best luxury travel accessories worth the money

When you travel as much as I have, you will most likely want to stay away from the average travel gear and go for something that is a bit higher end and longer lasting.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great travel products out there that are really affordable and do the job. But the more often you use mediocre travel gear, the more wear it will have and it just won’t last over time.

For example, I mentioned in my post 10 Must-Have Travel Accessories For Long Flights how valuable the Bose QuietComfort headphones are. I personally have been using these for years and they are worth their weight in gold. Yes, you can get average headphones at a fraction of the price, but for me, I would rather gain the comfort and quality from the Bose headphones than be unhappy with any of the others. They are worth it to me. In this post, I will show you 11 best luxury travel accessories that are worth the money.

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#1. RFID Travel Wallet

This men’s RFID travel wallet is made from luxury full-grain leather. It’s light and compact and will protect your financial information from digital scanners. Includes a pocket to hold your passport. It’s brilliant! Check it out on Amazon here.



#2. Apple Airpods

Have you tried these yet? I have so many friends and colleagues that swear by them. These Apple Airpods come with a wireless charging case. They are very lightweight, easy to store and bring with you anywhere. Perfect for traveling. They have amazing sound and more features than you would think! Check them out here on Amazon.



#3. Smart Luggage

Smart luggage is getting more popular today. I mentioned The GR-O Smart Luggage in the post Smart Luggage Options For Airplane Carry On. It’s pretty impressive to see what smart bags can do. Bags with brains. What will they think of next??

The GR-O smart luggage bag is available here.


#4. Apple Ipad Tablet

I am kind of an Apple freak, so of course, I included Apple products in this list. As a traveler, the Apple iPad really is a great tablet to have. The performance is great, they look good, are lightweight and built to last. Plus, I was surprised how affordable these are now. Amazon has some great deals on the Apple Ipad.

Definitely a luxury item, but well worth having for any traveler.

It is available on Amazon here.

Pro tip: Use the link above to check out some of the renewed ipads on Amazon. You will see some great deals there!



#5. Bose QuietComfort QC35

The Bose QuietComfort QC35 headphones provide world-class noise cancellation that is great for all travelers. For me personally, I use my Bose headphones almost daily and used them for years while traveling on an airplane.

They provide so much comfort, crystal clear sound and cancel out the sound around you which allows you to rest and enjoy your flight. The Bose QC35 Series 2 comes with Alexa control and Bose AR, which is a brand new audio augmented reality platform. There are many other features that come standard with the Bose headphones, try them and you will see the difference they make. Take a look here.



#6. Bluetooth Portable Speaker

The JBL Bluetooth portable speaker is a waterproof, portable speaker that connects wirelessly to your smart device. Perfect for all travelers including campers, hikers, day trips to the beach and much more.

The JBL speaker will give you a high-end crystal clear sound that everyone will love. Rechargeable Li-Ion battery will provide 12 hours of continuous play time.  This can also be used for conference calls. Also, you can use JBL connect technology to connect up to 100 speakers together giving you an amazing sound!


#7. Portable Battery Charger

If you are a traveler, there are just certain things that are considered “must haves” and this portable battery charger is one of them. The Anker Powercore is made for travelers in mind. No longer do you need to have multiple cords going into multiple outlets while you wait forever to charge your devices.

This ultra-high capacity power bank will charge multiple devices at the same time at rapid speeds. It only weighs 12.6 oz and it’s compact and easy to pack and take with you. It is a top seller on Amazon for a reason!



#8. Apple Watch

So you’re probably thinking. What? Another Apple product? Yes, this will be the last on this list I promise. But I can’t imagine not mentioning the best travel watch in the world!

Travelers will find this watch very useful. It will pair with all your smartphone apps like Apple Pay which is a great feature to have when traveling. Other awesome features include Apple music, Siri, GPS tracking, Fitness tracking and much more.

While on vacation use it to turn off all alerts using the do not disturb feature. That way you will not be bothered and can enjoy your trip. And you won’t need to break the bank to buy one of these Apple watches. I was surprised to see how affordable they are. Amazon has some great deals on right now and as I mentioned earlier, don’t hesitate to look at the renewed Apple watches. You might just grab a sweet deal!



#9. Digital Camera

While you are on vacation, it is nice to take amazing photos to share with your friends and family. The Panasonic Lumix FZ80 is a 4K digital camera that has all the features you will love to have as a traveler and comes at a great price.

Not only can you take great photos that are stunning, but the ability to record video in 4K is a huge bonus. This camera includes Wifi connectivity making it easy and convenient to share your favorite shots!

The Lumix FZ80 is compact and lightweight, has excellent reviews and is highly recommended among travelers as one of their favorites.



#10. Light Therapy Glasses

Light therapy glasses are not something that is thought of often, but they are a huge help to travelers. if you travel long distances on a plane either on international flights crossing many time zones, you can use these glasses to help with jet lag.

I recently wrote an article Can Light Therapy Glasses Help Jet Lag which you can read by clicking on the link.

Not only are they great for dealing with jet lag, but they also provide many other benefits. There are 3 types of light therapy glasses I recommend: the Luminette 2  or AYO or the Re-Timer which you can read all about in my article.

If you are having trouble with insomnia, jet lag, energy levels these might be a game changer for you.



#11. Carry On Luggage Backpack

There are so many different types of carry on bags out there. There is the standard 20″ hard case spinner luggage that everyone seems to have, and your basic handbags that are commonly used.

Not very often do you see a great backpack that meets the airlines requirements for carry on that has the features and quality of the Inatech 40L travel backpack.

I really like this backpack for many reasons including the flight approved size 40L, quality design, numerous pockets and spaces to keep everything organized, dual zipper anti-theft design and much more.

It will fit a 17″ laptop with ease and with the dimensions of 21.6 x 13.4 x 6.3 inches, it only weighs 3.6 lbs! You won’t be disappointed with this backpack.

It’s available on Amazon here. You can also read more about the Best Quality Luggage Bags For Travel.




So there you have my recommendations for the 11 best luxury travel accessories that are worth the money. if you are a traveler, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these choices. Hopefully, you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. As always, feel free to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on our list.

Thanks for reading!


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