There are innumerable options to digitally pay for goods and services, including with our phones, tablets, and desktop computers. 

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PayPal is great! You can create an account, and then link it to your bank, debit cards, or credit cards to make electronic payments accepted just about anywhere these days. You no longer have to enter and re-enter your account numbers every time you pay for something online. I love it!

Delta Airlines, along with various other airlines, accept PayPal on its website for flights departing from the United States. PayPal also offers convenient credit lines (credit approval required) allowing you to pay for your airfare over a period of time – just log in to PayPal Wallet to apply, to take advantage of PayPal Credit.

Why Use PayPal on Delta?

Simply a matter of convenience and ease. Paying for airline tickets (or anything else, for that matter) is probably the quickest and smoothest way to pay for anything.

You just need to set up an account and link it to your bank account, or debit/credit card, and you’re off and running. Most e-commerce sites (and an increasing number of other types of sites) accept PayPal as a payment option, so you don’t have to re-enter your account details every time you buy something online.

How to Use PayPal on Delta

Using PayPal on Delta is easy

1 – When you book your flight on, and are taken to check out, you’ll see PayPal as a clickable option to use as a payment method.

2 – The site will prompt you to log in to your PayPal account.

3 – Once you complete logging in and selecting your payment method (you might have more than one bank account or credit card), you’ll be taken back to Delta’s website to complete your checkout.

4 – PayPal Credit is also offered as a payment method.

Are There Fees to Use PayPal on Delta?

There are no additional fees for the payor when using PayPal on Delta. 

Can I Use PayPal Credit on Delta?

Delta airlines also accepts PayPal Credit, allowing you to pay for your ticket over time (credit approval required). As you’re going through check-out when purchasing your ticket, you’ll see the option to use PayPal Credit (and regular PayPal) for payment. You’ll be taken to log in to your PayPal account.

If you’ve already set up a PayPal account and been approved for PayPal credit, you’ll be able to select PayPal Credit as a payment method, then you’ll be taken back to to finish your transaction. 

Is it Safe to Use PayPal to Pay for Delta?

PayPal is a reliably secure, highly encrypted payment method. PayPal is safe and secure as a payment method to pay for Delta tickets. You can also select two-factor authentication (like an auto-generated numerical code).

Be sure to delete bank accounts, old credit cards, and personal data, including your email address, that you don’t use anymore.

Keep in mind that no matter how good the security is, any website can potentially be hacked. Have a plan in place to quickly inform PayPal, your bank, and credit card companies of the breach.

Can You Get Your Money Back from Delta?

If you ever need to get a refund for your ticket for whatever reason, you can do so at You need to have purchased your ticket with a credit card, cash, or check (or PayPal). Note that cancellation charges apply to non-refundable tickets, and you’ll receive the leftover balance in the form of an e-credit, that can be used to purchase another Delta ticket.

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Can I Dispute a Delta Charge?

You can dispute a Delta charge with your credit card company or with PayPal directly. If you used a credit card, check (or e-check), or cash, you’ll receive the refund in the form of your payment.

Non-refundable tickets are (sort of) refundable, in that once a cancellation charge is deducted from the ticket amount, you’ll receive the balance in the form of an e-credit that you can use toward another Delta ticket.

What Forms of Payment Does Delta Accept?

You have a variety of Credit/Debit Card payment options to purchase your tickets and other products on

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Network
  • Diners Club
  • UnionPay
  • UATP
  • JCB

What Booking System Does Delta Use?

The Deltamatic passenger service system that Delta uses runs functions such as reservations, check-in, standby lists, baggage, and ticketing.

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Can You Pay Delta with PayPal or PayPal Credit? accepts PayPal for flights departing from the United States. Registration and additional information are available to you when you click “Visit PayPal.” It then opens in a new window. This works for both PayPal and Paypal Credit.

Can I Split Payments on Delta Airlines?

You can’t split payments between credit cards when booking directly with Delta Airlines. 

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