Yes, you can bring a Nintendo Switch on a plane. According to the TSA, you can take portable or handheld electronic devices like laptops, tablets, and Nintendo Switches on a plane.

nintendo switch on a tabletop

Devices larger than a cell phone must be scanned in a separate container for security. You can also bring full-sized gaming consoles on a plane or pack them in your checked bags. But, they must be scanned in a separate container before you board the plane.

To make it easier on you and the TSA agents, have all your electronic devices ready before going through security, including your Switch. If they are inside your checked bag or carry-on bag and need to be scanned, you are required to take them out. This is a pain if they are buried in your luggage and it slows the airport security agents down.

I’m sure you want to board your plane as fast as possible with no hassle so be sure to have all the devices readily accessible.

And check out Game Stop before you go, to pick up some new Switch games or accessories!

Can you use a Nintendo Switch on a plane?

Yes, you can use a Nintendo Switch on a plane. But there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

Your Switch must be in airplane mode before you board the plane.

Airplane mode – Nintendo calls it Flight Mode – blocks all incoming calls and blocks you from connecting to Wi-Fi networks. It also prevents you from connecting to Bluetooth or using GPS. Cell phone and WiFi signals can interfere with airplane GPS and other navigation equipment. So, they require that you put all portable devices into airplane mode before boarding.

Most airlines will allow you to connect to the WiFi once you reach cruising altitude. But, just in case, be sure to run any updates on your Switch before leaving your home.

You can’t use tabletop mode in airplane mode.

There are two main modes on the Nintendo Switch: handheld mode and tabletop mode. Handheld mode, as the name suggests, means you hold the Switch in your hands while playing, much like you would when using a cell phone or iPad.

Tabletop mode involves setting your Switch on a stand and removing the JoyCon controllers on the sides. Then you use these controllers while your Nintendo Switch is on the stand.

But, tabletop mode only works when you have a WiFi connection; you can’t use the JoyCon controllers wirelessly.

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Where can I buy a Nintendo Switch?

Amazon has a great deal on their best-selling Nintendo Switch right here. It features neon blue and red JoyCon controllers. Not only that but it has 8+ hours of battery power so you can enjoy it while traveling. The battery power may fluctuate depending on the game you use. You can play this Switch in tabletop mode, handheld mode, or on your TV. Or check out Game Stop too!

How do you turn on airplane mode on a Nintendo switch?

  1. Press and hold the home button.
  2. On the bottom right-hand side, click ‘Flight Mode’ to toggle it to ‘On’.
  3. Check that you have an airplane icon in the top right corner of your Nintendo Switch.

Here’s a short video showing you how to turn on airplane mode on your Nintendo Switch.

Airplane or flight mode disconnects WiFi and Bluetooth while you’re on board the plane. It also prevents you from disconnecting the JoyCon controllers from the device and using them in tabletop mode.

You can turn on Bluetooth while in flight mode to use your JoyCon controllers. But, this is not safe to do on an airplane.

Can you take a Nintendo Switch dock on a plane?

Yes. But, the Nintendo Switch can be charged with a simple USB C cable. You don’t actually need the charging dock. While traveling, it might be a good idea to keep that in your checked bag.

How to Charge a Nintendo Switch

A Nintendo Switch charges with a USB C cable. Just plug the adapter on the end of the USB C into your outlet. Then plug the other end into your Nintendo Switch and that’s it!

Both the console and the Joy-Cons need charging before use. There are two primary ways to charge your Joy Con controllers.

  1. Hook them up to the charging dock that you received when you bought the Nintendo Switch.
  2. Attach the JoyCons to your Nintendo Switch console while it is charging.

To charge your Nintendo Switch on the go, you have a couple of options

  1. Buy a battery pack that uses USB C.
  2. Plug your Nintendo Switch into your laptop and turn it off to charge it.

Be sure to charge your Switch before you arrive at the airport. This way you can enjoy hours of playing games while traveling.


You can use any small game console like the Nintendo Switch while traveling. Just be sure that it’s switched to airplane mode before use. Depending on what you like to do, this may be one of the best ways to pass the time while flying. The battery power lasts several hours and you can charge the console with a USB C cord – these aren’t hard to find. Pair your Nintendo Switch with a pair of headphones for travel and time will fly by on the plane.

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