Since its formation in 1967 (originally as Air Southwest Co.), Southwest Airlines has become one of the more sought after and popular domestic airlines in the United States.

How to connect to SouthWest Airlines Wifi

What’s not to love? With 2 free checked bags, first-come-first-served seating assignments, very competitive airfare, and a huge selection of destinations, Southwest serves passengers traveling to over one hundred destinations worldwide. 

Is WiFi Available on Southwest Airlines Flights?

Southwest offers a wide range of in-flight services, which includes free WiFi with no need to download apps or to sign up for anything (for a nominal $8 fee per device per day, you can connect to the internet). Southwest’s A-List Preferred members get free internet access while flying.

Is WiFi Free on Southwest Airlines Flights?

Yes, Southwest offers free WiFi to its passengers, completely app- and signup-free. The airline offers a wide range of free inflight entertainment that you don’t have to pay for, including live and on-demand TV shows, music, movies, and even a flight tracker so you always have an answer to the question, “How much longer?”

And the good news is, with very few, rare exceptions, Southwest’s planes are all WiFi enabled. This means that Southwest passengers can message via WhatsApp and Apple’s iMessage apps without having to purchase Internet access. You can voice call, but no video call.

Note that the free Southwest inflight entertainment and paid movies are not available on all international Southwest flights. It is available, however, until you cross over into another country’s borders.

How to Connect to WiFi on Southwest Airlines Flights

It’s super easy to connect to Southwest Airlines’ inflight WiFi network.

  1. First, turn on your WiFi enabled device, and with your device’s WiFi feature enabled, set it to “Airplane mode.” 
  2. Review your available WiFi networks, and select “Southwest WiFi” as your network. 
  3. When you start your internet browser, you will be able to access the Southwest Airlines Hotspot portal; you can also type in the address bar to access the portal.

And, you’re good to go. Remember that the free Southwest WiFi offers you a wide, but limited, selection of inflight entertainment. To check email, social media, and to surf the web, you’ll need to purchase the $8 daily internet usage fee, unless you’re a Southwest A-List Preferred member, in which case you’ll get free internet.

What is Included With Southwest’s Free WiFi Inflight Entertainment Portal?

I’ve noted that Southwest Airlines has historically gone to great lengths to offer the most possible value for their passengers’ money, and their free inflight entertainment package is no exception. Following are some of the things you can look forward to, all free.

Live TV

Southwest Airlines’ free inflight entertainment portal offers plenty to keep you entertained while you’re flying, including live TV channels. Live channels currently offered on Southwest’s portal include:

  • ABC
  • Bravo
  • CBS
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • Discovery
  • ESPN
  • Fox News
  • FX
  • HGTV
  • NBC
  • TBS
  • USA

On-demand Movies

A rotating selection of free movies is available while you fly. If you have a layover, no problem, as you can just pick up where you left off viewing on the next leg of your Southwest flight. Remember, no apps to download and no signups!

On-demand TV

Included with your free Southwest entertainment portal, you can enjoy a selection of free on-demand TV shows while you fly. There is a menu that updates regularly, but some of the on-demand shows available have included Who Do You Think You Are? And Cake Boss.


Listen to free music via the iHeartRadio app and

Is WiFi Free on Southwest Airlines Flights?

Yes, Southwest Airlines offers free WiFi for its passengers as an amenity. Just another reason so many people love Southwest airlines!
For social media, web browsing, and email access, you will need to purchase an $8 daily dedicated internet package. Note that Southwest’s A-List Preferred members get free internet during flight time. Otherwise, you can enjoy a vast selection of free inflight entertainment during your flight and messaging apps like WhatsApp and iMessage (including voice calls – no video calls). Always makes a flight go by more quickly!

How Much Does WiFi Cost on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines offers free WiFi for all its fliers, which includes quite a bit of free inflight entertainment (movies, TV shows, music), as well as the use of messaging apps (WhatsApp and iMessage, including voice calling).
You can always purchase an $8 internet package if you want to check social media, email, or just to browse the web. The fee is per day, per device. As an amenity for Southwest’s A-List Preferred members, free in-flight internet service is offered.

Can I Use Multiple Devices on Southwest Airlines WiFi?

Yes, you are able to use more than one device at a time on Southwest’s inflight WiFi network. For internet usage (web, social media, email), the $8 internet charge is for one device for one day.

How Good is Southwest WiFi? Is it Fast Enough to Stream?

Southwest’s WiFi speeds have received mixed reviews, with speeds averaging 10 Mbps for downloading, and only 0.55 Mbps for uploads.

10 Mbps is technically fast enough to stream music, you would need internet access ($8/day package) to be able to do so. You’d probably have mixed results with gaming, though according to Netflix, only 5-10 Mbps are needed to stream movies. Southwest provides free music through its free WiFi inflight entertainment offerings.

Good news for anyone who’s had any complaints about Southwest’s internet service to date: Southwest Airlines has opted to go with Viasat’s high-speed Ka-band inflight WiFi connectivity service for all its new aircraft. It is anticipated that the new high-speed service will gradually be installed in Southwest’s existing fleet.

Can I Watch Youtube on Southwest WiFi?

You can watch YouTube videos at speeds as low as 1 Mbps, though the higher quality video you’re watching, the more Mbps capability you’ll need. Southwest’s current 10 Mbps speed should be enough for a decent YouTube experience, though remember that you’ll need an internet connection ($8/day per device package, free for Southwest A-List Preferred members).

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