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 Some trips aren’t complete without a good soundtrack. And the way to make it through some flights is to drown everyone else and the sound of the plane out.

Whether it is for the purpose of distraction or a desire to speak with your loved ones, finding the perfect traveling headphones is essential. Finding them can be a challenge, however, since the choices seem endless and every price class seems to have at least a dozen highly rated products to offer.

We’ve done our homework. Now allow us to provide you with our top 10 noise-canceling headphones. This list is organized according to the type of traveler you are. You will find a mix of the cheaper and the more expensive products so you can find just the ones you’re looking for.

The long road: Best over-ear noise canceling headphones

These sets are perfect for the traveler who mainly uses their headphones while traveling on buses, airplanes or even at hotels or anyone looking for the quietest most comfortable experience.

Higher Price 

  1. 1. Bose QuietComfort 35

Where some headphones give you a certain percentage of noise cancellation, the Bose QuietComfort allows you to regulate how much background noise you allow through. This customizable gem offers some of the best sound quality on the market and has a wireless battery life for up to 20 hours!


  • High level of comfort for long use
  • Customizable and best noise cancellation on the market: three levels of world-class noise cancellation
  • Excellent sounds quality
  • Voice control enabled


  • Battery isn’t replaceable
  • DSP somewhat impacts the sound signature


2. Sony Noise Canceling Headphones

These sleekly designed Sony headphones won’t adjust the noise balances with a click of the bottom, but rather senses it itself. The smart listening feature automatically adapts to your own preferences and changes as it registers its environment. These headphones have been built to respond to touch and you can manipulate the sound and activities by using the touch control feature. Additionally, the wireless battery life is an impressive 30 hours!


  • Highly impressive noise canceling performance
  • 30-hour battery life
  • Very comfortable


  • Rather fragile hinges
  • Touch control has been known to lag


Best budget noise-canceling headphones


The COWIN E7 is just about the best budget option out there. With a noise cancellation function that significantly reduces background noise, you can drift away peacefully for up to 30 hours. The 40mm large-aperture drivers ably deliver a crisp sound quality and the built-in microphone with NFC technology allows you to take hand free calls from your mobile phone.


  • 30 hours of battery life
  • Effective noise cancellation of every day conversations and engines
  • Great sound quality


  • Some high pitched noise can filter through
  • Small sound distortion when used close to maximum volume


2. WEILIGU Wireless Headphones

These are the kind of headphones you won’t believe come so cheaply. The WEILIGU boasts a premium stereo feature and up to 12 hours of use. The Bluetooth pairing option offers clear, high quality sounds even when 10 meters away from your device. The low price tag and surprisingly resistant design makes these headphones a perfect present for your kids before going on a trip.


  • High-quality sound and effective noise cancellation
  • Surprisingly robust frame: great present for kids!


  • Earmuffs may get a little uncomfortable after extended use compared to more expensive brands
  • Only available in one color


The active traveler: Best in-ear noise canceling headphones

If you are moving about quite a bit but would still like to keep your headphone close, you might benefit more from an in-ear set!

Higher Price Range

  1. 1. Bose QuietComfort 20

These comfortable in-ear headphones with the highest rated noise cancellation, Bose QuietComfort 20 comes out on top! Most notable for the Aware Mode, you can reconnect with your surroundings with a click of the button. This is an extra useful feature since we can never forget that noise can sometimes have a function, especially when moving about!


  • Great sound quality
  • Impressive noise cancellation
  • Aware mode for safety


  • Best compatibility with Apple but also some Android devices


Best budget in-ear noise canceling headphones

1. Bluephonic true wireless earbuds

These little blue pearls come highly recommended for convenience of use as well as quality of sound. With nothing but the buds to fiddle with, you won’t be cursing at tangled wires.  While other true wireless headphones use one flat sounding speaker, these earbuds boast with dual speakers. If you intend to get some exercise in during your travels, you will be happy to learn that the Bluephonic earbuds are also sweat proof!


  • Comfortable fit
  • 18-hour battery life
  • Sweat proof


  • Minor connectivity problems
  • Only available in one color


2. Diginex Bluetooth Magnetic Earbuds

The hanging design of the Diginex earbuds means it can be used separately from devices and hung conveniently around your neck. When not in use, the magnets attached to the earbud can be attached and worn as a necklace. This makes it rather perfect for the traveler wanting to keep his headphones close but also moving around quite a bit. With the built-in HD Mic with noise canceling and CVC 6.0 technology, you are guaranteed a superior sound and conversation quality. Additionally, this headset is waterproof meaning you can work up quite a sweat without damaging them.


  • Super handy design that promotes movement
  • Comfortable fit around the neck
  • Waterproof  – will even survive accidental drops in the water


  • Only available in one color


The night traveler: Best Sleeping headphones


Best budget sleeping headphones


1. MAXROCK Sleep Earplugs

If you are bothered by snoring fellow travelers or are generally a pretty light sleeper, you will love the MAXROCK Sleep Earplugs. These earplugs with highly comfortable silicon design will feel like you have nothing in your ears at all and even stay in place if you are a side sleeper. The patented 5mm speaker provides clear and crisp audio and a good performance without distortion.


  • High comfort level
  • Stay in place easily
  • Effective noise cancellation


  • Not wireless so will need to be attached to a nearby device
  • Little lack of base


2. Bluetooth Sleeping Eye Mask

For those who can be distracted by lights and shadows as well as sound, will be happy to know they can combine noise-canceling earphones with a sleeping mask! Contrary to the previous product, this mask offers a wireless Bluetooth connection. You will be able to listen to whatever relaxes you at night and don’t worry about tossing and turning in your seat. The mask takes only about 2-2.5 hours to charge and provides more than 9 hours of playing time. This should cover your nightly rest pretty effectively!


  • Very comfortable and breathable material that is also washable
  • Good sound quality
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection


  • Given the position of the controls, perhaps best for back-sleepers
  • Only available in one color


The all-round traveler: Best all-purpose headphones


Best budget all-purpose headphones

  1. 1. CozyPhones Sleep Headphones and Travel Bag

Really, don’t we all prefer a product that delivers it all? Don’t let the name deceive you. These headphones are suited for so much more than just sleep. Sleep is of course an option. But so is physical activity given the headband is ideal for collecting sweat. Air travel will be made equally easy when all you have to put on is a headband rather than a headset. It also makes it so much easier to pack! These headphones are made with a flexible and durable 1.5-meter braided cord and sturdy a 3.5 mm stereo plug. Additionally, it is compatible with practically all devices!


  • Delightfully multifunctional
  • Very comfortable fit
  • Good sound quality and effective noise cancellation


  • The headband comes in one size only so it is best to inquire after specifics before possibly being disappointed by the fit


With the overwhelming amount of options out there, the best place to start looking is to ask yourself what your main activities while using your headphones will be. When traveling long hours and possibly also sleeping, you will want headphones that are mainly comfortable with top notch noise cancellation.

If you are looking for headphones accommodating more active travels, it is not a bad idea to look into those specifically designed for sports. The better ones will be sweat or even water proof and they will also be designed to stay in place during brisk movements. With the latter one should also keep in mind that noise cancellation can be a blessing in some situations, but should never compromise your safety. That’s why features such as the Alert function should definitely be considered based on your activities. Once your priorities are sorted, our top 10 will hopefully guide you to the best choice for you.

Happy travels!

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Top 10 Noise Canceling headphones for travel


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