You’re ready to leave your hotel room but still have some time before you have the next place to put it… Maybe you want to go exploring or shopping or just out for a bite to eat before you move on to your next stop.

You’ve just checked out and you’re standing in the lobby, trying to figure out what to do with your luggage. Do you lug it around all day? Or maybe ask the concierge if they can hold onto it for you?

In this post we’ll cover everything from storing your luggage at the front desk, to using a baggage storage service. We’ll discuss when each option is best used, how much they cost, and how easy or difficult they are to access depending on where you are staying! And the last one on the list is my favorite. Let’s go!

Ask the hotel for a late checkout

If it fits your schedule, this can be a great option. Some hotels are very helpful this way and others have more rigid schedules and timelines. Just ask and you can have the ability to check out later that day instead of mid morning.

But sometimes this won’t cover your needs. If, for example, you are traveling to a very crowded city, there is a chance someone has already booked your now-vacant room. Before the hotel staff can help the next group of guests, your room needs to be cleaned. In order to give them time to do that, they might not be able to offer you much more time.

That’s ok. There are other options for you to do with your luggage after you check out of your hotel.

Ask the hotel if they have a place you can leave your luggage for a couple of hours

If you’re unable to extend your check-out time at a hotel, just check with the front desk to see if they will hold your luggage for you until later in the day. Now you don’t have to lug around a heavy bag!

Most hotels will just do this for you for free. I usually stay at Marriotts and they are usually happy to do that and put it in a storage room for me at no cost for a couple of hours.

It’s up to the hotel where you’re staying as to whether they charge for this service. Make sure you check with them before leaving your luggage. You don’t want to pick it up to be surprised by a storage fee of some kind.

And know that if it is a heavy travel season or if the hotel is busy, they might not offer this service at all.

It’s also common to find lockers at hotels, which are a convenient way to store your luggage for a small fee.

It is always a good idea when possible to plan this out before you leave on your trip. This way there are no surprises when you are on the road.

And know that a storage locker or storage service will be more secure than the hotel staff storing it behind the front desk or the concierge closet.

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Ask the hotel if there are other hotels near them that would store it for a couple of hours

Ask the hotel if they know others near them that may offer storage services that your hotel doesn’t have. Or call a few yourself. It’s easy to do and can be a simple solution.

If you’ve booked a hotel or hostel in a well-known travelers or tourist area they will be very familiar with this need and have options and suggestions ready to go.

Look for self-storage options near you

ok, you’ve tried all the above and aren’t having any luck. If the hotels haven’t already suggested a self-service storage locker service, that’s the next thing you can look into.

One of the best things about self-storage services is they’re open 24/7 and have no limit as to how long you can store your luggage. As mentioned before, they are also one of the more secure options as well.

Store it at an airport, bus station, train station or taxi company you are using

Nearly every airport has a luggage storage area as well. When you check out from a hotel you can go store it there and head out for as long as you want.

It’s best to give them a call and check their rates and where it is relative to the gate that you will need to be for your next flight. And if you’re not flying, can you get to it and get back out easily and get on your way.

Also, double-check their hours to ensure you don’t have any issues there. Usually, they are open 24 hours a day, but not all of them are.

Similarly, Train and bus stations and sometimes taxi companies will have a locker area that you can utilize as well.

It’s always good to verify the size of the lockers as well, to make sure your bags will easily fit in them.

If you are flying, see if you can check your bags early

Many airlines allow you to check in your luggage up to four hours prior to takeoff. If you need storage for a longer time and the hotel or one of the other options we have talked about will cover part of the time you need, then you can bring it to the airport early and your problem is solved.

This can also help if you have a really long layover and your bags aren’t automatically being transferred to your next flight. Check em in early and then you don’t have to camp out with them at the gate for hours. You can go explore and enjoy your time at the airport.

Are you renting a car or hiring a driver? Leave it with them

Will you be doing some site seeing or renting a car or hiring a driver for a large amount of time?

Book that car for enough time to get you to your flight or next destination. That way you have a place for all your luggage and it is with you the whole time. Problem solved.

Send it with a postal company

You can’t find any other storage facility in the hotel, airport, and even surrounding bus and train stations. You don’t want to pay the money to hire a driver for the day. (I don’t blame you)

A more nontraditional way to deal with your luggage is to ship it to your final destination. Think about it. Post it and just get it when you get there.

When checking out of your hotel, you might want to use a luggage shipping option like USPS or My Baggage. This will allow you to enjoy the rest of your trip without worrying about lugging around suitcases across town.

Cloakrooms of museums or galleries you’re visiting

Museums or galleries you’re visiting

Some museums and galleries have storage sites where you can leave your belongings. Just ask. The same goes for other places you might want to visit. Check with them to see if they can help you, and if they can’t, ask them for ideas.

There’s an app for that

Does that surprise you? Hit you app store and search for uggage storage app. You will find a plethora of options.

I have found that most apps offer a map-based interface with pictures and detailed information about the property or business. It’s really easy to find what you’re looking for when using these types of apps, especially if English is not your first language.

The app can even provide the price estimates as well as reviews from other customers.

Some of the features I have seen are self-pick up and drop off, 24 hour access to luggage storage facilities near your location, online booking for convenience as well as an in app chat function if you need assistance with any aspect of their service.

The most popular apps on the market offer a free trial or a discounted rate. Pretty slick!

Make sure to check the reviews out thoroughly and you should be good to go.

Here are four you can check out for starters:


Locations: 10,000+ locations in 500+ cities (mostly across USA and Europe)

Price: Starting at $6 USD a day per bag

Radical Storage

Locations: At the time of writing, they have over 3,000 locations in 300 cities pretty much worldwide… And they’re the cheapest option too.

Price: Starting at $6 USD a day per bag


Locations: South America, Central America, Europe, North America

Price: Starting at $7 USD a day per bag


Locations: 10,000+ locations in 500+ cities (mostly across USA and Europe)

Price: Starting at $5.90 USD a day per bag

There are plenty of luggage services for you to access quickly and book before a trip. There’s a whole industry of lockers and services that travelers can use.


These are questions we get about what to do with luggage at times on your trips… Let’s make sure we answered all of them.

Can I leave my luggage at the hotel after checking out?

Yes, you can typically leave your luggage at the front desk or in a luggage locker after checking out. When you check-in just ask about those services. Hotels can typically help you for free or a nominal fee.

What to do with luggage after checking out of an airbnb?

When you check out of an Airbnb you can use the same ideas we have highlighted in this article, Lockers at transportation stations, local hotels, luggage storage apps, coat rooms at museums or other places you might be visiting, etc. But you can also ask you host if they can help or have any ideas.

What to do with luggage when you have a late flight?

If you have a late flight, your airline may be able to store your bags at the airport for free or a nominal fee.

Check with your airline about their specific policies.

If they wont or can’t, most airports have a storage lockers you can use.

You should also check with your hotel as well to see if they offer a baggage storage service.

You can also use web-services or the apps we mentioned above to store your luggage.

What do I do with luggage before my flight?

Check your bags in early so you don’t have to carry them around with you. Most terminals have storage lockers that you can use to lock your carry-on luggage up in so you don’t have to keep track of it and carry it with you till you board the plane.

Can hotels hold your luggage?

Most hotels are happy to hold your luggage for you for free or a nominal fee. Just check with the front desk or consierge.

I would suggest keeping your valuables with you though as that is the safest thing to do.

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Will a hotel hold my luggage if I’m not staying there?

Hotels sometimes do hold luggage for people that aren’t their guests. You just need to ask. Lots of hotels have storage lockers that anyone can store their luggage in. Others have a storage room they can store you bags in.

It does depend on the hotel though, and how busy they are with their current customers.

Can hotels hold your luggage before check-in?

Some hotels will hold your luggage before check-in. Though some hotels will only allow guests to store their bags at the hotel for a fee, many of these charges occur when you’re checking out.


Well, there you have it. Hope you found an idea or two in here helpful for you.

Whether it is one or a combination of a couple of them. The next time you have luggage but no place to put it, try one of these and let us know if we missed anything or how it went for you.