Is a stuffed animal considered a carry-on? – Stuffed animals are not only excellent travel partners, they are considered a must-have vacation accessory for many young travelers. Then, they can make great vacation mascots, and are always ready for a good hug. They also make wonderful gifts for said young travelers, though you may want to be sure the stuffed animal in question meets certain requirements if you plan on transporting them on your flight. 

a bunch of stuffed animals - is a stuffed animal considered a carry on?

Stuffed animals can potentially be considered a carry-on (or personal) item on your flight, though there are better, more efficient ways of transporting them.

Can I Hold a Stuffed Animal on a Plane?

Some children insist on carrying their stuffed animals in their laps, but flight attendants are usually OK with letting them.

Yes, most airlines are happy to let you (or your child) hold a stuffed animal on a plane, assuming that the furry passengers meet airline size and weight requirements, that they can fit in the overhead luggage bin or under the seat in front of yours, and assuming that the stuffed animals pass through airport security X-ray machines unhindered.

Why you may ask. A few years ago, TSA agents in Orlando discovered a loaded firearm stuffed inside of a stuffed animal.

Your best bet for transporting stuffed animals would be to pack them either in your checked or carry-on baggage. 

Can I Bring a Large Stuffed Animal on a Plane? 

Stuffed animals of all sizes (including large stuffed animals) are welcome on most airlines . . . with some requirements. Best to check with your airline of choice ahead of time to find out if you can transport a large stuffed animal rather than be disappointed later.

Check to find out what the size/weight requirements are for carry-ons and personal items. As mentioned earlier, it’s best to pack any stuffed animals in a checked or carry-on bag, though many children prefer to travel with their furry friends on their laps. 

If the stuffed animal is too large to reasonably fit on your child’s (or your) lap, you’ll have to fit it into your checked luggage, carry-on luggage, or fit it into the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

Ultimately, it’s up to the TSA agents at the airport as to whether the stuffed animal can be carried on as a personal item/carry-on. It may be too large to go through the X-ray machine, for example. 

You can always buy the large stuffed animal its own seat but plan ahead. If you’re traveling on a full flight, you might find yourself trying to make other arrangements to get your large, furry traveler to your destination.

You may be able to simply check your large stuffed animal as checked luggage. 

Can You Bring a Small Stuffed Animal on a Plane? 

Yes, stuffed animals are allowed on most airline flights in either carry-on or checked luggage, though each airline has its own policies in this regard.

Plan on letting your stuffed passenger go through TSA security machines at the airport checkpoint, just to make sure nothing dangerous is being stowed inside. As a rule of thumb, stuffed animals usually travel without any hassle or added inconveniences.

Can You Take a Large Plush on a Plane?

Yes, you or your child can travel with a large plush as a carry-on or personal item on most airlines. As long as the size is not an issue, and you don’t try to smuggle anything dangerous inside the animal, large plush animals on planes should never be a problem.

Whether or not you can carry the item in your lap will ultimately be up to the flight attendants. Even if you’ve bought a seat just for the large plush animal in question, the airline may still deem the item as too large. 

Does United Airlines Allow Stuffed Animals as Carry-ons? 

Yes, stuffed animals are always welcome on United (and on many other airlines’) flights, within reason. Your stuffed animal needs to meet the same security, size, and weight requirements other baggage does. In most cases, the stuffed animal can travel loosely as a carry-on or personal item, and if a child wants to travel with the animal in his or her lap, most flight attendants will allow it.

Does Southwest Airlines Allow Stuffed Animals on Board? 

Yes, Southwest airlines (and most airlines) will allow you to bring a stuffed animal on board their flights, with some caveats. According to TSA guidelines, passengers can bring any kind or size of stuffed animal in either carry-on or checked baggage. It’s best to pack the stuffed animal, but if you have a child who insists on carrying the animal as a carry-on item, Southwest flight attendants on duty will likely allow for that.

Just be sure to keep your eye on the stuffed animal so he or she doesn’t get lost.

Does American Airlines Allow Stuffed Animals on Their Flights? 

Yes, you can bring stuffed animals on an American Airlines flight in either carry-on or checked luggage. Most airlines will allow for this, per TSA guidelines. Every airline is different, but most will allow you (or your child) to bring a stuffed animal of reasonable size onto a flight as a carry-on item. 

Does Delta Airlines Allow Stuffed Animals as Carry-on Items? 

Yes, you can bring a stuffed animal onto a Delta flight as a carry-on item, given it fits in the overhead bin or underneath the seat in front of you. If not, you’ll have to check the stuffed animal, if you can’t fit it into any of your pieces of luggage.

So, Is A Stuffed Animal Considered A Carry-On?

Yes, stuffed animals of all shapes and sizes can be counted as a personal item or carry-on item, though it’s probably most efficient to transport your stuffed animals in your luggage or in their own travel bag. If you’re traveling with your child and he or she insists on traveling with the stuffed animal in their lap, most flight attendants will allow for that.

As long as the stuffed animal meets size, weight, and security requirements like any other carry-on item, there shouldn’t be any problem. 

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