You take great care of your skin, and you want to know if your skincare regimen can come with you as you fly to your next big adventure. There are lots of nuances to the TSA’s rules and I would like to help you so you can pack with confidence and not worry about getting through security at the airport.

man holding a lotion bar in his hand - can I bring a lotion bar on a plane?

Yes, you can bring a lotion bar with you in your carry-on on a plane. They are not considered a liquid by TSA like other lotions are. You do need to be careful how you pack them though to not get stuck in security at the airport. 

They are a great choice for bringing your lotion with you while traveling! 

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How to pack lotion bars in your carry-on

Lotion bars are considered a personal item or toiletry by the TSA. You won’t have any difficulty at all if you place your bar with your other toiletries, including your other skincare products in a quart-sized ziploc bag (as the TSA requires) to make screening quick and easy.

TIP – I always pack my toiletries and other liquids in these gallon-sized ziplocks and TSA hasn’t ever said anything about it. Including times they have looked through it by hand.

When you go through airport security, you may need to remove your plastic bag so they can take a look through them. That’s one of the reasons it is helpful to have them all in a clear bag. It makes it easy to grab and easy for the TSA agents to see what you have so you don’t have to unpack everything. 

Tips for packing toiletries and personal hygiene products when you fly

  • Make sure your bottles are completely closed.
  • Put each one inside a zip-lock bag. 
  • If it’s going in checked bags, avoid placing it near the edges of the bag. Place it towards the middle and surround it with clothes or other soft items.
  • If it’s going in your carry-on or handbag, pack it with your other toiletries in the transparent, quart-sized zip-lock bag. Again, surround it with soft items and keep it packed in the middle of your hand luggage.

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Can I bring bar lotions in checked baggage?

Yes, you can bring lotion bars in unlimited quantities in checked baggage. Just make sure to pack them securely.

Keep in mind that each airline has weight restrictions for luggage. Liquids are quite heavy, so the weight of your luggage can add up quickly. 

TIP –  Don’t put them in your checked luggage in the summertime as they will possibly melt if they are exposed to high temperatures for too long. This could happen if your bags sit out on the tarmac for too long.

How to pack lotion bars in checked baggage

When packing lotion bars in checked baggage, make sure they are closed tightly and secured to prevent spills in transit. Place it inside a plastic bag(s). 

Consider placing them towards the center of your bag with clothes or other items packed securely around it to prevent them from breaking or spilling if and when your checked luggage gets dropped or thrown around.

Weigh your luggage before going to the airport as well to ensure it’s within the weight limit of your specific airline or you may have additional fees to pay when you go to check-in.

How many lotion bars can you take on a plane in checked baggage?

You can take as many lotion bars in your checked luggage as you would like, within reason. There is no limit set by the TSA on the quantity you bring in your checked bags. So long as you can pack them safely, you can bring them.

But you should double-check with your airline on the weight restrictions of your checked bags and don’t exceed those restrictions.

TIP – As you pack, consider creating more space in your bags by shipping them to your destination, buying them there, or ordering some online and shipping it to your final destination.

Here are some great options you could order online and ship to wherever you are traveling.

Can I use a lotion bar every day when traveling?

Yes, you can use a lotion bar daily as you travel. Just pay attention to how your skin responds to it if it is a new product you haven’t used before. 

It can actually be quite good for your skin as your body will be under a lot of stress. Additionally, the humidity on planes is typically below 20%, which can cause skin dryness or irritation. 

Just pay close attention to your skin as you use it on your trip or vacation. If you feel it is not helping your skin discontinue using it or reduce how often you are using it. If you notice significant stinging, redness, breakouts, consider reducing or changing how you are using your skincare products, including your lotion bar.

When traveling it is a good idea to use products you are familiar with so you have a baseline and will know if something is off with your body if something happens to it while you are away from your familiar daily routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a lotion bar on your face?

Yes, you can use a lotion bar on your face. After you have washed your face, apply the lotion bar. After you apply the bar to your skin, a thin layer of moisturizing oil will be left behind to keep your skin hydrated. It’s that simple. 

Are lotion bars worth it?

Whether a lotion bar is worth it or not is more up to your daily routine and skin type and preferences than the bar itself. Yes, a quality bar like this one is worth it. Following a bath or shower, many dermatologists recommend that you apply a moisturizer to seal in the water left on your skin. This is easily done with a lotion bar.

In the case of dry, cracked, or irritated skin, hydrating lotion bars are a very effective skin care product.

Will lotion bars melt?

There are a few different types of lotion bars. They are all designed to melt. This happens with the aid of friction from rubbing with standard moisturizing lotion bars. Shower bars are specially designed to melt on hot skin during or after a bath or shower. The candles used for massage treatments melt upon being lit. 

Do people like lotion bars?

People love lotion bars because they aren’t greasy and work really well on dry, cracked, or irritated skin. If you are someone who needs a convenient way to carry around lotion that won’t leak or spill, you should try a lotion bar.

Check out what people are actually saying about this lotion bar one here. 

Is a lotion bar a solid or liquid?

Lotion bars are solid, concentrated lotions that contain natural and nourishing oils to hydrate and moisturize the skin. Like liquid lotions, lotion bars act as hydration for the skin.

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How long do lotion bars last?

A lotion bar can last from twelve to dozens of uses depending on the size of the bar, how vigorously you rub, and how much area you are covering. 

It helps if you keep it in a well-drained dish as well.

Can you use lotion bars in the shower?

Yes, use them in the shower or bath after you wash. After you rinse off, brush off most of the water, and then rub the bar over the body parts you want covered and air dry if you are able.

If you aren’t able to air dry, pat mostly dry first and then rub the bar all over and you’re done. 

You will love the way you feel and smell afterward.

Are lotion bars sanitary?

Yes, lotion bars are sanitary. They’re made of pure ingredients and waxes and oils. 

How do you keep lotion bars from melting?

Keep your lotion bars from melting by storing them properly. Keep them in a cooler location. Seal them well in either an airtight container or jar or wrapped in beeswax coated paper. Storing them in a cabinet or closet works great.

Be careful as they will melt in warmer temperatures. Don’t keep them in a window with direct sunlight or in your car.

Avoid checking them in your checked luggage in the summer months.

Why are my lotion bars sticky?

There are a few reasons our lotion bar may feel sticky. It might be too warm and melting. You may have used too much cocoa butter when making it. In contrast, bars that feel greasy likely have too much oil in them. 

Are lotion bars moisturizing?

Yes, lotion bars moisturize and hydrate the skin. When applied to the skin, the lotion is slightly melted by your natural body heat and those nourishing ingredients are absorbed into the skin.

Are lotion bars greasy?

Despite the quick absorption of the ingredients, lotion bar recipes provide long-term results. They aren’t typically greasy but can be sticky for a few minutes. Getting the ratio of ingredients right is essential to making lotion bar recipes nongreasy and keeping them that way.

What is a solid lotion bar?

A lotion bar is a bar of solid moisturizing lotion that many people use as a part of their regular skincare routine. Some use them when they travel because they can be easier to transport.

The natural ingredients in lotion bars often stay solid at room temperature, but melt slightly upon contact with the body, allowing for easy application and storage in a reusable container.

Do lotion bars work?

Lotion bars work really well. Why? Because of the way they are made, many lotion bars can be up to 6 times more concentrated than lotions. Lotion bars like this one work really well for severely dry skin because of the higher concentration of nutrients they provide. 

If you have tried everything for your dry or chapped hands or skin give a lotion bar a try.

Why is it important to use nourishing and moisturizing creams when traveling?

When you are traveling it is important to use good lotions or creams because your body will be under a lot of stress. Additionally, the humidity on planes is typically below 20%, which can cause skin dryness or irritation. 

Consider using a night formula or extra-hydrating creams before your flight and take a break from skin products that tend to dry out your skin or skin exfoliants, such as retinol or others.

Recap and My Recommendations: Can you bring bar lotion on a plane? 

Lotion bars are permitted on planes. The TSA considers them a solid so you aren’t restricted in the amount you can bring like you are with other forms of lotion.

It’s best to bring them on board in your carry-on as the temperature is better regulated there and they are less likely to melt in the summertime.

And in your checked bags you can bring as much of it as you can safely transport. But only do that in the winter or cooler temps.

Also, as you pack, consider creating more space in your bags by shipping it to your destination, buying it there, or ordering some online and shipping it to your final destination.

Thanks for reading! Check out more ‘can I bring’ articles below to help you pack for your trip. Have fun!

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