Travel Retirement Gifts – If you’re looking for a meaningful and useful gift for a retiree who loves to get out of town, look no further. 

Gift ideas for a person retiring that loves to travel

I’ve put together a list of practical, thoughtful gifts to help retirees travel easily and comfortably. From luggage that can withstand the rigors of being on the road to experience-based gifts that will create lasting memories, there is something for every retiree who loves to travel. So, let’s get started!

46 Gift Ideas for Retirees Who Travel

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or go with a Kindle gift card

Or grab one of these top folding luggage carts.

Buy a book from an area they always wanted to visit.

Retirement can be an exciting time to explore the world and indulge in the pleasures of travel, but it can also be a challenge for retirees who aren’t sure where to begin. There are many things that can be overwhelming about being out of their usual routine if they’re new to it. They may not know what accessories they will want or need to be comfortable for a long period of time and make the most of their trips.

That’s why this site exists, to help people. I have traveled a lot and have used a lot of airports and stayed in a lot of great places.

I get it. You don’t want to give a retiree a gift that will just collect dust on a shelf. 

Think through what will be memorable and truly be useful. You want to give a gift that will help them navigate the challenges of being on the road and create unforgettable memories.


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Things to Keep in Mind When You Are Looking for That Perfect Gift


Different destinations may require different types of gear or equipment. Are they likely to be spending more time in warm climates or humid or a variety of climates?

Vacation Style

What types of trips do they like to go on? Are they likely to spend more time lounging on the beach or climbing the nearest mountain? All that can happen in the same location. If they, for example, are going on a safari, a good camera with a zoom lens might be a great gift

Are You Supporting or Pushing?

Also, are you trying to reinforce their current preferences or push them a little outside their comfort zone? Sometimes I do one or the other with my parents, who retired not that long ago.

Ease of use

It’s good to think of choosing gifts that are easy to use and don’t require a lot of setup or instruction. For example, a great pair of noise-canceling headphones are easy to use and can be a great gift for retirees who want to relax on a long flight.


Consider any mobility or accessibility needs the retiree may have when selecting a gift. For example, a lightweight and easy-to-maneuver suitcase with wheels might be a good choice if they have mobility issues. Is there anything like a folding cart for luggage that would make their trips any easier?


If your retiree is traveling to a country where they don’t speak the language, consider gifting a language translation app (or phrasebook, if that’s more their style) to help them communicate with locals. You could even get them a local language class or tutor. (or a tutor in the location they are traveling to)


Are they good with tech or not really? Thinking through this will help guide your gift buying as well. Tech can be a great help to travelers. Even low-tech, like a well-designed portable charger, might be a thoughtful gift.

Weight and size

Think about the weight and size of the gift, especially if the retiree will be flying or traveling by other means with limited space. You don’t want to give them something too bulky or heavy to carry… if they are taking it with them. 

Serves multiple purposes

Items that serve multiple purposes can be a great choice for travelers, especially if they have limited space. Think of items like a jacket that can be converted into a pillow, a backpack that can double as a daypack, or a toiletry kit that can hang up for easy access.

Personal touch

Don’t forget the importance of a personal touch when selecting a travel gift for your friend or loved one. Consider adding a handwritten note, their name or initials, or just a gift you know they will love that has some inside joke attached to it. 

These little touches can make the gift feel more thoughtful and meaningful.

Practical or sentimental

Think about whether it will be more practical and useful on their trips or if it will be more emotionally sentimental. 


I always look for high-quality gifts built to last and withstand the wear and tear of time and use. Travel can take a toll on things quickly. Items made from durable materials or backed by a warranty are a good choice.


Rather than giving physical items, consider gifting an experience-based gift such as a guided tour or a cooking class in a foreign country. (or that language class either before they go or after they arrive at their destination) These types of gifts can create lasting memories for them and you.

67 More Travel Gift Ideas – What Kind of Traveler Are They?

Ideas for…My ThoughtsSome Great Ideas
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Practical gifts for retired travelersPractical gifts are useful for travel and make the journey more comfortable.High-quality backpack
Noise-cancelling headphones
Compact umbrella
Power Adapters
Travel pillows
Luxury gift ideas for retired travelersLuxury gifts are not necessary for travel but add a touch of glamour and indulgence to the experience.Luxury cashmere travel blanket
Personalized leather passport cover
Designer luggage tag
Designer luggage
High-end headphones
A designer travel wallet
High-end camera or camera lens
Eco-friendly travel gift ideasEco-friendly gifts are made from sustainable materials and help reduce waste.Reusable coffee cup
Recycled-materials travel journal
Eco-friendly toiletry kit
Reusable water bottles
Bamboo cutlery
Solar-powered chargers.
Travel-themed gift ideas for home decorTravel-themed gifts are those that feature travel-related designs or decorations.Framed vintage travel poster
World map throw pillow
Travel-themed clock
World map wall art
Cityscape posters
Vintage travel posters
Technology-related travel gift ideasTechnology-related gifts are those that enhance the travel experience through the use of technology.Smart luggage tracker
Compact portable router
Wireless charging pad
Noise-canceling headphones
Portable speaker
Smaller-sized camera
Essential travel items for long-haul flightsThink of anything that will help make the journey more comfortable and enjoyable.Cozy blanket
Comfortable pair of slippers
Eye mask
Compression socks
Unique gift ideas for solo travelersUnique gift ideas for solo travelers include items tailored to the solo adventurer.Collapsible water bottle
Compact hammock
Travel guidebook
Travel oriented app
Subscription to an ex-pat community site
Travelers who love to capture memoriesGift ideas for travelers who love to capture memories include items that help them document their trips.Nice journal with a pen
Polaroid camera
Compact drone for aerial photography
BackpackersGift ideas for backpackers include items that are lightweight, durable, and easy to pack.Compact sleeping bag
Portable water filter
Set of travel-friendly cooking utensils
Compact backpack
Camping hammock
Portable stove
Adventure travelersGift ideas for adventure travelers include items that cater to outdoor and active adventures.Waterproof phone case
Compact solar-powered flashlight
High-quality camping stove
Hiking boots
Camping gear
Waterproof backpacks
Family travelersGift ideas for family travelers include items that cater to families’ and kids’ needs.Small crib
Family-sized tent
Set of travel-size baby
Kid-friendly travel games
Lightweight strollers
Travel-size toiletries

The Bottom Line – Retirement Gifts for Travelers

When it comes to finding the perfect travel gift for a retiree, there are lots of things to think about. At the end of the day, I hope there has been something in this post that helps spark some ideas.

You’ll want to think about what your retiree(s) loves most about traveling and find a gift that will help them enjoy their adventures even more.

The best travel gift is not always the most expensive or elaborate one. But with the right gift, you can help them embark on their next adventure. And every time they use their gift, they will remember you.

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