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Booking Hotels – Agoda

Nomatic Life on the Move

Best Apps For Travelers


Travel apps can be very useful for all travelers. They can help you with planning, gathering information, calculations, bookings and much more. International travel Apps are becoming more popular and useful all the time. Here’s a list of apps for Android and IOS that are useful for travelers.


Tripit – This is a free mobile app that lets you view all your trip details at a glance. It will organize your travel plans very well and send you an easy to understand itinerary. Read more about Tripit in our international travel apps post here and on


Google Maps – One of the most popular apps in the world, use Google Maps to help you navigate like a pro. Google Maps is a free app for IOS and Android Google Play. 


Happy Cow – If you are looking for a vegetarian restaurant, Happy Cow is the App you need. Happy Cow app is available for IOS and Android.

Kayak – This popular planning app will help you search for travel sites for hotels, car rentals, and flights. Kayak is known for having some pretty great deals and is also free. Kayak mobile app


Uber – Uber is now available in 80 countries and 800 cities. This ridesharing app allows you to find a ride in minutes.



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Can I bring toothpaste on a plane?

Can I bring toothpaste on a plane?

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What Are Weighted Blankets Made of?

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Can I bring deodorant on a plane?

Can I bring deodorant on a plane?

If you’re getting ready to travel, you may have asked yourself: can I bring deodorant on a plane? When you’re out traveling, you want to smell good and feel comfortable! Well, you’re in luck! You are allowed to bring stick deodorant, crystal deodorant, and powder...

Travel Insurance

RoamRight cruise travel insurance

World Nomad Travel Insurance / Roam Right Insurance – Don’t risk traveling without insurance. So many things can happen while you are away. For the small cost of travel insurance, protect you and your family from thieves and injuries. We recommend both World Nomad and Roam Right Travel Insurance. Both offer an easy and free quote online.