What is Delta FlyReady? How to use Delta FlyReady? – With travel restrictions, testing and vaccination requirements have varied for incoming travelers from country to country, depending on a traveler’s destination. (with some countries even putting a full stop to incoming visitors at times).

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With the hectic pace of life, sometimes it’s not easy to stay on top of what travel restrictions are or aren’t for an upcoming trip. Delta Airlines has stepped up to better assist its customers to receive testing, even if at the last minute before traveling with a new digital tool called Delta FlyReady.

I’ve found this convenience to add just another layer of peace of mind while traveling.

What is Delta FlyReady?

Through Delta FlyReady, passengers can see the entry requirements for their destination automatically on certain routes. Furthermore, this section shows additional steps you may need to take before departure with informational resources. It can be accessed via the Delta app or website.

When it comes to COVID-19 Delta FlyReady can now also be used to schedule a COVID-19 test in order to help meet said requirements. The program will verify COVID test results and confirm that travelers meet the required testing for wherever they may be traveling. No more guesswork!

Delta has partnered with Virgin Atlantic Airways so that both Delta and Virgin travelers headed across the Atlantic Ocean and who meet eligibility requirements are utilizing the tool’s newest updates already.  

Is Delta FlyReady an App?

The Delta FlyReady tool is integrated directly into Delta’s network, eliminating any need for an additional app download. Eligible travelers are able to access Delta FlyReady via a link found in a pre-flight email, text, or through their Delta My Trips interface (part of the Fly Delta app) before their trip.

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How Do I Access Delta FlyReady?

How to use Delta FlyReady – The FlyReady tool can be utilized through the booking, check-in, and other processes via delta.com and the Fly Delta app. 

After booking a flight, users can access FlyReady via delta.com/flyready, from the Fly Delta app, or from a link they may have received via text or email. Then the app offers any and all COVID-related travel requirements pertinent to a user’s trip.

Travelers can upload any relevant health documentation that may be required before they even start packing. The tool also helps users access convenient testing options.

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How Do I Use the Fly Delta App?

The app and delta.com site are gearing toward making travel as seamless as possible amid COVID-19 travel restrictions. 

On FlyReady-enabled routes, I can access entry requirements that may be in place for any destination and can access information and directives outlining any additional steps required before travel. 

Travelers will also be able to upload negative COVID test results, as well as vaccination documentation via the FlyReady app. 

Delta FlyReady also features an expedited FlyReady bag drop lane to help get you through the airport quicker.

What’s the Latest With Delta FlyReady?

Delta continues to improve their user experience with the Delta FlyReady tool. Some recent improvements include:

  • Enhanced traveler ability to see outbound AND inbound requirements simultaneously after booking a flight, to offer plenty of lead time for traveling back.
  • More personalization in the user view of requirements for the traveler’s destination. This includes use of the traveler’s SkyMiles profile and passport information to fill out required documentation ahead of time for smoother, more expedited travel. 
  • Improved functionality lets users save, exit, and then go back to document and passport submission, so as not to have to start over at each login. 
  • An updated user interface with a smoother and enhanced user experience for mobile, so travelers can easily use Delta FlyReady with any of their devices.

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When Can You Use Delta FlyReady?

For anywhere you’re traveling, you can check COVID test/vaccination requirements for your destination and return, during the booking, check-in, and other processes via delta.com and the Fly Delta app.

How Long After COVID Can I Travel?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends quarantining and not traveling for at least five days after the last close contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19. The CDC goes on to recommend that it’s best to wait 10 days after exposure before traveling. The quarantine recommendation applies to anyone testing positive for COVID-19, even if he or she is not traveling.

For international travelers (as well as U.S. states and even cities), requirements vary depending on the destination.

When Should I Test Again After Testing Positive for COVID-19?

Once someone has tested positive for COVID-19, he or she does not need to be tested again for 90 days from the onset of noticeable symptoms, or from the time he or she became ill, or from the date of a positive test.

Do I Need a Negative COVID Test to Enter Mexico or Canada?

For unvaccinated travelers wishing to enter Mexico, a negative COVID-19 test is not required to enter the country. Mexico has its own health screening protocols at airports and other entry points. Travelers, including flight crew members arriving at Mexican airports, will likely be subject to temperature checks and health screenings. 

Canada is a little more strict. Unvaccinated travelers arriving at any Canadian airport or at the border are required to have a valid negative test result (paper or electronic). Proof of a positive molecular test result taken at least 10 calendar days, but not more than 180 calendar days is also accepted to enter Canada.

What Should I Do If My Delta FlyReady Access Is Not Working?

If the Delta FlyReady tool is ever down due to technical issues, or you are unable to access it because of connectivity issues, Delta recommends you always carry paper hard copies of any documentation you might need in regard to your COVID test results and vaccinations.

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