Pit bull traveling and hiking

I have owned a number of dogs, and my pitbull Doug was one of my absolute favorites.

Are pitbulls good travel companions?

Pitbulls are great travel companions! They are naturally energetic, happy and want to please their owners. And they mellow out after some good exercise like a brisk walk or longboard session. This makes them ideal for road trips or traveling!

Traveling is a natural instinct for any dog, but pitbulls are built for it! They are well known for their loyalty and bravery. This makes them great companions traveling or on any adventure.

They have a reputation for being aggressive and scary, but the truth is that they are just as sweet, loving, and loyal as any other dog, and more than some! If they are raised by a competent owner, they are a dog that wins the hearts of all that know them.

10 reasons why pitbulls make excellent travel companions.

1 – They love adventures!

The more active the better: whether it’s backpacking through Europe or exploring new regions of the U.S., they are always happy to get out and go on a new adventure.

They love car rides and road trips too. They like to travel with their pack so if you are going by car or by boat, they are happy to be there and seem grateful even that you brought them along.

2 – They’re good with kids!

Did you know the pitbull is one of only two registered breeds in which a love of children is included in its breed standard? Also, Petey on the original Little Rascals series was a pitbull.

3 – They adapt and can go all day!

They have fantastic patience, endurance and stamina. Whether they are waiting in an endless line at an airport or putting in the last miles of an unexpectedly long hike, they adapt well and can make it through anything with more patience and grace than your fellow travelers at times.

Whether it is exploring a new city or an international bus ride, they really can walk, hike or explore all day without getting tired, and love every minute of it!

4 – Pitbulls don’t need much space.

They don’t need a lot of space in order to be comfortable, so they can stay in small hotels, hostels, planes and busses with the best of them. The trick is, if you can, make sure they get some active time in their day before they have to “sit, stay”. How much active time depends on the individual dog.

But they are super versatile they can walk, hike or explore all day without getting tired… or curl up at your feet or by your side and lounge while you read a book or enjoy a cup of tea.

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5 – They are happy with new situations and new people.

They aren’t a dog that is shy and timid. Quite the opposite, which traveling requires. Not only do they love to meet new people, but they are some of the most social and friendliest dogs of any breed.

If you are familiar with the American Temperament Test (ATT), pitbulls consistently score in the same range as, retrievers, collies and boxers.

Due to their temperament and intelligence, they are often used as therapy dogs, assistance animals for the disabled, search and rescue animals.

6 – Pitbulls are just the right size

They’re big enough that they won’t get easily stepped on our lost easily, but not too big that they’ll break your back if you need to list them into anything during transport or sleeping. Some hotels do have weight limits, so double-check that when you book your room.

7 – They are loyal, loyal, loyal.

I know, I can hear you now, “But all dogs are loyal.” And you are right. This is why I am a dog person through and through.

One of the reasons pitbulls are good travel companions is because they are very loyal, intelligent, and hardworking.. Many are used for honorable practices such as therapy, assistance, search and rescue, and sports champions.

8 – Pitbulls get a little extra attention too.

Lots of people are afraid of pitbulls so you’ll get lots of attention when traveling – which is something I enjoyed! Especially when you have a great example of the breed.

It’s a fun way to meet new people as you travel too. You can get a little more practice with a foreign language a little as you interact or to see them enjoy an interaction with a dog they might have been scared of before.

9 – They love human affection and attention, but don’t need constant petting.

They like to be the center of your world but don’t have to be all the time. This makes them great for all the moments on your trip between your pics for Instagram, you know, when you need to get stuff done.

I am not a dog trainer or super skilled with them above or beyond the average person, but the following are some additional reasons why I love pitbulls and think they make a fantastic travel companion for solo travelers or a whole family.

10 – Pitbulls are intelligent and easily trainable

11 – Pitbulls are loyal and protective

12 – Pitbulls have a calming effect on people with anxiety or PTSD

13 – Pitbulls can be trained to be service dogs for the disabled, children, seniors, and more 

14 – They’re not picky eaters, so you don’t need to worry about finding just the right food at your destination 

15 – Pitbulls are very affectionate, love people and typically greet everyone with enthusiasm 

16 – Pitbulls are great at entertaining themselves

17 – They are always ready to go

18 – They don’t shed much and their short hair is easy to manage and they require minimal grooming

19 – They are athletic by nature and connect easily with their humans.

Pitbulls are great travel companions! Their charming nature makes them great companions for travel or life in general. Pitbulls are playful as they age and will still like to play around even when they get older. Pitbulls are outgoing, friendly companions who bond strongly to their owners and love meeting new people. They are so easy to travel with.

One word of caution when traveling with a pitbull

Your perfect pup is still a pitbull. Generally speaking, pitbulls have been given a bit of a bad reputation. It’s unfortunate that so many people brush the pitbull aside when looking for a dog of their own, because of a few tragic news stories.

Unfortunately there are some horror stories out there of dogs that were raised poorly or provoked and then people or animals got hurt.

Because of their physical abilities, when an accident does happen it can be more severe than if your neighbor’s tiny poodle attacks you.

They are tough dogs, but that does not mean they are always mean. Because they are tough, they are a favorite of some irresponsible dog owners. Pitbulls are the most abused dog.

If they’re raised by attentive owners that take care of them they’re happy and fun-loving animals!

Some people will look at your dog and just see its breed

You are still traveling with a pitbull and not everyone thinks highly of pitbulls like you do. We have an article here for tips for traveling with your pitbull.

Just be extra careful that you train yours to obey you at all times and always make sure that you drain as much of your dog’s energy as possible before requiring it to stay in a confined space for long periods of time.

Doing this and making sure your pitbull is well socialized from the day you get it is super important. It is a breed that has some preconceived negative notions about it and if you work with your pitbull and make it a great ambassador of the breed, you will not only help it but help change people’s thoughts and ideas of pitbulls that meet it.

Because of their bad reputation some public places or hotels might not let you stay there. Just check with the places you book that you are ok to stay their first. Nothing worse than making plans and then finding out you can’t stay at the hotel you booked because you have a pit with you.

That never happened to me but is always a good thing to check.

Some questions about traveling with pitbulls I have gotten

Are pitbulls good travel dogs?

They are fantastic travel dogs. If you are flying, make sure to read up on the airline’s pet policies. and check with all hotels you plan to use as well. ((here)) is another article I wrote with a bunch of travel tips that you will want to follow when bringing a pitbull with you on your travel adventures.

Can I fly with my pitbull?

Feds Say Airlines Can’t Ban pitbulls or Other Dog Breeds From Flying. Just over a year after Delta Airlines announced that “pitbull type dogs” were not welcome on flights, the U.S. Department of Transportation released a statement that forbids airlines from banning dogs based on their breed. Aug 16, 2019

This article is all about flying with your pitbull. Check it out if you are wondering, can I bring a pitbull on a plane? or other details about flying with your pitbull. ((linkss))

Do pitbulls like to cuddle?

Pitbulls love to snuggle and cuddle! Even though most pitbulls wind up easily, they’ll wind down and chill easily and love being hugged and pet too. They will do this on their own. But one trick, if you get them out for some good exercise they will come home and cuddle instantly.

Do hotels allow pitbulls?

Pet-friendly hotels do allow pitbulls. However, always check with the place you want to stay about it before you book your stay.

There times when you might run into hotels, campgrounds, and vacation rentals that ban certain dog breeds. One tip, government campgrounds nearly always allow all breeds all the time.

Tip, get your dog certified as a service dog!

Can you make a pitbull a service dog?

The American pitbull can make excellent Service Dogs! This includes any of the bully breeds and of course, depends on the temperament of your specific dog.

One of the nice things about certifying your pet as a service dog is that they can go anywhere you’re allowed to go – like stores, office complexes and apartments that don’t allow dogs or pets.