Interior of a plane - Can you bring a taser on a plane?

Can you bring a taser on a plane? It’s not an uncommon question, and it can be difficult to find the answer. The best place to start is with the official rules from your airline of choice.

In this post, we’ll go through some of the major airlines and let people know if United, Southwest, and other major airlines allow tasers in checked baggage or carry-on luggage.

We will also cover general airport security guidelines for traveling with a taser so that you can get ready for any potential questions at check-in!

Tasers and stun guns cannot be carried on board a plane. There are no exceptions. Although a taser can be used for self-defense, it can also be a weapon. But they are allowed in checked luggage, under two conditions.

1) The taser must not have a lithium battery. Lithium batteries can combust and cause a fire in the airplane cabin while in flight. If your taser has a lithium battery, remove the batteries and bring them with you in your carry-on bag.

2) The taser must have a safety mechanism or other method of preventing accidental discharge while in flight. If the taser is discharged while in checked baggage, this could be a fire hazard.

Learn more about the risks of transporting stun guns and other devices with lithium batteries in the video below.

It’s possible that you put your taser in your carry-on by mistake and go through airport security with it. This is not the end of the world; it happens.

In this case, the TSA won’t allow you to proceed through security. One of three things will happen.

1) The TSA will confiscate your taser.

2) You will have to remove the batteries from your taser and put it in your checked baggage. Keep the batteries with you on the plane.

3) You will need to hand the taser to a friend who is not traveling.

For your own sanity, double check to make sure your taser is secure in checked baggage with the batteries removed. You don’t want to keep people waiting and annoy the TSA agents.

Can you bring a taser on a plane? Looking at the Major Airlines

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Can you bring a taser on an American Airlines plane?

American Airlines follows the TSA regulations on tasers or stun guns. They are not allowed under any circumstance in a carry-on bag. But you can bring them in checked baggage with a safety mechanism and with the lithium battery removed.

Can you bring a taser on a Southwest Airlines plane?

Like American Airlines, Southwest Airlines also follows the TSA regulations on tasers exactly. You cannot bring a taser on board a Southwest Airlines plane. As long as it cannot be accidentally turned on and lithium batteries are removed, it’s allowed in checked luggage.

Can you bring a taser on a United Airlines plane?

Mirroring TSA’s guidelines, tasers are not allowed on a United plane. They are allowed in checked baggage if batteries are removed.

Can you bring a taser on a Delta Airlines plane?

No, you cannot bring a taser on a Delta plane. You can travel with it in your checked baggage, though. Just remove the batteries or make sure it cannot be accidentally fired en route to your destination.

Can you bring a taser on an Alaska Airlines plane?

As with all major airlines, you cannot bring a taser on an Alaska Airlines plane. It is allowed in checked baggage if it cannot be accidentally discharged. Also, lithium batteries must be removed before packing your taser in checked baggage.

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Can you bring a taser on a plane to Mexico?

You cannot bring a taser on a plane, regardless of where you are going, according to the TSA’s guidelines. It’s permitted in checked baggage if the lithium batteries are removed. However, tasers can only be used by police in Mexico, so there’s no point in bringing one in your checked baggage.

Can you travel internationally with a taser?

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Yes, you can travel anywhere with a taser, but there are a couple of caveats.

1) You cannot carry a taser on a plane. It must be transported in checked luggage without lithium batteries.

2) Depending on where you’re headed, it may be illegal to carry a taser. Look up stun gun laws in your state before you travel to make sure civilians are permitted to carry them.

Can you take pepper spray on a plane in your carry-on?

You cannot take pepper spray on a plane, since it can be used as a weapon. Four ounces of pepper spray can be transported in your carry-on, though. Learn more about traveling with pepper spray in this complete article.

Are tasers legal? Stun Gun Laws by State

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Note: In most states, the use of a stun gun to commit a crime is a felony. The class of felony depends on the state. Further most states only permit the use of stun guns for self-defense purposes.

This table is accurate as of May 25, 2021. State laws are subject to change, so you should check the official statutes to confirm stun gun laws in your area.

StateAre tasers legal or illegal? Under what conditions?
– Illegal if under 18
– Illegal under 21 on school grounds, without the school’s permission
– Illegal to carry if you’re violating a protective or restraining order
– Illegal if under 18
– Cannot give or sell a taser to someone under 18 (Class B Felony)
CaliforniaLegal, except for:
– Felons
– Those convicted of assault
– Those addicted to any narcotic drug
– Children younger than 16
– Children 16 to 17 who don’t have a parent or guardian’s written consent
– Illegal if you use a stun gun to commit a crime
ConnecticutRequires a dangerous weapons permit
Illegal if:
– You’ve committed a felony
– You’re following a restraining order
– You’re subject to a firearms seizure order
– You’re addicted to drugs or using them illegally
– You have a history of mental illness (psychiatric hospitalization)
DelawareLegal in most of the state
District of ColumbiaLegal if over 18
– Can only use a stun gun to protect yourself or your property
– Cannot open carry or concealed carry without a license
– Only allowed for self-defense purposes
– Cannot be used by those who’ve committed a felony
– Requires parent consent and adult supervision if you’re under 16
– Cannot use a stun gun if you’ve committed a felony
– Requires a permit
– Cannot carry a stun gun while in possession of marijuana
HawaiiProhibited, by penalty of misdemeanor
– Requires a Firearms Owners Identification Card
For an FOID you must:
– Be over 21 or have parents’ consent and no criminal history
– Not be addicted to narcotics
– Not subject to a restraining order that prohibits you from carrying a firearm
– Not a felon or convicted of specific domestic violence crimes
IndianaLegal – same restrictions as handguns
– Permit required
– Not allowed to carry on school property
– Illegal in Denison County
– Cannot carry a concealed stun gun without a concealed weapons permit
– If you’re at least 18 years old
– Requires a criminal background check
– Illegal if you’ve committed a violent crime
– Requires a license
– Requires a criminal background check
Cannot obtain a license if you are
– Under 21
– Following a domestic or extreme risk restraining order
– A felon
MichiganLegal – same as handgun requirements
– Requires a background check
– Illegal for felons or those who have committed certain misdemeanors (stalking, domestic violence, etc.)
– Illegal for those who have a dishonorable discharge
– Illegal if a court order prohibits you from possessing firearms or electronic weapons
– Must be 21
– Illegal if you’ve committed a violent crime or drug-related crime
– Illegal for minors to carry stun guns
– Requires a concealed carry permit
– Can only use for self-defense purposes
– Illegal for felons to use a stun gun
– Cannot carry a taser if you’ve been admitted to a mental hospital
– Cannot sell or give a taser to someone who cannot legally carry one
New HampshireLegal
– Must be at least 18 years old
– Illegal to carry if you have committed a felony
New JerseyLegal since October 2017
– Must be at least 18 years old
– Illegal to carry if you’re a felon
New MexicoLegal
New YorkLegal since May 2019
– Must be at least 18 years old
– Illegal to carry if you’re a felon
North CarolinaLegal
– Can only be used for self defense purposes
– Illegal to carry a stun gun on school property
– Cannot help a minor carry a stun gun on school property
North DakotaLegal
– Requires a permit if the taser can deliver multiple bursts of electricity
– Using a stun gun against a law enforcement officer is a Class C felony
– Unlawful use of a stun gun is a Class C felony
Rhode IslandProhibited
An amendment was proposed to Rhode Island’s stun gun laws in February 2021, but not passed.
South CarolinaLegal
South DakotaLegal – must be over 18
– Illegal if you committed a felony or serious juvenile offense when you were at least 14
Cannot be carried:
– In a courthouse
– In an airport terminal
– On school property and school buses
– Class C felony if you assault a police officer with a stun gun
– Illegal to carry stun guns on school property
West VirginiaLegal
WisconsinLegal – similar to firearm laws
– Requires a license if carried outside of your home or private property

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Thanks for reading our article ‘Can you bring a taser on a plane?’ Remember that it’s not allowed in your carry-on luggage, but you can bring it with you in checked luggage. Just remove any lithium batteries first.

Also, check out the table in this article to make sure you can carry your stun gun where you’re going. Stun guns are legal to carry in all states except Rhode Island and Hawaii, with some exceptions.

Thanks for reading! For more air travel tips, check out the ‘Can I bring?’ articles below!

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