33 Breathtaking Live Streams and Webcams

33 Breathtaking Live Streams and Webcams

live camera stream of a mama bear and her baby cub in the woods near a stream

I just discovered some incredible live webcams! If you are like me, you have put your travel plans on hold for right now. You may be looking to change up the entertainment options around your house or just a different soundtrack for your workspace. Am I the only one? 

Live streams aren’t as boring they used to be. I want to share a few I recently found with you. Hopefully one of these will be just what you are looking for. 

These days, live streams allow you to see (in full HD) what’s happening around the world from your computer or web-enabled TV screen. It’s like having a window into another world, with different sights and sounds every day.

It can be fun to click around to find the perfect live stream. It can also be a pain. Whether you’re looking for a quick, relaxing break from life’s daily grind or just need something new and interesting we’ve handpicked some of our favorite streams!

33 Incredible Live Streams and Webcams You’ll Love

Live Bald Eagle Cam in Iowa

Witness this majestic bald eagle as they feed and raise their chicks. You can watch a real-time view of wild eagles nesting in a valley tucked away just north of Decorah, Iowa (depending on the time of year).

See for yourself how these amazing birds look up close or chat it up in the comments. At the time of posting this article, there are two babies and it’s easy to just sit and watch them for some time.

Frying Pan Tower Live Stream

The Frying Pan Tower is an imposing lighthouse established in 1964 by the U.S Coast Guard near Cape Fear, North Carolina to warn ships of shallow waters nearby called the “Frying pan shoals”. The tower sits 34 miles off-shore and was originally built so that sailors could avoid these dangerous waters!

This tower is no longer used for its original purpose. But it’s an important ecosystem for marine wildlife and provides a beautiful view of the sun rising and setting over the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can now watch sharks live underwater via camera feeds right from their computer screens!

Watching the sunrise as well as sunsets can be pretty great from Frying Pan Tower.

Here’s the cam if you want to take a look!

Patagonia Webcam

The Torres del Paine National Park in Chile has some of the most pristine wilderness parks in the world. Get inspired for a future trip by watching this live stream focused on one area, Rio Serrano that is quickly becoming a tourist favorite!

Check out the live stream here.

Go Diving at Channel Islands National Park

A soothing soundtrack and the calming imagery of kelp flowing in this underwater scene from Channel Islands National Park in California make for a great experience. I couldn’t stop watching it. And it makes for a great soundtrack too.

I was watching the Atlantic Ocean here for about five minutes and all of a sudden I saw something big! It was a shark. Really fun to see.

Again a shout out to the Frying Pan Tower cam. While there are many other vibrant marine life nearby, check out the sharks that occasionally pass by as well! Check it out here.

Here is Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos  

Enjoy the vast blue waters and still be able to see some of the bright coral reefs, then check out this webcam. You’ll get a glimpse into the Seven Stars Resort and that laid-back resort lifestyle!

There is another one of Grace Bay Beach here as well.

Turks and Caicos is such a beautiful island with its crystal clear water and some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the Caribbean, alluring scenery of towering palms swaying to meet calm waves crashing on the shores as well as some of the most luxurious resorts.

See if you can see the Loch Ness Monster!

For those who are wondering if the Loch Ness Monster is a real creature, this camera will settle that debate for you. If there really is some kind of monster living in the lake, don’t be surprised to see it jump out from time to time! Here you go.

How about Nice, France

Are you looking for a place to visit? Nice, France may be the spot! With its beautiful coastline and not-so-crowded beaches in the summertime, it’s perfect for your next vacation. Or check it out anytime with this live webcam.

The South of France is typically swarming with tourists in the summer, but if you take a look now, there’s plenty of wide-open coastlines available for those who want to spend their time enjoying it rather than fighting through hordes and crowds.

Catch a glimpse of orcas in BC

Explore’s live stream cameras offer viewers views of the orca population in Johnstone Strait. This strait is a protected body of water where killer whales spend their summers. You might try what I do from time to time and open up one of these links, leave it running, and go about your day. If you hear some whale activity going on, then pay attention!

The whales aren’t always live. If they’re not, you’ll find highlights from their previous broadcasts on the site. Here’s a clip of them in action. Not only can you see them swim by from time to time, but you can hear them too! Pretty cool. 

If we want to learn more about these majestic mammals, or just enjoy some beautiful footage for our viewing pleasure, these cameras make it a lot easier to observe them and enjoy another place besides the same old thing every day. 

Here in sunny Nassau, Bahamas

The Bahamas are known to be a haven of warmth, relaxation, and fun in the sun with plenty of things to do on land or sea. This tropical paradise has it all from luxurious resorts perched atop white sand beaches where you can sip umbrella drinks by day then unwind at night listening to live music; crystal clear waters perfect for snorkeling adventures through coral reefs teeming with colorful fish waiting just below the surface; pristine lagoons that border private beachfront homes complete with their own infinity pools overlooking stunning turquoise seas – we could go on!

Enough of that though… If you want to get a feel of Nassau right now, check out the Albany Marina Cam in Nassau, Bahamas right here.

And check out our most frequently asked questions about a trip to The Bahamas right here.

How about a South African Safari

Don’t know when you’ll be able to visit Africa? Don’t worry, we have a couple of options for you.

WildEarth TV has been broadcasting live interactive online safaris for over a decade. Join them in watching the animals go about their daily routine every sunset and sunrise against the brilliant African landscape.

The professional gamekeepers and park rangers in the video will take you on a safari through Kruger National Park and Maasai Mara National Reserve to find wildlife, like elephants, zebras, giraffes.

And you can watch it all from your couch or favorite comfy chair.

Check them out here and then set some time aside to hop on your very own safari from home.

With Africam’s internet live streaming cameras you can see all the animals up close in real-time. Just select from one of their many views and enjoy a virtual safari as it happens!

Behind the wheel of a big rig on the open road

Big Rig Travels has been broadcasting for more than 13 years. Ride along with your “tour guide to the American Highway” and get a glimpse into the real working life of an American trucker!

You can tune in and see everything they do, from taking care of their fleet at home base to hauling freight for a living!

It’s a live first-person account of what it’s like to criss-cross the country in an 18-wheeler from Steve, who has been driving for over 30 years.

Check out the surf in Hawaii

From the safety of your computer, you can take in a live stream set up at one of the world’s most popular surfing destinations, the Pipeline break on Oahu’s North Shore in Hawaii. Check out beachgoers and surfers as they catch waves on this North Shore beach. At North Shore, you may even be able to enjoy what many people consider “the world’s best big wave.”

Here’s Yosemite

This live stream of the park’s Upper Yosemite Falls shows the water cascading down is so soothing and calming in person that it has many people coming to see the falls all year round. With 2,425 feet of cascading waterfalls and an incredible view from the top, it’s clear why people want to see this beautiful sight in person. You can watch for peak flow near early summer as the snow melts down into the valley below.

And HalfDome.net has a bunch of webcam time-lapses – all the way from sunrise until sunset.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Start dreaming about a trip to Queenstown, the epicenter of adventure on the country’s South Island. Watch the light change on Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables Mountain Range that surrounds the small town.

Check out an active volcano!

This live stream is the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica, one of many volcanoes found there. It’s been on hiatus for a few years. But you can sometimes see spews of water vapor and gas to keep things interesting!

Check it out: Costa Rica volcano live stream

Here is Sydney, Australia

The view from this live stream is breathtaking. You can see the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the city skyline in all their glory. On a nice day, you might even catch a boat or two gliding across the water below!

Here is the Sydney live stream.

Fancy a trip to the zoo or aquarium?

There are a number of zoos currently offering choice live streams of the critters they house. If you need a quick break from your stressful day, look no further than live stream feeds at zoos and aquariums. These camera feed sites offer the opportunity to view animals in their natural habitat without having to leave your computer! You can explore different habitats of animals like seahorses, porpoises, sharks, or even birds.

On these cams, you will see lions prowling around their pen looking for prey or giraffes lazily eating leaves off trees. And don’t forget about the penguins!

Oakland California Zoo

Currently, the Oakland Zoo has a couple of live streams that allow you to get up close and personal with the bears and elephants.

San Diego California Zoo

San Diego Zoo has 13 different animals with webcams on them. Check them out, there are even a few babies to watch.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium. There are 9 different animals on camera at Monterey Bay! And everything from penguins and otters to sharks and jellyfish.

Between all of these, you’ve got live streams dedicated to at least one of your favorites. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

And try getting on your local zoo or aquarium’s website. Or, use Google to find others around the world and see what fun exhibits you can see for free around the world!

Dorset, England

The harbor in Dorset, with its prime location on the English Channel and constant activity of boats coming and going, is a spectacular sight. If Dorset is what you are craving, and you happen to be looking while it is still light out over there (They are 7-ish hours ahead if you are watching from the U.S.) then you might enjoy this live stream from Haven Hotel.

So, you can blow bubbles

Then there is Andie & Mike’s bubble cam in their south Florida backyard. All you have to do is click the button labeled “Bubbles” on this couple’s backyard live stream and a stream of bubbles floats across their patio. It’s a fun interactive one.

Kind of a fun twist on the live stream.

An expedition to the South Pole

Here is a cool South Pole live stream that is in Antarctica at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. As you might expect, Antarctica is the coldest and windiest continent.

Here is the South Pole live stream.

Red River New Mexico Live Stream

Red River, New Mexico is a destination for people who enjoy experiencing the outdoors. With outdoor adventures in every season and cultural experiences that you or your family will remember forever!

The Red River Ski & Summer Area has skiing opportunities all year long with cross-country trails available during the winter months. For those more adventurous types, there are plenty of off-road OHV options. You can also try horseback riding if it’s too cold outside or if you prefer horses over snowmobiles. 

If water activities sound like they might be more up your alley then try fishing at one of the two lakes or tubing through some rapids on an inner tube down the river…the possibilities here seem endless!

Here are a couple of live streams that you can check on the weather up there before you plan your weekend trip up there.  Cam #1 and then these ones too.

Dogs, some young and some old

So, if you are an animal lover, you likely have your favorites. If you love dogs and have a soft spot in your heart for senior dogs, you will enjoy this feed from the entry at Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

Click over to watch senior dogs sleep, eat, and play. Find out when to catch what you want to see most live over at Explore.org or on their dog YouTube channel

If you have never seen inside a real dog shelter, check it out for sure. You’ll see all different breeds living together peacefully free from abuse and neglect. 

These dogs are seniors who may have been abandoned by their previous owners due to illness, old age, or the life circumstances of the owners.

But they also have other really great dog-oriented live feeds as well, like this Great Dane service dog web stream where you can see puppies that are being raised to be service dogs.

The perfect place to watch the comings and goings of Great Danes, including current service dogs and future service dogs (also known as puppies) – who are having a lot of fun! Meet staff members from SDI’s volunteer team in training.

Notre Dame Cathedral Live

Notre Dame is a cathedral located on the Île de la Cité in Paris. The church’s Gothic architecture, its vast rose windows, and abundance of sculptural decoration set it apart from other styles used during this time period. Some distinct features include its grand organ as well as beautiful church bells that provide an enchanting sound to visitors near or far.

The Notre Dame live stream is an up-to-date look at the famous cathedral, which just reopened to visitors after a year of repairs. It was a popular live stream for some time as the iconic landmark was closed and shuttered for most of 2019 as it recovered from the damage caused by a fire.

Check out the Notre Dame live stream here.

Check-in on some beautiful wolves

There are some really cute cubs in the wolf dens at the Wolf Conservation Center in New York. You just have to catch them at the right time of year. But even if the cubs aren’t around or as little as they were last Spring, there is still plenty to see of these fascinating creatures in their live streaming cameras.

They have red wolves, Mexican gray wolves, and ambassador wolves. And with the help of webcams, you can watch them live their daily lives. You can also see seven different packs and are always on the lookout for any interesting activity that might pop up!

You can even reach out to the center if you see anything interesting happening on their live feeds.

Would you like to go to Venice, Italy?

This collection of live webcam streams footage from various cameras around Venice’s beautiful canals and is set to the music of Interpreti Veneziana.

It’s nice that it rotates through a number of different cameras. And the soundtrack they have given us is fantastic! 

A few times while writing this article I have put it on in the background just to listen while I write or get distracted and work on other projects.

Get out on a river!

I don’t know which is more relaxing if the sounds of ocean waves crashing or of a river flowing over rocks. 

If you love river sounds as much as I do, you will enjoy this one. It’s the Smith River in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park in California. This literal “live stream”, sorry had to insert the pun there, sounds so great. Get a glimpse of it here.

Sometimes you will see a kayaker or fisherman or some wildlife using the river. Or you might catch some kayakers playboating on North Carolina’s famous Nantahala River.

Another fun one is the Nantahala River webcam shows rotating views of the river. If you didn’t know, this is where world champion kayakers practice, and in 2013 they competed in the Freestyle World’s Wave, a world championship competition for the sport. 

Can’t go wrong with bears, salmon, eagles and wolves

Spoiler alert. This is a highlight reel from a live webcam, but it is still fantastic! The wolves, bears, and occasional eagles hunt together and provide ample entertainment.

You get to watch salmon venturing up the falls, while brown bears, wolves, and eagles all compete with each other for the best spots. The site says, “the largest and most successful bears catch and eat up to 30 salmon (that’s more than 120 pounds of fish) each day!” 

Another quick volcano live webcam

The live stream is from an area that is not publicly accessible. This live wide angle of Halemaʻumaʻu is courtesy of the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

Did you know there is a live stream from the International Space Station?

This one is fun. Live streaming 24/7 from the International Space Station, Earth is seen from cameras aboard the International Space Station. Every 45 minutes when there isn’t any transmission due to nightfall or other breaks in transmission, they do show some prerecorded footage. 

Here, let’s watch the grass grow, literally!

Did you know there’s a live webcam in Colorado that allows people to watch grass grow from the comfort of their living rooms, and even on Saturdays? It started as an experiment for one homeowner who wanted to document his drought-stricken lawn. If they’re lucky enough, viewers may even catch him out mowing it!

Live streams for days!

If you still can’t get enough, there are also some really great streaming options right now if you head over to YouTube and search “webcam live”. You can see some streams of some really cool stuff like the northern lights or volcanoes erupting, any number of beaches, even Times Square. Check those out here

The best way to do it is to search for a general term that you are interested in and then change the filters at the top of the page to only show the live options. So you could search the word “news” or “puppies” or “outer space.” Just like that, you have so many options!

I hope you enjoyed these live streams and webcams!

I hope you found something interesting in that collection. I enjoyed poking around the web and seeing what options were out there these days. If you want to see what life is like in other parts of the world or just have an interesting time exploring something new, then these live streams are a fun way to do just that! 

I hope that you enjoyed watching them as much as we did.

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Travel Tips with a Pitbull

How to Find Cool Places to Travel (Complete Guide)

Getting Out The Door Grows Your Brain And Boosts Mood (New Study!)

Getting Out The Door Grows Your Brain And Boosts Mood (New Study!)

In today’s fast-paced world where we’re constantly overwhelmed and bombarded with information, it can be hard to make time for ourselves. 

In a new study published in Nature Neuroscience, scientists found that getting out of the house and experiencing new things leads to more positive emotions. Novelty does so many good things for our brains. 

And those new novel things don’t have to be big. Just a trip to the store or a walk through a new part of your neighborhood works.

The brain is like an open book when it comes down to the way its cells respond after being exposed to something novel or unfamiliar. Novelty triggers our brains to grow new synaptic connections which helps us in many ways. Your ability to learn is one of them!

Additionally, these new connections can also help us feel better and stave off degenerative diseases as well.

If the psychological benefits of growing new grey matter with exercise and novel experiences interest you, you have to read Spark by John Ratey MD. It’s fantastic! I can’t recommend it strongly enough!

Back to the study published by Nature Neuroscience. It found subjects who got out at least once a day were more likely to get out the following day.


The scientists kept track of the locations of 122 people in both Miami and New York City over several months. The team analyzed their moods and then their movements with GPS. The subjects reported how they felt via daily text messages. 

It was discovered that the test subjects that felt the happiest were those that had a wider variety of daily experiences.

A few quotes from the study: “New and varied experiences are broadly beneficial for the brain and for humans in general,” said Aaron Heller, a co-author of the study and psychologist at the University of Miami. Aaron told Inverse about the study. “Even if you may not tend towards exploring, there are benefits to doing so, regardless of your past experiences.”

The subjects didn’t even need to go very far. Even small outings or short trips near home created enough novelty and adventure.

The Findings

Scientists found that the people who even just did something in their own neighborhoods rather than sitting at home or at work all day reported better moods.

The findings also suggest a bidirectional and cyclical relationship between mood and new experiences. What’s this mean?

Researchers found that not only do new and novel experiences out of the house every day help people feel better but that people with positive emotions are more likely to seek out unfamiliar environments as well. And those individuals who have negative feelings may not be as willing. 

Those that are feeling negative can “course correct” and feel better by choosing to get out and create that novelty in their day. That novel experience creates an environment that makes it easier to make that choice again.

The concept of “choice” is important here because feeling good or bad can impact our quest for novelty.

Co-author Catherine Hartley told Inverse, “We find that if I feel better today, I’m likely to move around and have more novel experiences and have more experiential diversity the following day, and vice versa. If I have more novel and diverse experiences today, I’m likely to feel better not only today but the next day [as well].”

What do these findings inspire you to do?

Does this inspire you to learn more? Or get outside and do something novel today?

Here are some ideas for things you could do right now:

– Pick a road or direction you have never driven and just start driving… or head in that direction on a walk or your bike. 

– Find a restaurant you’ve never been to and plan to go tonight. 

– Try out a walking path or bike path you’ve been meaning to try. 

– Or call that one friend you keep meaning to catch up with and tell them you’ll meet them at a park you haven’t ever been to. Need help finding a park? Just hop on Google Maps and scroll around. Explore the green areas. 

– Go for a photography walk and challenge yourself to take 50 or 100 photos. 

– Go to a new neighborhood and go for a walk.

All you need to do is make a list of experiences that sound fun around your own hometown and take them for the ride today! If you need more ideas, we have a great article on finding things to do near you here.

Want to take this idea to the next level? 

Obviously getting out to do things is helpful, a walk around the block, stopping to “smell the roses” while doing so helps even more. But if you want to shake things up a little more, try a microadventure.

They are a little more of a commitment and in some ways. But speaking from personal experience, they are a real treat and will really help with mood and make great fodder for your social media profile as well!

Here’s another. 

But if microadverntures don’t sound like your thing, that’s fine. Just do whatever is doable today. Just try something around your neighborhood today. The key is to use this feel-good strategy right now. 

Whatever you decide, make it small and “doable.” It’s more important that you actually get out. Don’t get stuck trying to plan something big or making your list. Just stop and get in your car or on your bike or just start walking somewhere new. Done. You’re growing new brain cells and improving your mood already!

I hope you found this motivational. As I sit and write this, I feel the need to get out and get going. Are you ready to get outside?

Travel the World from Your Home – Coolest Live Streams and Webcams

How to Find Cool Places to Go Near You or Anywhere

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How To Find Cool Places To Go Near You, In Your Own State, Or Anywhere In The World

How To Find Cool Places To Go Near You, In Your Own State, Or Anywhere In The World

Map of the world with pins in it showing places to go or that someone has been in their own state and around the world

We are going to show you ways to find travel ideas in your own state! There are so many great reasons to travel, even if you need to stay closer to home. And when was the last time you really tried to find fun new things to do or places to go near you?

You might be surprised by all of the interesting and unique places you can find to explore right there close to where you are.

We’ve got ideas for you whether you prefer to plan in advance or just get out the door and figure it out later… and whether you prefer the digital world or the analog one.

Here are some great resources for finding travel ideas in your own state! Enjoy!

1. Use social media to find cool places near you!

Your social media platforms are a treasure trove of great ideas for staycations or discovering new places to travel abroad. Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube all have search functions and most have the ability to tag images and posts with locations so you can track down where the photo was taken as well.

I have done this before on a number of occasions.

Before taking the kids to Spain for the first time, my wife and I searched for city and region names on YouTube and found great videos on culture and food and ideas for places to visit.

They loved learning a bit about the language by doing this. It helped them become more familiar with what to expect when we got there. It added to the excitement and anticipation for the trip.

I also used this technique to find on Pinterest to plan out the route of a road trip a few years back. There were four friends going and we all pinned places we thought looked cool to a group board and use that board to create a map right on Pinterest. That determined our route for the trip.

The best thing about using this technique is that the platform you are using will see what and where you are looking and try to be helpful. It’ll give you more of those types of things in your search results and news feeds.

This can help you find things you weren’t even looking for. Then you can discover things that work well that you didn’t even think to search. This happened to me when I was looking for a place to take my wife on a birthday trip. I was looking at beautiful sand beaches in one location and then Instagram started bringing up other pictures that were sandy beaches for other parts of the world as well.

Try hopping on your social media site of choice and searching for a local mountain range or lake or city… or even just your state name and see what comes up.

Social profiles of local tourism boards, influencers and photographers

There are always Instagram accounts that just focus on your state or even a specific city or area where you want to find something to do. As you search for those locations, look for local profiles. They will have tips and ideas that go along with their posts at times that will lead you to fun things to do or new places to see.

Another great thing about finding these types of influencers is they will use smaller or specific hashtags, which brings me to my next point.

Check out more specific/smaller hashtags

Similar to our last suggestion, but this time just looking at the hashtags. Try to stay away from large generic hashtags like #Utah or #texas. Look at the accounts of the influencers you just found. You might see some like #utahunique or #austintexasplaces

Searching through tags will usually bring up pictures and videos from people who have visited that place.

And to find these tags for places you aren’t as familiar with, Just look at those influencers you found earlier. Their posts will have them. Check ’em out!

2. Take advantage of Google

Google has a lot of tricks up its sleeve when it comes to finding great things to see and experience in your state. You can use the traditional Google search and Google maps too.

Google Maps

Google Maps is super powerful! You can get ideas from it and see satellite pictures and photos others have taken and see reviews there too! All you have to do is search for it in the right way. Check out our list of search ideas for Google Maps or Google’s search page below.

One of the things I like to do on Google Maps is to save or “star” a place that looks cool so I can find it again later when I am planning a trip or when I am actually in that area.

The best Google searches to find cool things to do in your state

Whether it is Google search or Google maps, with the following searches you will have a big long list of places to see and things to do in no time!

Try the following, minus the quotation marks:

“Landmarks (state/city)”

“Things to do (state/city)” or “coolest things to do (state/city)”

“Best things to do (state/city)”

“Entertainment (state/city)”

“Attractions (state/city)”

“Visitor Center (state/city)”

“good for kids (state/city)”

“Good for family (state/city)”

“Bed and Breakfast (state/city)”

“Hiking trail (state/city)”

“best spot to take pictures in (state/city)” – these are usually more popular places. If you are looking for more hidden gems, hop over to Instagram and look through the hashtags or locations to find some great spots for photo ops.

You get the idea by now, right? Get creative! Google has lots of different ideas for the area you are looking to travel to.

3. Talk to the staff at visitor centers

Visitor centers are associated with national forests, cities, and national parks. Any of these are a great place to start looking for ideas. When was the last time you actually stopped in the ones you live close to?

Many of the folks are local that work at these visitor centers. They can offer great advice on cool places and experiences that will often exceed your expectations.

Just pretend you’re new in town and looking for things to do. When planning one of my trips, I went into the visitor’s center and asked, What are some of your best attractions in the area?

They gave me a map with all the cool places highlighted and told me about each one. This is especially helpful if you have limited time..

It doesn’t matter where you live in the United States, there are lots of great travel destinations within driving distance of your home!

My wife and I live in northern Utah and had never really traveled to southern Utah to do much. We took a week recently and drove down without any planning.

We found a visitor center when we arrived in Kanab, Utah. They gave us ideas and routes and hikes. We started with those and hit another two or three visitor centers that week. It was amazing all the ideas we found and new places we discovered.

Visitor centers also have free WiFi, which might be useful if you need to find a place to stay or just check emails or make a call. Typically, there’s someone working at visitor centers most days of the week. So you’ll always have the opportunity to ask for advice!

4. Ask for personal recommendations from friends and family

Another place to find local or in-state travel ideas is from other people. You can ask friends and neighbors in person or on social media about their own personal favorite experiences.

You can get great information from people you know and trust about the best hangouts with just a few questions!

5. Find and watch movies or TV shows filmed in your state

This is a fun way to get ideas for new spots and to learn more about your state. As you watch them, make note of some of the locations, and you are set!

You get the idea, right? This can be a fun way to prepare kids for bigger trips to foreign countries as well. But that is a topic for a different post.

6. Check official websites related to state and local tourism

Most states have a tourism office or department that offers travel information and ideas for the place you live in. The destination guide section is quite helpful when it comes to finding new things to do close to home.

Here are the links to all 50 state tourism offices in the US.

These are great resources to start with. But you should also use the internet and other social media platforms to find travel ideas.

7. Get tips from likealocalguide.com

This is a cool site that offers some interesting city guides mostly in Europe and North America. One of my favorite parts about this blog is their use of actual locals to give interesting insights. These locals can tell you all about the area from their perspective so you can find cooler, more unexplored adventures to go on.

8. Find unique places to stay near you on Airbnb or vacation rentals

Airbnb is a great way to find unique places near you. You can look for houses, apartments or even experiences like tours! The best thing about Airbnb is that the site offers different pricing options so it could be right for any budget.

They offer pictures of the properties and those experiences, too! The reviews help you know better what to expect. It’s nice to know they are from real people. It helps to have details from other people besides the host to explain parts of their experience that might resonate with you.

9. Get ideas from Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura is an all-in-one resource for places and topics that you never knew existed. It has articles about travel tips, articles about events, and some weird facts about all kinds of places.

Just drop in your state, country, province, or a city you want to visit.

It can be a great resource for finding places you might not know about. You can use the Atlas Obscura website to explore what they have to offer. It’s a one-stop shop for just about every place you never knew existed.

Check out their travel guides on Pinterest or follow them on Instagram where they give ideas of cool places in your area

10. Explore travel sites and blogs for the best travel destinations.

These are great because you get more lengthy reviews and tips that you won’t likely from other sources. And there are loads of great travel sites and blogs out there! You will find a lot of them as you search. Try something like “best things for families to do in (city name)”

There are plenty of websites with information on things to see and do. Forums, message boards, comment threads…the list goes on.

You might find a specific site that you love or that specializes in an activity you like to do. Maybe they talk about their trip to Spain and you’ve always wanted to go there. Bookmark the page so you can read more about the trip whenever you’d like.

11. Try Groupon to find great ideas!

Did you know you can hop on Groupon and find cool things to do in a specific city? Give it a try if you’re looking for some unique ideas!

The website makes it easy to find the best deals and offers of the day. You can even save your favorite searches, which is really handy when planning trips in advance. Groupon also has some excellent social media channels where you can get updates on what’s trending and popular as well.

It can be a great way to explore new destinations or even find some activities close to home that you didn’t know existed.

One of my favorite Groupon deals was for a guided bike tour of Paris! It’s really amazing how much more enjoyable it can be when you have someone who knows their stuff guiding your group.

You can also try TripAdvisor or Expedia’s travel guides. Both offer plenty of fun things to do tailored to your budget.

12. Use travel guidebooks and local magazines dedicated to your destination

Check out some of the local magazines that dedicate themselves to travel and see what they have to offer. There are also plenty of guidebooks for each state, but if you’re looking for a more in-depth read then check out books like National Geographic’s Great American Road Trip or The New York Times’ 36 Hours series.

I used to love going into bookstores and picking up these guidebooks. I leafed through their pages dreaming of going to different places. Oh, and bring them with you if you know you won’t have cell signal.

That wraps up my guide on the 12 ways you can find awesome places to go near you! Before I leave, here are a few more travel tips whether you’re camping, going on a road trip, or even doing some VR travel!

Camping and RV Travel Tips

Camping is a great way to keep travel costs low and immerse yourself in the outdoors. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out Campendium.

If you want something more high-tech there are plenty of options depending on your needs. For instance, if you don’t want to be bothered with cooking food, check out the Insta-Home Instant Portable Kitchen. It costs more but it might be worth it for you. Just think about what your travel needs are before investing in something that may not work for you.

Camping is a great way to keep travel costs low and immerse yourself in the outdoors.

Some cool sites to check out:

Freecampsites.net – This site is great for finding free places to camp. It’s a great tool whether you just need to know where to camp nearby or you want to plan a free camping road trip.

I have used it to find sites in the past. It was way helpful! You just simply use your smartphone’s location to find camping near you.

Campendium.com – Campendium covers all aspects of RV travel, including camping and cooking tips.  It is an app and a website. The Campendium app can help you find amazing places to camp across the world.

You can take a virtual visit to campgrounds as well. Their collection of over 21,000 different campgrounds spans the lower 48 U.S. states and Alaska.

Airbnb.com – By now, you know what Airbnb is. Just filter down to campsites. Done!

Hipcamp.com – Think of it as an Airbnb for upscale and unique camping opportunities. Hipcamp has since grown into the most comprehensive resource for discovering and booking unique outdoor stays. They have a lot of glamping opportunities, including some really great treehouses!

Virtual Travel (VR) Tips

Virtual reality is a fun new way to travel without having to do much of anything. With VR headsets and apps, you can have travel experiences without ever having to leave the house. They give you immersive, interactive, 360-degree experiences in different locations around the globe.

Some of these VR apps will even allow you to travel without a VR headset. This is great for people who don’t have one!

You just need your phone and a cheap VR viewer like this one. You can find great VR content in your phone’s app store or try YouTube.

With a VR headset, you can:

– visit exotic locations from the comfort of your own home.

– explore museums in a new way, like an art class with a world-famous artist.

– experience history and science through interactive exhibits (you could travel back to Ancient Rome or see what it’s actually like on Mars)

– go on safari without all the additional expense

– travel to see live music performances, sports events, comedy shows, or movies not yet released in your area

Obviously, VR travel is not the exact same as being there. But you will be surprised by how truly fun and entertaining or educational these trips can be.

Road Trips Travel Tips

Most likely your inner state trip will be taken by car. Road trips are a fantastic way to get to know your own state. They give you a chance to explore different landscapes and learn about the history of your destination.

Here are a few tips to get your car ready for your next road trip:

  • Check your oil and wiper fluid.
  • Make sure the air conditioning or heater is working before your next big drive. This will keep you and your passengers comfy on your journey.
  • Keep an emergency kit in your trunk: backup keys, jumper cables, flares for emergencies.
  • Keep an air pump for your tire and some other tools in the car.
  • Bring a map and guidebook with you too, just in case of emergencies like getting lost.
  • Check tires for damage and tire pressure.
  • Bring a phone charger.
  • Bring a travel-size cooler with some snacks.
  • Fill up your gas tank before you hit the open road.

In Conclusion

Those are some of our best ideas when it comes to finding ideas for travel in your own state. Hope you found it helpful.

Here are the 12 ways you can find cool places to go near you once again.

  1. Use social media to find cool places near you!
  2. Take advantage of Google
  3. Talk to the staff at visitor centers
  4. Ask for personal recommendations from friends and family
  5. Find and watch movies or TV shows filmed in your state
  6. Check official websites related to state and local tourism
  7. Get tips from likealocalguide.com
  8. Find unique places to stay near you on Airbnb or vacation rentals
  9. Get ideas from Atlas Obscura
  10. Explore travel sites and blogs for the best travel destinations.
  11. Try Groupon to find great ideas!
  12. Use travel guidebooks and local magazines dedicated to your destination

Happy travels!

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Tokyo Haneda International (HND) Airport Lounges Guide

Tokyo Haneda International (HND) Airport Lounges Guide

Women Walking Through Airport - Tokyo Haneda International Airport Lounges Guide

Japan is making waves in both the business and leisure travel worlds. If you are traveling to Japan, then the Tokyo Haneda International Airport is your best bet. Our complete guide will help you navigate through the airport as well as find the best lounges to relax while you await your flight. 

About Tokyo Haneda International Airport

The airport is commonly referred to as Haneda Airport or abbreviated as HND. It is located south of Tokyo Station in  Ōta, Tokyo. It is one of the primary airports of Japan as well as home to Japan’s primary domestic airline. 

HND is quite a busy airport. It ranks at number four in the world and number three in Asia in terms of passenger traffic. In 2017, the airport served approximately 85.4M passengers. The number increased to approximately 87M in 2018, and decreased slightly down to 85.5M in 2019 (Statista). 

The airport sits on 40 hectares of land. It has three terminals in total.

Both Terminal 1 and 2 handle domestic flights while Terminal 3 is for international flights. 

Terminal 1 is the largest terminal at the airport. It has conference rooms, a shopping area, a 6-story restaurant, a cafe and an open area at the rooftop. This terminal has 3 lounges.

Terminal 2 does not disappoint either, with its rooftop restaurant, Haneda Excel Hotel, and the 6-story building with restaurants and other shopping areas. It also has three lounges.

Terminal 3 has several lounges as well, which are mostly operated by airlines.  

With all that traffic, not to mention the size of the airport, losing your way is quite easy. A simple guide to show you all the places you can relax while using the HND airport always comes in handy. 

Lounges at HND

The lounges at HND offer travelers a serene environment with free soft drinks. Most of these lounges are also accessible to travelers with various elite statuses from as many as 19 credit card companies, Diners Club and American Express included. 

Here are the lounges to check out when at Haneda International Airport:

  • All Nippon Airways (ANA) Lounge
  • Cathay Pacific Lounge
  • Power Lounge Central
  • Power Lounge North 
  • Japan Airlines Sakura Lounges 
  • TIAT Lounge 
  • Sky Lounge 

1. All Nippon Airways (ANA) Lounge


There are four ANA lounges at the HND Airport – two at the International Terminal and one at the domestic terminal. The lounges at Gate 110, 114, and 60 also have suites. 


  • ANA Lounge at Terminal 3 on Level 4 – this one is on the inside of security at Gate 110. 
  • ANA Lounge at terminal 3 on the left side of Level 4 – on the inside security at Gate 114.
  • ANA Lounge at Terminal 2 – on the inside of security, fourth floor opposite Gate 60.
  • ANA Lounge at Terminal 2 – on the inside of security south of the Main building, opposite Gate 62. 

Services Offered

  • Snacks
  • Beverages 
  • Showers
  • WiFi
  • Television
  • Magazines & newspapers 
  • Printers & copiers
  • Non-smoking area
  • Internet terminals 
  • Premium food  

Hours of Operation

  • Lounge at Gate 110 – open daily 5:00 am to 1:00 am.
  • Lounge at Gate 114 – open daily 6:30 am to 1:30 pm and 8:00 pm to 1:00 am.
  • Lounge at Gate 60 and Gate 62 – open daily 5:15 am to 9:00 pm


All ANA Lounges are reserved for travelers with premium tickets, elite status, and other required entries. 


Admission is free to children under the age of 2. The lounges do not accept reservations at the moment.  

2. Cathay Pacific Lounge


Inside security of Terminal 3 (International Terminal). 


Head to Level 6. The Lounge is on the north side. You can easily access it using elevators after Gate 114. 

Services Offered

  • Beverages- wine, beer, spirits & liquor
  • WiFi
  • Premium food
  • Flight monitors
  • Snacks 
  • TVs
  • Internet terminals 
  • Printers & copiers
  • Newspapers & magazines 
  • Telephones 
  • iMac computers 

Hours of Operation

Opens daily from 7.30 am to 5.00 pm. 


The Lounge is reserved for passengers with premium tickets, elite status and other requirements. 


It is accessible to passengers using the Cathay Dragon, Cathay Pacific and anyone flying business or first class on OneWorld flights. Elite members of the Marco Polo Club are also allowed to access the lounge.  

3. Power Lounge Central 


Terminal 2 – Outside security 


The lounge is on the outside security of Terminal 2 on the third floor. 

Services Offered

  • WiFi 
  • Flight monitors 
  • Television 
  • Newspapers & Magazines 
  • Non-smoking 

Hours of Operation

Opens daily from 6.00 am to 8.00 pm. 


1,080 Yen per person paid at the front desk ($10.18 USD). Admission depends on capacity. 


The showers and alcoholic beverages are available at an extra cost.

4. Power Lounge North 


Terminal 2 – Inside security 


The lounge is on the inside security of Terminal 2 on the third floor, close to Gate 52. 

Services Offered

  • WiFi 
  • Flight monitors 
  • Television 
  • Internet terminals 
  • Newspapers & magazines 
  • Telephones 
  • Non-smoking 

Hours of Operation

Opens daily from 6.00 am to 9.30 pm. 


1,080 Yen ($10.18 USD) per person paid at the front desk. Admission depends on capacity. 


Printers, copiers, and drinks are available at an extra cost.

5. Sakura Lounge


The Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge is on the Airside of both Terminal 1 and 3. 

Services Offered

  • Beverages
  • Air conditioning
  • Showers
  • Newspapers
  • Flight monitors
  • WiFi
  • Television
  • Snacks 
  • Non-smoking area 

Hours of Operation

Open daily from 4.30 am to 1.30 am. 


The lounge is reserved for passengers with certain credentials like premium tickets, elite status, and other methods needed for access. 


It is open to travelers flying first class and business class on Japan Airlines and other Oneworld member airlines. The Sakura Lounge is also available to travelers flying economy class.

6. TIAT Lounge 


The TIAT Lounge is on the inside security of International Terminal (3).  


Head to the central area of the fourth floor after passing through the terminal’s inside security. 

Services Offered

  • Flight monitors 
  • WiFi
  • Internet terminals 
  • Premium food 
  • Newspaper and magazines 
  • Snacks 
  • Non-smoking area 

Hours of Operation

Open 24/7.


The lounge is reserved for passengers with certain credentials like premium tickets, elite status, and other methods needed for access. 

7. Sky Lounge 


Inside security of the International Terminal (3). 

Services Offered

  • WiFi 
  • Flight monitors 
  • TVs
  • Smoking area 
  • Newspapers and Magazines 

Hours of Operation

Open 24/7. 


1,030 Yen per traveler ($9.72 USD) paid at the front desk. Admission depends on capacity.   


Beer and wine at the lounge are available at an additional fee.

8. Other Lounges

Location and Directions 

There are many other airport lounges at the HND that you can enjoy some quiet time regardless of where you are:

  • Terminal 1 on the Landside – you will find an Airport Lounge in the arrival lobby of the first floor. It is close to the post office. It opens at 6 in the morning to 8 in the evening and the showers in this lounge are available up to 7:30 pm every day.
  • Terminal 1, Airside on the north side – this one is on the second floor and opens daily at 6:00 am and is open till 8:30 pm.
  • Terminal 1, Airside south side – it is also on the second floor and opens daily from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.
  • Terminal 2 on the Landside – northside, on the third floor after the Terrace Restaurant. This lounge opens from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm with showers available up to 7:30 pm. 
  • Terminal 2 on the Airside – on the fourth floor. It opens from 6:00 am to 9:30 pm.
  • Terminal 2 on the Airside – on the south side of the second floor in between Gate 65 and 66. It opens from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm every day.   

Services Offered

  • WiFi
  • Computer stations
  • Television
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Telephones
  • Showers 
  • Beverages 
  • Flight monitors       


These lounges charge 520.00 Yen per child between the ages of 4 and 12, and 1,030.00 Yen per person. Children under three years old are admitted for free. In case you need to take a shower, charges for the shower and lounge access are 1,030 Yen for children under the age of three, 1,550 for children between ages 4 and 12, and 2,060 Yen for adults. 


The lounges are open to all travelers regardless of one’s flight class or airline. Payment is at the door. Admission depends on the space available.  

This wraps up our guide on the lounges in the Tokyo Haneda International Airport (HND).

We hope that you enjoy your stay. Have a great trip!

For more travel-related content, check out the articles below!

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Airline Travel and the Coronavirus – An Ultimate Guide

Airline Travel and the Coronavirus – An Ultimate Guide

Virus and flying header image

One thing is for certain: due to the coronavirus, your travel will be restricted. Airlines are receiving the brunt of the impact of this virus. They have lost $41 billion in just one month during the outbreak, Markets Insider reported.

But how does that affect you?

You may be thinking: ‘What if I planned a trip? Will it be canceled? If so, how can I reschedule? Will I receive a refund? What if I’m currently abroad? Can I return to my home country?

We’ll address these questions and more as we go over the policy changes of some of the most popular airlines.

United Airlines

Between now and April 30, United Airlines is allowing all customers to change their travel plans. Trump’s travel ban affects 26 countries; for United, these restrictions begin on March 20.

“We will continue to fly our regular schedule from Europe to the U.S. through March 20,” their site states. “After that, we expect to fly daily to Zurich, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Manchester, and Edinburgh, maintain multiple flights to Frankfurt and Munich, and operate 18 daily flights to and from London, three to Dublin and four flights a week to Lisbon, all while continuing to monitor demand.”

Also, United is only accepting calls from those who are flying in three days or 72 hours. Because of the recent outbreak, they are receiving an unmanageable number of calls.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is less impacted by the virus than United. They announced that they have been working with the CDC and WHO to determine if any flights need to be canceled. But, as of March 11, none of the 103 flight destinations at Southwest are listed as “geographic risks” by the CDC.

Their policy remains the same as it has been: customers are free to cancel or change flights at no additional cost. Also, if you decide to cancel your trip, the money won’t go away. You can use it to fund future flights — a great feature in a precarious time like we’re experiencing today with the disease outbreak!

Southwest ensures the safety of all its passengers by maintaining peak cleanliness in all aircraft. They spend six hours cleaning each aircraft.

As of March 4, they are now using a hospital-grade disinfectant on all areas of the aircraft for optimal sanitation, not just the bathroom.

Delta Airlines

Delta allows you to change your flight plans once for free. If the new price is higher, they require payment of the difference. If it is lower, they will reimburse you, in most cases.

Delta is offering free changes to flight plans of all customers who were planning to go to a country impacted by the virus or the newly instated travel ban.

Like Southwest, Delta allows you to apply current ticket value to future flights. If you’re planning to travel in the future, this is exceptionally convenient because it saves you a lot of money.

Rescheduled travel must take place before December 31, 2020, or prior to the expiration date on your ticket, if it comes sooner than the end of the year.

Delta assures the public that they are working with governmental agencies to determine the next steps in the prevention process. They are cleaning all aircraft thoroughly to mitigate the spread of this highly infectious virus.

American Airlines

American Airlines ensures its customers that they are complying with all facets of the recent travel ban imposed by President Trump. Read the two bullet points here which outline the policy.

American points out that the travel ban goes into effect on March 13. The travel ban applies to all flights that depart from American Airlines airports after March 13 at 11:59 PM.

Customers who visited the “Schengen Area” or a specific selection of European countries within the last 14 days, must return to the US through approved airports only. This also applies to people who have visited mainland China or Iran.

The travel ban only applies to non-Americans. Non-Americans won’t be able to travel to America until April 13.

Alaska Airlines

Similar to Southwest, Alaska Airlines’ flights have not been impacted by the disease’s spread of or President Trump’s travel ban. They assure customers that they are in close contact with the CDC, WHO, and other governmental organizations to stay up to date with any changes in travel regulations as a result of the growing virus.

Per Alaska’s policy, they are offering free changes or cancellations on travel booked between February 26 and April 30. They follow the same policy for new tickets purchased between February 27 and March 31.

The aircraft at Alaska Airlines feature high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters which keep the air pristine during your entire flight. They have a quick, informative video on how the filters work. Check it out below.

A Quick Note

This review of the major airlines’ policies and procedures during the outbreak is not extensive. It’s merely meant to keep you informed and give you easy access to an extensive article with all the useful information packed in one place for your convenience.

All information about specific airlines was researched on the airlines’ websites. Every airline also has a FAQ page that they have taken extra care to update during the virus outbreak. So, if you have any questions, refer to the website and FAQ pages of your corresponding airline.

Travelers, what does this mean for you?

Easier to Upgrade First Class

This may be self-explanatory, but with the travel ban in place and a global pandemic looming, fewer people will travel. Most will stay home and limit their contact with others, which is recommended by the CDC.

But, if you do choose to travel, you may have the opportunity to easily and cheaply upgrade to first-class seating. One easy way to upgrade to first class is to simply ask the flight attendant if they have any seats available. If they do, most airlines will allow you to sit first class. And this is even easier now with much less travel.

Keep in mind that you may not be the only one with this idea. In fact, it could happen that the first-class section is full and you’d have to sit in the economy section. But it never hurts to ask; the worst-case scenario is they’ll say no.

Difficult — and At Times Impossible — to Book Flights

You probably know this now from reading the individual sections on the popular airlines, but depending on who you are and where you are trying to go, you may not be able to book your flight until the travel ban passes or the outbreak subsides.

Most airlines have suspended flights to countries impacted by the outbreak, such as Germany, China, Italy, France, and several more.

Also, I’ll reiterate this again, because it is important: if you are a non-American, you cannot travel from Europe to the US until April 13.


Along with not being able to book several flights, you may have to cancel your current flight. If you had plans to travel to a country impacted by the disease outbreak, or if you are a non-American who had tickets to travel to America, those flights are now canceled.

All of the major airlines have policies in place that allow you to change or cancel your flight for free. If you decide to cancel, some airlines allow the ticket cost to carry over to future flights, ensuring that you don’t lose the money you initially spent on your tickets.

So, just work with your airline here. Give them a call and be patient, because they are likely receiving hundreds or even thousands of calls a day due to the recent virus outbreak.

Take Sanitary Precautions

You’ve probably seen this everywhere and you’ll see it more: wash your hands with soap. Soap breaks down the virus and kills it. This will keep you healthy and prevent it from spreading. This is especially important given that the coronavirus has a high infection rate.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer also works great to kill germs, but you’ll have a lot of difficulties finding that in stores or online. Most of it is sold out or price gouged. Thankfully it’s not necessary and you can stick to hand washing.

Also, wipe down surfaces around your home or places that may harbor a lot of germs such as keyboards, doorknobs, floors, and bathrooms.

Minimize Travel

One of the most effective things you can do to mitigate the spread of the virus is to minimize travel. This won’t be hard given the travel ban and extensive airline cancellations recently put in place. But, this doesn’t mean just airline travel. Try to stay in your home and away from others as much as possible. This means postponing your walks in your neighborhood, your trips to the mall, or other errands you may need to get done.

Some workplaces have closed the office and gone remote, along with schools and universities across the country. Digital technology will be your best friend as the WHO and CDC continue to combat the spread of the coronavirus and work toward a viable cure.

Be prepared to contract the coronavirus.

It’s important for you to mentally prepare yourself for the possibility that you may contract the coronavirus. If this occurs, you should operate under strict quarantine and limit contact with anyone as much as possible. 

Facemasks are not effective to prevent you from obtaining the virus since its particles are so small. They will either pass through the fabric in the mask or travel through the small opening between your mask and your skin.

However, they can be an effective measure toward containing the spread of the virus if you have it, mainly to prevent the spread of droplets produced by coughing or sneezing that contain the coronavirus.

A woman posted a video on YouTube of his story contracting this disease, how he endured the process and some of the symptoms he experienced. Take a look below.

More on the Coronavirus

The coronavirus has been dominating the media for several weeks. The first case was reported on December 8 in Wuhan, China, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Since then, it has spread to 149 countries (as of the date this article was published).

Most of the cases are mild — over 80% in fact (Note: This data is updated in real-time). The WHO announced a 3.4% mortality rate for the disease on March 3. The highest at-risk groups are those over 60 and those with compromised or weakened immune systems.

China has been able to contain the virus, with over 80% of its affected population now recovered, but it could not be contained. The WHO declared the virus a pandemic on March 11, 2019.

Countries around the world are scrambling to combat the virus. China took the most drastic measures, banning public gatherings and confining people to their homes. They even rewarded citizens for reporting any violations of their quarantine orders, according to NPR.

The virus was declared “contained” in China after three consecutive days of no new cases outside the Hubei province by President Xingping.

Italy has also banned public gatherings and suspended sporting events until April 3, NPR reported. Iran, Spain, France, and Germany also banned public gatherings of varying sizes, among other measures.

Now with over 2000 cases, the USA has begun to take drastic measures to curb the spread of the virus. Most recently, President Trump declared a national emergency, granting Congress $50 billion to devote to virus prevention and containment.

Also, the diagnosis of a professional basketball player led to a domino effect of drastic measures. Several professional sports leagues suspended their regular season: the NBA, MLB, and the NHL. The college sports league, the NCAA, also canceled all of its outside competition. 

So, what can you do?

The most important thing to do is to mitigate the spread of the virus. The most common transmission method is person-to-person. If you make contact with a contaminated person or surface and then touch your eyes, nose, or mouth, this will increase your risk of contracting the sickness. To combat this, wash your hands frequently.

The CDC also recommends that people keep their distance from one another — to help enforce this, travel has been restricted across the world. Just one example is the travel ban below.

It is also a very good idea to strengthen your body’s own defenses by eating lots of nutrient-dense foods like fruits and vegetables and eliminating as many processed foods as possible.  Get plenty of sleep and try to take time to create space to meditate or do other activities that invigorate you. Maybe take a couple of days off from news and social media.

Good luck in quarantine and stay safe!


That concludes our ultimate guide to airline travel and the coronavirus. Remember that the coronavirus is the most highly mentioned disease ever. We’ve had over two billion mentions in the media as of March 22, 2020, and HIV comes in at second at just 69.5 million.

With so much content to sort through, stick to the reputable governmental health organizations: the WHO and the CDC. Follow their social media and visit their website for frequent updates on the latest about this global pandemic.

Good luck with rescheduling your travel plans. If you bought tickets with an airline that’s not on this list, don’t worry. The airline’s website will have updated information on the outbreak and how it impacts your travel, along with some helpful FAQs.

For some more helpful information on the virus itself, click here.

Thanks for reading — and don’t forget to wash your hands!

Essential Guide to Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK)

Essential Guide to Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK)

Beijing International Airport - PEK

China is becoming not only a business hub for foreign investment but also a tourist destination. If you are traveling to the capital city of Beijing, China, consider using the Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK). 

Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK), is the capital’s main airport. It is also the second busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger numbers, serving over 90 million passengers. In terms of cargo traffic, it comes in at number 13. 

In total, the airport has three terminals. While terminals 1 and 2 are not as modern as such, terminal 3 is a masterpiece of the architecture industry. Terminal 3 is also the second-largest terminal by size and the sixth-largest building in the world. In 2017, it ranked second in the busiest airport terminals in the world. 

It can be easy to get overwhelmed in a busy airport like the PEK. But it should not discourage you from using the airport for your next trip.

To make it easier for you, we have compiled the ultimate guide to get you moving comfortably through the airport. The guide will show you how to get to and from the airport. It will also show you the available lounges for you to relax, the shops for those souvenirs, as well as the transport modes within the airport.   

Location – How to get to PEK and leave

PEK is located in Chaoyang District, 32 km northeast of the city center. 

One way to get to and from the PEK is by taking a cab. There are four express tollways to get to the airport, with two of the roads running directly from the airport to northeastern Beijing.

To get to and from terminals 1 and 2, you can use the Airport Expressway or the Northern Airport Expressway. You can access Terminal 3 through the 2nd Airport Expressway.

It is vital to have the details of your destination printed out in Chinese in case you get a cab driver who does not speak the English language. 

The second mode of transport to and from the airport is through rail. Capital Airport Express operates as part of the Beijing subway and runs through terminal 2 and 3 to the city. A one-way trip will take around 16 to 20 minutes.   

Alternatively, there are airport buses available that serve various routes within the city and the three terminals. However, these buses do not accept cash. You’ll need a paper ticket to use the bus.

These tickets are available on the first floor of every terminal and various stops within the city. Some of the cities where you can catch these buses include Baoding, Tianjin, Tangshan, and Langfang. 

Car rentals are also available at the PEK airport. You can purchase a car rental at the entrances of Terminal 2 and 3, where rental desks are located. If you are using terminal 1, the car rental desks are accessible at the information desks on the first floor, between Gate 1 and 3.

For movements within the airport, you can use the shuttle. The shuttle buses operate 24/7. From 6 am to 11 pm, they arrive every ten minutes, and from 11 pm to 6 am, they arrive every 30 minutes. 

Benefits of Traveling via PEK

For starters, the airport operates 24/7, making it accessible at any time of the day. Also, some shops and lounges run throughout the day. It’s easy for you to get rest if you’re feeling tired; on the contrary, you can check out some cool souvenirs and shop while you await your flight.

The airport is also strategically placed, at 32 kilometers from the city center., There are several options to get you to and from the city center in time.

Another benefit of traveling via PEK is the chance to experience the Chinese culture, without leaving the airport. There are tea shops, artistic shops, and spas to check out within the airport. 

Things to Do and See at the PEK Airport

While here, one of the things to do is to enjoy the array of shopping options at your disposal. Get all those souvenirs needed back home from the many shops. Also, don’t forget to sample the local cuisine. 

For passengers using Terminal 3 who have a few hours to kill before their flight, the garden is excellent for you to sit back and unwind. The garden has fishponds, and you can feed the fish between 9 am and 3 pm when the airport security is around with fish food. 

If your layover takes almost a whole day, then take this opportunity and explore the city of Beijing.

Alternatively, you can stay within the airport’s vicinity and break a sweat. At the Hilton Beijing Airport Hotel, you can pay to use their fitness center, the spa, or even their heated swimming pool. The good thing is that there is a service shuttle that runs between the airport and the hotel 24/7. So, you shouldn’t have trouble making your flight as long as you keep track of the time.

Parking Information 

Parking services are available in all three terminals. In case you forget where you parked, no need to worry. Garage 2 and 3 offer finding services 24/7. The airport also has wheelchair parking near Terminal 1 at Garage 5.

Airport Hours of Operation 

The airport is operational 24/7. For transport within the airport, the shuttle buses operate 24/7. 

Airlines that Operate at PEK

PEK is the hub for Air China, Hainan Airlines, China Southern Airlines, and China Eastern Airlines. It also serves many other airlines, both domestic and international. Below are some of the major passenger airlines that operate at PEK:

  • Air Canada
  • Air France 
  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Delta Air Lines
  • EgyptAir
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Emirates
  • Etihad Airways 
  • Qatar Airways
  • Turkish Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • KLM
  • Swiss International Air Line

Shops & Restaurants

The PEK airport shops and restaurants are not to disappoint, especially for anyone looking to experience the Chinese culture. But this is not the only culture to experience here since you can enjoy fast foods, formal dishes, and western dishes as well as something for your sweet tooth. There are a total of 72 stores for you to choose from!

Apart from enjoying the array of cuisines, the airport also has a commercial area where there are banks, internet services, forex bureaus, book stores, nursing rooms, free charging powers, and dressing rooms in all the three terminals — and these aren’t the only amenities.   


The Beijing International Airport is not one to disappoint if you are looking for a place to relax. While waiting for your flight, then the below lounges are at your disposal:

BGS Premier Lounge

This lounge is inside Terminal 2 and 3, past the security..

The lounge at Terminal 2 charges $29 per traveler while the one at Terminal 3 charges $44 per traveler. 

The lounge at Terminal 2 is open from 5 am to 2 am every day of the week. The lounge at Terminal 3 has varying hours of operation. From Monday to Wednesday and on Saturdays, it is open 24/7. On Thursdays and Fridays, it is open from 12 am to 2 am and from 5 am to 12 am. 

With both, you will get two hours of access. The lounges offer free WiFi, showers, snacks, premium food, and drinks. From here, you can relax and still keep tabs on your flight using their flight monitors.


It is located inside Terminal 1 past security. It is open from 6 am to 10 pm throughout the week. Some of the complimentary amenities include snacks, TVs, internet terminals, and WiFi.

BCAT Lounge

For anyone who is connecting flights and has a couple of hours to kill, the BCAT Lounge is ideal. It’s a great place to get some shuteye. You will pay an additional cost at the front desk, but this gives you at least 19 hours of access to their private nap rooms! It’s located inside the security of Terminal 3E and is open 24/7. Unfortunately, it is only accessible to international passengers using Terminal 3E.

Complementaries include flight monitors, WiFi, premium food, TVs, and snacks.    

Other Services

The airport has free WiFi available to all passengers. If you have a Chinese mobile number, you will receive a user ID and password via a text. If you don’t, you can ask for the user ID and password from the information desks or scan your passport at the self-service machines.

Alternatively, get yourself a portable WiFi router, which is especially convenient if you are staying in China for a while. It can even be delivered at the airport in case you left home without one.

In Conclusion

If you are planning a trip to China, then Beijing International Airport is an excellent airport to choose from. From here, you have access to the city center and other stops in the city using cabs or bus shuttles and you can also experience some of the famous Chinese cuisines right from the airport.

There are free WiFi and a commerce center, which makes it possible for you to catch up with your loved ones or business deals.

You’re sure to enjoy this airport. What are you waiting for? Go plan a trip!