Airport lounges are one of the best travel perk places to grab a quick snack, a drink, and some quiet time to relax before the next (or first) leg of your flight. Delta Airlines features a network of over 50 such lounges across the United States, and as of summer 2022, a new Sky Club in the Tokyo airport. Delta Sky Clubs come in different shapes, sizes, and degrees of quality (many select Delta Sky Clubs even feature hot showers), but they are a very sought-after amenity that can help take the edge off of a long day of traveling. 

How Much Is a Single Visit Pass to Delta Sky Club?

Unfortunately, Delta Sky Club single-day passes are no longer an option, but there are other ways you can enjoy this nice travel benefit.

What Is the Delta Sky Club?

Delta Sky Clubs are exclusive airport clubs that provide a wide variety of complimentary food, drinks, and services. Travelers can also enjoy free satellite TV, magazines, and newspapers, along with restrooms, and free high-speed WiFi. Some Sky Clubs also offer showers.

Delta Sky Club single-day passes are no longer available, though there are various ways to get yourself Delta Sky Club access, including the purchase of a membership. You may also earn certain levels of Delta elite Medallion traveler status (Gold or higher), and even obtain a Delta credit card to get in.

Eligible Delta passengers may visit Sky Clubs within three hours of their scheduled departure time, while connecting passengers may access Sky Clubs any time prior to departure. Arriving passengers, whether or not they have a connecting flight, may also access Sky Clubs. 

Delta Sky Club members with Executive Memberships or Delta Sky Club Guest Passes may bring two free guests (or a spouse/domestic partner and children under 21). They may also bring up to two additional guests for $39 USD per club visit, assuming travelers and their guests are flying on Delta or on one of its partner airlines.

Delta has begun expanding its Sky Club offerings with new lounges throughout its network, including the introduction of premium-only Delta One Clubs in 2023, which are meant to be airport lounges exclusively available to Delta One passengers.

How Much Does a Pass to the Delta Sky Club Cost?

Travelers can no longer purchase single-day Delta Sky Club passes, though they may buy a visit pass if they’re with eligible passengers with Sky Club access (members, eligible credit card holders, elite Delta travelers, etc.). If you are not with an eligible Delta Sky Club participant that can bring free guests, there is a $50 per visit charge. But you can’t just pay the $50 and enter alone without an eligible Sky Club member/participant.

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What Credit Card Will Get Me Into the Delta Sky Club?

Delta has its own offerings in terms of credit cards, and the Delta SkyMiles® Reserve American Express Card and the Delta SkyMiles® Reserve Business American Express Card will get you into Delta Sky Clubs assuming you’re traveling on a same-day Delta (or Delta partner airline) flight. You can also bring up to two guests with you for $39 each.

The Delta SkyMiles® Platinum American Express Card also offers Sky Club access for $39 per visitor, allowing you to bring up to two guests with you for $39 each. Delta SkyMiles® Gold American Express Card holders used to have access to Sky Clubs, but no longer do.

There are non-Delta credit card options, as well: The AMEX Platinum Card and the AMEX Business Platinum Card.  

How Much For a Delta Sky Club Membership?

If you don’t happen to have a credit card that offers Delta Sky Club access, you might consider purchasing an annual membership. Keep in mind that in order to enter Sky Club lounges, you still need to be flying Delta or on a Delta partner airline on the same day. You can use your boarding pass within three hours of your scheduled departure or after your arrival that day.

Delta Sky Club memberships:

Executive Membership: $845 (or 84,500 Delta Sky miles) annually will get you unlimited Sky Club access as well as access for up to two guests per visit.

Individual Membership: $545 (or 54,500 Delta Sky miles) annually will get you unlimited Sky Club access along with access for up to two guests for $39 per guest per visit.

How Can I Get a Delta Sky Club Single Visit Pass?

You are eligible to purchase a single visit pass IF you have a Delta SkyMiles Platinum American Express Card, and it will cost you $39 per visit. Other credit cards will get you in for free. Flying first or business class on Delta (or their partners) can get you in for free. Premium cabin travelers can usually get into Delta Sky Clubs. Note that any First- or Business-class ticket will NOT give you Sky Club access.  

What Gets Me Into the Delta Sky Club?

How can you get into a Delta Sky Club? Here are some ways you can access the Sky Clubs network-wide: By buying an annual Delta Sky Club membership (Executive for $845 per year (or 84,500 Sky Miles) or Individual for $545 per year (or 54,500 Sky Miles)), by flying on Delta One, by earning Gold or higher Medallion traveler status, or by carrying a credit card that offers Delta Sky Club access.

Are Drinks Free in Delta Sky Club?

Delta Sky Clubs offer complimentary food, beverages, and amenities, including satellite TV, newspapers and magazines, restrooms, and free high-speed WiFi. Many Sky Clubs even offer showers to guests. Upgraded food and beverage options are available for an additional cost.

Do First Class Tickets Get Access to Delta Sky Lounge?

Premium cabin travelers (e.g., Delta One) can sometimes gain access to Delta Sky Clubs, but just because you have a First- or Business-class ticket does not guarantee you access.

Are Delta Sky Clubs Available in Other Countries?

In July 2022, Delta opened its first international Sky Club location at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. The Sky Club offers 9,332 square feet of space to stretch out, eat some delicious food, and even enjoy a sake cocktail. It’s not the largest Sky Club, but certainly not the smallest, either. 

So, How Much Is a Single Visit Pass to Delta Sky Club?

While Delta used to offer single-day passes to its Sky Clubs, it no longer does. You can buy a $39 access pass if you’re traveling with a Sky Club member/participant (they might even be able to get you and another guest in free if they have qualifying access). Being a Delta elite Medallion traveler (Gold or higher), or flying Delta One, or having a qualifying AMEX Delta credit card can also get you varying degrees of access. You can also buy an annual membership (and if you travel a lot, you might find it to be worth the cost).

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