a flight with your pet, you should call 1-800-367-5320 and inform the agent. The airline inspects and approves every animal kennel on each flight.

Spirit Airlines Logo

Spirit Airlines

Their pet page is right here.

The Florida-based airline Spirit Airlines offers low-cost flights. Most of their flights allow small pets to travel in the cabin with you. 

The cabin capacity for pets on Spirit Airlines’ domestic flights is limited to four, including routes to St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, and San Juan. Therefore, book your pet carrier as soon as your plans are confirmed. 

It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure proper documentation is available throughout the trip, regardless of whether Spirit Airlines requires a health certificate for carry-on pets. If you would like to reserve a spot on board, you can contact Spirit Airlines Customer Service at 801-401-2222.

westjet airlines logo


Here is their website’s pet page.

Low-cost airline WestJet is based in Canada. They have several flights that allow you to take pets along. Reservations for pets cannot be made on WestJet’s website. 

WestJet Customer Service will assist you by adding your pet to your travel plans. Give them a call at 1-888-937-8538

Pets are allowed in various limits on WestJet aircraft depending on which aircraft they are on. 

For pets traveling in the cabin

Up to 4 pets are allowed per flight if they are on the following aircrafts 

Boeing 737-600
Boeing 767-300
WestJet Encore Bombardier Q400

Up to 2 pets are allowed per flight if they are on the following aircrafts

Boeing 737-700
Boeing 737-800

For pets traveling in the cargo hold
Up to 3 pets are allowed on the WestJet 737
Up to 2 pets are allowed on the WestJet 767 
1 pet is allowed per flight on the WestJet Encore

To reserve a spot for your pup make sure to contact WestJet at 1-888-937-8538 and tell the agent that you need to make a reservation for you and you need space for your furry friend as well. 

Verify the entry requirements for animals for each country you plan on visiting before making the call to make the best use of your time and the agent you have on the line.

Frontier airlines logo

Frontier Airlines

Visit Frontier’s pet page here.

Denver-based Frontier Airlines operates low-cost flights across the U.S. Pet owners are welcome to bring their small pets on board. You can ensure your animal’s reservation by calling Frontier Airlines once your plans are confirmed. (801) 401-9000 will get you in touch with their Customer Service Team. 

Please note that flight operators like Great Lakes Aviation may not accept pets on certain flights operated by Frontier and its partners.

allegiant airlines logo


Here is Allegiant’s pet page on their site for you to check out.

The airline’s headquarters are in Nevada. Some of their routes allow small pets to travel inside their carriers in the cabin. In order to ensure pets and carriers comply with airport regulations, all pet carriers are inspected before being accepted on board. 

If you buy your own seats online you can buy your puppy’s spot at the same time. It’s pretty handy. You can get a hold of them at the following number and speak with them about any restrictions or questions you may have. (702) 505-8888

Some of the most popular international airlines

Qatar Airways logo

Qatar Airways

Qatar’s pet page on their site is here.

The airline is owned by Qatar Airways, which is Qatar’s national carrier. In the economy section of one of their aircraft, there is room for up to six falcons, with a limit of one per passenger. Qatar Airways flights do not have a limit on how many animals can be transported in the cargo hold, but the restrictions vary from aircraft to aircraft. 

They recommend contacting Qatar Airways as soon as you finalize your travel plans to guarantee your dog a spot on board. You can contact Qatar Airways at 877-777-2827 to inform the agent know that you are traveling with a pet.

ANA Airlines logo

ANA Wings – All Nippon Airways

Here is their pet policies page.

Japanese airline ANA Wings flies regionally. Select flights allow pets to be checked in as baggage. There are only three spots available on each flight, so be sure to book your furry friend’s spot as soon as you’re able to. Call 813-6741-6683 for assistance from ANA Customer Service.

Singapore Ailrlines Logo

Singapore Airlines

Visit their pet regulations page here.

Changi Airport is home to Singapore Airlines, the nation’s flag carrier airline. On a number of different flights, pets are allowed as checked baggage or cargo. 

Make sure your pet has a spot at least two weeks before your departure by getting in touch with your local Singapore Airlines office. 

More information is available by calling (800) 742-3333. Customer Service Agents will require you to provide the type, breed, species, gender, name, age, color, weight, and dimensions of the animal when you contact them.

Emirates Airline logo


Click here to visit their pet page.

Dubai-based Emirates Airline is the largest airline in the Middle East. Falcons are accepted on flights between Dubai and some Pakistani destinations, and additional animals are accepted in the cargo hold, as checked luggage, or for flights to some countries via their base in Dubai, UAE. 

Other pets are allowed as well.

There are no restrictions on the number of pets that can be placed in the cargo hold of Emirates flights, but some countries have restrictions on the number of pets that can be carried in and out.

Make sure Emirates knows you are traveling with animals before you book your tickets by calling (800)-777-3999. You should also check the pet policies of other airlines if your flight itinerary includes them.

Cathay Pacific logo

Cathay Pacific Airways

Visit their pet page here.

The flag carrier of Hong Kong is Cathay Pacific. The airline offers pets the opportunity to travel as checked baggage on several of their flights. During the reservation process, please make sure you have the weight and dimension of your pet and pet carrier as well as the material and brand. 

The country to which you are flying will also require you to provide a valid health and vaccination certificate, entry permits, and any other documentation required. Reservations can be made by calling (800) 233-2742 or if you have any questions you can contact them at that number.

Eva Air Logo


Eva Air has a pet page here.

The Eva Air airline is based near the Taiwanese capital Taipei. On several of their flights, pets are allowed as checked baggage. Before animals can fly with Eva Air, the airline requires you to fill out and submit a few specific forms that can be found on their website. 

It is recommended that you call (800) 695-1188 as soon as possible after you have confirmed your travel plans since there are only a limited number of animal seats available.

Quantas Airlines logo

Qantas Airways

Here is Qantas’ pet page on their site.

Known for its large fleet, international flights, and thousands of destinations worldwide, Qantas Airways is the flag carrier for Australia. All pets traveling with Qantas are now handled through Qantas Freight. 

There are a limited number of pet cargo seats available on Qantas flights, so the airline recommends that you reserve yourself a pet seat as soon as you get your travel arrangements in place. 

Hainan Airlines logo

Hainan Airlines

Here is Hainan’s pet page on their site.

China’s Hainan Airlines operates as an airline from its home base there. There are a number of flights that let pets travel as checked baggage. Check their pet policies page on their website for more information.  

To do so, you can contact them at (800) 227-4500. I recommend contacting the Cargo Department in Australia at (+61) 13-12-13 if you need further information regarding more than 1 animal crate.

Lufthansa Airline logo


Here is the pet page on their site.

With all of its subsidiaries, Lufthansa is the largest airline in Germany and Europe. There are a number of flights where pets are allowed in the cabin and the cargo hold. 

There is a limit of two pets per passenger. If you are traveling with your pet, you should phone Lufthansa Reservations at (800) 645-3880 as soon as your plans are confirmed.

Thai Airways logo

Thai Airways

Here is their pet page on their website.

Land of Smiles, Thailand, is home to Thai Airways, the flag carrier airline. On several of their flights, pets are allowed as checked baggage. 

On many Thai Airways flights, pets can be checked in as checked baggage if the pet and the carrier weigh less than 70 pounds (32 kilograms). 

Thai Airways Customer Service can tell you the fare on your flight and help you reserve a spot for your dog by calling (800) 767-3598.

KLM logo

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Here is the pet page on their site

The flag carrier airline of the Netherlands is KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. On most of their flights, pets are allowed in the cabin and the cargo hold. Bookings for pets must be made by phone. 

They recommend making the reservation at least 48 hours before departure, as there can only be a limited number of pet spots on most flights. You can however call them as early as 24 hours after you book your flight. I certainly recommend doing that to make sure there is room for your dog on your flight. 

When you are ready to make your travel arrangements, call the KLM Customer Service Team at 866-434-0320. The charge for pet care during a transfer from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Airport is 150 EUR if your pet is checked in as baggage and the transfer lasts over two hours.

Air France Airline logo

Air France

Here is their pet page.

The flag-carrying airline of France is Air France. Many of their flights allow pets to travel in the cabin and hold. Make sure that Air France knows you will be traveling with your pet when you book your ticket. Animals may travel in varying numbers depending on the aircraft. 

Any further questions or concerns can be directed to their Telephone Sales Team at 800-237-2747.

I hope you have found this page helpful. Check out some of the related articles below for more helpful flight info.

Travel Tips for Your Next Trip! (Flying or Driving, Bringing Your Family or Just Your Pets!)

Travel Tips for Your Next Trip! (Flying or Driving, Bringing Your Family or Just Your Pets!)

traveler sitting at horshoe bend

Whether you are driving or flying, I have found some super helpful things to do either before or while traveling that have helped me out over the years… I just wanted to get them all in one place so I can reference them in the future.

I thought they might be helpful for you too! Read on!

Before you get on a long-haul flight

– If flying makes you uncomfortable, practice deep breathing exercises before boarding so that during take-off and landing, you will be able to control your breathing.

– Do a dozen or two squats every day for the week or two leading up to your trip. This will help you when you are hauling around that luggage. This will help prepare the body for all those hours of sitting in a cramped space. It will also help you enjoy your trip more while you are there.

– Bring food that is not messy but definitely bring some food with you! A protein-rich snack or meal will help sustain blood sugar levels on a flight, while carbohydrate-rich foods such as pasta can keep hunger at bay for up to three hours.

– Take your shoes off and get up at least once an hour – whether it’s to use the restroom, go for a walk, stretch your legs or just wander the plane looking for a place to nibble. This will alleviate the swelling in your feet and legs which often occurs during long flights.

– Pack some pain relief medication as well as an antihistamine to counteract nasal congestion in case of air travel allergies. Medications should be used before take-off, to reduce any drowsiness on landing. Bring a neck pillow, small blanket and eyeshades/earplugs if you need them.

– Preparation is key so print out travel documents such as hotel confirmation email or your electronic ticket receipt on the flight, with your name clearly displayed on it in case of lost luggage. Carry your passport at all times, because it will be checked at the airport before you can board, and again at check-in as well as immigration upon your arrival.

– Get a window seat if possible so you can stick your head out and enjoy the view. If you’re seated next to an open window, make sure that there are no loose objects around – especially in turbulence – to avoid any accidents when climbing over people in awkward seats!

– Wear layers of clothing for long flights so you will have options depending on how warm or cold you feel while airborne. Ticket pockets that allow carry-on baggage onboard are useful, but remember to keep your passport handy too! Carry just basic toiletries rather than large bottles of liquid. Powders are lighter and can be mixed later in the bathroom.

– Bring your own water bottle on board, as not all airlines provide them for free. You might even consider buying a canned drink to accompany you during take-off so that once airborne, you have something to sip on throughout the flight instead of paying exorbitant prices for tiny portions of water.

– For airplane ear pain, a cotton swab dabbed with rubbing alcohol will help relieve pressure on the eardrum. Also, try chewing gum if this helps adjust the pressure in your ears – pop one in at take-off time. Earplugs may also be useful for sleeping or if sitting next to someone who talks loudly or is snoring.

– Although aircrews shut the windows during take-off to reduce a cabin’s pressure, in some cases, passengers may still experience ears popping – it is not unusual for the first few minutes of flight. If pain persists or if you feel any dizziness while flying, immediately alert a flight attendant who will be able to provide you with an anti-nausea medication (available onboard) as well as oxygen if necessary.

– For nausea, suck on ginger candy or use special motion sickness bands. Also, ask your doctor for advice because he or she can give you a motion sickness prescription that works in advance instead of having to wait until feeling sick. A saline eyedropper is also useful if headaches result from being sick.

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– If you plan to sleep, bring any medication that might aid in sleeping (such as Benadryl or melatonin) – although alcohol is prohibited on the flight, it may help you fall asleep faster than caffeine and other stimulants after a long day of traveling. Also, bring your own eye shades/earplugs if noise and lights bother you while trying to rest/sleep.

– To avoid jet-lag, try drinking water ahead of time even if not thirsty because dehydration can cause sleeplessness at odd hours. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor before leaving for your destination who will advise further treatment such as antihistamines or prescribed medications prior to departure. Eat small meals often during long flights and choose foods that are easily digestible.

– Use body lotion or moisturizer on your hands and feet if you will be doing a lot of walking while at the airport, which can dry out your skin. Consider packing hand sanitizer as well – especially for those who might not wash their hands regularly during an extended trip abroad.

– Bringing gifts, snacks, magazines or books for children onboard is a nice gesture so they’re occupied and quiet (especially if you’re seated close to them) throughout the flight instead of running up and down the cabin disturbing other passengers!

– Keep IDs handy in case of lost luggage because it will speed up your claim at the airport once you arrive. Also, keep medications organized in your bag so that you easily access them while onboard the aircraft.

– It is advisable to hire a good travel insurance policy, especially with pre-existing medical conditions, for personal liability coverage in case of theft or damage to baggage/personal items while traveling. If you’re planning to stay overseas for an extended period – ask about extending your travel insurance policy and consider taking out additional coverage depending on the length of stay (a few months may prove useful if plans change). Learn more about insurance cover here.

– To save luggage space, avoid packing unnecessarily heavy clothing/shoes although this will depend on how long you will be staying at your destination. For any valuables like jewelry, do not keep them in your checked baggage, instead pack them into your carry-on luggage.

– If you’re taking a long flight overseas, get a good night’s sleep the night before so that you arrive fresh and energized (or better yet – take an afternoon nap). Traveling on empty can make you tired and cranky especially if there are delays or issues at check-in or immigration. Also avoid eating heavy meals within 4 hours of travel time as this can lead to indigestion, heartburn and uncomfortable cramps during the flight.

– If possible, try to book seats near emergency exits (rows 1-4) because these are usually located right next to toilets thus having easy access when needed.

– If you’re worried about seat selection, consider booking online because this gives you a better idea of where to sit before your departure so that you can avoid being stuck between an aisle and window or near the bathroom.

– When flying during peak seasons (especially December to March) or long distance flights – book early! Traveling standby may be more convenient but it won’t save you any money and as seats become limited, fares become higher. Booking online is recommended because airlines usually provide discounted fares on their websites which means that travel agents will charge extra fees for brokering such deals. There are also promo codes available on social media if you regularly follow airline/travel pages on Facebook.

– If you’re just flying within Asia, consider using this site to search through the many airlines that fly and undercut each other on prices.

– Get a good sleep before your flight (aim for 7-9 hours) by staying away from bright lights (e.g. TV or phones) one hour before bedtime so that your body’s internal clock can adjust naturally.

– Consider packing tissues for use in the restrooms especially when you travel during flu season.

– If you’re flying a long distance and are prone to motion sickness, consider buying some over-the-counter medications like Imodium or anti-nausea patches (available at pharmacies) to help with the situation early on.

– Consider bringing your own meals and snacks for travel especially if you have dietary restrictions. Airline food can get boring and unhealthy when eaten over a span of several hours!

– Bring extra socks/slippers on board because they tend to be small in size as compared to other flight amenities so that you’ll always be comfortable during your journey home.

– Pack toiletries separately, making sure that items don’t leak inside your luggage

– Store liquid items in plastic bottles or vacuum sealed bags and pack these in your hand luggage to avoid unnecessary liquids delays. If you’re worried about bulky toiletries, consider buying travel-sized options so that you save space within your suitcase.

 Packing luggage tips

– Roll all the clothing into small tight bundles – this will save space inside your bag as well as reduce wrinkling during transit (wider/looser rolls cause more creases). Make sure that nothing is sticking out of the top of the roll because this can get caught on other items or surfaces.

– To protect delicate clothes, place them strategically at the bottom layer of the suitcase (clothes packed on top tend to rub against anything underneath it). Be sure that wider straps are facing downwards (to prevent them from accidentally scratching your clothes) and don’t over-stuff bags with heavy items as this can cause damage to other fabrics. For delicate shoes, place a plastic bag or newspaper at the bottom of the suitcase so that they don’t get crushed under heavier clothing.

– If you’re going on a short trip (1 week), pack only 1 carry-on, 2 check-in luggage in case one is lost/damaged during transit, and make use of a separate ladies handbag for any essentials such as cards/passport/cash. This will also help you keep track of what’s inside your luggage. Keep valuables inside your jacket or pant pockets when you’re in transit.

– Label all important documents and luggage pieces with permanent markers. This includes your ticket, passport, credit cards, etc so that if they are lost during transit, authorities will be able to return them to you quickly.

– Never pack valuable items in checked-in luggage because the ground staff not only have access to baggage but can also sometimes open the cases and rummage through contents without permission (particularly on smaller airlines). Exchange currency before leaving for the airport so that this doesn’t get confiscated by immigration if found inadvertently within your bags. If you do bring valuables with you, ensure that these are placed within your handbag/briefcase inside a zip-locked plastic bag/secure travel pouch to avoid theft.

– If you’re worried about carrying too much luggage, consider getting a travel companion or cab driver at your destination point to pick up the rest of your items from airport storage. Local hotels (notably in Europe) have safe deposit facilities within their reception areas where they can store your cases for several days/weeks upon request. This is obviously a better alternative than lugging around extra bags with you during sightseeing activities!

– Never carry your passport in hand luggage or pockets because this is a potential risk if you’re also bringing cash and/or credit cards. You should also opt to leave important documents such as tickets, passports, etc at home when you’re on an extended vacation so that they are not lost (especially during transit). Prepare yourself with copies of these instead.

– While travel insurance may not be something that interests everyone, it’s highly recommended for long trips especially if you’re traveling on a budget. Countries can get pretty expensive once airfare, hotel rentals and transportation costs have been factored into the equation! Also, consider getting additional coverage options if you plan to do some extreme activities such as bungee jumping or skydiving while abroad.

– When packing small toiletries like suntan lotion, oil, etc, use mini bottles that can fit into drawers and smaller travel packs so that they don’t take up too much space within your luggage. Also remember to keep duplicates of all important documents such as passports etc in separate places so that if one is lost/damaged during transit, you still have others to fall back upon.

– For long-haul trips (especially when flying), consider investing in a portable travel pillow as this will help prevent neck pain and allow your head to properly rest against the plane’s seat headrests. Pack light clothing that won’t weigh you down or restrict your movements too much; bring clothes that can be dried easily if accidentally washed/damaged after use.

– If you’re traveling on business, don’t forget to carry a suit jacket, formal shoes and trousers for important work meetings. Bring only mini size toiletries (unless you plan to buy them once abroad) so that excess bottles don’t take up too much space within your luggage.

– Always pack a bar of hand soap or liquid body wash so that you can easily wash your hands when there are no accessible bathrooms around. Pack at least 1 pair of dark sunglasses and one pair of prescription/contact lens if you need them.

– Always opt for business class on long flights when you can because these seats offer greater legroom, larger entertainment screens, pillows, blankets, etc. Book seats with the most direct aisle access as these provide easier movement within and outside of your airline.

– When traveling to developing countries, make sure that you bring a first-aid kit (especially if you’re planning activities like cycling) so that you can treat minor cuts/wounds or insect bites, etc. Bring extra painkillers for treating sore muscles/migraine headaches too.

– If you’re bringing electronic gadgets such as laptops, cameras, watches, etc with you on trips abroad, make sure that these are packed into hardshell cases to protect against bumps/scratches during transit. Also, think about buying quality travel adapters that allow compatible electrical appliances to function when plugged into native sockets overseas.

– When traveling abroad on work, spend some time preparing your presentations beforehand so that you don’t have to waste valuable time in airplanes/rooms. Install mobile apps such as maps.me before leaving for a trip so that you can use offline navigation controls if there is no data connection available!

– If you’re traveling during the holidays (or anytime really), try to book hotels with access to amenities like gyms and pools. This will allow you the freedom to exercise during down-times without having to worry about finding public gyms or budgeting for membership fees. It’s also a good idea to pack multiple pairs of holiday clothes because this allows you greater flexibility when it comes to changing outfits every day.

– When going abroad, download the Google Translate app to your smartphone so that you can instantly translate new languages during interactions/transit. Bring a hardcover book/journal with you if you’re needing some downtime and want to reduce the amount of electronics on your person when traveling!

– If you plan to visit cities famous for their nightlife, try to pay for a hotel room in advance (either individually or as part of an event package) so that there aren’t any last-minute surprises about accommodation availability. Also make sure that you have the right type of travel insurance before leaving on a trip because this will help provide financial assistance in case anything happens during transit (e.g credit card theft, accidental injuries etc).

– When going abroad, bring a phone charger with multiple socket types (eg US/EU) so that you can plug in your devices without having to buy new chargers or carry multiple travel adapters! Pack at least one pair of headphones/earphones too because they’re useful if you need silence for sleeping or need private listening during flights/bus journeys.

– If you’re planning a road trip overseas, try to avoid driving at night as roads are less well-lit and safety precautions like seatbelts aren’t always followed by local drivers! Bring moisturizer or lip balm with SPF to protect skin from UV rays when traveling to sunny destinations.

– When preparing to travel on a long flight, buy inflatable pillows and blankets from Amazon because these are more compact than ones that come with plastic packaging. Before leaving for a trip abroad, take pictures of all your passport/IDs/credit cards, etc and store them digitally so that you have backups in case something happens!

– If you’re visiting a developing country where there is little to no available internet connection, try using the XE Currency app (available on both iOS and Android platforms) to check currency conversion rates. It’s also worth learning some basic phrases in local languages such as “please” and “thank you” before traveling overseas!

– When going abroad on work, it’s a good idea to bring along presentation notes or even business cards in other languages for interactions with foreign partners. Before leaving on a trip, take the time to go over the itinerary and ensure that there are no typos!

– If you’re traveling during peak holiday periods (e.g Christmas), try to plan your events/reservations as early as possible so that everything can be confirmed beforehand. Pack some snacks too if you’re traveling because this allows you to keep costs down when walking around unfamiliar cities.

– If you’re visiting a foreign country, bring pictures of the local language on your smartphone so that you can point at these during interactions with natives/public transport drivers.

– When going abroad, try to make use of public transit as much as possible because this is more environmentally friendly than renting/driving personal vehicles (plus car rental services are less affordable during peak travel periods). Pack medicines such as cold medicine or painkillers too because they might come in handy when traveling!

– When traveling overseas, it’s a good idea to have immediate funds available in case there are any unexpected expenses. This will allow you to pay for things like taxis without having to worry about accessing credit or debit cards. Before leaving on a trip, try to remember the last time you charged all your devices so that they are fully functional upon arrival!

– When going abroad, make use of travel forums such as TripAdvisor.com because this allows you to learn whether there are any safety issues with certain areas/districts in foreign countries (plus it’s useful for learning about hidden gems while also avoiding tourist traps). Pack some wet wipes too if you’re visiting humid destinations because these can be used to clean hands/tables etc without having to worry about access to soap and water.

– If you’re traveling overseas during peak travel periods, make sure that electronic devices have enough battery life so that you don’t have to worry about charging them during your trip.

– When going abroad, bring along some multi-vitamins because they can be used to supplement local diet especially in developing countries where people suffer from malnutrition. Pack reading material too if you’re traveling overseas (e.g magazines or books) because this will allow for maximum personal productivity on the plane!

– If you’re visiting a foreign country, try to learn some basic phrases in their native language beforehand so that you can properly communicate with locals/public transport drivers while traveling. Also, try not to compare your destination’s characteristics/infrastructure with your home country because this might end up ruining the experience!

– When traveling overseas, try to pack extra snacks for long trips because having a full stomach can help you sleep better while also relieving stress. It’s also worth remembering that people in other countries might not be used to seeing visitors from your country so always dress appropriately when visiting foreign nations!

– If you’re traveling abroad and need vaccinations for the local environment (e.g yellow fever), make sure that these are taken several months before departure so that reactions/side effects don’t interfere with personal plans. Pack a power bank too because this will allow for maximum smartphone battery life while traveling.

– When going abroad, it’s a good idea to bring along some water purification tablets because this will allow you to avoid contracting diarrhea/stomach issues. Similarly, be sure to pack a passport/identity cardholder so that personal belongings are kept safe while traveling!

– When visiting foreign lands, it’s a good idea to bring along some tissue paper too because this can be used for cleaning hands/toilet seats etc without having to worry about access to water or soap. Wherever possible, try not to schedule important meetings during peak travel periods because travel can ruin productivity levels!

– When going abroad, remember that public transport systems often get sold out during peak travel periods so buy tickets in advance if possible. Also, remember that people from different cultures might have different definitions of ‘personal space’ so be careful about personal boundaries if you’re traveling overseas!

– When going abroad, remember to bring along some earplugs because this can help you sleep better while also allowing for peaceful relaxation. In addition, make sure that your luggage is solid enough to deter theft especially when visiting foreign lands.

– When traveling overseas, always check the baggage allowance beforehand and don’t overpack – remember that overweight charges are almost certain during peak travel periods! Before visiting a foreign country/city, try to find out its local emergency number so that safety measures are put into place in case of emergencies (e.g getting lost or suffering from an allergic reaction).

– When visiting foreign lands, make sure that you take along an extra set of clothes because this will allow you to pack less while also giving yourself peace of mind. Also, remember that it’s a good idea to pack some insect repellent so that you don’t have to worry about mosquito bites etc when traveling overseas!

– When visiting foreign countries, be sure to check the local customs and culture beforehand so that behavior doesn’t ruin plans/experiences – being polite always goes a long way! Remember that common sense is key if traveling overseas (e.g checking weather forecasts before departure) because bad weather can delay/ruin travel plans!

– When traveling abroad, bring along a portable charger so that your smartphone/camera battery doesn’t run out while also giving you peace of mind. It’s also worth remembering to bring along a universal power adapter because these are more versatile than traditional ones!

– When visiting foreign lands, try to pack an umbrella so that rain doesn’t ruin plans – remember how awful it feels when returning home as a result of inclement weather conditions. When planning trips abroad, always check whether it will be sunny or rainy beforehand and try not to forget important prescription medicines too!

– When traveling abroad, make sure that there is cash in the emergency stash in case of emergencies (e.g paying for transport services, etc) – using credit cards overseas is often riskier during peak travel periods! Also, remember to bring along a drinking water bottle because having access to potable water is often not available when traveling overseas. Similarly, consider bringing along some old clothes/towels too so that you can use these strictly for dirty purposes while traveling – this is usually cheaper than buying such items overseas.

– When visiting foreign countries, be sure to check whether certain services are covered by insurance beforehand – otherwise, it might be better to avoid them. Always take precautions against crime (e.g checking into hotels during off-peak travel periods) and make sure that the luggage being carried is always properly locked (preferably with two locks) in case of theft!

– When planning trips abroad, check whether there are any country-specific restrictions before getting vaccinated – this will help prevent unnecessary complications. Before visiting foreign lands, remember to take along at least two credit cards with different numbers on them just in case one gets stolen or lost – sometimes having cash is better than relying solely on plastic for various reasons (e.g not being able to use the card when away from home).

– When visiting foreign cities, always check whether there are any currency exchange restrictions – this will help prevent complications. Keep in mind that carrying a notebook and pen can be useful when traveling overseas because it helps take notes of instructions/directions etc and makes travel much easier!

– When traveling abroad, keep important things like passport/visa/credit cards, etc on hand so that inclement weather doesn’t ruin plans – during times such as these, having extra cash is often necessary. It’s also worth remembering to bring along an assistive device with you (e.g mobile phone) for use in case of emergencies (e.g getting lost or suffering from an allergic reaction). Before visiting foreign countries, do try to find out about the local cuisine beforehand so that you have a rough idea of what to expect – that way, things like excess salt/spiciness will not be overpowering.

– When visiting foreign lands, make sure that any credit cards are kept within view at all times in case of loss or theft and it’s also worth remembering to always take along important things like wallet, passport/visa, etc when traveling abroad! It’s also worth noting that currency exchange rates can change rapidly (e.g due to inflation) and it might be better to buy bought items overseas with cash instead because some credit card companies charge more for foreign transactions. Remember to keep an eye on where luggage is being carried in public places (e.g bus/airport) and try to avoid getting lost while traveling!

– When visiting foreign countries, remember to keep the map on hand because it helps one get around much easier. Also, when traveling abroad, it’s always better if there is someone who can help out in case of emergency (e.g being able to communicate with locals) – this way, complications are reduced and things become much easier.

– It’s important that travelers check their travel insurance coverage before leaving for a holiday because some companies might exclude certain services from reimbursement like overseas medical claims etc. Similarly, when planning trips abroad, do try to find out what effects these vacations will have on things at home (e.g school work, pets, etc) and make sure that everything is taken care of before leaving.

– When planning trips abroad, remember to check visa requirements for the destination – this will help prevent complications. It’s also important that travelers check how much luggage they can carry in public places (e.g bus/airport) so that things do not get ruined or lost during travel. While visiting foreign countries, it’s best to put a sticker on passports with contact information in case one gets misplaced or stolen – this way, problems can be solved more easily if such an incident occurs!

– It’s important that travelers check in advance about any currency exchange restrictions because these might cause complications. Also, when traveling abroad, it’s usually a good idea to learn certain basics of the local language (e.g greetings) – this will help make travel much easier!

– It’s important that travelers take along at least two credit cards with different numbers on them whenever traveling overseas – this way, problems related to lost/stolen cards can be solved more easily and hassle free.

Road trip travel tips

– While planning road trips, it’s best to take along certain essentials (e.g maps/camera, etc) because they help make travel a whole lot easier. It’s also worth remembering to check road conditions and traffic rules for the destination before going on a road trip – this will ensure that things do not get complicated!

– When planning road trip vacations, remember to check gas availability at different places beforehand so that there are no surprises later on. Similarly, when traveling by car abroad, make sure that all documents needed by authorities (e.g registration card, etc) are kept in view so that complications can be avoided during border crossings!

– It’s important that travelers take along extra cash for use in case of emergencies while traveling by car abroad because some credit cards might not function in certain places!

– When going on road trips, make sure that the vehicle is in good condition – this will reduce the chances of accidents. Also, when planning road trips, it’s best to carry along a few gallons of water and snacks (e.g fruit/chips) since these items are needed when traveling long distances!

– It’s important that travelers keep an eye on the time while traveling by car abroad because some countries use their own times which may vary drastically from the host nation.

– While planning a road trip vacation, it’s best to take along certain essentials (e.g cell phone/camera) – they help make travel much easier and things become simpler! Also, remember to keep a map of the surrounding areas near you for easy reference!

– It’s important to keep in mind the local traffic laws of a destination while traveling by car abroad because these might be different from home and cause problems later on! Similarly, when going on road trips, remember to pack all the documents needed by authorities at the time of entering/leaving a country (e.g passport/driver’s license, etc.) – this will make things easier if anything goes wrong during border crossings.

– While planning road trips, remember to take along extra cash for use in case of emergencies – this will help if one is stranded on a deserted road! It’s also important that travelers research their destinations before traveling by car abroad because some countries have strict laws and penalties related to driving which may land the driver into trouble!

– It’s best to carry a cell phone when traveling by car abroad (or any vehicle) so that in case of an emergency or need for assistance, it can be called. Also, while planning road trips, remember to check gas availability at different places beforehand so that there are no surprises later on. Similarly, when traveling by car abroad, make sure that all documents needed by authorities (e.g registration card, etc) are kept in view so that complications can be avoided during border crossings!

– When planning road trips, take along the phone numbers of a few hospitals/police stations near you so that in case of an emergency, they can be called for help – this will save on trouble later on.

– It’s important to keep the drugs/medicine used by travelers up-to-date (especially those which need regular refills) because if there is any need for medical assistance while traveling by car abroad or any other vehicle, it’ll have to be shown at that time and might prove problematic if outdated! Also, when planning road trips, remember to check gas availability at different places beforehand so that there are no surprises later on. Similarly, when traveling by car abroad, make sure that all documents needed by authorities (e.g registration card, etc) are kept in view so that complications can be avoided during border crossings!

– It’s important that all travelers pack an emergency survival kit when planning road trips abroad because this helps in case of emergencies and will prove essential if something goes wrong on the way.

– While going on road trips, remember to keep essentials like water/snacks with you since these are required and might be difficult to find at times while traveling by car overseas or any vehicle! Also, make sure that passports/visas for the destination country are up-to-date – this will help things run smoothly during border crossings if there is a need for them. Similarly, travelers must carry along extra cash (and credit cards) for use in case of emergencies while traveling by car abroad because some credit cards might not be accepted in some countries/cities!

Tipping while you travel made simple

– While tipping is not mandatory anywhere in the world, it’s customary for travelers to show appreciation towards services rendered especially during foreign travels (when these are provided as an added service by default). Service personnel are generally underpaid as compared to their Western counterparts and rely on tips for part of their income.

– Ensure that you know the tipping etiquette for your destination country before embarking on a trip because rules for tipping differ in each location. Check with locals or do some research beforehand, so that travelers don’t end up offending others unknowingly.

– While leaving tips is not mandatory, it does go a long way in getting better service especially in these times of economic uncertainty (when employers can no longer afford to pay employees more). A good strategy is to turn down unnecessary services at hotels/restaurants so that staff can concentrate on providing better quality services to travelers who are tipping them.

– If you’re staying at a hotel, leave some loose change (or small bills) for housekeeping staff and room service attendants so that they can be rewarded for their services while leaving a large bill or tip in the form of $1-$5 to concierges who help travelers with planning excursions/local information, etc. For taxi/limousine drivers and tour guides, consider giving around 10% and local guides can get by on approximately 5%.

– When paying tips, place the cash inside an envelope and use this to pay farewell tips instead of handing out money directly to servers/drivers because this avoids confusion over how much you paid. It’s also very important to read confirmation receipts to ensure that you didn’t get overcharged for services rendered.

– It’s customary not to tip at all in the following scenarios: 1) Restaurants where service fees/tips are already included within your bill 2) Service is poor 3) People who don’t usually accept tips (like hotel porters etc). Some restaurants will even include a note on their checklists asking customers not to leave any tips for mediocre service! If you feel compelled or are open-minded enough to give a tip because of exceptional service, then do so but make sure this forms part of the overall bill and isn’t merely tossed in addition.

– If you’re visiting areas where tipping isn’t considered mandatory or common practice, then avoid doing so. In some countries like Japan and South Korea, for example, tipping is looked upon as insulting because it insinuates that the staff has provided poor services which would warrant a tip in the first place!

– While tipping isn’t generally expected during local travels within a country, do leave a small gratuity of between 5% to 10% when using taxis/auto-rickshaws, etc. since these are usually not inclusive of any service charges – especially if you want to ensure return services at your convenience. Note: If you’re traveling with friends/family members who don’t consider this `mandatory’, make sure they don’t object to your generosity towards the driver/staff while paying the bill.

– If you’re traveling with kids and need to access baby strollers, wheelchairs, etc., then tip 10% of their original cost. Always check beforehand to find out if tipping is mandatory in your destination country before paying any gratuities. In Japan, for example, service charges at restaurants are generally considered part of the bill but travelers can still leave tips by adding it on top if they feel compelled to do so!

– The survival kit that gets overlooked whenever a person travels abroad isn’t a suitcase or an extra pair of shoes but travel-sized toiletries like antiseptics, dental floss/scissors, handwash lotion/sanitizer, etc. If you’re staying in hotels, it’s best to always keep a small supply on hand because most places may not provide these items for free!

– While using public toilets can be a rather unpleasant experience especially if you’re traveling abroad, make the best of it by bringing along travel-sized toiletries from home. You’ll save the cost of having to tuck in a few quarters (for paying the services) every time you step into one!

– Before jetting off on your international holiday, think about storing your favorite toiletries at home for when you return back later. This will help ensure that nothing goes missing/mislaid during transit and you don’t have to worry about spaces getting filled up on your return trip.

– Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, make sure you travel with updated health and other important documents in hand. This will help ensure that nothing goes wrong at the last minute while abroad. Make duplicate copies of the same (in case something gets mislaid) and keep it safe from damaging elements like water etc.

– If your luggage is overweight or oversize, then use a luggage shipping company to get items delivered at your destination instead of paying extra charges during check-ins/check-outs or even worse; being refused entry due to excess baggage! You could also consider sending them by road if time permits since this is usually cheaper than the flight route.

Travel tips with pets

– Are you planning to travel abroad with a pet (bird, cat, dog, etc.)? Then make sure that the animal complies with all the country-specific vaccination/quarantine rules and regulations prior to departure. This will help ensure a smooth entry into the country without any hassles!

– If you’re traveling abroad with a pet who’s a picky eater, then consider packing canned/dried food along to keep them well-fed throughout your trip. This will ensure that you don’t have to worry much about their diet so as long as they get all the essential nutrients in their bodies.

– If you plan on going overseas with your pet, then make the most of getting travel insurance beforehand. This will help ensure that any unforeseen illnesses or accidents are taken care of – instead of having to shell out exorbitant amounts for expensive treatments at hospitals/clinics, etc.

– When traveling abroad with pets like dogs and cats, it’s best to book hotels that provide pet services like food/walk-time, etc. This will help ensure that you don’t have to worry much about going out and leaving your pet behind every time he gets hungry or tired!

– Pet carriers may not be the most attractive thing to lug around while traveling abroad but they are vital if you’re planning on taking along a pet with you. Make sure you buy one according to the size of your pet so as to provide enough air circulation, enough room for movement, etc. Also, check out their requirements for in-flight safety by contacting your airline beforehand.

– Keeping pets safe (especially dogs) during trips isn’t just about making sure that they don’t run away from home, but also to keep them from getting into trouble like picking up bad habits or even worse; falling in the hands of pet-nappers (many kidnapping cases have been reported during past years). To ensure their safety, it’s best to make sure that you walk them only when necessary – depending on your security/safety level – and for shorter times.

– If you plan on going overseas with your dog, then consider training him/her beforehand so as to acclimatize faster. This will help establish manners and discipline among pets, put less stress on you and even your fellow travelers while abroad!

– When traveling with a dog, it’s always better to book a hotel which allows pets. This way, you don’t have to leave your pet behind in the hotel room while you go sightseeing or working. Keep him/her company by booking a suite with an additional bedroom!

– Booking hotels with pets is one thing, insuring them during trips maybe another. Contact the pet service provider beforehand and check out their coverage rates before setting off on long journeys abroad so as to not come across any last-minute hassles.

– How well behaved (following commands etc.) is your dog? If he tends to ignore you at times of emergency then it’s best to get some obedience training done beforehand. This will ensure that your dog responds better when needed and that it’s a safer travel experience for both of you.

– If your dog tends to bark incessantly or is hyperactive, then consider getting them some behavioral training beforehand. This will make sure that they are more controlled while on the road, less disruptive and easier to handle during emergencies.

– It’s always best to have a pet sitter take care of your pets back home if you’re going abroad for extended periods. This will save the hassle of dealing with his/her requirements during travel and also ensure that they are in safe hands. However, if you can’t find a dependable pet sitter, then make sure to get one from a trusted source or board him at a local animal shelter instead!

Traveling with a camera?

– It’s always good to carry extra memory cards (especially the compact ones) while on a trip so as to save time, avoid last-minute hassles and ensure you don’t miss out on any memorable moments.

– When going from place to place, it’s always best to keep your camera bag safe by either putting it in a hard-shell backpack or keeping it close at hand. In case of theft, merely taking a few pictures won’t help – but your insurance company will definitely appreciate having the complete set of pictures!

– Beware that thieves are everywhere! Even if you’re just walking down the street or researching something nearby – try not to put your cameras (especially DSLRs ) off your reach. If you have them around, then make sure they’re wrapped tightly with the strap-around-the-neck method.

– Never carry expensive camera lenses while traveling! They are too big and can be easy targets for pickpockets. Instead of lugging such expensive items, bring a small lens that takes up less space in your bag!

– If you want to go extreme with your photography, then consider investing in a waterproof camera! This will help capture underwater pictures without breaking the bank!

– When going out with your DSLR, it’s always good to carry it around in a sturdy camera bag. This will not only protect the device but can also double up as another handbag if needed!

– If you want to be stealthy and are using a smartphone, like an iPhone or Android, while traveling, make sure to disable location sharing (under settings) so that your friends/fans cannot track you via GPS tracking on social networks. For Android phones users – there is no such thing as offhand but we suggest using Google Maps instead of the GPS tracking feature.

– If you’re visiting a beachside location, then it’s always best to protect your camera from direct exposure to water, especially saltwater. You can do so with waterproof bags or just use a plastic bag if needed! This will help keep things safe for longer and prevent untimely accidents as well.

– If you’re going to a beach location, then a GoPro (or similar action camera) can be extremely handy! You can easily mount them to your head or chest before getting in the water and take some amazing videos without worrying about anything else!

I recently went to Mexico with my wife and we wanted to travel light so we just took our phones. We got to some great cenotes and wished we had cameras that we could have taken with us underwater. We missed capturing some incredible moments.

Your standard point-and-shoot cameras are really not cut for underwater pictures. And even if it is, you need someone with extreme skills to pull that off. Instead of risking having a working camera but blur images – consider investing in an underwater camera instead! These cameras help capture clearer pics while being safe underwater.

– When you’re out hiking around… on mountains or trekking through forests or a beach – carry extra batteries and memory cards with you so as to capture all those memorable moments without any delays!

– Consider buying a solar-powered charger instead of regular ones when camping/hiking in remote locations where electricity is not easily available. A good example is this solar charger from Anker. ((link))

Traveling with friends?

– When you’re traveling with a friend (or multiple friends), it’s always good to split the cost of renting a cab. This will be cheaper than taking a regular taxi and also help out other people as well! The best places for such service are airports or train stations where cabs are scarce and usually expensive too.

-If you’re with a larger group consider renting an apartment/house in your travel destination rather than staying at a hotel. This is great if you want more privacy and also helps save money. Sites like Airbnb are good examples. ((link))

– When traveling with friends, always keep an eye on each other’s valuables when moving around the place or going to places unknown to you all. Be careful of pickpockets and such issues! Always hang on tight and be safe!

– If in doubt about where something is – ask someone else who appears local to you! Just walk up to them normally and you want to save some time, it’s better to go into the airport a few hours before your flight. You can either sleep in the airport lounge or just spend some time getting yourself acquainted with the area.

– When going out with friends (or family) on road trips, make sure everyone knows their budget beforehand. It’ll avoid conflicts later down the line when someone goes over budget!


This article is a work in progress. I will be editing and adding to it in the coming days. I hope it has been helpful!