Is Delta Comfort Plus Worth It? – For the first few years of the program’s existence, Delta Comfort Plus (also Delta Comfort+) was a simple ticket upgrade, though now, the popular enhanced service has been expanded to a seating class all of its own. The amenities and benefits it provides are indeed tempting, but is the additional cost of Delta Comfort Plus seating worth it?

Is Delta Comfort Plus worth it - Let's dive in

I’ll walk you through what Delta Comfort Plus is, what it offers (and doesn’t offer), and give you an objective snapshot so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth it to you as a traveler.

What is Delta Comfort Plus Seating?

Delta Comfort Plus seating is considered “Delta Preferred” seating, which falls between Delta Economy Class and Business Class, and its seats are in the plane’s main cabin. It is essentially Economy Class with additional benefits like priority boarding, enhanced refreshments (including free alcoholic beverages), and extra legroom (up to an additional 3”) to mention a few. Delta Comfort Plus passengers are seated toward the front of the Economy section. Did I mention that you get your own dedicated overhead bin space? Delta Comfort plus features vary depending on the size of the aircraft, as well as on the flight type and flight destination. There is an additional charge for Delta Comfort Plus seating (unless you’re a Delta Medallion® member (i.e., Platinum, Gold, Silver)).

  • Delta Platinum and Diamond level members can select Comfort Plus seating for free after they purchase their tickets.
  • Delta Gold members may select these seats within 72 hours before takeoff.
  • Delta Silver members can select the remaining Comfort Plus seats within 24 hours of takeoff.

If you’re not a Delta Medallion member, you may use miles to upgrade to Delta Comfort Plus, Delta One, Delta Premium Select, or First Class for eligible flights within the United States when you book a flight on Delta’s website or using Delta Reservations. Note that all Delta Comfort Plus features are not available for every Delta flight.

What’s So Great About Delta Comfort Plus Seating?

In addition to the priority boarding, extra comfort, and dedicated overhead bin, Delta Comfort Plus offers many of the perks and amenities already included with standard international flights (e.g., complimentary drinks, in-flight entertainment, audio headsets, blankets/pillows, etc.). If nothing else, Comfort Plus feels like preferential treatment whether you’re flying internationally or domestically.

The cost of Comfort Plus seating would likely be of most value to:

  • Passengers on long flights of three hours or more
  • Taller than average passengers 
  • Those with joint issues who would appreciate the additional comfort, especially for flights of longer duration
  • Passengers just needing the extra space who don’t mind paying the premium

I’d say that it’s safe to say that most Delta Comfort Plus passengers are happy with the extra space and other perks they get for the price, particularly for longer flights. 

What Is the Difference between Delta Comfort Plus and Economy Class?

Both Delta Comfort Plus and Economy Class are seated in the main cabin, though as I’ve pointed out, Comfort Plus offers some nice extra perks. Common complaints among airline passenger includes tight seating spaces, crowded boarding, and crowded overhead baggage bins.

You get a less expensive airfare, for sure, but the downsides I just mentioned are resolved with Delta Comfort Plus seating (priority boarding and more room for your legs and baggage). Plus better refreshments included. 

What Is the Difference Between Delta Comfort Plus and Delta First Class?

If you’re thinking of upgrading even further to Delta First Class, keep in mind that First Class seating (while nice) is quite a bit more pricewise than Comfort Plus. 

One primary difference is that Delta First Class seating offers not only more shoulder and leg room, it offers a broader reclining angle. Delta Comfort Plus offers you a nice middle ground between First Class and Economy seating.

Is Delta Comfort Plus the Same As Delta Premium Economy?

Delta Premium Economy class is a separate class of service featuring an exclusive mini cabin with high-end recliner seats, closer to First Class seating. Delta Economy Plus, Main Cabin Extra, and Delta Comfort Plus are all Economy seats with additional legroom and other perks. 

How Much More Does Delta Comfort Plus Cost?

Delta Comfort Plus Domestic

For domestic flights, there is a noticeable upgrade difference between Delta Comfort Plus and main cabin seating. How much extra do you have to pay for the extra legroom, baggage room, and added perks? 

Below are some examples of price differences for flights of varying mileage:

San Francisco to Los Angeles

For the short 90-minute flight, the benefits of Comfort Plus might not be worth the cost. You can get a main cabin seat for $98 one way, with a Comfort Plus cost of $117 ($19 more). You won’t be in the air that long, so is the extra $19 worth it to you for the extra legroom and overhead bin?

Atlanta to Chicago

For this mid-range two-hour flight, you can get a main cabin seat for $156 one way, and a Comfort Plus seat for $185 ($29 more). This might be worth it to you for the additional legroom and dedicated overhead bin access, not to mention the priority boarding.

New York City to Houston

To fly from JFK to Houston’s Hobby Airport, you can get an Economy seat for $218, and get Comfort Plus seating for $292 ($74 more). $74 might sound a bit steep, but keep in mind that it’s about a six-and-a-half hour flight.

Delta Comfort Plus International

For Delta international flights, ALL passengers enjoy complimentary drinks, snack upgrades, and entertainment, so meals and snacks for Comfort Plus passengers vary somewhat.

Therefore, the biggest difference between Comfort Plus and Economy for international Delta travel is the priority boarding and additional leg/bin room. Here are some examples of cost differences:

New York to London

Like the JFK to Houston flight, you’ll be glad you invested in the additional room to stretch out for the seven-hour flight. You can get an Economy seat for $1732, and for an extra $104, you can fly Comfort Plus.

Miami to Toronto

Miami to Toronto takes about 5 hours, with one stop in Atlanta. You can get a main cabin seat for $217 or fly Comfort Plus for just an extra $85. 

Los Angeles to Tokyo

Here’s where the extra cost will probably be the most worth it to you on the 12-hour flight from LA to Tokyo. Comfort Plus will only cost you about an extra $150 ($629 instead of $479).

What Does Delta Comfort Plus Seating Include?

So, what does Delta Comfort Plus include additional, anyway? Why upgrade from Economy class seating? Here are many of the additional primary benefits and amenities you’ll enjoy when flying Comfort Plus:

  • Priority Boarding and Seating: Delta Comfort Plus passengers get to board right after First Class passengers and those with disabilities, and before all general boarding groups. Comfort Plus seats are located toward the front of the main cabin. 
  • Dedicated Overhead Bin: If you’ve ever had to stow your carry-on luggage in an overhead bin far behind you, you’ll appreciate the dedicated overhead bin space directly above your seat for carry-on and personal items. 
  • More Legroom and Broader Reclining Angle: Depending upon the Delta aircraft you’re traveling on, you’ll get up to three extra inches of legroom and a 50 percent wider reclining angle. Comfort Plus seats slide forward as the seat tilts back, offering more relaxing comfort over standard Economy seats.
  • Premium Snacks: For flights going further than 900 miles, in addition to the basic snacks everyone in Economy class gets, you’ll also be offered some additional tasty, full-size snack items like nuts, chocolate cookies, and potato chips.
  • Complimentary Alcoholic Beverages: For flights going further than 250 miles, all beverages (including Starbucks coffee) are complimentary for Delta Comfort Plus passengers, including wine, beer, and cocktails.
  • Amenity Kits: Delta Comfort Plus passengers get a kit featuring earplugs for quiet travel, along with a travel toothbrush, toothpaste, and a blanket and pillow to help you sleep more comfortably on your flight.

What Do You NOT Get With Delta Comfort Plus?

There are some extra perks that you might hope to get with your Delta Comfor Plus seating, but unfortunately, they might not be included (at least not yet). Comfort Plus does NOT include:

  • NO Free Checked Bags: Comfort Plus passengers still need to pay the $30 USD or so each way per checked bag up to 50 pounds.
  • NO Premium Boarding: While Comfort Plus passengers get to enjoy priority boarding, this is not the same thing as Premium boarding, which is reserved for First Class passengers and for those with disabilities. Priority boarding boards before all the Economy Class seating groups.
  • NO Enhanced Service: You will get some nice perks with Delta Comfort Plus, but not of the same high caliber as the service for First Class seating. 
  • NO Lounging: Comfort Plus does NOT include any airport lounge access, including for Delta Sky Club locations. You can pay for memberships with Delta Sky Club, Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card, Delta SkyMiles Platinum American Express Card other qualifying memberships to be able to enjoy Delta Sky Club.

 Pros of Delta Comfort Plus Seating

  • Delta Comfort Plus passengers get priority boarding ahead of all other main cabin passengers.
  • Comfort Plus passengers also get a dedicated overhead luggage bin to avoid not being able to sit close to carry-on bags.
  • On domestic Delta flights, Comfort Plus passengers get enhanced snack choices and free alcoholic beverages.
  • Delta Comfort Plus seating offers up to three additional inches of legroom, depending on the aircraft, as well as more recline angle.
  • For longer Delta flights, Comfort Plus passengers receive an additional amenity kit with earplugs, headset, blanket, pillow, as well as a travel toothbrush and toothpaste.

Cons of Delta Comfort Plus

  • The extra cost of Comfort Plus seating.

How Far Back Do Delta Comfort Plus Seats Recline?

Delta Comfort seats feature bases that slide forward when you recline back, so you’ll get up to 50 percent more recline angle than other seats in the main cabin (you’ll be able to tilt backward about 35 inches).

What Is Delta’s Preferred Seating?

Delta Preferred seats can be found closer to the front of the cabin, and they’ll feature more legroom than standard seats. Preferred seats incur an upgrade charge from regular seats.

What Does Delta First Class Seating Include?

Delta First Class passengers not only get to board before anyone else, they get up to eight inches extra leg room, more shoulder room, and 50% larger recline angles for plenty of nice relaxation. They also get complimentary hot meals and alcoholic beverages. 

What Does Delta Comfort Plus Entertainment Include?

Delta Comfort Plus passengers will have access to streaming in-flight entertainment, and back-of-seat or overhead screens depending on the aircraft and where you’re traveling to.

Delta Comfort Plus Headphones

You don’t need to worry about packing your audio headphones for the flight because Comfort Plus passengers enjoy a complimentary headset or earbuds with which to enjoy the in-flight entertainment.  

Does Delta Comfort Plus Include WiFi?

Delta Comfort Plus passengers will be able to connect to Delta WiFi to surf the Delta network (to check flight times, etc.) on their devices, as well as text using services like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and iMessage.
Comfort Plus passengers will need to buy a WiFi subscription to surf the internet at large. WiFi costs $8 per flight, $49.95 for a monthly domestic subscription, or $69.95 for a monthly international WiFi subscription. 

So, Is Delta Comfort Plus Worth It?

Reviews tend to vary in terms of how worth it Delta Comfort Plus seats cost compared to more upscale airlines, like Virgin, especially considering that not all Comfort Plus features are the same for every Delta flight.

You may have noticed that the longer your flight, the more “worth it” it is to fly Comfort Plus. If you’re just flying 90 to 120 minutes, the extra legroom and overhead bin might not be worth it to you.

The extra room you get to stretch out on international flights (which often fly over the course of the night) will probably prove especially worth it to you to pay extra for the Comfort Plus seating.

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