Delta Sky Clubs are exclusive airport lounges owned by Delta Air Lines, offering exceptional amenities to their valued members. As a frequent traveler, you might have been curious about the history, locations, and policies of these members-only lounges. In this brief exploration, we’ll delve into the key aspects of Delta Sky Clubs that make them a go-to choice for many flyers.

Origin story of the Delta Sky Club

The history of Delta Sky Clubs dates back to the 1960s, with roots in the once-separate airline Northwest Airlines. Since then, Delta’s acquisition of Northwest in 2008 paved the way for enhancing the lounge experience. In addition to complimentary healthy food options and drinks, Delta’s Sky Clubs offer fast Wi-Fi access and free high-speed internet. There are more than 50 Sky Club locations in more than 50 countries.

As a member, it’s essential to be aware of the recent policy changes set to take effect in early 2023. These updates aim to preserve the premium experience that Delta Sky Club offers and may influence your decision to either maintain or pursue a membership.

Early History of Delta and Its Premium Services

1925: Delta was Founded in GA

As you may know, Delta was founded on March 2, 1925, as Huff Daland Dusters. Over the years, the company transformed, ultimately becoming Delta Air Lines. As one of the major U.S. airlines, Delta is a founding member of the SkyTeam airline alliance, providing customers with more flight options, streamlined services, and increased benefits.

1969: Delta Enhances First Class on Long-Haul Flights

In 1969, Delta introduced an enhanced First Class service on approximately 35 long-haul flights, such as Atlanta-Los Angeles, Atlanta-San Francisco, and U.S.-Caribbean flights. This new offering, called Royal Service, provided passengers with more comfortable accommodations and extra amenities during their journey.

2022: New Sky Club Opens in Terminal 5

Delta Sky Clubs can be found in more than 50 locations. This impressive club is located in Terminal 5 and has the capacity to seat up to 400 passengers. A variety of amenities are available in Delta Sky Clubs, including cocktails, healthy food options, and free fast Internet access.

2023: Sky Club Membership Limited to Medallion Members

Starting January 1, 2023, access policy changes will go into effect, limiting the purchase of Delta Sky Club memberships. From that date, only Delta Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver Medallion members can buy a membership to gain access to these exclusive clubs. This change aims to preserve the premium experience current Sky Club members enjoy. American Express cardholders can also gain access to the clubs through specific cards and benefits, further enhancing your travel experience.

Evolution of Delta Sky Club

Delta’s Participation in the SkyTeam Airline Alliance

As a member of the SkyTeam airline alliance, Delta Air Lines collaborates with other partner airlines to enhance your travel experience. Through this partnership, you have access to more than 50 different Delta Club lounges worldwide and lounges operated by other SkyTeam member airlines. This means that your Delta Sky Club membership provides you with additional access and benefits when traveling with SkyTeam partners.

Branding Name of Delta’s Airport Lounges

In its earlier years, Delta named its airport lounges “Crown Room Clubs.” However, to better align with the airline’s branding and to create a more cohesive experience, Delta changed the name to “Delta Sky Club” in 2008. Today, these lounges are known as Delta Sky Club lounges and continue to provide top-notch amenities and exceptional service.

Membership Options and Recent Changes in Lounge Access Policies (As of Jan. 1, 2023)

Delta Sky Club offers various membership options to suit your needs, including Individual and Executive memberships. While both memberships grant access to Delta Sky Club lounges, the Executive membership allows you to bring up to two guests with you.

However, as of Jan. 1, 2023, some changes in lounge access policies have taken effect. Changes for both memberships include a fee for accompanying guests from $39 to $50 or from 3,900 miles to 5,000 miles if you prefer to pay with miles. 

You can find more information on these changes and other updates here. The fees for those memberships also went up from $545 to $695 for the individual one and from $695 to $1,495 for the executive level one.

Just tack on a couple of zeroes to he ends of those to get the milage cost of each one as well. 

Delta Sky Club Is Available at More Than 50 Locations Worldwide

Delta Sky Club lounges can be found in over 50 locations across the globe, from major hubs like New York to international cities like Tokyo. With free high-speed Wi-Fi and food and beverages, these lounges offer a comfortable environment where you can relax, work, or enjoy a variety of amenities.

Some Delta Sky Club lounges even feature unique elements such as the outdoor SkyDeck in Austin, giving you more options to enjoy your time while waiting for your flight.

Where Is the Oldest Delta Sky Club Lounge Located?

The oldest Delta Sky Club lounge is in Atlanta, Georgia, one of Delta’s primary hubs. Having served travelers for many years, this lounge continues to be an integral part of the Delta Sky Club network, offering the same stellar service and amenities that are found in newer locations.

Busiest Delta Sky Club Lounges and Their Challenges

Overcrowding Issues and Delta’s Efforts to Address Them

With Delta’s growing network and popularity, some of their Sky Club locations face overcrowding issues, especially during peak travel times. To maintain a comfortable and relaxing environment, Delta has implemented measures to counter these problems. 

A number of airports, including Atlanta, New York City, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Detroit, have introduced priority lanes outside busy lounges.

Delta also ensures that their lounges offer the best amenities possible, such as free high-speed Wi-Fi, a variety of food options, and complimentary cocktails. As a traveler, you can take advantage of these amenities while waiting for your flight, giving you a chance to recharge and unwind.

Largest Sky Club in Delta’s Network: Los Angeles Sky Club

One of the most impressive Delta Sky Club locations is at the Los Angeles International Airport. With an expansive space to accommodate many visitors, this Sky Club is a testament to Delta’s commitment to providing comfortable and luxurious lounges for their customers. Whether you’re looking for a quiet workspace or a spot to enjoy delicious refreshments, this lounge has it all. The Los Angeles Sky Club is the perfect place to relax and enjoy world-class amenities before your flight.

Delta Has Invested in Renovating and Expanding Several Sky Clubs in Recent Years

To enhance the overall experience, Delta has devoted resources to renovating and expanding some of their Sky Club locations in recent years. As a Delta SkyMiles or American Express cardholder, you’ll notice upgraded facilities and new additions to these clubs – making your visit even more enjoyable.

For travelers holding the Platinum Card or Delta SkyMiles, you can gain access to Delta Sky Clubs with ease. With your membership, you can take advantage of comfortable seating, delicious food options, and fast Wi-Fi – ensuring your time spent at the airport is productive and enjoyable.

Thanks to these ongoing improvements, Delta Sky Club continues to evolve and enhance its image as a premier lounge experience. As a traveler, you can visit these luxurious lounges and enjoy top-notch amenities in style and comfort.

Some Sky Club Facts

Delta Sky Club has won Travel + Leisure magazine’s Best Domestic Airline Lounge award for six years in a row.

You need to have a same-day ticket on Delta or an eligible flight to access the Club with your guests.

You can buy a membership for unlimited Club access for yourself and two guests, or your spouse/domestic partner and children under 21.

Delta Sky Club members can get personalized help from a Club ambassador for flight information or questions.

The lounges have comfortable seating, workspaces, and charging stations.

Some locations have showers and spa services.

Members can access other airlines’ lounges through reciprocal agreements.

Delta Sky Club members can use partner lounges when traveling internationally.

The lounges are open to Delta One, First Class, and Diamond Medallion members on international flights.

Platinum Medallion members on international flights can also access the lounges.

Gold Medallion members on international flights can access the lounges for a fee.

Chef Linton Hopkins partnered with Delta Sky Club to create a seasonal menu with locally sourced ingredients.

Delta Sky Club offers fresh fruit, salads, and smoothies for healthy food options.

The lounges also have premium snacks, desserts, and complimentary beer, wine, and spirits at the bars.

You can buy premium spirits at the bars.

Some locations offer specialty cocktails made by local mixologists.

The lounges showcase artwork from emerging artists as part of the Delta Emerging Artists program.

Some locations have outdoor terraces with airport views.

The lounges were designed for sustainability, with energy-efficient lighting and water-saving fixtures.

Delta Sky Club has enhanced cleaning protocols in response to COVID-19.

Members can access the lounges with their digital membership card in the Fly Delta app.

Memberships can be purchased online or at select airport locations.

Delta Sky Club has meeting rooms and private workspaces for rent at some locations.

Members can earn miles by purchasing or renewing a membership.

Delta Sky Club has a mobile bar cart service at select locations for members to order drinks from their seat in the lounge.


What is Delta Sky Club?

As part of Delta Air Lines’ airport lounge network, Delta Sky Club provides a comfortable and premium experience for passengers while they wait for their flights. At over 50 locations worldwide, members can enjoy free fresh food, fast Wi-Fi and more.

How can I access Delta Sky Club?

There are multiple ways to gain access to Delta Sky Club, such as having a Delta Sky Club membership, flying Delta One on an international ticket, or being an eligible American Express cardholder. It’s essential to always check the Delta Sky Club access policy for any possible changes or updates.

What are some recent updates to Delta Sky Club locations?

In recent times, Delta Sky Club has opened four new Clubs, including its two largest at New York’s LaGuardia Airport and Los Angeles International Airport, an international Club in Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, and a large 22,000-square-foot space at Chicago-O’Hare. You can learn more about these updates from their official announcement.

Are there any changes to Delta Sky Club policies happening?

Yes, several access policy changes that recently went into effect. To ensure you’re always aware of any adjustments and have the latest information, it’s a good practice to visit Delta’s official Sky Club website regularly.

Remember to always stay updated on Delta Sky Club’s policies and locations to make the most of your experience while traveling with Delta Air Lines. Happy flying!

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