He won’t go to sleep until he pets his new dog – ‘Can I pet that dog?’

I thought it was a cute video. “Can I pet that dog?” In this hilarious video, a Texas boy refuses to go to sleep unless he gets a chance to pet the dog.

The story goes a little something like this:

In a small Texas town, a family welcomed a new addition to their household. A tiny, fluffy Yorkie named Oliver was rescued by the Holley family and quickly became the center of attention, especially for 6-year-old Acesyn.

One night, as Acesyn’s bedtime approached, he couldn’t bear the thought of going to sleep without petting his new furry friend. His mother, Kayla, tried to persuade him to go to bed, but Acesyn was determined. He repeatedly asked, “Can I pet that dog?” and Kayla repeatedly replied with, “No.”

Kayla found the situation amusing and decided to capture it on video. She posted the video on TikTok, where it quickly went viral. The video showed Acesyn’s adorable persistence and Oliver’s playful antics, making it impossible for viewers not to laugh.

Acesyn finally got his wish and could pet Oliver before going to bed, but not before becoming a TikTok star. He will be seven years old on March 28, but his love for Oliver will never grow old.

The End.

On a mildly related train of thought. It’s always good to ask a dog’s owner before you pet a dog.

Lesser known reasons you really should ask before you pet a dog

There are several less obvious or popular reasons why you should ask a dog owner before petting their dog.

First, some dogs have medical conditions or allergies that could be worsened by petting or touching. For example, a dog may have recently had surgery or may have a skin condition that needs to be treated with medication.

Second, some dogs are in training or have specific instructions or commands that the owner needs to follow. The dog may have to perform a certain task or behavior, and petting them will disrupt their focus.

Third, some dogs are shy or have traumatic experiences, making them uncomfortable or anxious around strangers.

Lastly, some dog owners are protective of their pets and would prefer to be asked before someone pet their dog. It shows respect for the owner and the dog, and it’s always a good idea to be polite and considerate.

These are in addition to the more common reasons like:

  • Some dogs are prone to biting or aggressive.
  • The dog may be a service animal, working dog, therapy dog, or emotional support animal.

There are many reasons why you should ask a dog owner before petting their dog. Dogs can bite for many reasons, but most commonly, as a reaction to something. Don’t make that a reaction to you…

But that kid is pretty cute. No?

I thought it was funny and would share it with other posts like the ones below for you to enjoy.

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I saw the video posted on Facebook, and it looks like it was reported on a local news channel.