India’s railway network is the 3rd largest and most comprehensive in the world and covers distances quickly while carrying millions of passengers each day. 

man in a train station - Fastest Trains in India

The Indian railway ministry is working on adding new and different upgrades to the railway system like food options and an entire high-speed train network.

There is no high-speed network infrastructure at the moment, but it will change the economy and many lives when it is fully built out.

What is the fastest train in India?

With a speed of 180 km/hr, Vande Bharat Express is India’s fastest train, while second place is held by the Gatimaan Express, which hits a speed of 160 km/hr. 

The following is the list of the fastest trains in India.

 List of the Top 10 Fastest Trains in India 

1 Vande Bharat Express

2 Gatimaan Express

3 Rajdhani Mumbai-Delhi Express

4 Rajdhani New Delhi-Howrah Express

5 Shatabdi Express

6 Duronto Express

7 Jan Shatabdi Express

8 Suvidha Express

9 Tejas express

10 Humsafar Express

Vande Bharat Express

India’s fastest train is the Vande Bharat Express. That train can reach speeds exceeding 180 km/h. Among the companies involved in the Made In India initiative is ICF, which manufactures and designs the train. The train runs on the Delhi-Katra route and Delhi-Varanasi route. They don’t have the track infrastructure to support such high speeds, but the Vande Bharat Express can reach a maximum speed of 200KM/hr.

What is the route of Vande Bharat Express?

1New Delhi06.00
2Kanpur Central10.10
3Prayagraj Jn.12.10
4Varanasi JnLast

How many Vande Bharat trains are there in India?

There are currently 102 Vande Bharat Express trains on the Indian Railways. Integral Coach Factory has already been contracted for the production of 44 additional Vande Bharat trains; bids are currently being sought for 58 more trains.

Gatimaan Express

Gatimaan Express is India’s second fastest train after the Vande Bharat Express. It runs at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour. At any given time, there are ten coaches on the train. There will be 2 male & 2 female hosts on each coach along with 3 managers to assist and guide you throughout the entire trip. On the trains, flowers and chocolates are handed out to the passengers as they board.

What is the fare of the Gatimaan Express?

The fare for a fully air-conditioned chair car in the Gatimaan Express has been fixed at Rs 690, while for Executive Class it will be Rs 1,365.

Why is the Gatimaan Express so fast?

Gatimaan’s higher speed can be credited in part to Northern Railways’ efforts to reduce the number of obstacles, such as sharp turns, bridges, crossings, and yards, on the Delhi-Agra route to less than 18.

Rajdhani Express from Mumbai to Delhi

The Mumbai-New Delhi Rajdhani Express is one of the fastest trains in India. At its fastest, it can reach a speed of 140 kilometers per hour (km/h). As part of the service, each passenger receives a water bottle, a meal, evening snacks, breakfast snacks, soups, and a variety of other items. These enhance the journey experience and make it more enjoyable. 

What is the fare of the Rajdhani Express from Mumbai to Delhi?

For Mumbai to Delhi Rajdhani trains, the first-class fare is Rs. 4785, the third class fare is Rs. 2100, and the second class fare is Rs. 2890. The meals are also included in the fare.

Which is the fastest train from Mumbai to Delhi?

It currently takes the Rajdhani Express, which is the fastest train on the Mumbai-Delhi route, about 15 hours to get from Mumbai to Delhi. The railway authority is currently working on cutting the journey time to just 12 hours.

Rajdhani Express from New Delhi to Howrah

The Rajdhani New Delhi-Howrah Express runs on the main New Delhi-Howrah line. The train reaches a maximum speed of 135 kilometers per hour. The Rajdhani train is the oldest luxury train in India and has a wealth of history behind it. In addition to tea and dinner, on the train they also serve breakfast.

Is food included in the Rajdhani fare?

Rajdhani Express train tickets now include the charge for vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. There is no additional charge for food.

Are trains running from Delhi to Howrah?

Yes, there are actually seven trains that run between Delhi and Howrah every week.

Does Rajdhani have WIFI?

Yes, Rajdhani has free wi-fi while traveling in the Howrah-bound Rajdhani Express train from New Delhi. You can use it to access the internet, make calls, send texts, or use apps.

Shatabdi Express

The Shatabdi Express is also one of the country’s oldest trains and runs at a peak speed of 155 km/h between stretches of Agra and New Delhi, which makes it one fastest trains in India and belongs to a long line of outstanding trains in India. The Shatabdi started running in the year 1988 on the eve of Children’s Day. They serve their passengers snacks, food, and a water bottle during their journey.

Which is faster Shatabdi or Rajdhani?

Shatabdi Express is faster than Rajdhani and can run at a peak speed of 155 kilometers per hour between stretches of Agra and New Delhi, which makes it one of the fastest trains in India. The Rajdhani Express while also fast, reaches only a speed of 140 kilometers per hour.

Duronto Express

There is one express train that runs from Howrah to Delhi that only has one stop, and that is the Howrah Duronto Express. 

Further, there is no food preparation area or restaurant aboard the Duronto Express. You can, however, order food from food delivery services that will serve it to you in your seat when you are at a stop. 

Their guidelines specifically mention that 60% of the seats are designated for low-income students and families.

Why is the Duronto Express so expensive?

The railway board has decided to increase the price of prepaid meals onboard Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto express trains. This has led to increases of 10 percent or more in the price of meals on these trains.

What is the route of the Duronto Express?

A number of state capitals and large cities are connected to the 26 pairs of Duronto trains, including  Hyderabad, Chennai, Allahabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur, Patna, Delhi, Pune, Indore, Bhubaneswar, Secunderabad, and Jammu Tawi.

What is special about the Duronto Express?

Indian Railways operate the Duronto Express, a class of long distance trains. These trains are unique in that they travel non-stop from source to destination, barring any technical issues. The yellow-green livery of the passenger coaches makes it easy to identify Duronto Express trains.

Which is better Rajdhani or Duronto?

India’s Duronto Express is one of the fastest trains. Rajdhani Express trains are still the fastest long-distance trains in India, and some of these trains are faster than those. For instance, the Sealdah-New Delhi Duronto Express journey takes 16 hours, while the Rajdhani Express journey takes 17 hours

Sampark Kranti Express

In India, the railway service has introduced the concept of the superfast train, which is affordable for every citizen looking for cheap travel options. There are some super fast trains, such as the Rajdhani and Jan Shatabdi express.

However, they have to eliminate features like air conditioning to make them less expensive. 

Sampark Kranti, as its name suggests, is part of a revolution of sorts that is helping people to utilize the services like trains to travel to other parts of the country without breaking the bank. This train is able to reach speeds of 110 km/h, and it only stops at 3 stations along the way.

What is the train number of the Sampark Kranti?

12629, Sampark Kranti’s number is 12629. The Sampark Kranti runs from Yesvantpur Jn to H Nizamuddin.

Suvidha Express

There are many fast trains in India, but one of the most popular is the Sudidha Express. This train runs on one of the busiest railway lines in India, the Mumbai-Delhi route. Suvidha Express’ pricing is dynamic and increases depending on the time and demand.

Why is the Suvidha Express so expensive?

Due to the use of dynamic pricing instead of the standard fares offered by IRCTC, tickets for the Suvidha trains can be more expensive. As with airline ticket pricing, dynamic pricing changes depending on demand for a product.

Tejas Express

After the Sampark Kranti and Suvidhha, Tejas Express takes its place on the list of the 10 fastest trains in India.  The train is fitted with modern features like automated doors. Rail passengers who travel with the Tejas express experience a whole new level of excitement and luxury.

Who is the owner of the Tejas Express?

IRCTC owns the Tejas Express. The two Tejas Express services are the first set of trains run by a corporate entity, IRCTC, a subsidiary of the Indian Railways.

What are the routes of the Tejas Express?

No.Originating StationTrain Name
1.Mumbai CSMTMumbai CSMT–Karmali Tejas Express
2.Chennai EgmoreChennai Egmore–Madurai Tejas Express
3.LucknowLucknow–New Delhi Tejas Express
4.AhmedabadAhmedabad – Mumbai Central Tejas Express

Humsafar Express

Speaking of fast premium trains, our list would not be complete without the name of Humsafar Express. As a result of dynamic pricing, this train typically charged 15-30% more than the normal train ticket fare, depending on the season.

What is special about the Humsafar Express?

In addition to all the modern facilities, the Humsafar Express is an air-conditioned, three-tier service. These routes are long-distance. With Humsafar coaches, each passenger has a mobile charging point and reading light as well as easy access to upper levels.

Is the Humsafar train private or government-owned?

The new Humsafar Express is the first private train by IRCTC to have sleeper coaches and not chair car coaches. 

Is food free on the Humsafar Express?

Meals are not free on this train. Although the train has a pantry car, you will have to pay for the food you order on your trip.

In the end

Indian Railways is the fundamental backbone of transportation in India. It connects all the different corners, nooks, and crannies of the country. These top 10 fastest trains in India are part of the Made In India program, and there surely will be more or different names on the list in the future.

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