One of the difficult things that many travelers on a plane go through, is luggage organization for carry on bags. Everyone wants to maximize luggage space when traveling on a plane in order to be efficient and save money.

When traveling, it can be difficult to decide what to carry and what to leave behind without sacrificing the important items. You need to make sure that your carry on bag is not heavy to avoid additional luggage fees.

Additionally, carrying a well-organized and lightweight carry on bag is important as it will be convenient for you and it will fit well in the aircraft overhead bin.

If you are traveling on a plane, here are some storage tips and solutions to help you with on your carry on bag.


1. Use packing cubes

The more I travel, the more I am discovering that I really like the idea of packing cubes. They really keep everything organized. They don’t make a mess of your suitcase when you are traveling. The packing cubes on Amazon are great in both quality and price. You want to make sure the cubes you use are good quality and not made with thin material. Good quality zippers are also important.


Packing cubes can be used for packing different items in a carry on bag such as clothes and other essentials. If you are a light traveler, packing cubes are the best solutions for you. When you use packing cubes, you make sure that there are no loose items in the travel bag which protects your items from damage and breakages.

A huge advantage of using packing cubes is that they come in different sizes and you can pack as many as you want depending on the size of your carry on bag. Most of the packing cubes in the market are well marked for recommendations on what you should store in each bag. Packing cubes maximize space in carry on bags in that you can store as many items as possible in each packing cube and then organize them in the carry on bag.





2. Roll your clothes instead of folding

Another great packing tip for air travelers is to roll their items instead of folding. When you fold your clothes, they will occupy much more space compared to rolling them.

If you are packing your clothes in a carry on bag, you should consider rolling them as you will make available more space that you can use to store other items. Using this method, you should start with the bulky and heavy clothes first.

Make sure that you roll the clothes tightly so that they can become smaller!


3. Use a small carry on bag

When traveling on a plane, you need to make sure that you do not exceed the size and weight limits for the carry on bag. The most convenient way, to make sure that you travel with a lightweight carry on bag, is by using a small bag. Most bags that adhere to the airline’s rules are smaller bags around 22 x 14 x 9 inches.

With a small bag, you will be limited to the number of items that you can carry, so you will need to prioritize and determine what you really need to bring. One of the advantages of using a small carry on bag is that it cannot be over packed, and therefore, you will hopefully not exceed the allowed weight for the carry on bag on the plane.

When you use a small carry on bag, the organization will be better and unnecessary items will be left behind. Also, it will be easy for you to carry it around with you as you travel.

With a small carry on bag, you will be able to know where exactly you stored everything making it easy to reach an item whenever you want.


Check out some recommended carry on bags that meet the airline’s regulations here.



4. Pack the shoes at the bottom of the bag

One of the best luggage organization tips is to pack your shoes at the bottom of your bag. Shoes occupy a lot of space and placing them at the bottom will make sure that the excess space is occupied by other items.

It is important that you limit the pairs of shoes that you bring along to maximize space on your carry on bag. Placing the shoes at the bottom of the carry on bag helps in distributing the weight evenly in the bag so that the bag does not become too heavy.

Another tip when it comes to organizing your shoes when traveling on a plane is to pack items in the inside of the shoes. Shoes have a lot of space on the inside which you can use to store socks, ties and other small items. You can use the shoes to store fragile items as they will be well protected by the shoes.



5. Wear bulky items when traveling

To maximize more space in your carry on bag, you should wear the bulky items if possible. If you want to carry a bulky sweater, jacket or shoes, make sure that you wear them so that you can have enough space for other items that are essentials. Personal items like jackets are allowed on board the plane.

Bulky jackets and sweaters can be difficult to roll or fold, and they will occupy a lot of space on your carry on bag. Make sure that you do not carry a lot of bulky clothes as they occupy much space. It is vital to know exactly what you want for the trip to avoid carrying unnecessary items.



Before traveling, it is important that you make a list of the things that you will need for the trip. Create a list or an inventory of the essentials and pack them first. After that, if there is more space available, you can pack other items. When you have an idea of the things you need to carry when traveling on a plane, it will be easy for you to know the size of the carry on bag that you need.

Luggage organization is very important when traveling. If you want to maximize space on your carry on bag, you should learn the above storage tips for luggage. Storing your items well will determine the amount of space you will have and the items that you will carry.

If you are planning on traveling, you should start packing early to help you decide what to bring along on the plane. When you have enough time to pack, you will not rush and make last-minute decisions, you will avoid carrying things that you do not need, and you will be able to maximize space in your carryon bag.

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