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We all love cool travel gadgets. In today’s world of growing technology, our selection of cool travel gadgets is getting better all the time. What’s even better is knowing that you can bring some of these gadgets on a plane with you as carry on items.

Travel gadgets, innovative gear, and accessories can really make things easier, safer, and convenient for you while traveling.

For example, the use of smart luggage is becoming more popular all the time. Smart luggage can be taken anywhere you travel, making things easier and less stressful when used as a carry on bag.

Travel gadgets can help keep yourself organized, solve those annoying problems you may encounter, and they also make a perfect gift!


Cool Travel Gadgets You Can Take On A Plane 

  • Smart Luggage
  • Portable Pocket WIFI
  • Travel Drones
  • Apple Smartwatch
  • Travel Pillow
  • Travel Vacuum Storage Bags
  • Wireless Headphones
  • Compression Socks
  • Airplane Foot Rest
  • Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet
  • Universal Travel Adapter



What Can You Not Pack In Your Carry On Bag?

 First, let’s have a look at some things that you are not allowed to pack in a carry on bag.


All liquids over 3.4 oz or 100 ml are not allowed on board. Any liquids under this limit must be in a travel plastic bottle or container and zipped in a bag to prevent leaks resulting in a huge mess. You can see the TSA liquids policy here.


Sharp Objects 

As a general rule, keep any sharp objects out of your carry on bag. This includes knives, needles, tools etc.. Any sharp objects must be placed in your checked in luggage. There are some exceptions like small scissors under 4″ and plastic utensils, but just be aware that the final decision rests with the TSA agent at security screening in regards to whether an item is allowed on board. Did you know you can bring an electric razor on board? Read my article best carry on board beard trimmers here.



This is self-explanatory but I figured I should mention it. Although guns are allowed in your checked luggage under certain conditions, they are never allowed on board. Check with your airline company to confirm the checked in requirements if you need to bring a gun.


Sporting goods 

Some sporting good items such as baseball bats, golf clubs, sticks, pool cues can be used as weapons and are not allowed on board. If you are looking to air travel with golf clubs, here is my article regarding bringing golf clubs on board a plane.  


Lighters, matches, flammable liquids

These are generally never allowed on board a plane for obvious reasons. But there is an exception to the rule. Certain types of lighters (Zippo and disposable types) may be allowed on board and only allowed in your checked luggage if there is no fluid in them. Extra lighter fluid is not allowed. For the record, e-cigarettes and vape devices are allowed on board a plane.


I recently wrote an article 12 Things you didn’t know are allowed on a plane. Feel free to read that as well.


Smart Luggage And Smart Travel Bags

As I mentioned earlier, smart luggage is getting more popular all the time. Imagine having a luggage bag that has a brain. Smart luggage uses Lithium-Ion batteries and those batteries must be removable to be used as a carry on.

My article Smart Luggage Options For Airplane Carry On explains everything you need to know with regards to regulations, best smart luggage brands, options and features, and much more.

A great smart luggage bag that I recommend is the G-RO Classic. It has many features, includes a lifetime warranty, durable and built to last, and is affordable.

You can read more on the G-RO luggage bag by clicking the link above or see all the G-RO smart bags by clicking the image below.




Portable Pocket WIFI

A portable pocket wifi device is like having a small router in your pocket.

You will be able to connect your devices to wifi just like you would at home.

Portable wifi is very convenient and useful when traveling.

The Huawei E5577Cs-321 is a great device that has many 5 star reviews. You can read more in my article Best Portable Pocket Wifi For Europe or see the latest info and pricing on Amazon


Travel Drones 

Another awesome gadget that is gaining in popularity is a travel drone.

These drones are actually very affordable and the technology is so good now, that you will be able to take amazing photos and videos of your vacation from the air. Keep in mind that not all drones will be suitable for carrying on board an airplane.

You will need to make sure it is the proper size, with the proper batteries, and a proper drone travel case.

My article How To Travel Safely With A Drone explains all the regulations and everything you need to know about traveling with a drone.

A great drone that is suitable for airplane carry on, is the Altair AA818 Hornet Plus Drone. You can read all about it in my article Best Affordable Travel Drones With Cameras or check out the latest customer reviews and price directly on Amazon. 


Apple Smartwatch 

There should be no argument that the Apple Smartwatch is in line with the best smartwatches on the planet. If not the best!

Apple plans for the watch to be around for quite some time, as it keeps getting better and more improved.

Series 1 – Series 4 watches are available at many retailers and are very popular.

The Apple Watch is great for travelers as it has many features and apps that will help make traveling easier.

If you are looking for a great deal, I recommend you take a look on Amazon where the prices and availability is great.

You can also take advantage of a certified refurbished product where you will save quite a bit on this watch.

For example, the Apple Watch Series 4 is selling for a great price now on Amazon. New and certified refurbished. Click the link to see the current price. The Series 3 model is now much cheaper.

Here is a great review of the Apple Watch.




TTRL Travel Pillow

When it comes to travel pillows, there are so many options out there and it can be difficult to choose the right one.

There are certain ones that I recommend for airplane use and my favorite is the TTRL travel pillow.

This travel pillow for carry on is a best seller, I personally love it and have no complaints. My favorite things about the TTRL is the neck support and comfort it provides and the compact size and weight. Not to mention the great price! Just what you want for bringing on a plane.


The TTRL travel pillow is available on Amazon here.



Travel Vacuum Storage Bags

I had to include these on the list as they are so cool!

These travel vacuum storage bags are used when traveling and you want to save space in your luggage.

They will help you cram as much as possible into your bags without going over the allowable luggage weight limits.

The package comes with a USB powered electric pump, it’s very compact and easy to take with you anywhere.

These are a perfect solution to saving space inside your luggage! Available on Amazon here.

You can read more on luggage storage solutions in my post here.





Wireless Headphones

Can you bring your own headphones on a plane? Yes, you sure can! Click the link to read my article for all the full details. Wireless headphones are no exception and having a great set of noise-canceling headphones can go a long way to helping you have a much more enjoyable flight.

The nice thing to know is that you don’t need to break the bank to get good headphones that are suitable for airplane use. My favorite headphones on the market today are the Bose QuietComfort QC 35. 

I have used different Bose products and currently use the QC 35 for airplane use. In my opinion, they can’t be beaten for quality and price.

If you are looking for a lower budget option, check out our travel headphones section where you will see many great options.


Compression Socks

Compression socks are something that not many people think about bringing with them when traveling on a plane. But they are very important to have.

As I mentioned in my post 9 Unique Gift Ideas For Frequent Travelers, long flights can have an effect on poor blood circulation in the body. Some people have noticed swollen ankles and feet after a flight.

Compression socks are very helpful in keeping the blood circulation going while preventing swollen ankles and feet.

I recommend you try the Physix gear compression socks on Amazon.


Airplane Foot Rest – Sleepy Ride

I love using these Sleepy Ride airplane footrests. They are a very popular carry on board item and will provide you with comfort as you are crammed in your airplane seat.

They will help you relax and are proven to help with swelling and soreness while flying. They are lightweight, easy to use and no problems with bringing them on board.

Made with quality materials and memory foam to ensure, the Sleepy Ride footrest will elevate your feet sort of like being in a hammock.  your feet will sway and move slightly as the airplane moves which is much better than having them on the floor!

The Sleepy Ride footrest is very affordable and can be found on Amazon where it’s #1 bestseller. Click the link or image to go directly there.


Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

The Amazon Fire HD 10 is my most recommended tablet for use on an airplane. I mentioned it as the #1 choice in my post for Best Tablet For International Travel. 

It is an improved version from the awesome HD 8 and is very affordable. If you are on a budget but still looking for quality and great features, look no further. You can’t go wrong with the Amazon Fire HD 10. 

It is very fast and responsive with a nice HD display. Travelers will appreciate this tablet. There really aren’t many cons about the Fire HD 10. If I had to pick one thing, it would be that some people have complained about the strength of the wifi connection.

But there are so many variables there, I find it hard to believe a #1 bestseller on Amazon would have this problem but it’s possible!

You can read all the reviews and check the current price of the Amazon HD 10 tablet here.


Universal Travel Adapter

Last on my list, but certainly not least, is a universal travel adapter. I need to emphasize how important these are to have if you are traveling internationally.

Not all countries use the same power plugs and power ratings, so if you are traveling to another country and need to plug in any of your devices, you will be out of luck without a universal travel adapter. Trying to find one last minute can be a nightmare and could end up costing you much more money.

These travel adapters are easy to take with you in your carry on bag. They are very inexpensive and are a must-have item. So plan ahead and buy one before you travel.

This adapter will work in over 200 countries. It is a new and updated version and comes with 3 USB ports, auto-resetting fuse and many safety protection features that are important to have.

The Glamfield Universal Travel Adapter is available on Amazon by clicking here or the image.



So there you have 11 cool travel gadgets that you can take on a plane. All of these items are very useful for travelers, won’t break the bank and you can carry them all in your carry on bag. Just not at the same time! Well, I guess you could if your luggage meets the airlines carry on luggage guidelines for size and weight. I have an article for that too, just click the link to read it.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article and found it helpful.

Thanks for reading!

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