things you should never wear airplane

Here are 10 things you should never wear on a plane:
  • Strong Perfume
  • Tight clothing
  • Complicated and hard to remove clothing
  • Anything containing metal
  • Summer clothing
  • Contact Lenses
  • Uncomfortable shoes – high heels
  • Clothing with offensive text or images
  • Itchy fabrics
  • Baggy clothing – pajamas
If you are deciding on what clothing items to wear for a short or a long distance flight, the one thing that is important is you stay comfortable.  We all know that most airplane seats don’t have much room and are limited in comfort at the best of times.
So why make things worse by with wearing clothes that are uncomfortable and perhaps not suitable?
So in this post, we will show you 10 things you should never wear on an airplane.
While sitting on a plane, you will be in a small and densely packed space most likely sitting beside many other people. If possible, avoid wearing perfumes that could affect your fellow passengers.
Many people are sensitive to scents and find scented products to be irritating. There also could be people with allergies on the flight so be cautious of that.
Most people would prefer to sit next to someone who is scent free. The other issue here is that all the smells intensify on a plane due to the stale air constantly being recycled within the cabin.
So to avoid the nuisance of scents for you and other passengers, it’s best to wear clean clothes and choose not to wear perfume or other scented products. It’s important to remember that your personal preferences may be completely different to others.


#2 Tight clothing 


You should always try to avoid tight clothing on a flight. Especially when your flight is longer than a few hours. if you are on a longer flight, you are at risk of developing DVT or deep vein thrombosis.
DVT is a blood clot that forms in a deep vein usually in the leg. I recommend using special compression socks. They will help to prevent swelling and blood clotting on a long flight. They will help keep your circulation going. Perfect for swollen calves and ankles. They also make a great gift for travelers. 
You can get the Physix compression socks on Amazon. They are easy to take with you on the plane and I was impressed with how affordable they are!
Loose and comfortable clothing also allow you to walk around the cabin whenever necessary. It’s possible that apart from the risk of DVT, you can also suffer from swelling, cramping, and bloating.
Tight clothing is something you should always try to avoid on any flight.


#3 Complicated and hard to remove clothing

Have you ever been in an airplane bathroom? If not, you should know those airplane bathrooms are very tiny. You will barely have enough room to turn around in them. If you’re wearing something complicated like a jumpsuit, you will have a hard time trying to remove it.

Try to wear something that won’t cause difficulties in a small space. If your clothing has many buttons and zippers, this will be very uncomfortable to deal with. You will be under pressure to hurry up with your never-ending buttons and zippers while an impatient line of people is waiting outside for the bathroom.


#4 Anything containing metal

When you go through airport security, you will be required to take off your shoes due to them having large metal embellishments. Not all shoes have this but many do.
Anything with metal on it can slow you down when going through airport security, whether it’s a sparkling sweater with metallic threads woven into them or jewelry, this will take time and effort at the security line.
I know you can easily slip off your shoes no problem, but getting out of the sweater might be a bit more challenging. It’s best to go for natural materials and take off any jewelry until you pass completely through security screening.

#5 Summer clothing 

summer clothing on airplane


I understand that perhaps you are flying to a warm destination and are tempted to wear a summer outfit for your flight. But don’t forget that the temperature in the airplane cabin can be very cold at times.

You should always wear clothing that has a few layers that are comfortable and easy to remove if needed. I have been on many flights and couldn’t believe how inappropriate people dress for their flights. It may be warm where you are going but it’s not on the plane!

Things like sports bras, crop tops with no jacket and bathing suits are not smart to wear. Not only is it not smart, but probably won’t be allowed by the airline. Most times it’s the people who skimp on their clothing, are the first ones to ask for a blanket.

My wife loves this travel wrap and blanket. She uses it on long flights. It’s versitle and just the right amount of warm. It’s perfect.

Unfortunately, not all flights provide blankets so don’t leave you comfort up to chance.



#6 Contact lenses

I guess this one is self-explanatory but figured I should mention it. Inside the aircraft cabin, the average humidity can get as low as 10% and possibly lower. The air at altitude is very thin and dry. Think of this for comparison. The Sahara Desert averages from 20 to 25 percent humidity. Imagine how fast it will dry out your contact lenses causing irritation and other issues in your eyes.
if you are going on a flight it’s recommended that you take your lenses out and wear glasses instead if possible.
I wrote an article reviewing some of the best affordable travel sunglasses for men. You can see that by clicking the link.


#7 Uncomfortable footwear – high heels


Womans legs with high heels sticking out of car window

High heels are never a good idea for walking around the airport or being on a flight. I don’t wear high heels personally, but I can tell you without a doubt it’s not a good idea. Actually, it can cause more harm than good.
As mentioned earlier, airport security will ask you to remove your shoes and not only can high heels potentially be used to store prohibited items, but they also contain an internal metal construction that will set off the security alarm.
It is not so enjoyable if you need to stand barefoot on the airport floor. That’s just gross. Not to mention how nasty the airplane floors can be.  Also, your feet might swell during the flight so tight shoes should be avoided.
Another shoe to avoid is backless sandals for safety reasons. These types of footwear make it extremely difficult to evacuate the aircraft quickly if required. If inflatable slides were to be used during an emergency evacuation the heels can damage the slide and greatly reduce your efforts of evacuating effectively.



#8 Clothing with offensive text or images

Many people have been banned and prohibited from boarding a plane because of the way they were dressed. I have witnessed that myself. Not only is it not allowed, but it can be very offensive to others. You should always take other peoples feelings into consideration if you plan to wear something in public that is offensive.
Showing too much cleavage or wearing a low-cut dress is just not a smart thing to wear on a plane. Offensive t-shirts with sayings, swear words or insulting images should never be worn on a plane. Same goes for mini skirts, tight blouses or anything else too revealing.
Another concern would be wearing clothing with politically offensive text. this is a touchy subject for some, and even though you may be allowed to wear it, that doesn’t mean it will be accepted by others. It could cause arguments and chaos, and an airplane is not a place for that.

#9 Itchy fabrics on clothes

Before you go ahead and get dressed for your flight, consider the material of the item first. Is the fabric something that will be itchy or cause you or others to be itchy?
This can definitely become a bother on the flight. You can expect hot and cold temperature fluctuations on a plane which can make your skin very sensitive. This can be enhanced by certain fabrics like wool and lace causing more skin irritation.
Clothing made with wool, bamboo, synthetics are examples of what to avoid. Consider wearing other items that are not likely to cause skin irritation like cotton, silk, and cashmere.

#10 Baggy clothing – pajamas 

pajamas loose clothes on plane

I know, I know. I said earlier no tight clothing on an airplane. Now I’m saying no baggy clothing. So what gives? Let me explain.
If you think oversized sweaters, baggy jeans and pajamas are the answer, sorry but that might not be the best choice either.  People wearing baggy clothing like hoodies tend to have a harder time at security clearance. If you want to pass through security quickly, you should avoid loose-fitting clothing.
You can still be comfortable and stylish without wearing baggy clothes.  I’m not saying you can never wear pajamas on a plane. If you are on a long flight, perhaps in business class and you want to change into pajamas and sleep, go right ahead. Sleeping on a plane can be easy if you follow a few rules. Here are some great tips for helping you sleep on a plane. 
Remember, pajamas are supposed to be for sleeping in. Not walking around an airport in and going through security. Not to mention walking around an airplane with other people on it in your pajamas! Not smart!
Enjoy your flight!


Hopefully, you found this guide helpful. 

Thanks for reading!



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