Enjoy this free downloadable and printable 15 minute resistance band exercise chart PDF. This is more than just a table or chart printout that you can download and print. It’s a fully illustrated guide with pictures and explanations of each and every exercise for your entire body in 15 mintues.

15 minutes workout woman - Free Printable 15 Minute Resistance Band Workout PDF

Download it below and keep it with you as a digital copy or print it out and use it as a hard copy as you workout.

Either way, enjoy it, and good luck on your fitness journey.

Free Printable 15 Minute Resistance Band Exercise Chart PDF

How many times a week should you do resistance band training?

Consider the following as a guide. It depends on your body, experience, and level of health.

Beginner – two to three times per week for the first month
Intermediate – three to four days per week
Advanced – four to six days per week 

If you’re not seeing the results you would like, change up your routine. You can vary the exercises or the amount of time you workout or your intensity or speed.

Can resistance bands build muscle like weights?

Yes, resistance bands build muscle and strength. Bands still produce tension and resistance even though they don’t weigh nearly as much as free weights. They will also strengthen your muscles over time, especially if you’re just starting out with strength training.

Can you get a full body workout with resistance bands or power bands?

Power or resistance bands can provide a great full body workout! In addition, they are very convenient to carry around. The almost weightless nature of this fitness equipment makes it very versatile, which makes it ideal for full body workouts at work, at home, or outdoors. 
Many athletes also use resistance or power bands to increase the intensity of bodyweight exercises.

Is it OK to do resistance bands every day?

It is ok to train with resistance bands every day. But follow traditional workout science best practices and allow your body enough time to rest between each workout to rest and repair itself. 
When compared to training only five or five days per week, it may not offer any additional benefits to achieving your goals.

Some resistance band tips and tricks for your next 15 minute training session:

  • First of all, it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor before you start an exercise program, especially if you are returning from injury, or surgery, or have a chronic health condition.
  • Ensure that you warm up properly before you begin your workout. It will make a big difference in your ability to push your body and your recovery.
  • Take it easy at first and gradually increase the intensity. If you immediately begin to pump out tons of repetitions under heavy resistance, you are putting yourself at an increased risk of developing overuse injuries that can plague you for a very long time.
  • Be sure to keep an eye on your joints!
  • Make sure they are properly aligned the whole time. Especially if you are experiencing any tightness or discomfort in your joints.
  • Good form goes a long way!
  • It is important to control the band carefully through every movement
  • While performing each of your movements, it is critical to remember to breathe.
  • If you plan to use anchor points, be sure they are sturdy. Most workouts will require them at some point, things like a door jam or tree or your home or gym or a handrail on your stairs.
  • When in doubt, go for higher reps.
  • Dominate each and every band in your collection.

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