things you should not pack in your carry on bag


For anyone who travels on an airplane frequently, you know how important it is to pack your carry on bag properly. I mention in my post what to pack in your carry on bag, and luggage organization solutions, some really important information regarding your carry on. 

You would be surprised to know some of the things that are actually allowed to be carried on a plane. For example, you are not allowed to bring a bottle of water through security screening, but you can bring scissors. I know!

In my article 12 things you didn’t know are allowed on a plane, I show you some other items that are actually allowed on board. Check it out.


But In this post, I will show you some items that you should NOT pack in your carry on bag.

  • Fruits And Vegetables
  • Sharp Objects
  • Liquids
  • Lighters/Matches
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Guns/Ammunition
  • Razors/Blades
  • Tools
  • Self Defense Weapons


Things You Should Definitely NOT Pack In Your Carry On Bag


Fruits And Vegetables



There are many countries that don’t allow certain fruits and vegetables to be brought into the country. So if you are on an international flight, it’s important that you eat any of these items before you land. Or simply to bring them with you.

If you try to bring them through customs after landing, you risk the foods being confiscated and you can possibly be fined or even worse. I experienced this first hand and can honestly say don’t do it! 

If you are on a flight going to a different country, you will be asked to fill out a customs card while onboard. It will ask you if you have any fruits and vegetables with you. Don’t lie on this card! it will make it worse if you get caught. 


Sharp Objects

I mentioned in my article 12 Things you didn’t know are allowed on board a plane, that sharp objects are actually allowed. Well, only certain ones will be permitted. For example scissors with blades less than 4″ will be allowed. 

But other sharp objects like box cutters, ice picks, knives, cleavers will be prohibited. Don’t try to pack any of these in your carry on bag. You will not like the result after you get caught. 

If you are not sure if your item will be allowed, contact your airline prior to leaving or you can check out the TSA website where you will find out all the information regarding carry on items. 




Some liquids are actually on board a plane. One bag, quart-sized, with any liquids and toiletry items like toothpaste, sprays, creams, lotions, or gels are allowed in carry on bags.

Each item inside is restricted to the travel size containers of (3.4 oz-100 ml) or smaller. This includes alcoholic beverages of any kind. Alcoholic beverages higher than 140 proof are not allowed on carry on bags or checked baggage period.



Actually, some lighters are allowed on board a plane. I mention this in my article Can you bring cigarettes on a plane, that you can bring a lighter on a plane in your carry on luggage only providing they are a disposable type like Zippo or Bic. They are also allowed to have fuel in them.

What you are not allowed to bring are lighters like arc lighters, electronic lighters, and torch lighters. These are strictly prohibited. Same goes for your checked in luggage. Any type of lighter is prohibited unless they are empty, and even then you limited to 2, and need to make sure they are in a proper approved case. 

You are allowed to bring matches on board providing they are not strike-anywhere type matches. You are limited to 1 pack. Due to a fire hazard, matches are never allowed in your checked in luggage bags.


Sporting Equipment

For any travel golfers out there, you are probably wondering, can I bring my golf clubs on a plane? Good question, click the link to read my article where I explain the regulations on that.

For the most part, any sporting equipment that is either a bat, club, pole, etc.. is not allowed on board. You may be allowed to bring it as part of your checked in luggage, but always check with the airline first. You may also be subject to extra fees for heavy or extra luggage charges.

Basic sports gear like gloves, hats, shoes, is generally allowed and you won’t have any problems. Believe it or not, hockey skates are allowed on board. I couldn’t believe that my self!




This is really a no brainer but I thought I should mention it. No, you can’t bring any guns or ammunition on board a plane. But under certain conditions, you can put these in your checked in luggage.

According to the TSA, “Check with your airline if ammunition is allowed in checked bags. Small arms ammunitions must be securely packed in fiber, wood or metal boxes or other packaging specifically designed to carry small amounts of ammunition. Ask the airline about limitations or fees.”

“When traveling, be sure to comply with the laws concerning possession of firearms as they vary by local, state and international government.”



Razors are actually allowed on board a plane. Providing it is a disposable razor for shaving like a BIC or Gillette. These are permitted along with beard trimmers. My article here explains the best beard trimmers for carry on board

What is not allowed is any razor blade not installed into a cartridge. Also, box cutters with razor blades are prohibited. 



Most tools are not allowed on board a plane. There are a few exceptions but I would plan to pack any tool you have into your checked in luggage. Even certain items like drill bits, hammers, wrenches are not allowed.

Did you know that an axe and cattle prod are actually allowed in your checked luggage? But I guess if you can’t access them, then why not!


Self Defense Weapons

There are certain self-defense weapons like nunchucks, pepper spray, tasers, that people like to carry with them. But don’t plan to bring them on board a plane. Any self-defense items are considered a weapon and are not allowed. They may be allowed in your checked luggage, for example, pepper spray will be allowed as part of your checked in providing it is less than 4oz and you only have 1 of them. But as always, check with your airline first!


Hopefully, you enjoyed this article and it helps you be aware of some items that are not allowed on board a plane. The regulations can change periodically, so just confirm your carry on items with the airline prior to departing. You can also check out the TSA website mentioned in this article, as there are many other items listed there as well.

What do you think of our list?

Thanks for reading!


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