Weighted Blanket For Airplane Travel (The Ultimate Guide)


weighted blanket for airplane travel


The weighted blanket is the latest vogue item in most travelers’ must-have lists. The coverage not only promises better sleep but also promotes its anxiety reduction effects on users.

I get asked this question a lot, so let’s answer it right away. Can you use a weighted blanket for airplane travel?

The answer is yes. But there are some challenges to it. Let me explain.


How to bring a weighted blanket through TSA


can i carry a blanket through TSA


Since the offensive attack of the Twin Towers in New York, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has tightened regulations on what it deems fit to go in planes as carry-on and checked luggage.

The TSA has a tighter noose on carry-on luggage, and it is, therefore, no surprise that travelers have had encounters with TSA agents but with mixed outcomes.

Some passengers have had their weighted blankets confiscated while others have been fortunate enough to be allowed to travel with them.

However, the question that begs answers is, “is it only luck that separates travelers allowed to snuggle with their weighted blankets on board flights from those that are denied that comfort?”

There are no clear answers to this question, but there are numerous suggestions in online discussion boards and social media posts from both curious travelers and experienced ones who have encountered the same issue of carrying weighted blankets in airplanes.

The following suggestions may help travelers increase their chances of being allowed to bring weighted blankets in planes as carry-on luggage:

Travelers with weighted blankets are encouraged to bring along the receipts of the sheets as proof of purchase and to show the TSA and airline agents that it is a legitimate purchase. Proof of legitimacy may convince the relevant authorities that the stuffing in the blanket is not concealed deadly weapons, but instead, they are for therapeutic and comfort purposes.

flying with a weighted blanket


If possible, travelers are encouraged to bring small samples of the materials used as filling in the weighted blankets. The TSA and airline agents may be curious to find out what the stuffing used is, and having a little sample will save everyone the trouble of cutting open the blanket. Examples of the stuffing can be requested from manufacturers, but this is mostly dependent at the manufacturers’ discretion.

Due to the health benefits they give people with autism and anxiety, weighted blankets may be classified as medical equipment to be used in the plane as a carry on item. Travelers with the proper medical prescription from health practitioners may present their orders at the request of the TSA or airline agents and have their blankets waived in as vital medical equipment.

Calling the TSA or airline agent may be another option that may avoid unnecessary disappointment at the check-in gate. The TSA and airplane companies do not have clear guidelines on weighted blankets (though they do allow standard sheets), and therefore consider the merits of a case on an individual basis.

Travelers who call beforehand can present their cases hustle-free in a non-intimidating manner, and in the process have a better chance of their situation being understood.


Keep in mind that you must always follow the rules and regulations set out by the airline to conform with baggage weight and size restrictions.


What exactly is a weighted blanket?

As the name suggests, weighted blankets distinguish themselves from regular sheets in that they are stuffed with synthetic, small pellets, beads or discs. These fillers put a little pressure on users, giving them the feeling of a gentle hug.

Weighted blankets are made from different materials that are soft to the feel, like cotton, and adult varieties usually weigh between ten to thirty pounds. Children varieties weigh less but parents are advised not to use them on infants.


weighted blanket for 3 year old


The most popular weighted blankets favored by travelers usually fit an individual’s size. The sheet aims to exert gentle, evenly spread pressure to users’ bodies and give them a comforting snug feeling. Some weighted blankets do not come as one piece; they have different components that are detachable and washable.


What to look for when choosing a weighted blanket

The variety of weighted blankets is as diverse as the tastes and preferences of consumers out there, and there is something for everyone. Despite the diversity, there are a few guidelines on how to choose one that suits you.

First, there is a scientific method for choosing a blanket that suits your body weight. It is recommended that you want one which is almost a tenth of your body weight. For instance, someone who weighs 200 pounds should get a blanket of about 20 pounds. For those who are inclined to feel a bit of pressure, more extensive options are not prohibited.

This is a good example of a travel-sized weighted blanket on Amazon. It’s smaller and lighter which would work well for airplane travel.

Second, sensory considerations ought to be considered in the choice of fabric and filling. People with sensitivity to synthetic fabric should consider organic options like cotton and wool to polyester. Skin irritation ruins peaceful moments when comfort should be the utmost priority.


Health benefits of a weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are like vitamin pills. They are beneficial to everyone but especially useful to those in need. Whereas vitamin pills are essential to the vitamin-deprived, weighted blankets are necessities to those deprived of sleep.

The science behind weighted blankets lies in their ability to gently press on users, easing them into still positions and remain unmoved until morning. The gentle pressure lowers cortisol levels and stimulates serotonin levels to rise. The former triggers stress in humans while the latter brings along sensations of joy and wellness.

Studies have shown that weighted blankets offer users feelings of comfort, safety, and relaxation owing to their gentle pressure on bodies. These feelings go a long way in reducing anxiety to the users and thereby offering serenity. Read my story of travel anxiety here.

Weighted blankets also improve symptoms in those prone to restless leg syndrome, chronic pain conditions or insomnia. They work well for psychological inclinations, too, with strong advantage for those with depression and autism.

Here are a few more recommendations for weighted blankets which can be used by travelers. 




Hopefully, you found this Weighted blanket for airplane travel guide helpful. As always, feel free to leave a comment or send us a message anytime via our contact form.

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