Delta airline’s Comfort Plus and Delta’s option for seating in the emergency exit row both have their benefits to enjoy. I’ll try to first distinguish the two different seating options, and what their benefits are. 

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Sometimes the “better” option depends on what time of day or night the flight is, how long the flight is, what kind of plane you’re flying on, etc.

What is the Difference Between Delta Comfort Plus and Exit Row Seating?

Both Delta Comfort Plus seats and Exit Row seats are considered “Delta preferred” seats, and there is an upgrade charge unless you’re a Delta Medallion® member (i.e., Platinum, Gold, Silver), in which case, there is no upcharge.

The essential differences between Delta Comfort Plus and Exit Row seats are as follows: Delta Comfort Plus seats are considered “upgrades” and are located within the main cabin of the aircraft, and offer some extra legroom (up to about an extra 3” worth), along with an enhanced refreshment service (including free alcoholic drinks), and an overhead bin just for their carry-on items.

Some passengers claim that the extra legroom offered on Delta Comfort Plus isn’t very noticeable, but they enjoy the refreshments and the dedicated overhead bin.

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Exit row seats are precisely that. You may have noticed on some flights there are “breaks” in the rows of seats, and at the “front” of a break of seats, you’ll see seats directly behind the emergency exit doors, with a huge space in front of them. These are “preferred” seats, because of the large legroom space, but no seat to store your carry-on/personal item in front of you, so you’ll have to use the overhead compartment.

Another downside for some travelers in the Exit Row seats is that some of the seats don’t recline, and also that they are slightly narrower than regular Economy Class/Delta Comfort Plus seating, featuring dividers instead of armrests.

What Does a Comfort Plus Seat on Delta Mean?

In addition to up to a little extra legroom (up to about 3”), Delta Comfort Plus upgraded seats offer their travelers their own dedicated overhead bin space solely for their carry-on items. They also offer an upgraded refreshment service, including complimentary drinks, and other perks including early boarding, complimentary earbuds, pillow, and blanket.

Is Delta Comfort Plus Seating Worth It?

That depends on your individual preferences. As mentioned, some travelers don’t find the extra legroom all that noticeable but enjoy the free drinks and enhanced snacks, etc. If your flight is longer (or if you are flying in the evening), the extra perks of Delta Comfort Plus might appeal to you.

What Has More Legroom: Delta Comfort Plus or Exit Row Seating?

The legroom in Exit Row seating is quite significantly more than for regular Economy Class or even Delta Comfort Plus seating. On the negative side, some Exit Row seats won’t recline.

When you’re selecting your seat, be sure to double check that on the seating guide. Another downside is that the Exit Row seats are slightly narrower, with seat dividers instead of armrests.  

Are Exit Row Seats Better on Delta?

Delta Exit Row seating is in demand, though they offer, in many ways, a better comfort experience when flying. They offer quite a bit more legroom (in some cases, a few feet). Keep in mind that many of the Exit Row seats do not recline, and the seats themselves are usually a bit narrower. You’ll also have to stow all your carry-on items in one of the overhead bins because there is no seat immediately in front of you to stow your things underneath.

Do Exit Row Seats on Delta Have More Legroom?

Delta Exit Row seats have quite a bit more legroom than other seats on the plane, though this comes at a bit of a cost: narrower seats, many of which don’t recline, and no seat in front under which to stow your carry-ons, so you’ll have to find room in one of the overhead bins.

Do Exit Row Seats Recline on Delta?

It has been my experience that more often than not, Delta Exit Row seats do NOT recline, though this isn’t always the case. If you’re flying Delta in an Exit Row seat, be sure to pack your neck pillow!

Is There an Upcharge for Exit Row Seats on Delta?

Delta Exit Row seating (along with Delta Comfort Plus seating) is considered “preferred” seating by Delta, and both kinds come with an upcharge unless you’re a Delta Medallion member. Depending on where you’re flying, the duration of the flight, and what time of day (or night) you’re flying, the upcharge may be worth it to you if you’re not a Medallion member.

Is It Worth Paying for Delta Exit Row Seats?

As mentioned earlier, it all depends on what your own individual level of comfort is when flying. If you’re not a Delta Medallion member, the extra legroom offered by Delta Exit Row seating may be worth it to you, and it may not. If you are flying Delta Economy, there’s a chance you might be seated next to a larger passenger who may encroach on your space due to his or her size, or you may find yourself near a crying infant.

If you’re on a long flight or need to sleep while flying, the extra upcharge (or cost of Delta Medallion membership) may be worth it to you. For night flights, many Delta passengers prefer Delta Comfort Plus, because of the little bit of extra legroom (up to 3 extra inches), the dedicated overhead space, and other perks like the pillow, blanket, free earbuds, and enhanced refreshment service.  

Remember that in the emergency exit row, the seats are typically narrow, and many don’t recline. You’ll also have to find room for ALL your carry-on items in the overhead bin because you won’t have a seat immediately in front of you to stow them.

There You Have It: Exit Row vs Comfort Plus Seating 

Delta Exit Row seating definitely offers much more legroom, but with narrower seats, quite a few of which do not recline, and no seat in front under which to stow carry-on items.

Delta Comfort Plus seats offer a little more legroom, a dedicated overhead bin for your carry-ons, a free blanket, pillow, earbuds, and enhanced refreshment service (including free drinks).

Comfort Plus seats are considered overall better by many Delta passengers for evening flights. There is an upcharge for Delta passengers who are not Delta Medallion members, but in many cases, the perks may be worth it to you.

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