There are a lot of electric shavers on the market, but I think this is one that is way above the rest… or at least it has been brilliant for me!

The Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro hybrid electric trimmer is able to trim long hair while still giving you a close shave. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and comes with impressive battery life and one single attachment which makes it perfect for travel!

Just throw it in your bag and go!

If you can’t tell, I love it. I have had really great experiences with Norelco products and it has been the same with The OneBlade as well. Let me tell you more about it and answer some questions.

OneBlade Pro does everything you can think of – trim, edge and shave your hair whichever length you need. It has an advanced comb with 12 length settings from .5 to 9mm, so you get a precise haircut each time; then just rinse it in the sink for easy cleaning… Which is great when I am on the road.

Enjoy a close shave or have that unruly neckline dealt with in seconds. The long-lasting blade lasts up to 8 months and is easy to replace as needed too.


I’ve been using the Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver for a while now, and I think it’s great. Definitely my favorite electric shaver to date! Here are a few of the key features I like about it:

Trim, edge, and shave any length of hair.

It’s powerful and works well whether I need a quick trim or have let my beard grow for a little too long. It makes quick work of whatever I need it to do.

Long battery and quick charge time

90 min battery time allows me to charge it before i leave home and then it lasts the whole trip. I don’t even bring the charger with me.

And it charges in 1 hour! Yep. I love it.

OneBlade doesn’t shave as close as a traditional blade – so your skin stays comfortable.

comfortable is always a plus, I don’t like a really close shave and this allows me to shave quickly and short but not too short. I don’t like those ingrown neck hairs. yuck!

Water resistant – Use it wet or dry

Just rinse under the tap to clean it. And you can use it in the shower or with shaving cream if you like. I don’t. I shave dry. It works great dry. But super versatile. Whichever you prefer.

Long-lasting Blades and battery

Replaceable blade lasts up to 4-8 months depending on how you use it. I tend to use things long past when I should replace them. I have gone for a couple years. My beard isn’t as thick as some.


Honestly, I can’t think of anything bad about this product! It has been perfect for me so far and really does what I expect it to. But when I was researching to buy i heard a few folks that weren’t happy with a few things:

Makes a mess with shavings 

But any beard trimmer is going to do that. They must not be used to beard trimmers.

Replacement blades are expensive

I have never liked that about traditional razors. This is why I tend to use things longer than I should as well. I don’t like buying more if I can just get one more shave out of it. You know?

Pull and tear the hair

I saw a few people that said this or that they had to go back and forth over the same patch a few times to get it just right. It has only ever done that to me if I use the blades for more than a year.

Overall, my experience has been great… and the reviews are really good all over the web, and there are tons of them. Click the button to see the tens of thousands of reviews on Amazon.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

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Is the Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro worth it?

The Norelco OneBlade Pro is definitely worth it! I’ve found that one pass does the job almost every time. And with the battery life and fast charging along with a great shave, it’s definitely worth it!

What’s the difference between Philips OneBlade and OneBlade Pro?

Performance is the biggest difference. The OneBlade Pro only takes 1 hour to get to a full charge and then runs for 90 minutes! The OneBlade takes 8 hours to charge and only runs for 45 minutes. That and only needing to bring one attachment with me and my OneBlade Pro sold me.

Is Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro good for pubic hair?

The OneBlade Pro will do a great job down there and is totally safe, you just have to make sure there is a guard covering the blade before you start your trimming.

Does OneBlade Pro give a close shave?

OneBlade Pro shaves just close enough but not too close. That keeps your skin safe and comfortable. No more ingrown hairs! 

Is Norelco OneBlade Pro good for stubble?

If you regularly wear stubble the OneBlade Pro is really great. If you like to change up your facial hair or like to touch it up and keep things really sharp and tidy, you’re in good hands with this trimmer. 

Is the OneBlade Pro better wet or dry?

The OneBlade Pro has plenty of power when used in wet conditions like the shower or with shaving cream, foam or gel. It is as effective on dry skin too. It really is up to you and the way you like to shave. It will work great for you.

Is OneBlade Pro waterproof?

The OneBlade Pro is 100% waterproof! (Norelco says “water-resistant”)  You can use it in the shower or with shaving cream, foam or gel, and it works really well.

Can Norelco OneBlade Pro cut hair?

If you want to shave or trim your body hair, the Norelco OneBlade Pro has a comb/guard that allows you to do that. It isn’t best to use for a full haircut, but you can use it to trim sideburns and do a little more than that in an emergency for sure.

How do you shave with a OneBlade Pro?

You should shave with multiple passes while applying gentle but consistent pressure to the razor head as you go. Doing this ensure’s a great shave.

Is the OneBlade Pro worth it?

I think it’s worth it for sure! But it depends on how you will use it and if you want to spend a little more for a lot more convenience or not. If you are willing to spend a little more, it is totally worth it. 

It takes a lot less time to charge the OneBlade Pro, and it lasts twice as long! But if you are really price sensitive, and you will be charging it overnight usually, maybe you will not feel a need to go for the pro. 

You should go check it out on Amazon and see what others have to say about it.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

I hope you have found my thoughts helpful here.