As a frequent traveler and fitness enthusiast. And what more convenient and tasty way to keep up with my protein intake while on the go than protein gummies? 

Can I bring protein gummies on a plane?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does allow supplements, like protein gummies, to be carried in both carry-on and checked bags. However, it’s important to remember that airport security officers still have the final say in what goes through checkpoints.

Check out all the tips and FAQ and buyers guide below.

Are Protein Gummies Allowed on a Plane?

Good news for those of us who rely on protein gummies! Just like creatine or melatonin gummies, they can be brought on a plane in both carry-on and checked bags. This applies to international flights as well. The only restriction is on liquid vitamins, which must be in containers no larger than 3.4oz/100ml. So, rest assured, protein gummies can definitely join you on your travels!

Packing Tips for Traveling with Protein Gummies

To ensure a smooth journey with your gummies in tow, I’ve compiled a few packing tips:

  • Keep them in their original packaging: To avoid any confusion or suspicion during security screening, it is best to keep protein gummies in their original, labeled container.
  • Divide into smaller portions: If space is an issue, consider using small, resealable bags or containers to separate daily servings of gummies. This can help with organization and make packing easier.
  • Avoid exposure to prolonged heat and sunlight: To maintain the quality and consistency of protein gummies, keep them away from heat and direct sunlight during travel. This wil help prevent melting and ensure they remain effective and delicious.

Here Are the Best Protein Gummies

CHU Gummies Protein Gummies

product shot - CHU Gummies Protein Gummies
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I personally recommend CHU Gummies Protein Gummies for those seeking convenient and tasty post-workout snacks.


  • Delicious strawberry flavor
  • Convenient on-the-go snacking
  • Packed with collagen peptides, amino acids, and BCAA


  • Rubbery texture
  • Requires multiple gummies for significant protein intake
  • Not suitable for strict diets, contains bovine collagen

When I first tried CHU Gummies Protein Gummies, I was glad to find a tasty and nutritious addition to my post-workout routine. The strawberry flavor is enjoyable, and the bite-sized pieces make it easy for me to get my protein fix while on the move.

However, I noticed the texture was a bit rubbery, which might take some getting used to. While they’re a convenient snack, keep in mind that you’ll need to consume several gummies to reach a substantial amount of protein.

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Another aspect worth mentioning is that the collagen peptides in these gummies are derived from bovine sources. This might be unsuitable for those following strict diets, so be aware of the ingredients before making a purchase. In conclusion, CHU Gummies Protein Gummies are a convenient and delicious option for post-workout snacking, but there are some downsides to consider.

Ultimate Paleo Protein Mixed Berry Gummies

product photo - Ultimate Paleo Protein Mixed Berry Gummies
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While these protein gummies have a unique concept and natural ingredients, their taste and texture might not be for everyone.


  • Easily accessible protein on-the-go
  • Non-gluten, non-dairy, non-GMO, and Keto friendly
  • Naturally sweetened with monk fruit and sorbitol


  • Unusual beef bouillon and mixed berry taste combination
  • Very tough and rubbery texture
  • Requires consuming a large quantity for adequate protein intake
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Personally, I was quite excited to try the Ultimate Paleo Protein Gummies since I’m always on the hunt for great new products.

LiquaCel Protein Gummies

product shot of LiquaCel Protein Gummies
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  • Convenient: The gummies are easy to take on the go and can be eaten as a snack or after a workout.
  • Tasty: The peach watermelon flavor is delicious and the gummies have a nice texture that is not too chewy or too soft.
  • Effective: Each serving of the gummies contains 15 grams of protein, which is a good amount to supplement your daily protein intake.


  • Price: The gummies are a bit expensive compared to other protein supplements on the market.
  • Sugar content: The gummies contain 6 grams of sugar per serving, which may be a concern for those watching their sugar intake.
  • Limited flavors: The gummies are only available in one flavor, which may not appeal to everyone.
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I found the LiquaCel Protein Gummies to be a tasty and convenient way to supplement my protein intake. The peach watermelon flavor is delicious and the gummies have a nice texture that is not too chewy or too soft. 

Alternative Protein Sources for Traveling

In addition to protein gummies, which are easy to bring on a plane, there are several other protein sources to consider for travel. Some of my favorite travel-friendly options include protein bars, powders, and shakes, each with its own benefits and adaptability for on-the-go nutritional needs. Let me share my thoughts on each category.

Protein Bars

Protein bars are one of my go-to snacks because they are easy to pack and don’t require any preparation. There are plenty of brands and flavors, ensuring something for everyone. Some popular options include:

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Do keep in mind that protein bars can sometimes be high in sugar or fat, so be sure to check the label for a balance between protein and other nutrients.


Protein powders are a great option for travel because they are lightweight and versatile. You can easily mix them with water or a beverage of your choice to create a protein shake.  Here are the ones I like:

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According to TSA guidelines, protein powders can be brought on a plane in both carry-on and checked bags. However, do note that powder-like substances greater than 12 oz. / 350 mL should be placed in a separate bin for X-ray screening during security checks.

Drinks or Pre-made Shakes

Protein drinks or pre-made shakes can be a convenient option, but they often come in liquid form which are subject to TSA regulations. 

For instance, liquids can’t go through TSA checkpoints if they are larger than 3.4 oz. or 100 mL. I havne’t seen any that are that size so you have two options.

1- buy one after you get through security. You can get a lot of prepackaged and pre-made protein drinks in the shops in the airports. It’s a pricy option but will work well in a pinch.

2- the other (and cheaper option) bringing pre-made shakes, I usually opt for protein powders that can be mixed with water or another beverage once I reach my destination or even aboard the plane.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have been asked about bringing protein gummies on a plane. Here, I’ll address some common questions for those considering traveling with these tasty nutritional supplements.

Q: Are protien gummies and collogen gummies the same?

Protein gummies and collagen gummies are not the same. Collagen and typical animal or plant-based protein powders have a very different set of amino acids. They aren’t interchangeable. 

Q: Do I need to place my protein gummies in a clear bag?

Although it’s not a strict requirement, placing your protein gummies in a clear plastic bag can make the screening process smoother. This way, security agents can easily identify the contents of your bag during the X-ray screening process.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the amount of protein gummies I can bring on a plane?

There isn’t a specific limit to the number of protein gummies you can carry on a plane. Just bring the amount you will need to use on your trip and avoid packing excessive quantities, and you will be fine.

Q: Will my protein gummies be subject to additional screening?

While your protein gummies may require additional screening, they shouldn’t be confused with powder-based substances, with specific TSA regulations. It’s best to be prepared for the possibility of additional screening and allocate enough time for security checks.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to check both TSA guidelines and your airline’s specific policies before packing and traveling with protein gummies or any other nutritional supplements.

Protein Gummies Buying Guide

When I’m on the hunt for the best protein gummies, I consider several factors to make an informed decision. In this buying guide, I’ll share my insights to help you choose the right product.

First and foremost, protein content is crucial. I always ask myself: how much protein does each serving provide? It’s essential to look for a product that offers a substantial amount of protein, typically around 10-20 grams per serving, depending on your dietary needs.

When selecting the best protein gummies, it’s important to pay attention to factors like the protein source, nutritional value, taste, and texture. Choosing a product with high-quality protein and low sugar content ensures that you’re making a healthier choice for your body. Additionally, consider any dietary restrictions or preferences, such as gluten-free, vegan, or non-GMO, to find the perfect match for your needs.

Quality of Ingredients

Next, I pay close attention to the quality of the ingredients. Are these gummies made with high-quality proteins like whey, casein, or plant-based options? It’s vital to choose a product that provides complete protein sources rich in essential amino acids.

Flavor and Texture

Since I’ll be consuming these gummies regularly, flavor and texture are significant factors. I look for products with positive customer reviews regarding taste and consistency. No one wants to eat a chalky or tough gummy.

Sugar Content

Another question I consider is: how much sugar is in each gummy? I prefer options with low sugar content to avoid unnecessary empty calories. It’s common to find protein gummies sweetened with natural alternatives like stevia or sugar alcohol.

Value for Money

Last but not least, I always evaluate the price per gram of protein to determine the best value for my money. I compare similar products to identify a balance between cost and quality.

Understanding TSA Regulations

It’s important to understand the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations to avoid any potential issues at the airport. In this section, I’ll walk you through the main aspects of TSA rules that you should be aware of, including prohibited items and liquid restrictions.

Prohibited Items

First, let’s discuss prohibited items. The TSA has a comprehensive list of items that are not allowed in carry-on bags or checked luggage. Fortunately for me, protein gummies are not on that list, which means I can safely bring them on a plane. You can find an extensive list of prohibited items on the TSA website.

Liquid Restrictions

While protein gummies are not in liquid form, it’s important to be familiar with these rules in case you’re also planning to bring other dietary supplements or products on your flight. TSA allows passengers to bring containers with 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes in carry-on bags. These items must fit in a single quart-sized, clear, plastic, and zip-top bag.

For any liquid, aerosol, gel, or paste products larger than 3.4 ounces (100 ml), you have to pack them in your checked luggage. The TSA also notes that powder-like substances greater than 12 oz. (350 mL) must be placed in a separate bin for X-ray screening and may require additional inspection.


So, can protein gummies be brought on a plane? The answer is yes! According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), solid food items like protein gummies can be transported in either your carry-on or checked baggage. Just remember to keep your carry-on bag organized and uncluttered to make the screening process smoother.

What about vitamins and supplements? The TSA allows vitamins in both carry-on and checked bags as well. So feel free to bring along your health-boosting goodies for your journey.

Traveling with protein gummies not only keeps my hunger at bay but also ensures I’m consuming sufficient nutrients on the go. Next time I pack my bags, I won’t forget to include those delicious gummies. Will you be bringing protein gummies on your next flight too?

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