If you’ve wondered about merging (consolidating) two (or more than two) of your Delta SkyMiles accounts into one, you’re in luck!

graphic image - How to Merge Delta SkyMiles Accounts

You can consolidate multiple accounts of which you are the owner, including Medallion Statuses, Medallion qualification balances, any and all accumulated miles, along with account history. All into one single account moving forward. You’ll be able to access the newly combined mileage, redemption upgrades, Award Travel, etc., via your new consolidated account. You can do so among different account holders as well, but note that Delta will charge you a transfer fee.  

Keep in mind that merging two or more accounts into one cannot be undone once confirmed, and also that the first and last name of the account holders of the merging accounts needs to be the same to avoid a charge–in other words, you can’t merge your account with your spouse’s or a friend’s account for free.

Can I Merge Two Delta SkyMiles Accounts?

The good news is: You CAN merge two (or more) Delta SkyMiles accounts into one, without losing rewards, mileage, history, etc., as long as both merging accounts have the same user first and last name. To merge an account with a spouse’s or a friend’s, you’ll pay a transfer fee.

When you merge multiple Delta SkyMiles accounts, note that it’s an irreversible process once you confirm your consolidation. Merging/consolidating accounts can only be done between accounts that are for the same person.

How to Merge Two Delta SkyMiles Accounts

The merge process is fairly easy. To get started, be sure to have both your account numbers with valid passwords ready for authentication and security purposes. First and last names need to match on the accounts being consolidated.

To merge/consolidate Delta SkyMiles Accounts after you’ve authenticated the accounts being merged:

  1. Select your account number you prefer to use moving forward.
    As part of the merging procedure, you will get to select which account number you want to keep as your final, permanent SkyMiles account. Be aware that Delta does everything to meet your request, but that sometimes there are system edits that may override what you choose for your final account number. This way, Delta can keep and track your account number with your SkyMiles credit card, check card, Medallion Status, and Delta Sky Club Membership.
  2. Submit your request.
    Once the Delta website has received and processed your request, you’ll get an email confirming your request’s success, along with your newly merged SkyMiles account number. It may take up to seven days for your merge request to be completed after you submit it.

So, Can I Combine My Delta SkyMiles Account with My Wife’s or Husband’s?

Yes, you can combine a Delta SkyMiles Account with your wife’s or husband’s, but Delta will charge you a transfer fee. Crunch some numbers and see if it adds value–it might not. Keep in mind that you can always book airfare using award tickets for anyone who may be using your Delta SkyMiles, without fees and without transferring miles. 

How Do I Delete My Delta SkyMiles Account?

If you want to delete your Delta SkyMiles account (you’ll be deleting your entire Delta account), you’ll need to speak with a Delta customer service representative.

They’ll likely offer you some incentives to convince you to keep your account. If you’re not interested in keeping your account active, the representative can help you close your account out. Once deleted, you can recover and set your account up again, but again, you’ll need the help of a Delta representative to process your request.

Is it Better to Gift or Transfer Delta SkyMiles?

Maybe you’ll wonder at some point which is better: to gift, transfer, or share Delta SkyMiles. It depends.

Delta SkyMiles usually offers its SkyMiles bonuses based on the tiered level(s) you use to purchase Delta airfare. In other words, more miles purchased means more bonuses offered. Miles are typically given in increments of 1,000, up to 60,000 miles.

Your best bet (and remember, you can always crunch your own numbers) is usually to use your own miles to purchase airfare for another recipient, instead of gifting or transferring your miles to someone to purchase it themselves. Know that buying Delta SkyMiles directly for later use is almost never cost-effective. 

How to Claim Missing Delta SkyMiles

If you’ve flown in the past on Delta airlines, but didn’t get the SkyMiles credited to your account, you can do so later.

Log in to your Delta online account. Underneath the “Manage Your Account” section of the SkyMiles drop-down menu, you can select “Request Mileage Credit” to submit a  mileage claim from a previous flight, as long as it’s been at least seven days since the flight in question. 

How Much is 50,000 Delta SkyMiles Worth?

Assessing a precise value for a single Delta SkyMile isn’t easy, as airfare prices tend to fluctuate based on demand, and also because Delta often offers SkyMiles flash sales and other awards (like Delta One). The generally accepted rough estimation is about 1.5 cents per Delta SkyMile, which would mean a rough estimation of about $750 USD for 50,000 Delta SkyMiles.

Is Delta Getting Rid of SkyMiles?

Though the Delta SkyMiles program as it’s functioned historically may be changing, there is no indication that the airline is phasing out the program anytime soon. 

What Delta has phased out is offering SkyMiles and Delta Medallion points for basic economy travelers.

In December 2021, Delta implemented a significant change to its SkyMiles program that essentially meant, beginning in January 2022, that Delta basic economy travelers (Delta’s most inexpensive fare) were no longer be able to earn SkyMiles or credit toward Delta Medallion membership.  

So, How Do I Merge Delta SkyMiles Accounts?

Yes, you can consolidate/merge more than one account into one, including accumulated miles, account history, Delta Medallion Statuses, redemption upgrades, Delta Award Travel, and Medallion qualification balances. 

If you’re merging accounts of two different users, Delta will assess a transfer fee, but if you’re consolidating two or more of your own accounts, you can do so for free. 

Note that merging accounts becomes permanent and can’t be undone.


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